Echoes of Lust/ Lust Theory [S2 E9] [Inceton]

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Unlock Bonus Content CODE for S2E9 – carol

Unlock Bonus Content CODE for S2E8 – copy

S2 E6 Bonus Code: yoga

S2 E5 Bonus Code

S2 E4 Bonus Code
: bunny

S2E3 Bonus Code: hoehoehoe

Season 1 Episode 10 code – thanks

Season 2 codes

Season 1 codes
Bonus Content Code: datass
Remove Ads Code: 2legs
All hidden events: Attached file

Download for Windows
Season 1 (Ep 1 to 10)

Season 2 (Ep. 10 +)

Download for Mac
season 1 (Ep. 1 to 10)

season 2 (Ep.10+)

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Echoes of Lust S2E1 bonus content code: 314

Hidden Event 1 “Jessica Blowjob”:
When Jessica is giving you the “gift”, choose all options (handjob, boobjob, assjob, feetjob) and always click on “Try someting else”.
After you run all of them, Jessica will give you a blowjob.
Hidden Event 2 “Bonus animations and renders”:
When you complete the main story, the game will tell you “End of current version. PLEASE SAVE YOUR GAME ON THIS SCREEN.”
Just continue clicking untill the options show up. Then choose “I want more” and then “Liar”.
Continue clicking and you will eventualy get “Bonus animations and renders”.

Hidden Events

Version – S2.E8
Here are all the hidden events currently available

1-Xmas Story – Click Xmas icon on top of screen
2-S2.E7.5- Xmas Story 2 – Click Xmas icon on top of screen
3-Meeting Emma – Clicking the pink mug/cup in the kitchen
4-Game Show – Downstairs hall, lightswitch
5-Sleep Day – Clicking the roll of duct tap in the garage
6-Officer Kate – Lamp outside MC’s House
7-Slumber Party – Top Speaker in Megan’s Room
8-Shoplifter Jessica (NTR) – Rose in Jessica’s Room
9-Shoplifter Jessica 2 (NTR) – Top drawer of dresser (pink) in Jessica’s Room
10-S2.E7 – No Fucks Given Day – Click Green Lamp in MCs bedroom
11-S2.E7 – Halloween Story – Set PC clock to October 31st, and maybe the year 2021, Click Jack-o’-lantern icon on top of screen, you might need to play it twice, 1st to get the complete, entire scene, 2nd to gain access to bonus images on the mobile phone
NEW>>>>12-S2.E8 – Nurse Back To Health – Click on the PC mouse in your room in the morning (Currently bugged, need cheat menu/mod to access)

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod S1 Ep 1 - 10


  • Access all “Re-live” scenes
  • Access all hidden events
  • Unlock all gallery images
  • Remove ads
  • Enable quick menu (the menu at the bottom with “Back”, “Skip”‘, “Q.Save”, etc.)


Extract the file “0x52_cheats.rpa” into the “game” folder, and start the game

(No need to overwrite anything. No game files have been modified)

Download Gallery Mod S2


• Unlock Image Gallery
• Added Scene Gallery
• Added Bonus Gallery



Extract the file  into the “game” folder, and start the game.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 94%
Engagement - 86%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.03 ( 126 votes)

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  1. Just a heads up for those playing S2, the current Gallery mod breaks the paths for three of the girls for their last events and locks out a number of the hidden events on the Windows version so it’s advisable playing without it at present.

    1. That is probably why I can’t get the last 2 of Jessica’s Events (31/33 and stuck), damn. Well hopefully removing it won’t break my saves, All 7 eps takes a few hours even without reading text.

  2. It crashes while the game(S1 EP) is playing a video, here’s report:

    While running game code:
    — Full Traceback ————————————————————
    Full traceback:
    File “1_Home_label.rpyc”, line 19490, in script
    File “I:\Games\18+\EchoesOfLust-Episode_1-10-pc\renpy\”, line 1389, in execute
    renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)
    File “I:\Games\18+\EchoesOfLust-Episode_1-10-pc\renpy\display\”, line 177, in get_movie_texture
    tex = renpy.display.draw.load_texture(surf, True)
    File “gldraw.pyx”, line 738, in
    File “gltexture.pyx”, line 883, in
    File “gltexture.pyx”, line 319, in
    File “gltexture.pyx”, line 1174, in

  3. i am stuck at amy’s part where i need to find Tom after hitting him and going to jail
    next day tells me to find tom at the party, yet he is no where to be found

  4. There’s nothing to fix, there’s simply no voice acting in the game for now. Like it mentions when first starting it it will be added during the final ep of season 2 (probably 10th ep). This is probably done to save money (voice acting is too expensive for most dev’s, it’s why very few AVN’s even have them at all) since it’s a bit cheaper to do it all at once rather than 10 separate recording sessions.

  5. I only downloades LustTheory2. Is that why I can’t play? I double click the icon LustTheory2.exe and there is nothing happened? can anyone tell me what to do to run the game? thanks

  6. For the love of Groundhog Day will someone please add a S7E7 walkthrough? Dunno if it’s a bug or what but I’ve went through all of Jessica’s story and clicked all possible choice combos and still I’m somehow missing 2 of her Events (31/33 total).

