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Origin Story [v0.3.1] [JDOR]

I am a very new developer, and just one guy, with no experience in either Ren’Py or Daz until roughly a year before work on Origin Story began. I spent much of that year learning both, and my skills have improved significantly, but I’m certainly not up there with the big boys of AVNs yet. So as much as I would like it to be, Origin Story will not be an all singing and dancing technical marvel with complex mechanics, GUIs and affection systems. It will instead be a somewhat linear story but for some exceptions and alternate paths.
As a new developer, and one who has already written twenty chapters of this, I wanted to address some concerns or criticisms players may have about my AVN or upcoming content in advance.
So here we go…
Planned Tags for future chapters
BDSM, Footjob, Harem, Female domination, Multiple penetration.
Kinetic Novel/Lack of player choice
If basing your option on the first few chapters, you’d be forgiven for thinking Origin Story is a kinetic novel because of the small number of choices the player can make. I promise you, it isn’t, but it will take some time for this to be clear. For reasons I cannot explain without spoiling the whole plot, the very nature of the story requires the MC to be forced through certain events and interactions with characters.
In the earlier chapters of the game, there is some smaller choices which will result in a few alternate scenes depending on the choice made. However, significant choices will start to occur more in the future. This will take some time so please stick with it.
Forced Love Interests
Again, I cannot explain why without spoiling the plot, but the MC will be forced to have some sexual interaction with one particular character (or maybe two, depending on a choice). However, once the MC has had their moment with this character(s), all interactions with them in the future will be optional. All other love interests will be entirely optional.
This may be a dealbreaker for some, but it is what it is. There are currently no animated scenes (well… maybe one and you’ll see exactly why). I have tried it, and so far, I am useless at it. I have played far too many AVNs that would have been decent but for the terrible animations that ruin the overall quality of the package, and until I am better, I do not want Origin Story to be considered among them.
So, at present, all lewd scenes are comprised of static renders only. I do intend to practice and get better at it, but it is so time consuming I cannot completely focus on this under the limited time I have to work on Origin Story. If this ever gains enough traction and supporters to allow me more time to work on this, then by all means I will be putting a lot of focus on improving my animation skills until its good enough to start retroactively replacing static renders with animation.
THIS IS NOT A SANDBOX GAME, however, there will be some free roaming sections within the story, however, these will be sporadic and not too involved. The first freeroam section in Chapter 1 contains roughly 45 minutes of backstory and lore, so I highly recommend exploring it fully.
Music & Sound
There is both music and sound effects in the story. Some of them, however, I am considering as placeholders until I find something better, or maybe even commission some in the future. One can dream.
Update/Release Schedule
So far I have been maintaining a release schedule of 2-3 months per chapter. Hopefully this can continue.
Lesbian content
There will be lesbian content, however, it will all be optional and alternate content will take its place if opted out.
Gay/Bi Male content
There is no planned gay or bi (on the male side) content.
Futa/Trans content
There is no planned futa/trans content.
“Fake harem”
As mentioned, the nature of the story requires the MC to interact with a number of different LIs. So by definition this game will be a “harem game”. However, these girls will also have some fun with each other (if girl on girl content is enabled). So, you’d be correct in labelling it a “fake harem” game, and I’m absolutely fine with that because that is the kind of story I want to tell.
Is there any NTR/cuckolding?
No, there is no NTR in the textbook definition of it, and most certainly no cuckolding. However, while there are some minor scenes showing female characters interacting with other male characters, these are rare and the majority of these do not involve LI characters, though full disclosure, one extremely brief scene does.
Regardless, Origin Story comes with a warning and the ability to play in Safe Mode for those who may define such content as NTR (no matter how minor it is), or simply just don’t wish to see other male characters having fun. Safe mode removes these rare scenes and either replace them with alternate content, or removes them entirely if they do not serve the story. However, I would recommend playing in default mode for the story as I intended it because – I will stress again – these scenes are extremely rare and not the focus of the game.
Anal sex/ass play content
All anal sex content is optional.
There will also be ass-play and rimming (both giving and receiving) content. Again, these will only become available if the player has opted into the anal content in the first place, and then both giving and receiving content are separate optional content because some people might be open to sticking their dick in an ass but not their tongue. Some people might like sticking their tongue in an ass, but not having one in theirs. You get the picture.
BDSM/Femdom Content
There will eventually be some BDSM and femdom content in the game, but both of these will be completely optional (and some will have alternate content if you opt out).
The BDSM will not be particularly hard – there’ll be some cuffs, chains, spanking, paddling, clamps & gags. But no severe pain because that’s not my bag.
The femdom is not particularly hard either – Just some light cuffing, foot worship, face-sitting, edging, degradation, and submission. There is no pegging or anal play on the MC’s part or anything else like that.
Incest Patch
For the love of all that is holy, if one ever becomes available, please do not incest patch Origin Story. It is vital to the plot that the MC is NOT related by blood to Parker and Riley. If you do this you will completely ruin the story, and you won’t know why for a long time. But then finally a chapter release will come, and you will think “shit – well this incest patch makes no sense anymore.”
Even the very basic premise of the game renders an incest patch nonsense. The MC is awaiting the manifestation of his power. Parker does not have powers because she was vaccinated. The MC cannot be expecting powers if he comes from a vaccinated mother. Plus, there is also the mystery of what happened to the MC’s actual parents.
Why did you do this/that? Why is a character or the MC this way?
This is in response to pretty much 90% of the criticism I have gotten so far but I can’t answer them without spoiling the future. And as frustrating as it is, and much as I want to spoil things to nip that criticism in the bud, I would much rather things unfold naturally as they should for the sake of those who enjoy the story without being spoon-fed.
All I can say is, bear in mind that I have written 20 chapters of Origin Story already. I plan incredibly far in advance. I foreshadow… a lot. I make characters do things for reasons that might not be revealed until 15 chapters in. Nearly everything I do is intentional. I don’t make certain characters super horny because “porn game”, I do it for a reason. If you don’t like a particular character because of a certain thing they have done or a way they act, maybe something will happen in the future that will make you thing “oh… I probably shouldn’t have been mad about that”. Maybe sometimes things are not always as they seem.
Please just bear with me and don’t write it off because of one particular character’s behaviour, because you might be wrong about it. Just saying.

