1. Download Links

Yes, the download links are safe. They are either provided by the developers themselves or by some of their top patreons. But a lot of the links are uploaded and hosted to third-party services so it’s advised to be mindful when downloading.

Use the “Report Link” button and specify what exactly the problem with link is.

It means that the featured content is uploaded to several hosting services and the “mirror” download link is one of them. It’s included in case there’s a problem with the primary link. There isn’t any differences between the content so choose whichever works for you.

 CG is basically only the images form the game without the game files themselves. You don’t need them in order to play the game. Download them only if you wish to browse the images and without playing the game itself.

A Banana on our site refers to that thing which name shall not be spoken. It is used to download data via peer-to-peer connection. To do so you’ll need a client app. We recommend the free and open source

“AIO” stand for All In One. This mean that the download link leads to all versions and you just need to choose which one you want or to a version that is compatible with several platforms.

Please read the provided information, what it says on the download buttons and in this F.A.Q. before asking in the comments. You can also take a look at the developer’s page. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, then feel free to ask away.You can send your queries to – support@dikgames.com

3. The Website

Wait a couple of minutes and try again. There isn’t much you can do about those kind of issues.

  A: There are a couple of reasons why this may occur:

  1. You refreshed the page / lost connection before the comment was registered.
  2. Your comment was registered but you continue seeing a cached version of the webpage.
  3. Your comment was flagged by other users too many times and is awaiting moderation.
  4. Your comment was no longer relevant to the current version of the game. Such comments will be deleted in order to keep the comment section clean and in order.
  5. Your comment was not relevant to the featured game / comic.
  6. Your question was answered in this F.A.Q. therefore it was considered spam.
  7. Your comment was an actual spam.
  8. Your comment was offensive towards other users.
  9. Your comment was clearly retarded.

  A: There are a couple of reasons why this may occur:

  1. There’s a problem with your browser. Try updating it and deleting the cached data and cookies. If the problem persists try using a different web browser or device to double check things.
  2. Your Ad-Blocker is breaking the webpage. Ad-Block solutions are very aggressive and are well known to cause problems with website loading and rendering. Try disabling it.
  3. If your ISP is providing you with dynamic IP address that was used in the past for malicious activities. There’s a chance your IP address is blacklisted. Try disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet or wait a few hours so a new IP address is assigned to you.

2. Downloaded Content

Most of the downloads will be in .rar or 7z.Use WinRAR. 7-Zip or a similar app to extract the archive. In rare occasions an archive might consists of several parts. In those cases you have to make sure all parts are in the same directory and start the extraction process only on the first part.

Try a different app. Make sure you’re loged in as an administrator on your system. If it’s a two/three part archive make sure all parts are in the same directory and if asked durring extraction point to the next part. You can also temporarily disable your antivirus protection but we do not advise it so do it at your own risk. If the problem persists then search the web or just wait for a different release.

Ingame press Shift+O and the console will open. Then just use the provided commands to alter certain variables.

4. I’m a Developer / Publisher

Of course! Just contact us at – support@dikgames.com.There are many developers like you that wish their work to reach more people through our website. This way they and their products become more popular and a lot of our users pledge their support for things they like on Patreon and other platforms.

A: We understand. If you don’t want your work to be featured on our website then contact us at support@dikgames.com and we’ll take it down. To do so we’ll need proof that you own the copyright rights for the featured product and some sort of identification (that proofs who you are). The process will take 3-20 business days. In case of removal, our users that search for your product might be notified that it was taken down by a developer request. Keep in mind that this way you and your product will loose a lot of popularity. Also note that all featured content on FAP-Nation is freely and very easily obtainable form other sources on the web. If you want only the download links removed then turn to the service that is providing the link – not to us! We do not distribute downloads – we only compile all available information about the featured products.

Yes! Just send us what you want to be included at at support@dikgames.com and it will be done. If there’s no link to your website / page in an article that features your work then you have our apologies. This happens very rarely by mistake or if we weren’t able to find your website / page.

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