16 years later! [Ep10.1] [Wetdreamwalker]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough & Mod


Highlights the choices that increase points in green.​
Adds a Replay feature.
This mod is an “ipatch” of the official walkthrough with some grammar correction, and minor adjustments (to the positive) in points awarded or lost.

If you want the walkthrough without ipatch, just download and use the official WT from the first page of this topic.

If you want the WT with ipatch, download and install my mod.

NOTE: I only edited the “Game Mode” files, I did NOT edit the “Read Mode files”, nor the romantic/rude path files.
So, if you start a new game, be sure to choose Game Mode.
If you load an existing save, it has to be one that started in Game Mode.

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 68%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 66%
Core Loop - 61%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.2 ( 61 votes)

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  1. First, there is no incest, but the amount of men who at 19 years old would be ABLE – nevermind willing – to get with a woman who ALREADY had 3 daughters is MINISCULE! Next point = he went to jail for almost 2 decades just so you could avoid Paetron BS with age ratings. Come on! He. Went. To. Prison. Think about that before reading this next part. more accurately… He SURVIVED. IN PRISON. FOR 16 YEARS. Hence:

    The nice/romantic DOES NOT mean spineless BITCH. The asshole threatening your daughter should be DEAD. Want to hide the body; write in a wood chipper. The point being YOU. DO. NOT. IMPLY OR WRITE. A BREAK. IN. THE. HAREM!!! asshole. Honestly the delineation of playstyles ALSO should not be any sort of EVER punitive. That WILL drive your player base into the ground. We don’t play these games to be punished. We specifically do not play the HAREM Genre to be rapped over the knuckles for however we want to play.

    Jesus that’s pretty much the one BIG thing that My New Family definitely gets right. I do like this art style for the most part better (even if I do hold a deep fondness for MOST of that story – but screw the Grandma fuckery, that’s just BS and pointless) but you lost any support or desire to play when the very first actual sex the MC gets you TOOK THE CHOICE TO CUM INSIDE AWAY FROM THE PLAYER! >.< You have NO IDEA how much that pisses me right off. I stopped playing because you're already implying with several other women that MC has to worry about a damned thing for his "daughters" feelings when they find out = IT. IS. A. HAREM… Dumbass. There is NO need to make the player constantly concerned that things will go badly. Point in turn: There is NO reason that if I choose to be Rude/Dominant/Overly Sexual with the girls that it should be ANYTHING but another style of fucking HAREM. More BDSM and 'slave play' than whatever the fuck your concept of "romance" is. By the way… MC steps on the insole of the big guy, then kicks the kneecap; 20 lbs of pressure, and he isn't walking anywhere any time soon. Which his muscles, it might not even take 20 lbs, since more muscles mean more stress on the joints, mean slightly easier to break – Jabs the elbow into the solar plexus, at the same time as kicking the knee of his first opponent, of the fuckwit with the knife… takes the knife and puts it right at Chadbro's fucking throat. Says if you really want to die… try anything remotely like this, with anyone again. I will find out where you live and skin you like a gopher you little bastard. That's how you handle the dipshits. (Down the romance path you treat the fight TOO much like real life – and while we're at it; down the "romance" path you also almost force the player to watch a rape scene with Hitomi… or whatever her name is. Which fuck that. It should not happen in the first place. Especially if the MC is on the "nice" path. There aren't enough levels of the word ignoramous to call you for just that one, single point. Chadbro also should not be in the fucking game in the first place because you've already created more goddamned problems with just how the girls will handle any OTHER relationships never mind their own – which fuck off; it's NOT incest of any sort, and legally their Mom is DEAD… so there's nothing that would stop him from pursuing any of them except a perception that was lost near to 20 fucking years ago!!!