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - Origin Story presents an intriguing premise with the potential for a compelling narrative. The story revolves around the protagonist's journey of self-discovery in a world of superhumans. However, there are substantial concerns regarding character development and engagement. The relationships with the important characters, like the mother figure and childhood friend, feel strained and unrelatable. - 67%
Visual - One of the game's strengths lies in its visual presentation. The renders in Origin Story are considered decent and serve their purpose well. While there may not be any animations, the overall aesthetics and artistic design are pleasing and add value to the experience. The visuals contribute positively to the game's immersion factor. - 78%
Engagement - Engagement plays a crucial role in a visual novel, and unfortunately, Origin Story falls short in this aspect. The constant emphasis on the protagonist's virginity, resulting in repetitive dialogue that becomes off-putting and detracts from the overall experience. The humor and plot elements surrounding the protagonist's sexual experiences appear forced and unhealthy. - 55%
Core Loop - While Origin Story has its shortcomings, it does possess a core loop that could potentially captivate players. The exploration of the "Sisterhood" storyline seems intriguing and has the potential to develop into something more profound. The superhero aspect of the game, offers a refreshing twist. - 68%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.42 ( 33 votes)

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  1. JDOR says this game does not contain any gay content. Yet the very first “sex scene” players sees in this game – huge cock of the dude jerking off in his bed. Well fucking done! Much fan! So much for not having any fag crap. Clap-clap-clap!

    1. well it’s pretty clear you’re a moron and have no clue what gay content is since guess what it requires 2 dudes for it to be anything close to being gay smh, also there are plenty of VN’s out there where it shows the dude jerking off on his own which while really fucking gross and not something I wanna see it’s still not gay content so take you’re thumb out of your ass and learn what gay content actually is

  2. advice for developers, for me animation in adult games is not that important, I prefer to be able to explore sex games such as ntr, cheating, prostitution, blackmail, submission, harem, bondage, spank, toys, public exhibition/humiliation, even “black and white” doesn’t matter, the most important thing is don’t be like the game “a wife and mother” which has been running for 6 years but there isn’t a single sex scene of Sophia with Dylan/a man other than her husband, the developer of “a wife and mother” is mentally weak and afraid to corrupted Sophia (this is just a fictional game so don’t think about it too complicated just fuck mom and son no problem)

  3. Guys, you absolutely have to try this game! I haven’t laughed this hard even at some serious comedies. The author possesses exceptional writing talent and a witty sense of humor that brings each character to life in a full and complete way.

