Echoes of Lust/ Lust Theory [v1.0.3] [Inceton]

Incest Patch: For the incest patch just name the characters Mom, Sis the usual.
Unlock Bonus Content CODE for S2E9 – carol

Unlock Bonus Content CODE for S2E8 – copy

S2 E6 Bonus Code: yoga

S2 E5 Bonus Code

S2 E4 Bonus Code
: bunny

S2E3 Bonus Code: hoehoehoe

Season 1 Episode 10 code – thanks

Season 2 codes

Season 1 codes
Bonus Content Code: datass
Remove Ads Code: 2legs
All hidden events: Attached file

Download for Windows
Season 1 (Ep 1 to 10)

Season 2 (Ep. 10 +)

Season 2 - Steam Built

S1 Christmas Event

Download for Mac
season 1 (Ep. 1 to 10)

season 2 (Ep.10+)

season 2 - Steam Built

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Echoes of Lust S2E1 bonus content code: 314

Hidden Event 1 “Jessica Blowjob”:
When Jessica is giving you the “gift”, choose all options (handjob, boobjob, assjob, feetjob) and always click on “Try someting else”.
After you run all of them, Jessica will give you a blowjob.
Hidden Event 2 “Bonus animations and renders”:
When you complete the main story, the game will tell you “End of current version. PLEASE SAVE YOUR GAME ON THIS SCREEN.”
Just continue clicking untill the options show up. Then choose “I want more” and then “Liar”.
Continue clicking and you will eventualy get “Bonus animations and renders”.

Hidden Events

Version – S2.E8
Here are all the hidden events currently available

1-Xmas Story – Click Xmas icon on top of screen
2-S2.E7.5- Xmas Story 2 – Click Xmas icon on top of screen
3-Meeting Emma – Clicking the pink mug/cup in the kitchen
4-Game Show – Downstairs hall, lightswitch
5-Sleep Day – Clicking the roll of duct tap in the garage
6-Officer Kate – Lamp outside MC’s House
7-Slumber Party – Top Speaker in Megan’s Room
8-Shoplifter Jessica (NTR) – Rose in Jessica’s Room
9-Shoplifter Jessica 2 (NTR) – Top drawer of dresser (pink) in Jessica’s Room
10-S2.E7 – No Fucks Given Day – Click Green Lamp in MCs bedroom
11-S2.E7 – Halloween Story – Set PC clock to October 31st, and maybe the year 2021, Click Jack-o’-lantern icon on top of screen, you might need to play it twice, 1st to get the complete, entire scene, 2nd to gain access to bonus images on the mobile phone
NEW>>>>12-S2.E8 – Nurse Back To Health – Click on the PC mouse in your room in the morning (Currently bugged, need cheat menu/mod to access)

Download Walkthrough & Gallery Mod S1 Ep 1 - 10


  • Access all “Re-live” scenes
  • Access all hidden events
  • Unlock all gallery images
  • Remove ads
  • Enable quick menu (the menu at the bottom with “Back”, “Skip”‘, “Q.Save”, etc.)


Extract the file “0x52_cheats.rpa” into the “game” folder, and start the game

(No need to overwrite anything. No game files have been modified)

Download Gallery Mod S2


• Unlock Image Gallery
• Added Scene Gallery
• Added Bonus Gallery



Extract the file  into the “game” folder, and start the game.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 94%
Engagement - 86%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.89 ( 224 votes)

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  1. How to unlock the events? I try to click those things that are mentioned but nothing happens. It’s really frustrating.

  2. It’s ok. Not great, but not bad either. There’s hardly any story. MC just keeps on trying to have sex with literally every woman he sees.

  3. Although I think this game should have an end without another season, Lust Theory is a masterpiece. My vote is, by far, a 5 on 5.

  4. First of all, it is a porn game, so we are all not looking for the perfect story….
    Second, if you download it here, it’s free, so who cares?

    No one, right, but nontheless i want to leave a few words ’bout Season 2…

    Some of the girls are nice writen and fit perfectly (Meg & Zoe), the models mostly are nice and yeah, not every girls want’s the mc’s dick at one, that fine..

    On the other hand, you can clearly see, that the dev(s) tried to stretch the playtime and didn’t want to put much work in it. Sure, it is a “groundhog day”-like game, so it is natural, that things are repeating und grafics are used several time. That’s ok. I mean other things: In the beginning you mess up with one of three girls railroaded by the game, the mc knows that the next mornig and decides to play with care, the event repeats and the game asks you, which of the three girls to hang out the evening again – but only offers the other two – not all three so you can’t do things right with the first girl – and railroads you to mess up in a similar way and then repeats it with girl No. 3 the next time…. yeah, sure devs, 2 little textfiles to avoid this…. but still no explanation why mc couldn’t repeat with the girls he messed up to do it right – i mean hey, it’s a groundhog-day-game, so he could do it every time, but yeah, that had been three more scenes for the game and a lot work to do…

    After that you have a nice time with two girls, side with one, both girls tell you what you should have said to not kill the mood – and on the next day the game only offers you to side with the other girl, to get the same result like the day before even if you – and the mc – new, what would have been the right answer – but no option for that.

