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Story - Lockdown 2024 takes you on a wild journey through a pandemic-ridden world, where the protagonist's father tragically succumbs to Covid-19 early in the game. The story unfolds as the MC returns home and finds himself amidst lockdown, stuck with seven alluring women, including his step-mom and step-sisters. The narrative is easy to follow, centered around uncovering clues to progress and enjoy a variety of intriguing relationships. - 74%
Visual - The game's visuals offer an engaging experience, especially with well-animated and fap-worthy sex scenes that players will enjoy. The character designs are eye-catching, and the graphics, though not perfect, deliver an adequate experience. However, the animations could use some polishing, particularly during intimate moments. While these visual aspects may not be an issue for players with a gaming PC, a few tweaks would further enhance the overall experience. - 69%
Engagement - Lockdown 2024 successfully captivates players with its chemistry between characters and a diverse cast of seven beautiful women, each presenting unique relationship opportunities. The journey towards intimacy with each woman strikes a well-balanced pace, neither too slow nor too fast. Engaging dialogues and exciting story developments maintain the player's interest throughout the game. - 77%
Core Loop - The core loop of the game involves completing various mini-games to progress the story. While these mini-games can sometimes be tedious and unclear in their instructions, the recent updates offer an option to skip them, catering to players who may find them time-consuming. Integrating a comprehensive and user-friendly Walkthrough Guide could further enhance the gameplay experience. - 65%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.79 ( 19 votes)

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    1. The Covidiots aren’t capable of thinking for themselves, only what the latest talking head on TV tells them. That’s why they ran around with a half dozen masks, and continue to inject themselves with experimental toxic sludge all while the fake news media spoon feeds them fact checked propaganda that is sponsored and paid for by vax makers.

      The dumbasses literally got played like a fiddle. 😂😂😂

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      1. Then they were stupid. It’s not a vaccine. mrna is experimental gene therapy. An actual vaccine provides protection for more than a month. In fact I don’t know of any that don’t last for years. Besides this bs they are calling a vaccine which isn’t. As mentioned it didn’t work. Lots of people got it anyway. Even if they were a vax tard. Lastly there is no legal liability for injury. Only a fool takes something with that kind of protection.

        “Oh, but the tv box and social media told me to do it.” They literally got money from these companies. In a rational human you’d see that as a conflict of interest and suspect.

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            1. Demographic collapse is very real. But you live in lala land so facts are like kryptonite and you just run away.

  4. We have to wait until someone makes a gallery, but in the meantime it’s better to pass by this project!

  5. OMG, its a horrible point click, drag UNITY game, where you seem to start out in the role of CINDERFELLA and its not good. Without the full hints on its mind numbing wandering around looking for something to happen, or something to click into your inventory… there was nothing redeeming about this and I totally lack the stamina to stay with it long enough to find redemption. If you choose to give this a try, I wish you well … YOU MASOCHIST!

  6. I always give games with covid themes and charaters with face masks lowest rating. You have to be a fucking dickhead moron dev to inject that type of content in a VN game. Fucking asshat, seriously!

  7. sorry but what dumb fuck dev thinks people wanna be reminded of a pandemic come on now devs use your fucking brains i only clicked on this hoping it was not what i was thinking it was but sigh scrap this garbage and come up with something else

  8. LOL, locked down over a flu. But take this experimental gene therapy shot that doesn’t do anything to protect you from said flu. Up to what 5 or 6 now? Don’t question or you’ll be silenced. Just trust us bro. Oh and if you do get injured there’s no legal liability. Now get in line sheeple, bah, bah.

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        As to the other guy. Imagine having to go to a porn site to say something because everywhere else (and here some times as well). You get censored.

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  9. LOL, locked down over a flu. But take this experimental gene therapy shot that doesn’t do anything to protect you from said flu. Up to what 5 or 6 now? Don’t question or you’ll be silenced. Just trust us bro. Oh and if you do get injured there’s no legal liability. Now get in line sheeple, bah, bah.

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