    Achieving such rich character development without a strong scriptwriting team is truly remarkable.
    Moreover, the rendering and the lighting is top-notch in the industry; it’s beyond me how one person could accomplish this alone.

  4. Now I’ve played the full update with all existent content; I’m going to try to reign in my temper and articulate my points more favorably. Because I can see where the game DOES have potential to be VERY good. It’s still a bit derivitive of Superheroes Suck; but again there are differences that mean it’s not plagerized. (There’s only so many power sets and Rogue’s power is actually pretty damned OP…)

    First, it should probably be re-named “Harem” mode rather than Safe. The recontextualizing of specific scenes (or the one I can spot so far that was re worked instead of skipped) had Parker focus on masturbating about MC in the bathroom stall; rather than sucking the waiter off – or given her supposed statement of always maintaining sexual control (which is bullshit by the way – no female no matter how “dominant” will ALWAYS have sexual control) more likely him eating her out. So with the focus being on MC instead, it’s clear that Harem will be the path for the safe option.

    Next: Not every girl needs to have Bi leanings – Amber for example is a harder read than she has to be. So is Evelyn. She is NOT “clearly” over the moon for MC, when she’s commenting half the time about how hot some of the girls are – or actively trying to control MC in fucking Moonsong during that scene (If she’s willing to be the First Girl/Cuckqueen, then she SHOULD be satisfied just watching, and perhaps LIGHTLY directing – with the PLAYER being the one to choose whether he follows the demands: I do not mind that FemDom is IN the game, I very much care that it’s NOT MY CHOICE) * If you are willing to discount some scenes that are tied to content players may not like, you should NOT pick and choose about known controversial content.

    I would not even have assumed or known that Lady Steel was into guys – the same way I initially expected Amber to just be fully gay; because you make her so up front interested and bold with Parker. I literally thought Jason was gonna be a Jade. Parker to that query should simply say: No. I am straight. Full stop. (We will get to her… oh yes) Also: IF Lady Steel is going to be a love interest – lay off the death threats. No man is going to want to go near her, no matter the size of his cock or balls, if she keeps threatening his life to EVEN TRY. [She’s MARKED as a LOVE INTEREST in your list, so you’re either MASSIVELY over-compensating in the vein of the Taming Of The Shrew, OR you really don’t know how to write a strong female that has wants, and has walls… but does not go far enough to blow her own foot off with a potential lover] * I will find it hilarious if somehow by the time he does go back to HQ Lady Steel ends up Wingmaning for MC with Coldsnap & Ghostraven, because either she realizes how good of a man he is and again – DOES have those wants – or because he saves her life/she saves his and we’ll get to see her guard drop fully when she actually thinks he’s gonna die again. (Please don’t do that – you can only pull the I almost died card so many times, without Wolverine’s healing factor, and you haven’t added invulnerability as a powerset for him to absorb)

    Point being, Lady Steel and Riley specifically NEED to soften, A HELL of a lot. Otherwise how the fuck are they actual love interests, where some of the nicer females in general (Marina/Isabella) somehow rate as “side” girls. Riley and her mom don’t even have any powers; so nevermind the idea that if they get sexual with MC, they get ANY control of the sex. They’ve already blue balled him quite enough. The whole Side chick thing is actually insulting to the characters in general, devalues them as females – which I do find awkward if you are trying for any form of actual Feminism. I’d go a more Egalatarian route myself, since feminism stopped being about equality long ago now, but that’s just me. It would however require that women actually own up to their slut sides, and most of them would realize that if they want someone for more than a notch on their bed post occasionally, they’d have to stay loyal and be direct about what exactly they do want. You’re not writing them like that so far. It can be fixed, and there are genuinely SOME FEW endearing moments, but they are further between the comments that make most of the girls seem way too assholish to want to pursue. That needs to stop. The girls are meant to be ENDEARING. Not just physically attractive. That’s not what’s going to keep a guy invested. Even in a fantasy context. Ghostraven also needs to be a LOT softer: I was like what. The. Fuck? when she stated at the end of a diatribe about how she didn’t trust MC not to fuck all the girls and wanted him booted ASAP how she suddenly goes But he deserves a chance… you should NOT fish-tail like that. You will confuse the audience. She’s not bipolar, or it really would be a song of ice and fire (it wasn’t as good of a joke as you think, and it doesn’t endear Ellen to me that she laughed at it, IF she’s going to be that much of a prick for no reason during the strategy meeting)

