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A Mother’s Love [PART 1-13 Plus] [OrbOrigin]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Cheat & Music Mod


– a status screen
– cheating functions
– a Jukebox function (“QuickMusic”) for the music tracks
– additional game settings
– named saves
– extract the archive in a temporary folder
– replace the *.rpy-files in your game folder (…/AMothersLove…/game)
– move the extracted folders “music” and gui also into the “game” folder

see also the installation instructions in the ZIP file

This mod changes the game files! Old saves may work, but it’s not guaranteed!
Also, saves with my mod installed will maybe not work WITHOUT my mod afterwards.
As this Mod overwrites game files, other Mods/addons may also not work after installing it.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.2 ( 195 votes)

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  1. Any similar games or paths in games with more than one romance? Liked Bella path in Being a DIK, gave me this game vibe.


  3. I read this entire novel and there’s no incest at all. Not sure why it has that tag.

    I’m also not sure why this is rated at 91%. It’s nowhere near that good.

    After the first date with Nicole, the writing quality got really bad. Like the author stopped giving a fuck about this novel.

    Hospital sex: fucking gross.

    Can’t fuck Marilyn, can’t fuck Silvia.. two of the hottest characters in the game. Fucking why.

    Nicole is beyond annoying. Bitch can’t take a fucking compliment. Like I can’t even point out the fact that she’s smiling without her getting defensive. I once had a girlfriend like that… I dumped that bitch so fast.

    “Would you like to go to the library with your mother.”
    -“Decline invitation”
    “Nope you’re going anyway.”

    Authors should know that this kind of choice illusion really infuriates the reader. Why give us the option to decline if we can’t actually decline?

    This novel was tough to read. But I stuck with it because the story is mildly interesting. It would have been a better experience if authors would have their work proofread by someone who can actually speak the language. It’s really obvious when authors use translators.

    Overall: 2/5

  4. i dont blame dev for latest update on how the storyline goes, but after 2 year wait to find out that last briliant motel romance scene under the moonlight and to find out next day n!c slep with j0n again… dam it.. fucking hurt the feel man.. that mean this was good vn.. it got the feel u know… i wish the romance path will avoid that happen.

    1. Stupid fuck, why not? she is married woman and you are nothing but a blackmailer. it’s not fun game if mc is always win and always got what he want.

      1. you fool… that the point of vn game, that was a suggestion… what the point of romance vs corrupt path if it was there, better make straight blackmailing path to the end,, jon and mc fcuk nic together win2 for both side… hhhhh..

  5. I played the game. It starts off okay, getting to know nicole and chloe…right? Aaaaand that’s when things start to get bad. you get beat up by a fat man, you build enough relationship with nicole….but she still simps over her husband who treats her like crap. She constantly acts surprised as if the main character didn’t see her naked about 18 times already. Eventually she becomes likable….Or that’s what I thought. She ends up sleeping with her husband again. The husband is also sleeping with the entire cast besides chloe, merlyn(or whatever her name is) and abi. Those are the only 3 girls the MC is free to touch without being disgusted. Personally, I’m going to pass. The game is ruined by the NTR and weak main character who can’t exactly fight.

  6. It’s not a hopeless VN, as long as you accept its shortfalls. Dialog has much to be desired at times, and English doesn’t seem to be the devs native language. Too much miss wording and typos. The graphics rendering engine is also dated; not terrible, but dated. This includes the animations; not terrible, but not great either. Lastly, the MC vacillates between being alpha and beta. There’s a way to be a polite and considerate alpha w/o becoming a beta where the women have to initiate things. The beta stuff isn’t enjoyable. As a last suggestion to the dev, erotic scenes lose value when the woman starts begging for it. It’s far more erotic when her opinion is left ambiguous and remains an enjoyable mystery. I.e., she keeps doing what she is told, and gets off and has orgasms, but she keeps it to herself whether she likes it or not. Verbal MC questions like, “Does that feel good?”, “Do you like this?” should all go unanswered by the female. Always leave it ambiguous, with only unintentional physical reactions giving something away. In fact, you can sometimes even have her lack of verbal encouragement spur the MC into greater efforts to make her cum and orgasm for him, willingly or not! That’s erotic.

    Women take note: this is how to do it in bed like a pro.

    ps. The rendering does improve in the later stages of the game. And the MILF model looks a little better. More flattering angles and clothing, etc.

  7. Anyone else tired of Nicole? Id rather focus on chloe and silvia honestly, but thats not the point of the game. At this point I just want to know the ending, how the ugly ass mf John gets dealt with.

    1. Yes quite tired of her, i romanced both chloe and her mother path rn but i’d rather fuck marilyn. she is the true girl here but this assholoe dev won’t let us romance her and always treated her coldly. silvia is a deadass she still can’t move on from malcolm and she’s got bdsm and something messed up like that by john. her vagina and asshole both gaping by john sexual abuse, she is sweet and all but i’d rather have her as a friend nothing more yuck..

        1. Bro keep your nagitive comments to yourself,if u don’t have something good to say than keep quiet,as fear as I see it this game deserves a 91% and it’s quite good.If u think it’s that bad I’d like to see u create a better on ,and I’m sure u don’t know jack shit about creating visual novels,so stop biching and give the creater of the game some credit for making this awesome game

  8. We are waiting for almost 2 years for this part12 updates version
    And hopefully it Will not take the same time for Us to wait for the part13 and the rest of it

    PS: May the Maker of this game notice that they are amazing to create Such a Nice game like this one, Big Respect For You guys from all the fans of A Mother Love👍

  9. Not bad not bad but ther is a really cutie like Chloe but all the game is based on Nicole meh, yeah its romantic and all but i would have choose Chloe everyday of the week.
    Game is fairly long and has lot of scenes
    Story is good no harem tho it would have been best with it
    And yes there is ntr with the Chloe if you dont do well but it hard to get so don’t need to worry but i still consider almost all of Silvia’s story to be a NTR because she is cute too

      1. Are you saying password to john’s computer?

        But to open some options you need to investigate the office

    1. you would choose Chloe when she’s cuckolding you with Beeman. then she doesn’t even wanna do the same with you. Nicole may be a little bitch and apprentice. but she does what you want.

      1. I don’t know Eternum, Artemis, my employees family, once in a life time, desert stalker, stormside, the assistant’s are my top probably it had been a while if i type my like it could take a day

    1. It moved into the milker stage. Game was ok from what I remember though. Says NTR which is bad but I didn’t run into it. Otherwise it’s good for NORMAL men.

  10. Hey I love this game and i wait for the update and now It’s coming I’m soo happy about this please Release new new version (you said play the game in November 5th) but why?

  11. A Mother’s Love. I Love it. so this is Great. good The update is set to be release on November ? well hell Patron’s, [5th].
    Everyone Get it on. [12th],

  12. A Mother’s Love – Part Twelve… Coming Soon!


    Hey, everyone! Great, great, great, GREAT news! It is finally here, well, almost, haha.
    After about two years, I can proudly say and announce that the next part of A Mother’s Love is coming very soon!
    The update is set to be release on November Twelfth [12th], but for our Patron’s, you will have access to the game on November Fifth [5th].

  13. A Mother’s Love – Part Twelve… Coming Soon!


    Hey, everyone! Great, great, great, GREAT news! It is finally here, well, almost, haha.
    After about two years, I can proudly say and announce that the next part of A Mother’s Love is coming very soon!
    The update is set to be release on November Twelfth [12th], but for our Patron’s, you will have access to the game on November Fifth [5th].

  14. Any games like this and like “a wife and a mother”. Plz suggest guys. Like slow developing love (romance).

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