Moving Down [Final] [MironY]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 88%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 89%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.6 ( 184 votes)

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  1. this game is just about men slavery .. will good story and go overboard and i though there was a redeem ending,. but yeah it turns out the wife is some kind of sick ass person.. ..

  2. Game needed a path where the MC grows a backbone and kills all the cunts in the game starting with his wife then it would be playable.

    1. Well don’t vote for Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida who wants to be president he’s trying to bring slavery back He seems to think that blacks benefit from slavery as in like giving blacks a job while getting your ass beat

  3. Personally this game is not my cup of tea. I had high hopes for it only to be disappointed with the direction the story was going when it comes to the relationship of MC and his wife. I was hoping that the female domination would happen with MC’s full consent but instead it was simply forced upon him. And honestly I played this game for the NTR content but unfortunately I could not bare to keep playing it even before any NTR was shown. The MC’s wife was treating him so horribly that it made it clear that she didn’t even care about him anymore. And for NTR to work, it’s important that the wife actually cares about her husband whom she’s cheating on. Otherwise the viewer simply won’t give a shit about the NTR content at all.

  4. Of course I stopped reading when I wasn’t given the option to leave the office where I work when my wife was about to start being my boss. Because basically all men are jerks and rebels! And the game ends in chapter 2. LMAO what shitty game

    1. This whole game is based on Female domination, go play Vicious Circle.
      That game has male/female Dom route.

  5. How many endings are there? I found 5, 1 Ending Dora 2 Maria and MC 3Maria, Deborah and MC 4 Bad Ending Lisa 5 ending ? with Lisa.
    Will there be an ending where Maria and her friends are punished for their crimes?

  6. I tried to like this game, I haven’t minded the odd femdom game, but this game actually condones force slavery. It is too much, and your character doing anything, anything to stand up for himself ends up in you being killed or something stupid like that. Why on earth did he take a payday loan to start with? So, this game is just a bit stupid.

  7. Guys I am going to have to revise my comment from November 4 last year. The last few updates haven’t been what I would say ‘a step in the right direction’. The choices in later parts of the game have essentially dissapeared. I would’ve loved to explore more alternative pathways involving Chiara, Nancy, or Megan when she is reintroduced during the party. Maybe it’s just me, but this whole giant plan of ‘women taking over the world’ feels rather too slow paced and lackluster. I can forgive the earlier parts of the game for not having many choices, because the progression was interesting and novel, but slave school and onwards should’ve been fleshed out better.

  8. This sick idiot is showing some of the brutality russian orcs are doing to his people in this condemned world. Maybe these two nations are just alike and they meant to annihilate each other and leave the world a better place. People writing this shit are not right in the head – this goes way beyond what femdom is all about in most extreme cases. Maybe this dev should get chitchat with russian orcs.

    1. heh, but man, ,,russians” are folk from Ukraine and Belarus, ,,orcs” are muskovians – different ethnic group. they are mix of mongol, turkish, finnish, semitic, germanic, slavic and some other elements. (originally slavic-finnish, but that was like a millenium and a few invasions ago)

  9. this game taught me to not having a wife before u financially steady and to not drowning in debt but its not taught me about how bad slavery is even u doing all the good things theres just always come a bad things at the end

  10. i would choose death before i`d let anyone treat me this way but to be honest i would just tell her to pack her bags

  11. Dev there are therapists out there that could help you this story could only come from a very unstable mind

  12. The MC should open a window in the house and either jump out and break his fkn neck or do the better choice and throw that fkn bitch out

  13. The femdom/humiliation is so relentless from the get go in the non sex scenes that the story is creepy and boring. The sex scenes are the exact opposite, they are so vanilla and mild as to be a bad joke. Spoiler alert, I don’t consider a finger in the butt to be ass fucking. Yes the bad endings are a bit better but hardly worth the effort it takes to get there. On the plus side, the dev bought some nice model packages, too bad they don’t know how to use them.

  14. Watch what you say now on this site, guys. They have shadow-banned my other account! You can’t even have free speech anymore on a porn game site. That’s just fucking ludicrous! One guy keeps calling me names, and I try to defend myself, but it’s ME who gets banned, and HIS posts remain up! Is that fucking fair?!

  15. what a piece of garbage, this game starts well, it has a good story that focus on problems of everyday’s life like money, job, it has mid/good tier art and cinematics, but after that it abruptly change the route of the game, u start to be constantly humiliated and dominated by everyone, wife, boss, friends, strangers, and ur MC just accepts it like a little bitch, and it only gets worse throughout the game, to a point where u are treated like a dog, if u are into that sort of thing, being dominated, being humiliated, treated like trash, go for it.

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