    Parker having BEEN a dancer in the first place, is also devaluing the fuck out of her. I told you we’d get to her. There’s the fact she’s overly willing to use sex as a weapon (which has connotations of it’s own that are unsavory – and in the default mode I don’t doubt you would show us her getting bent over a table, or kneeling under it to get her way… which says more about your opinion of women in business by the way) when as one of the Leads of the company she SHOULD have the ability to defend and properly articulate her point. [Especially if she’s “Always” in sexual control; you think that doesn’t translate to elsewhere???] The more she leans on suggestion and promiscuity (That is the right word – look it up) to get her way, the more those assholes are going to believe she is the type to go through with things and will push for her to do X. You literally wrote the secretary who was forced to cheat on her husband because X douche had her over a barrel about her job (get another job. Jesus. Easy answer) but the point I was originally making was that Parker having BEEN a dancer and been through that grinder would be EXACTLY why she WOULDN’T want her daughter to be one. Ever. Encouraging that bullshit also DEVALUES Riley. Not to mention endangers her. You think the bouncers are there for no reason? That every drunk assed male is tame? That when she goes home at night, without the bouncers present she’s not literally risking her ass doing so. Come on. Use your brain. Actually, let her use hers… That’s aside from the point that if the company made shit tons in the first place WHY THE HELL are either of them even working??? She’s a CEO… it’d mostly be fundraising, and charity work. PR maybe, and if she kept abreast of a controlling interest as far as shareholders, attending meetings so she doesn’t get taken unawares as to what’s going on in the company. It wouldn’t be THAT much work compared to a 9-5 job. Do you have any idea what salary a CEO who made the company MILLIONS off a vaccine would actually make per year? (Honestly the fact she’s buggered off to galas and in with groups of old lech guys as often as you wrote her makes me think she’s ONLY there in default mode to be NTR content) Neither of those two should need a job. Riley could be making money on the side with her own little business venture: IE as a fitness/Martial arts/Yoga instructor out of boredom. The way you wrote these two NOT ONLY denegrates the MC (thus the player – and dents the desire to actually CHASE them) but them as characters as well.

    I’ll leave space to assume that you’re probably open to adding Scarlet Shadow and MC’s “aunt” into the mix one way or the other. [I’ll further assume if you’re smarter than you’ve been writing so far, that the Aunt will only SEEM to be involved in MC’s parents’ deaths by bad circumstances in evidence, and is working to actively pursue the real culprit – who may be someone powerful that geared MC’s creation in the first place – probably with said designs on world domination – and whom said parents might have rebelled against… but at this point she could just as easily be the overly jealous antagonist who wanted Hubby for herself, and made him kill his wife when he rejected her advances… and wants to make it seem to MC that she is what I wrote above to remove suspicion and make him her pawn to gain more power than she has. It’s your call] Whatever you’re intending, I’ll warn you not to write MC into a corner; and don’t let the Sisterhood do all the work if he’s at all going to somehow “prove” he’s a prospective member. The two are counterproductive. Again, maybe Steel will soften to the point of considering a real relationship when he saves her arse enough times. Or Ghostraven will soften to MC when he proves he’s NOT just there to get laid. That he can pull weight on the team – Build relationships and improve morale/calm fights down with mediation; that yes… can be tied to the fact several or all of them want his dick. It’s the same thing with making Riley a stripper just because she got Mommy’s good genes. I listed at least three jobs above where she should be able to make “good” money and not have to shake her tits on a pole. You’re DEVALUING her when you do that, and making her less viable as a pursuable love interest. Which really, honestly does not track with the “feminist” leanings you have several females espouse. She could be a teaching assistant, a data analyst who might be able to help Moonsong with the specifics of MC’s powers. You rendered her attractive as balls PHYSICALLY. But you make her a tomboyish abrasive, abusive asshole. How in the hell do you want most men to find that attractive enough to pursue, when she’s also been pretty direct about having NEGATIVE sexual interest in the MC?

