A Wife And Mother [v0.190] [Lust & Passion]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 1

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 2

Download for Mac - Part 1

Download for Mac - Part 2 - v0.185

Download for Android - Part 1

Download for Android - Part 2

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

View Video Walkthrough

Download Transfer Save File from part 1 to Part 2

How to transfer your saves from Part 1 to Part 2

1/ You must update AWAM Part 1 to its last version.
a) You can download the full game ​
b) Or just apply a patch on your existing AWAM1 0.150 install. This patch must be placed in <AWAM1 folder>, where you see:​

And unzip it there (it will replace files in game folder)

Run AWAM Part 1. If you see:

Your AWAM Part 1 is up to date.

If you still see:

Something went wrong… :confused:

2/ In order to generate a final save, run your up to date AWAM Part 1 then:

a) Play the game until the end​
b) Or load one of your old save and go to the end of the game​

After seeing “End of part 1”, you will be asked to generate a final save:

Type a name and that’s all for Part 1.

3/ You now can run AWAM Part 2 and start a new game. Your final save will be automatically loaded (or you will be asked to choose one if you have made several final saves).

3 (bis)/ If (3) doesn’t work, you can try to manually transfer your final save from Part 1 to Part 2. In AWAM Part 1 and 2 you will find this folder:
Its content:
You can manually copy/paste a .txt file from the finalsaves folder of Part 1 to the finalsaves folder of Part 2, then start a new game in AWAM Part 2.

Download Walkthrough & Mod


– a persistent status/info screen
– some cheating functions
– integrated existing WTs into the Mod
– second Mod version with some music tracks
(“QuickMusic” Player for manual playing them)

these Mod functions are optional and can be turned on/off while playing
Installation guide for the Mod only download:
1. of course the original game must be installed
2. extract the Mod archive in a temporary folder
3. copy or move the extracted files / folders into your “game” folder
(…/, overwriting the files

Download Saves

Here you have my Filthy + Lesbian “Save” updated to the current version. (updated to v0.170).

Edit: Seeing that some people prefer actual saves, here you go. So you have:

  • The pdf guide showing where each save comes from.
  • The set of saves from 0.150.
  • A final save from 0.150 (generated at the end of Page 3 [2,2] #10A2 from the pdf).
  • A set of native saves from the updated version following this path.

Download CG

CG (computer Graphics) is basically only the images and videos form the game without the game files themselves. You don’t need them in order to play the game. Download them only if you wish to browse the images and videos without playing the game itself.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.66 ( 644 votes)

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  1. You know I’m not really sure why I even say anything on here they just end up calling you faggot , gay or gay groomer LMAO
    I mean they seem to know alot about faggots and Gay Groomers but nothing about playing a game to living in the real world / reality

  2. Finally dev is showing how trash a dev he/she is, the whole update is just a copy of the previous one except for some nonsensical addition of club.

  3. To be honest I have given up on this VN. Dev is just playing with us by adding small content update. Its better to wait for at least 5 yrs till playble content is added.

  4. I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS PROJECT! The developer is just mocking you there is not a single fuck scene in it! So many years of development and part 2 already and there are no scenes! This suggests that the developer is doing this on purpose ! This game needs to change the genre altogether, since it’s not eroticism, but deception!

    1. I like it, tho. You might as well fuck off with your “suggestions”. If you don¨t like it don”t play it, that¨s it. Keep going with your life.

  5. I think its better to wait a year or so to get a little content. This is part 2 and she only has sex with her husband, its only teasing with the rest of the characters.

    1. good luck with that buddy…it’s been out for over 3 years nothing will ever happen in this “game”..some morons at patreon still paying this guy for this’s a soap not a porn game

  6. Can someone suggest a better game than this one? It’s good but i wanna know if there are better games out there in the same category.

      1. Shut up her desire is so fake a wife and mother is a masterpiece in each and every aspect from graphics to storyline.Devs are taking this game in a very realistic way not like her desire where you just have to get a boner to get a blowjob from your mom

    1. The best-case scenario is that it’ll be completed by the end of 2040. That’s the only way It can be a two-million-dollar project 🙂

  7. Like most games on the internet….. the first part is progressively better until (boom) the game maker just takes an effin walk and milks the public for 20-$70 a month till they are reprimanded and finally finish the novel. I have no clue what the rest of these people are talking about in episodes of Part 2…. I can’t get past the 1st day of Part 2 even though the review says its 80% completed. I can buy a $2.00 used romance novel and get more in a day’s reading. I like the Wife MC…. but like most women, can’t finish in most stories. It must be a dude writing the rag. Gimmie a Refund

    1. what happened bro link says page has been removed i would like to collab with you for the aoa ch 6

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