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The List [v0.010] [Uncle Loco]

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Usage of the additional swipe commands:
Swipe left: back
Swipe right: skip
Swipe up: main menu
Swipe down: hide

The game saves are stored now in a persistent folder and should be available even when the game is deinstalled
Location: “(your device)\Documents\RenPy_Saves\com.koga3.thelist”

– You have to grant the permission for the external/second save storage use when starting the game for the first time.
– On some devices the game seems to stuck on the very first start after you granted the permission.
Please close the game completely and restart it, it should work after that without that issue again.

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Mod


Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 79%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 82%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.4 ( 29 votes)

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    1. You’re not missing anything. This dump of a game was trash. Honestly, how is this dogshit even still alive? 24 retards support this garbage for a whole $75 and it’s not even worth $5.

      1. Bro I respect the fact that you’re against the LGBT movement but can you please tell us why this game is shit? I want to know facts about where it went wrong, etc

        1. I’m all for the LGBT movement so long as it’s moving back into the closet with the door shut where it belongs.

          I don’t want to see fucking rainbows on everything, or any female dicks (as if there were actually such a fucking thing), or hear about the plight of a bunch of homos who got butt fucked by 57 random johns and got aids.

          They should all kill themselves because nobody likes them anyway.

          As for this shit game, nobody likes that either. For obvious reasons. The renders are hot garbage and the MC is an utter piece of dogshit. But I get it. This game is tailor made for other utter pieces of dogshit to immerse themselves into.

  1. Three things, maybe four:

    – First: There’s no point in creampie if you can’t get the girl pregnant (and there’s plenty of leeway in cultural mythology that says a vampire IS NOT necessarily sterile; including the Dhampyr. So it shouldn’t just automatically be off the table) If you don’t want to render pregnancy, fine. But a) Diamonds did not need to reveal anything about sexual assault to a guy she JUST MET; sexual assault IS NOT rape. You do need to clarify. There’s NO POINT in a fantasy setting to deny the player the choice to Cum Inside, at any point. She is not clear about it being an issue of her scars. Having him actually get her pregnant would also be a better reason to RE-INTRODUCE her into the harem later. Since I doubt you’re ever going to re-write this whole thing to not be stupid enough to separate the Harem girls from the MC. [It’s the same thing as D&D = You NEVER split the party…]

    = Side point: It’s STILL NOT A HAREM, because – The Twins SHOULD BE CLAIMED BY MC! If they were never going to be on the table; don’t put them in the game as anything more than a written reference by way of being one of Alexis’ “connections.” Meeting them was never required, and adds FUCK ALL to the story. It’s like waving a piece of food in front of a dog – and you wonder why your audience in comments calls this a bad game. I may understand your reasoning, to a point – but I also heavily disagree with your logic. Meeting their “Daddy” – OR having MC be “scared” of him also EMASCULATES The harem lead. Not to mention = IF HE is allowed to have a Harem, Alexis DOES NOT get to be the one to add STIPULATIONS to it! That’s not the genre. She’s either okay with the concept, or she’s not. You don’t do a harem with caveats. That just makes the player think something’s going to fuck up, or make them afraid to accept new females you might add. Also: you DO NOT EVER remove a girl that is listed IN THE HAREM on your own list at the right corner, from the game. For any length of time. Diamonds was not necessary to be yeeted (that’s why an amnesiac MC is usually a bad idea – so is putting a harem lead in any kind of critical condition for an extended length, it’s counter intuitive to the CORE of the genre; which is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS with ANY girl the PLAYER CHOOSES. IE any girl rendered SHOULD BE MADE AVAILABLE TO CHOOSE TO PURSUE!) Lilly NEEDS to NEVER have gone to Texas over choosing MC IF she was ever that damned invested in him; since at any point she returns she should be smart enough to know he has no reason to trust that she has been faithful to him OR wants to continue the relationship. There’s also NO REASON THAT MC should not be added to “the list” eventually. (I’d also say it’s in bad taste to make a desktop background of your game, while inside your game. That’s not meta. It’s gouche) * Remember what I said above. Becoming a vampire does not necessarily, and should not void all possibility of pregnancy. It does not have to, and you’d be removing a kink that does draw players in. Not that I think it will help at this rate. Your pacing is horrible and you’ve made some VERY counterintuitive plot decisions.

    The point you had Alexis fucking hypnotize MC to “protect” him is also BULLSHIT – and can actively DAMAGE his mind; and she should be aware of that (it’s why you don’t put the Harem Leader in a position of Submission against a creature that’s SUPERNATURAL, by making him NOT Supernatural… Even the damned odds. Pronto) There’s the point you have a female voice in his head, stating X to the player = Breaking the fourth wall for ANY reason is not good writing. If you can’t let the audience INFER on it’s own, you’re not properly conveying the information you want us to have. Plain and simple. Telling MC to trust someone that just admitted she fed him her blood before he was even conscious to consent – and that it gives her power over his emotional state in general – by way of disembodied voice is NOT a recipe for anything but Deadpool. If he ever is going to be a vampire, you DO NOT want MC to be like Deadpool. He’s the bad kind of Malkavian. Personally, I prefer Gangrel. [Introduce whom the voice belongs to; or fuck right off with it as a concept. We do NOT need – and some of us have scars in this area, so we won’t WANT to doubt MC’s sanity. Not in the Harem Genre. It’s literally the easiest possible genre to write. The only tensions should be in making the girls all get along, and building the actual relationships to start with]