    Here’s another tip though: You say most of the females on the list have shit powers (as long as they aren’t The Sisterhood – and Steel’s right; I wouldn’t count Amber out… because it’s going to be hard to fuck her properly if we can never find the right damned hole) then ADD BETTER POWERS. Again, Wolverine for raw survivability (and the option to know when a female fucking WANTS him…) Nightcrawler you’ve already got covered with Todd. There’s Collosus. Kitty Pryde, you could actually do Bishop as far as absorbing Kinetic energy (rather applied force) for fuck sakes. Or Emma frost. There’s WAYS to counter Lady Steel’s strength that don’t involve super strength directly. There’s the fact you didn’t give her invulnerability to go along with strength; so she actually comes off as WAY overconfident for no justified reason. If she can bleed and break bones as easily as anyone else, MC could take her out when she sleeps and she should know that. It’s NEVER smart to threaten someone with violence. But it’s especially NOT OKAY to do that if she’s marked as a pursuable love interest! Also, she’d be a MUCH better character if her hesitance to fuck MC was ONLY about the fact she could seriously injure him with her strength; and she’s aware of that fact, so she enacts the persona she’s got to protect everyone else… even if that personally costs her. Straight A student, by your own words. So put in a girl (who ISN’T chokehold, because that one’s not appealing either) who has something that can counter Steel, and make her about six leagues more approachable as far as being down to fuck and wanting more than that from MC. Then she can let her guard down – and again, maybe actually try Submitting to a man she can’t beat the holy fuck out of. Just a thought. For Ghostraven, you have the time freezer… she can’t hit jack shit if she can’t move. There’s also a Plastic Man power as a counter. There’s superpeed (though you’ll turn that into a sex joke, I know… so don’t go there) there’s gravity based polarization. Or again, invulnerability. If you’re going to make these females Romanceable in path; you have to give MC the means to TAKE THEIR GUARDS DOWN. Which means countering their bullshit powers, that they seem to be overly keen to threaten him with – even though you literally killed a kid whose powers were TIED TO HIS EMOTIONS!!! Like MOST energy based powers = an organization set up to combat/contain super powered people would ABSOLUTELY know this – just because you gave MC a power that requires sex to activate. Gah.

    1. looks like someone woke up and their period just started so they came to take it out on the comment section again wah wah wah I don’t like this wah wah wah I don’t like that, and I’m so butt hurt over the fact my MC is this way or that way or the LI’s don’t act according to the way I WANT them to act, also do you ever get tired of pointing out stupid pointless garbage because it does not fit you’re narrative of the way it should be according to you?

      1. I’m pointing out that GENRE has a formula. You epic retard. These games, ALL have a formula; the best ones make the girls MORE endearing than assholish; and no one’s going to want to chase the fucking town bicycle. So you and every commenter like you can absolutely go fuck yourselves. Because you probably do. Considering you’re here just like me. Commenting on shit that ISN’T about the game.

        It’s not how “I” want them to act. Personality matters. Not just rendering. There are plenty of players that won’t give a shit how hot she’s drawn if she’s a complete cunt to the MC, and plenty of people with real trauma around domestic abuse who will turn the game off if all a character – that SHOULD want to be sexual as a supposed LI – gives them is death threats to try anything. It’s not rocket science to write this shit. Though I expect with your mental fortitude it might seem that way.

        1. awww look at you trying to hurt my feelings did you’re head hurt after coming up with that? anyway moving on it is always according to you, everything that’s said about you is correct more the negative than the good you’re NOT a reviewer you are just some random nobody who likes to vent his frustrations Devs won’t give a shit because again it’s not too you’re standards despite the fact you should just be happy you’re getting it for FREE but again you would rather cry about it on here knowing people are gonna shit on you’re supposed constructive criticism and so called review instead of giving the guy money and telling them maybe they will listen to you maybe they won’t. but coming on here to cry about it ain’t doing fuck all but you keep crying maybe one day a Dev will bother to listen

          1. Maybe because the reviews are more or less for the players and users of this site, not the devs? Sure the reviews are subjective, but when you review something subjective is not always bad. I for one might not always agree with all of “NO’s” taste, but since he actually plays through the game, I can always pick and choose from those reviews.