    You are making these girls a seesaw for no fucking reason but some dickheaded desire to add tensions in a game genre that frankly people play for the POWER FANTASY. There should NEVER be anything. ANY. THING. That fucks that up. Including choice of where MC's cums, and what happens with pregnancies. God damn it. It's not that bloody hard a concept. So thank you for another game that again, goes way the hell too far with giving me blue balls. For another spineless simp who's also somehow a chick magnet… but can't actually provide any real thing that women value. In this case not even a damned wallet. Since he's broke. Didn't win the lotto… has no insanely high paying job or any kind of viable skillset to get the same result. Seriously the asshole better have a super rich second cousin thrice removed, with a heart condition that won't live past 25 years old, currently on his 24rth birthday is all I'm saying.

    If you're going to copy a game to a greater degree – I can't call it wholesale for the difference in art styles, and story content but I would say MAJORLY – then at least get the thing that WAS THE DRAW for most players RIGHT. Fuck me. Can't recommend this game. At all. The premise is absurd, there's no real concern about money although the family's patently close to broke… and Chloe in real life would already be a cam girl to save her own arse. Girl like that probably would not be a virgin. Hell statistically at least 50% of girls past the age of 15 have some level of sexual experience. Now you could also say it's only 50% of those that bothered to answer the survey and you'd be right. I'd also argue, there's no reason to think that any who didn't would be much different. They were simply never asked, so didn't have the option to answer, or chose not to do so. End of the day, virgin doesn't mean blue ball the player into eternity. You're not going to get, or keep subscribers that way. Especially not with some of the more harsh content – and again the tensions in the story that don't need to be there in this genre in the first place.

  2. Animations are way under current standard quality and everything in the plot is so predictable.
    I strongly recommend to avoid the so called “real mode”. It’s supposed to be a kinetic mode but in fact only menus have been removed without care. So with multiple dialogues options you get a weird loop of multiple dialogues for the same scene. Have the protagonists end a discussion and suddenly restart as if they just met is really strange. Sometimes dialogues refer to discussion that did not happen at because removed from options.
    2 main paths are available “Romantic” and “rude” (jerk would fit better as MC is not only rude but most of his answers are from a jerk and not only with the daughters). Romanic path has more content. The rude path cuts off a lot of content but has a few exclusive events and h-scenes so far.

    Some dialogues during hot scenes feel like a sexual education course for teenagers at school or gynaecologist check. Got the feeling the dev was trying to show off a supposed knowledge or just use a book and dumped in few terms (seriously talking about majora and minora labia during a h-scene!!, making visual hymen checks…) Same goes for all those comments about MC supposed knowledge about woman desires. Going as far as pretending to share a knowledge that “I think I’m doing something that maybe not all men know.”…of course followed by a medical explanation. Lol. For sure exactly what I’m thinking at that moment!!!

    Well besides the poor quality of dialogues and animations, playing the normal game can be entertaining. No big twists, big surprises and most girls are pretty attractive.
    1 annoying bug is that 2 different girls are set up with same variable so during the whole game you have a girl called “Emma” and in every dialogue the text box says “Emily” (character added in latest epidote using same variable name).

  3. This VN wasn’t bad for the first episodes, slowly building something with the girls, developping the story.
    latest episode look like a step back and the writting become super boring,useless talk/though without real progress, MC questionning himself repeatedly.

  4. all this retard has done is rip off my new family but made it worse even ripped off the same damn fucking opening pretty much i get being a fan but you DO NOT rip off someone elses work like this it’s sad and pathetic guy does not deserve any support for this trash this deserves less than 40% and that is being generous shame i can’t give negative stars because it deserves it, pure garbage

  5. The one good thing I can say about this is that it brought My New Family to my attention but sadly, seems to just be a pale imitation that updates twice a year.

  6. Lovely game, really enjoyed playing it. Good visuals and slow paced story. All good, but no update since May 2022.

  7. this is just a shitty my new family rip off dev should trash this piece of ass and start over with HIS own actual story that is not ripped off plus the only way to actually have any kind of sex with his daughter is to be a complete cunt and practically rape her so good fucking job not the kinda route i even wanna bother with

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