    * I will NEVER let go of the Twins SHOULD be in the Harem issue. You can disagree all you want, and you might be the dev/writer of the game, but you’re also outvoted. Apparently heavily enough to have been passive aggressive about it in the chapter intros, and the game can’t properly be called a harem with them included into it = but at the same time unavailable. You have like 3+ Vampires on the fucking harem list, but you can’t add in the Twins? (It’s the same kind of thing for some people as Incest, and frankly Incest adjacent…) ** There’s the point that if your friend was going to design a game with them in it; or was going to design one with you – he probably intended for them to be love interests in some respect. So your argument about paying respect to him by using his IP falls more than a little flat. It’s a straw excuse, and it’s probably cost you more subs than taking them out of the story would have. You didn’t even give them proper names, so how much of their original personality is really there to see; and how much “honor” of your friends memory do you think can be weighed against the backlash of going against the grain of the intended genre you profess to be writing? There’s also the issue that having them “train” the MC is another form of Emasculation that you won’t allow to be salved by their submission to MC, and inclusion into the Harem; that’s going to stick all the more in the craw of some players…

    * Caps Lock is used for Emphasis. It is not and never will be “shouting.” I am not angry, you’d have to try harder to piss me off. It does frustrate me to see plot holes, or unforced errors – any of which can be fixed with some honest work and willingness to bend, but I don’t tend to “yell” at anyone online. There may be parts of my reviews or comments/rants if you’re unkind, that I want to be paid more attention to as markedly important in my opinion, and I blame Millenials and their text speak bullshit for ever thinking that Caps Lock means shouting. Or that a period at the end of a sentence is somehow “aggressive.”

    1. Wow! You typed all that bullshit out nobody is going to read over a garbage game I spent less time playing?

  2. I read the comments but in between other updates decided to try this anyway… BIG MISTAKE. This is a lame project with sorry graphics and beyond the name thing that people complain about, the first thing that really put me off was the ABJECT COWARDICE of the MC who simply stands in his bedroom and listen to his family being MURDERED while doing nothing… Then you want to try to turn him into a badass as the story unfolds… Nuh uh, not with that POS starting coward for an MC, this just doesn’t work for me… then the twins, the writing is so terrible I wanted to retch… this just never gets better in any way and the sex scenes are hopelessly boring as well. The Dev spends far to much time 4th wall pontificating and patting himself of the back while still producing one of the crappiest projects on record. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME, BANDWIDTH AND SANITY BY AVOIDING THIS POS.

  3. Dumb game. Gets boring really quick.

    You can’t even change the MC name. Not that I mind, if the game is actually any good and worth playing, and it’s not. Another total newb landfill of a game.

  4. To modify the name, you just need to open the file “\game\script.rpy” and modify these two lines:
    define r = Character(“Rob”, who_color=”0313c5″)
    define rt = Character(“Rob thoughts”, who_color=”0313c5″)
    They are near the top of the file, so no hard to find them.

  5. Well, thank you for the feedback and for giving my VN a shot. The twins are in the game they have a purpose in the story and will remain off-limits. I explain this in the story and more details will come about it in chapter 6 if you still plan to play it. I get most people do not and will not care as to why they are off limits, but it was due to my friend who went by the name The Krypt Angel on another adult game site. We became good friends and the twins are based on the characters he developed over time. They were supposed to have their own game that I was going to make with my friend but he died before we could start working out those details. I will respect my late friend and his wishes for the twins to not be involved with any lewd content in this story.

    This is a story I made for myself and decided to share it with others 100% free. I do not take any donations at all, there is no patreon or subscribestar for my story. If you are going to make things up please get your facts straight as I have no source of income from my VN.

    I am trying to make something different, there is a power struggle the MC will develop over time. He will get his ass kicked at times and will be out of his element as well. There is a big supernatural element to the story and that will play out more and more each chapter.

    1. Then do not use them in the game as anything but NPC’s. Do not dress them suggestively, do NOT tease that they “already have a Master” and do not have them do anything but BE PROFESSIONAL.

      I’m not saying you can’t honor your friend – but using HIS characters in your game possibly without his expressed permission sounds shady as fuck to me, and if true that in fact is disrespectful, as well as showing your own lacking imagination on that end – I AM saying that adding two attractively rendered girls and even lightly sexualizing them, to tease the player base WILL piss people off in general BECAUSE. THIS. IS. A. HAREM!