            What really IS weird is that you guys that stalk him through post just to get his attention and distract him into Internet debates and political discussions. Just lay off the dude, let him play the games and leave his subjective reviews. You people really have nothing better to do, I suggest trying Twiiter, a lot of people like you people go there.

            1. LOL you do realize that by telling people to leave him alone for trolling the snowflake don’t mean people will because he responds to these people all he would have to do is ignore them easy, also who the fuck are you his Mom trying to tell off the local kids to stop picking on him LOL you sound like a little bitch just as much as he is

  5. The fame is mid with decent renders…but story is quite interesting..and also the sex scenes…maybe the future updates can fix that

  6. Another peeping tom / Gay MC voyeur game.
    No male MC straight path. No MFF group sex. No MFFF.

    Only GAY MMMF bromance for gay boys.
    Boring story.

    Abandoned soon.

      1. Welcome.
        People are different. Enjoy and support if peeping tom content is good for you.

  7. Anglo-Saxons have become the running dogs of Jews after Kennedy was killed. Biden is weak. Trump is weak. They are two puppet. This will ruin the US. Yay.

    1. I love the USA… so many uneducated, poorly intelligent, religious/esoteric fanatical and ideologically blind people who have to vent their mental diarrhea everywhere.

  8. Kind of surprised Harem isn’t in the tags. I mean even if you can build a soft one, or one that’s never called Harem = Going to stay with 6 attractive women who “immediately recognize his worth and hidden charms,” SHOULD mean he’s not going to be one for very long. Lesbian is there; so maybe that’s why? The idea of a Voyeur mode to me is concerning as it implies potential NTR. I’ll give this one a shot, and maybe it will just be a path to Harem that hasn’t been put in the tags yet. So far most of the devs that’ve done superhero games haven’t really made the “Superhero” MC FEEL all that super.

    IE: Superheroes Suck puts you as a guy that develops dark vision (mostly to fuck with the players’ heads I think) and it DOES end up being an interesting explanation for why MC can do the things he can do = Eventually. Still a VERY roundabout way to get to what is basically a superman analog; and honestly his powers are like Rogue’s. He’s only “Superman” because the girls he’s surrounded by that allow contact are facets of superman. There’s one that’s near invulnerable and one that’s got gravity powers to be super strong. One has telekinesis, so I expect flight of some sort at some point. Thing being, not a lot of people have stuck around for the story. Currently he’s disappeared Professor X; and there’s a robot car who wants to be a real girl… for no reason. A cop who didn’t need a daughter already, and a criminal who frankly should be in the harem for all her teasing the MC… but that’s a wait and see.

    There’s games like Anti Hero and one about Gen X or something (that one’s anime) and both of them fail to make a proper super hero in their own ways. There’s one that’s literally ripping off Smallville for fuck sakes; and it’s nowhere near done enough to the point the player gets any decent superpowers. While also at the same time being half painted as the actual villain. I’m not even mentioning the Cockham game; It’s made by the guy that did Apocalust – and his proportions in renders are absolutely jarring, to the point they’ll take you right out of immersion. The guy also has an unhealthy obsession with barely 18 year old MC’s that look like they were rendered to be about 11 facially. Most of the Superhero games that take the path this game seems to, have been about showing the power of the Females. Or everyone else BUT the MC. So I’m willing to try, but also highly guarded. Maybe I’m wrong and it’ll be a good game. I’d like to be, and I’d like to enjoy this… but the comments above about the four gradient percentages do not inspire confidence.

    1. Cliche GAY HAREM MMMMMMMMMMMMF bromance game.

      Strange GAY HAREM tag not here. Game full of MALE LOVE INTEREST for gay boys.