    You’ll met a random chick the mc can have sex with in his room, and he cann do it with great stamina, so the experienced girl which had many guys before is totally satisfied and the mc came after minutes and minutes of sex with her, but with the next girl the game railroads you to the mc coming early because his lack of experience….

    Those things are dumb and all of them could have been avoided with little effords and a little bit consistend working…

    Again, it’s free here, so i’m not complaining, but others paid for that…. so you can say that even porn-game-devs should work without those faults in the game.

    If you can live with something like that, it is a nice game and playworth…

  5. Inceton just dropped Ep 2 for Limits of Sky, which still doesn’t have a page on this website. Is DIKGames just not posting new content anymore?

  6. I mean, it’s a porn game,. so we don’t expect to much of a story or character development, but the mc ist kind of stupid or the devs tried to troll us. Especially in S2… MC says he have to be smart und 3 scence after that he is the same idiot as the day before…. sometimes it’s arkward to watch the screen….

    But the models are nice and tbh it’s nice that not every girl only want’s to be taken be taken bei the mc at all costs… so yeah, playworth

  7. I have tried many times now to install season 2 of this game, still season 2 of this game showing some kind of error. Please in next update fix the following issue so that we can enjoy it on android platform

  8. Hard to understand the obsession of some devs of making sandbox/point and click games where you waste time doing repetitive and meaningless tasks. Being a dik is the best example that is possible making a visual novel mixed with free roaming that is not repetitive an FUN to play. I get it, takes more work, more coding, more time. But those “details” make a huge difference.

  9. How come there hasn’t been pages added for the new Inceton games? Limits of Sky or Lustyverse Shackbang? They both have released early versions.

    IDK how pages get added to this site. Is it the MODs dragging their feet?

  10. BY FAR, this game is in the top ten of the worst sandboxes on the planet. It’s one of those “I have no freakin’ idea what to do next” kind of sandboxes. You are living the days over and over and over and really not getting far with any of the girls because they don’t remember the previous days that you already experienced.

    Sandboxes are already a serious blight on Adult VNs. Some devs just don’t freakin’ get it, especially the ones from Japan. They seem to thrive on creating sandboxes. Everyone complains, and yet, they still keep making them! WHY? They are HARDER to create and even HARDER to play! We are all old enough now to stop playing in the sandbox and play an adult VN without mountains of confusion and very little to no payoff!

    1. bro there’s literally an inbuilt hint system just because you’re to dense doesn’t mean the rest of us are LMFAO this is one of the best games I’ve played in this genre

    2. @Serial Killer
      Dude this game is played like the movie groundhog day. Though its a bit different in progression. Because there are times that the time progression “moves on”.
      The progression of characters is more for the MC than for the characters themselves. Because in the end *spoiler* so that’s why. (LOL)

      Sandboxes are a serious blight on adult VN’s? hahahahahahahaha don’t make me laugh xD
      If you don’t like sandbox VN’s, DON’T FUCKING DOWNLOAD THEM! Is it that hard to figure out that there are tags on these kind of games and if it says sandbox, than you’ll know you won’t like it since you said that you hate sandbox VN’s. For example, I hate NTR in games. If I see a game with an NTR tag, I will first check if the NTR is avoidable, because sometimes it is, if its not, then I ignore the game and check something else. No harm done and I don’t go out of my way to trashtalk about that game I just ignored because I’m buthurt that there is NTR in a game. For fuck sake!

      So in short:

      check tags before download and stop whining about games you don’t like. If you had constructive criticism I wouldn’t have written this comment, but I…. couldn’t…. resist…. the…. temptation…. to… be… salty…

  11. Graphics and modelling are fine but there’s nothing fun within the game/novel. I would say it’s unhealthy and tedious, the MC is trying to cheat the day over and over again to take more women to hook up with and nothing serious could ever developed from it since you only have 2 days to live. Imagine watching same porn everyday, and the only differences are when and how you watch it.

  12. If it just were a simple VN instead of a sandbox it’d be less more chaotic. It’s already tiring doing the same thing over and over but with a free roam mode it’s a fucking nightmare.

  13. i tried to like this the voices were so fucking cringey had to mute those bitches right away mc is a dumb ass models are mediocre i will say aswell this guy must be smoking some really strong drugs if he thinks i’m gonna waste my time downloading 16gig even if i did like this and yes there is a compressed version but that’s garbage so zero stars for me

  14. I love the game, it has everything. Hopefully it will be updated more often. The only thing I don’t understand is why the devs have an obsession with big dicks.

    Animations 10/10

  15. Meh The MC acts like a 12 year old, cumming anytime a girl even touches him. This game gets very tedious with replaying a scene over and over again. Most times the solution is to masterbate before hand. to solve his premature ejactulations. Not sure who would enjoy playing this loser MC.

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