  7. Здравствуйте! Можете передать сохранение для ПК, после события где ГГ просматривает запись на смартфоне, как Меган мастурбирует. У меня игра вылетает на этом моменте.

  8. Hello! You can transfer the save to the PC, after the event where GG is watching a recording on a smartphone as Megan masturbates. My game crashes at this point.

  9. Whats up with all the buildings “you can’t go there now”? even in S1 (more hidden content besides the bonus one you enter codes for?)

    Also in S2 I cannot start the Halloween Event:
    “Halloween Story – Click Jack-o’-lantern icon on top of screen”

    I entered pumpkin as code to unlock bonus content

    Thank you lasses and lads

  10. I’m playing Echoes of lust s2.n typed in 1 bonus code and entered but then I’m not getting the bonus code option again.n to continues the story I need to complete the special event which I’m not able to.plz help me with this

  11. Hello
    I wrote adult games on google and through all the results I found Bad Bobby Saga, I played it for about 2 weeks and it was very fascinating, after that I tried another games but I noticed that many games are devoid of value, I wrote on google top rated adult games and came across Being a DIK, it was 10 times better than the Bad Bobby saga, after that I tried to find other games but I was totally disappointed, in the end I came across Echoes of Lust and again I experienced a great game with a great story.
    I don’t understand why so many games have been created without anything interesting that no one plays and I believe I’ve tried most of them. Any movie masterpiece takes time to create, don’t rush and use the same characters speed up the appearance of the game.
    And last but not least, don’t use incest as the main theme because you won’t get too far, there is no attachment on the part of the players to the characters.

  12. Episode 8 not working for me when using previous episode save. Still says “To be continued” in hints tab

  13. Damn, so now it’s finally turned to Saturday and MC blasted pussy loads in his mom, both his sisters (a double in Jessica), the teacher, Zoe, and Sophie too (and made her get fired from her job in the process). Only 2 that didn’t get a load were Amy and Ellie. Well Amy got a load in the ass, which is kinda sad, she would have made the prettiest babies. E9 will def be a shit show with all the morning after pills alone he has to buy (at least he can hit 2 pharmacies at a time). Glad it’s no longer a sandbox mode where you have to try to figure out what to do next (I have less enthusiasm for those types of AVN’s, esp where there’s no hints at all).

    1. When completing the quest for Elizabeth. She say flip me over and… . I presume “and fuck my ass”. Is there a chance for an update to implement that ?? Great game btw.

  14. Do not download this game, the developer will steal your personal data, provide access in addition to multimedia, full control, change any data on the phone.

  15. another retarded and pathetic mc.
    lessens the enjoyment quite a bit for me while trying to read through the interactions between him and the other characters (especially season 2).
    i guess the mc’s stupidity is often used as a plot item.
    anyways … the graphics is good. animations are also quite nice.
    but the really disappointing part was jessica’s shoplifting hidden event … that ruined the whole game for me.
    can’t unsee.

  16. The first one was boring as hell. It’s an open world, so you walk around for days with nothing to do.
    DAY 1: Wake up, walk around, no one to talk to, go to sleep.
    DAY 2: Wake up, walk around, briefly talk to girl in front of school, no one else to talk to, go home, jack off, go to sleep.
    DAY 3: Wake up, walk around, no one to talk to, go to sleep.
    DAY 4: Wake up, walk around, titties in the locker room, no one else to talk to, go home, jack off, go to sleep.
    DAY 5: Wake up, walk around, no one to talk to, go to sleep.
    DAY 6: Wake up, walk around, girl plays with herself in locker room, no one else to talk to, go home, jack off, go to sleep.
    DAY 7: Wake up, walk around, no one to talk to, go to sleep.
    DAY 8 – 31: Wash, rinse, repeat.

  17. If the creator made his images .jpg at 80% or 85% compression it would have the same visual image quality and result in a game size of about 1/10th!

    1. I’m stuck at Nicole’s story as well.
      I need to figure out how to look at her phone, and it says I just have to show up to school in the morning, but nothing happens.

  18. can any one help me
    i can’t find a way to read nicole text message evry morning the classroom is empty

  19. Can someone confirm that the downloads are season 2 episode 9 or not? caz name says s2e9 but changelog shows s2e8, dont wanna waste 15 gb without knowing lol

  20. no way to even leave the school in the first damn day…. deleting and forgetting this game even exists.. garbage

  21. Anyone know how to do the Jessica, and Megan Story? Mine got locked for some reason it just says …Maybe I’ll think straight after a good night’s rest for Megan, …Maybe if I sleep on it an epiphany strikes for Jessica but whenever I sleep nothing happens.

  22. Due to bugs in the ninth season (in particular, in the history of Amy), it passed partially through the eighth season. Passed completely (except for Sophie’s Goodbye story – will be added soon). All hidden events (20/20) + two bonuses (Amy and the landlord, Jessica with big tits and ass) with passwords.

  23. Hello. Love the game but i’m stuck and the part when you go to jessicas room at night then decide not to then you get a call from jessica to come to the living room where she is with the other girl showing you what you missed. I can’t seem to get past this. Am I missing something??

    Any help please?

  24. they ruined the game with last part.


    he needs to deal consiquances for sleeping both megan and zoe.
    instead developer let hım fuck every gırl ın game and broke the storyline with bullshit science fiction .
    i am sad

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