    2. No - Strike One, and Two, before you even get to the TITLE screen... That's a new world record. says:

      Okay – ASSHOLE DEV: NTR is ANY SEX ACT that DOES NOT involve the MC, IF the MC is in a stated existing relationship WITH ANY GIRL IN GAME! Allowed either by consent or coersion, to the point that it will generally BREAK said relationship. That is the LITERAL DICTIONARY DEFINITION of NETORARE (Especially if it’s going to be a HAREM) SO YES: Anything done sexually with anyone that IS NOT the MC DOES CUCK HIM! (and I do not even know what you mean by “not necessarily with the intent for sexual gratification – Jesus. Unless she’s a prostitute; all sex done IS done for gratification. Either of her own desires or to sate a guy she wants to be sexual with, or “owes” sexual favors to which would then be about only HIS sexual gratification and not necessarily hers. It’s still ABOUT sexual gratification. Fuck me…)

      “Safe” mode SHOULD NOT NEED TO EXIST. But the fact that it does is a HUGE RED FLAG before you even start the game, that this asshole’s NOT going to be any kind of “Hero.” Or will have more than enough reason to go villain by the end because you’re intending to screw him over in sex scenes he doesn’t get to participate in (and may want to…) Again, Anti Hero and several other games as mentioned above, pull this shit in story. Usually to justify some half cocked revenge plot. WHICH ALSO DEMINISHES YOUR POTENTIAL PLAYER BASE for exactly how much NTR pisses off MOST players. Why the hell would you shoot yourself in the foot before the horse if even remotely out of the gate? Also; safe mode shouldn’t have “safer” alternatives (what the hell does that even mean???) it SHOULD just fucking skip any scene that might be taken as, or actually IS NTR. Period.

      Because I guarantee you most people DIDN’T like Tom King’s Batman run; and we DON’T want to see heroes BROKEN. Jesus Fucking H. Goddamned Christ. I knew this was going to be the way of it. You’re getting ONE shot with me buddy. That warning at the very BEGINNING of the game before we even get to the TITLE screen of the game is enough to warrant my severance with it, if you fuck the MC over for sex scenes EVEN ONCE. Just once where you make him seem LESS than SUPERHUMAN after he gets whatever bullshit powers you’re going to pull out of your ass, to explain why he gets all the girls [And it really, REALLY should just be a fucking HAREM – Less CONFUSING to your players; no need for an incredibly DENSE warning at the beginning which is bound to COST you more players and potential subscribers than including the controversial content would gain] but hey… if it’s what floats your boat, well… that’s a you problem

      * Also: Agree = Fuck absolutely right off. Your comment is not helpful, and adds NOTHING to the discussion while also having absolutely NOTHING to do with my own. If you want to make such comments, use the box below which creates an entirely new response, rather than replying to mine. Dickhead.

      1. Next point: Refusing Girl on Girl, or Anal scenes had BETTER NOT COST THE PLAYER INTERACTION WITH ANY GIRL!!! (Just because I don’t like that kind of sex doesn’t mean I don’t want the girl…)

        Refusing Moonsong Because you don’t want Evelyn BLOCKED OFF FOR A FUCKING PACT THAT SHOULDN’T BLOODY EXIST – had better not cost me a chance with Moonsong.

        Again: This. Game. IS. A. Harem!!! That’s the ONLY fucking fetish content (though pregnancy would be appreciated, and a good way to make up for all the jerk off/virgin bullshit) you need to be concerned about.