      I LIKE vampires. I hope you actually make the MC a freaking vampire. But the story elements are NOT cohesive. You already moved ONE of the girls that the MC was involved with (again, in a HAREM) to god knows where = she could be fucking god knows who by now and you DO NOT do that to this genre! – and the actual introduction of vampiric characters was NOT subtle. At all. You’re painting the MC as far too weak to become the Badass you say he’s going to shape up to be, and then you’re outclassing him in the vein of the supernatural… and you DON’T understand why half your players say the game sucks??? The GIRLS do NOT need to be more skilled at martial combat; HE needs to be the SKILLED one to start with. To show that he DOES have a place on the team, and seems COMPETENT enough to survive long enough to MEET the vampires. Who would also then have better reason for the female to be so impressed with him, other than wanting to bone him instantly just to piss her brother off…

      It’s NOT actually hard to write a power-scaled fantasy, with incremental gains in power for the MC over time, like this man. I could actually help you do it. I am an author with over 300 paranormal romance and sci fi based high fantasy novels finished. But if you’re going to bullheadedly insist that you’re “respecting” your dead friend’s wishes with two characters that aren’t even yours in the first place… that’s going to cost you a LOT of cred with anyone who might subscribe and support your work. It’s your call.

      1. Okay Dev – in Chapter whatever the hell the current one is: YOU HAD THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY TO KILL OFF “Daddy” AND MAKE THE FUCKING TWINS PART OF THE GODDAMNED HAREM!!!

        So NO. You are an absolute abject asshat; teasing the audience like that… whatever rage you get for that is now COMPLETELY on YOU. Including mine; and I am fucking done. The game is NOT at all worth ANY investment. The story is BULLSHIT, you don’t follow even the CORE conventions of the stated genre = THE REALM HOPING SISTER SAYS THOSE WEREN’T HIS REAL PARENTS – The voice in his head could be the Queen of fucking Angels for all I give a shit. You torched any support I would give by making me rescue the asshat you added in as a COMPETITOR for Harem Lead… (Probably to work through your grief – but it’s called FUCKING THERAPY!) You are a stubborn DICKHEAD for pulling this shit, very likely actively stole his characters (by the way the design for the girl is Chrys from Superheroes Suck – and likely several others, they may be hot enough to attract, but they are FAR from fucking unique – and their bitchy/bratty attitude to MC is ONLY acceptable at all if they EVER WERE going to be added into the Harem! Other than that they’re assholes for no reason but you being passive aggressive to your own goddamned main character) and you DO NOT deserve any financial support or encouragement to keep this project going if you’re going to get that much feedback that players want X girls added; and you IGNORE AND THEN WILLFULLY FUCK AROUND WITH A POTENTIAL OPPORTUNITY TO ADD THEM IN.

        Fuck you. On every level. I do not recommend this story. I have no patience for bullshit – and there are by the way SEVERAL stories wherein a vampire is perfectly able to procreate, but may like the D&D elves do so less often. So you’re being a dick way too many ways. I tap out.

  6. I just found this site and thought I would respond to some of the comments about my game, as I am the developer of it.

    I will say there is not a mafia element to the story even if it may look like there is one.

    Yes, this is a Vampire story and there will be other supernatural elements added as well. No, I will not be going crazy with adding a ton of other supernatural beings. A lot of the elements are loosely based on a tabletop RPG game I used to play. I am purposely adding a lot of small clues in every chapter that links to things the player can expect in the future. Some of them might be obvious and others are not until more information is provided in a later chapter.

    I can’t tell if you are enjoying the game or not but thank you very much for giving it a shot, I appreciate the feedback.

    1. I often wonder why everyone on these posts seem so angry. I wish you the best in telling your story, Good luck 👍. I only request is that the MC end this story as a better man than he started.

  7. there any similar game like the genesis order? I no longer have the strength to look for something with a good visual story and so on.. and i see u can give me a couple of examples

    1. Sorry for the wait in reply guys, sometimes I don’t check the game comments enough.

      To The Entity From Above: Thanks man, you have a great day too. Hopefully. I get a lot of flack for my takes, so it’s always nice when someone appreciates what I’m trying to do here. (Mostly help Devs improve; and help players with the choice of whether to download)

      To Please? : I’d try if you haven’t already – WVM, Simple Days, Terminus Sentinel 1 & 2 – Sorcerer is also by that same Dev and they’re all good long form visual novels. There’s also Long Road Home, Grandma’s House (Though there is GILF in it, so be warned if that’s not your thing), Desert Stalker & My Dorm. Any of these games are worth the download so far. Hope this helps, but I’m sure by now you may have found your own path into what you want.

        1. Don’t really blame you for that. I’m not so sure he’s going the vampire direction, but if he does it’s really off the wall, and the rest is not really in line with the Harem Genre. And that’s from a guy who is a MASSIVE fan of vampire anything. I wish there were more VN’s that focused on them, but so far there haven’t been. There’s only a couple I can even think of, and most of them have either been canned, or are slow to progress like the dev thinks they have eternity themselves. For a dev, writing really isn’t the strong point. Most will have a writer on a team. It’s much less consistent and more likely to be screwball if they try to do everything themselves. Or in cases like with The Tinkerer and Peasant’s Quest, it takes forever to get a new update because one man crew. Like the Blue Man Group o. O

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