        There DO NOT need to be “side girls.” At all. You’re devaluing the females in the first place, you’re not accounting for player tastes, and you’re literally just saying we have too many girls and don’t want to put in the effort to properly code a relationship path. Also, every girl doesn’t need to be a Stripper/Hooker or overly sexually experienced: Riley can make fair money ANY NUMBER of other ways – FITNESS INSTRUCTOR/MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTOR. Hell, Tantric Yoga instructor for all I care if you want to make her that much of a bitchy tease. Parker DOES NOT need to have been mentioned to have fucked ANYONE else since her husband died if you WANT her to be pursued in game – There is a DIRECT negative corelation to her VALUE as a GIRLFRIEND if she’s boned too many people; to most males. Especially if you’re deigning to make MC COURT her. Fuck off with all of that. Also; decide if Riley likes this fucker or not – Amber did not need to be BI – and it took me a moment to process that it was about her sense of honor/involvement with Evelyn rather than refusing because she DIDN’T WANT MC = ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU MADE HER BI! They have preferences and most guys believe it or not do NOT go around assuming most girls are into them. So CLARIFY. Zara or whatever the hell her name was didn’t need to walk away from the table before any proper introduction, because you decided to add in some bullshit Deadpool reference so YOU AS THE DEV can “Talk” to the audience. that’s just BAD WRITING you git. Evelyn needs to be more clear on where things stand (Fuck this “DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING”) – because NO: We don’t know it was ONLY GOING TO BE THE MC. You dipshits. Is she “just a friend” who wants to get fucked, or MORE??? Because everyone ELSE saying it, is going to cost her in the longrun. If she wants to be more than friends, she needs to SAY SO. He’s not likely a mindreader, and if you make him that, I better see nothing as to the females’ sex lives before MC knew them. There are some things you should just stay the fuck away from with superpowers and mindreading/domination is one of them. Evelyn says she’s had that many opportunites??? Guess what the MC DIDN’T HAVE. It DOES NOT make a girl MORE ATTRACTIVE – in or out of a porn game – to state to any prospective partner that she can step out the door and have guys beating hers down to get some. Jesus. Use your damned head. Also, fuck the Liberal Feminazi/femtard speak that all the girls are doing. Fucking everyone and every thing that walks IS NOT LIBERATING. It just makes you a “super” slut. Which WILL cost them relationships. = That’s WHY she’s still a virgin. (Aside from the voyeuristic powerset that frankly is creepy as fuck, and an actual invasion of privacy on EVERY LEVEL – which SHOULD also be exactly WHY there is NO PUNISHMENT for taking Moonsong up on her offer in the first place!!!)

        * Also, I swear to god if you make Lady Steel or ANY of the Sisterhood Dominatrix bitches; I will want powers that let me turn the tables (no femdom bullshit) OR I will just immediately stop playing. Whether or not you bother actually making this a harem. Some things just DO NOT need to be done. There’s enough of a power imbalance that any woman with a physical upgrade should be well enough aware of what she can do to a man that ANY man she wants should NEVER have to worry about her being SMART enough to BE SUBMISSIVE! (Most actual Dominants are not assholes, and will not treat what agrees to be ours in that manner, badly. We value control and NEED to be able to trust – Femdom is the exact opposite of that)

      2. Okay – so you DO want to turn down Moonsong; Because Evelyn gets the required internet FIRST! (Though toys for “practice” does imply she’s NOT actually a VIRGIN you morons – anything pentrative vaginally means she HAS had sex. With a toy or not, would STILL COUNT) AND she becomes the type to “share” her lover. So you do get both. (A walkthrough or a color code or something would actually help with shit like this = OR FUCK LOCKING OFF GIRLS DUE TO “PREVIOUS” CHOICES WHERE I CAN’T SEE THE RESULTS!)

        Evelyn being pissed that I chose to fuck MC’s IDOL – that she KNOWS MC has obsessed over for months = which was also WAY TOO FAST AND RANDOM = should NOT lock off her path. Either way. You do NOT lock a path for a girl before you give the player the choice of whether to even pursue the damned girl or not. For any reason. That’s just you being as much of an asshole as including “side” girls. (Also fuck either Celeste or Coldsnap saying You’re not getting with this X time soon – You’re LITERALLY only in this game to give the player someone to do… and yes, Devs – we ALL know that)

        I will say this premise has turned out to be a slightly better done (in explanations that are also different enough to avoid plagerism, and have some soft science backing to it) version of Superheroes Suck. So if you like that game, you might like this one. With some caveats. At least you’re thoughtful enough to put a warning in to lock off NTR content – but it still shouldn’t be there, period. At least your thoughtful enough to mark that some content doesn’t need to be seen at player choice – but you DIDN’T state whether it locks content with some girls; given the idea that you can lock off paths due to “previous” choices… so one step forward and maybe as many backward.

        Again: If Lady Steel or ANYONE else tries femdom bullshit on MC without giving the player the option to BE DOMINANT instead – fuck right off. I will be done with your game and it won’t matter how many girls I might one day maybe be able to breed (fuck off with the “I’m on birth control” – this is FANTASY. Escapism. You DO NOT need to be that level of realistic, and pregnancy content can always be added, but it doesn’t have to be denied in that vein right off the damned bat) or keep. Or get powers from. I will be DONE.

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