Because I Love Her [Ch.3] [The Typist]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough & Mod


This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices.
Colors match the character’s names for points, Green Color is “True Events”.
Increase or decrease Text Size and Text Box Opacity in the Preferences Menu.


PC/MAC: Replace/Merge with the “game” folder.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 69%
Visual - 83%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 70%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.44 ( 36 votes)

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  1. This one is really better, nothing is pushed. But why do game developers always think that NTR has to be with blacks, it’s has nothing to do with NTR, it’s humiliation of a white man. You can disagree with me, but reality is that the majority of white man thinks the same.

  2. NTR is optional, all girls are very attractive. but story is very short. Don’t worry your gf only teasing not really sleeping with random stranger well not without your permission. I don’t know why people so hate ntr game, this is just a game so relax. Game is just for fantasy that you could never do in real life. in game i feel uneasy with ntr, cuck and sharing. but i will murder any men if they sleep with my gf irl.

    1. I want share my story my girlfriend has been cheating on me with her ex boyfriend the two of them always together while I,m not around like in the office in street in park I ever caught my girlfriend with her ex boyfriend in motorcycle go to cafe,restaurant,beach and the worst thing is she do that without letting me know one day my anger is full and then I punch her ex boyfriend until coma I don’t know what I,m doing right or not tell me guys what I have to do next could I breakup with my girlfriend please guys tell me what to do,thankyou

  3. This game is fucking terrible. for starters, it asks you to provide names for the main character and his fiancé when they already have names (John & Claire) baked into the game. it refers to an event in the game w/ a party guest that never happened in the game. the story is complete nonsense (a succubus???).
    when you start the game your advised to make smart choices to not run your fiancé off (because she’s so wholesome) but throughout the game she’s constantly pushing your character to let her fuck and suck other dudes. it’s completely batshit. awful.

  4. Good graphics and lovely models are the strong part of this game, and it’s interesting that this time the girlfriend likes to get cuckolded, but only in chapter 1. What I don’t understand is why at one specific point in the story we suddenly have to decide for NTR or non-NTR routes, that makes chapter 1 obsolete and really takes the fun out of a future storyline. Shouldn’t the gamer’s decisions lead to NTR-content or to a route were NTR is avoidable? Well, considering the development progress, this story won’t be anywhere near complete in years anyway…

  5. Another pile of manure with pointless options when both options have the exact same outcome they aren`t options Dev i commend your ability to create a game but your common sense is non existent

  6. Okay, first… I will laud the fact that while you have removed all of Claire’s NTR you do seem to be willing to allow the MC to pursue the other females. That is about the ONE thing you did smart. My main problems with the current run now are two fold really.

    First: Your headings read “Claire Domination.” So the question is – which. Fucking. One. Of. Them. IS. Dominant?
    In that context, it seems like you’re saying CLAIRE is the dominant. Which is NOT how it should be with NTR off.
    It CAN go that way with NTR on. I won’t care, as that’s SUPPOSED to be – a bullshit excuse quite frankly – for her

    Next; do not under ANY circumstance imply that the MC is a “minute man” for or with ANY of girls. There is NO POINT to adding a “continue dominance/BJ + Content” option to the FIRST scene you did with Aurora – only for her to IMMEDIATELY turn the fucking tables and Dominate HIM. Fuck absolutely off with all of that. I don’t care that she’s his boss now. I don’t care that she’s more “experienced” (which can read town door knob, so it’s not exactly fucking flattering one way or the other – and you should think about that before you use phrasing at all that implies she’s got more power, if you intend HER to come off as suddenly sub) SHE is in the submissive position. WHILE. AWARE. OF. THE. POWER. DYNAMIC! This means she CHOOSES to be a submissive, and frankly WANTS to be. For the MC. Take that into account, because it’s part of that lifestyle. It’s A LOT more regimented, and rule defined than you think, and a LOT easier to fuck up with any given partner. At any time.

    Personally, I am a dominant mind and I can tell you, if someone acted like Aurora did with me I’d be out the fucking door two seconds after she tried to push me into the wall. I’d find another fucking job while I was at it, and I don’t care what model you’d use. She is a mind fuck, and if you’re going to write her to Switch; be CLEAR to the player about what the hell it is. I care less that she plays for dominance than it reeks of feminist politics. She CAN be in the vulnerable position, and even desire to do so, as the key to get what she wants. He does not need to EVER be a SIMP. You used the bloody word. Again, if you’re opening to new experiences fine and fair enough… but that doesn’t mean open to ALL experiences. Especially with NTR off.

    If I turn that point off and you mark it permanent it means: I DO NOT want to play a weak willed MC. For any reason.
    I do not in REAL LIFE want to know I can last longer than he can, thirty minutes over and more. Fuck that. You understand what an insult is? You know what a power fantasy is supposed to be? More than three girls to chase means it’s a HAREM. Which means he’s, by at the very least suspension of disbelief for fuck sakes, got to be able to SEEM like he has a hope in hell of satistifying EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. HIS. WOMEN. Even done in a straight lining up for their turn. One right after the other. The way you’ve written him is insulting to your main character. Who IS NOT Claire. God damn it. (She pretty much is when NTR is on, and I acknowledge that, but I chose NTR off; and I always will)

    TL;DR = Nice try, still needs a lot of work. At least you half way got rid of the points system. Though you may still want to point out that not taking love points WON’T hurt you. Or what the difference is between love and lust as far as your grading matters. I’m not unwilling to download again, and I will wait to see where this goes, BUT MC should on the NTR OFF path be building to an allowed harem since Claire IS a cuck queen. She can be the one who marries and the rest will hand-fast privately. The cam girl and the blog owner can be the main source of income. Or the neighbor’s wife (Who SHOULD be part of the harem – come on you didn’t introduce someone drawn that hot for nothing) could bump her husband off with MC’s help and they relocate to bahamas. I won’t care… so long as they ALL end up happy. Satisfied sexually, with MC firmly unquestionably IN CHARGE of the bedroom and with EVERY girl pregnant. At least once.
    [You are the one that brought up money issues… so consider those a few tips to solve the corner you may be writing yourself into]

  7. Fuck you, you fucking stupid NTR cuck mother fuckers. Nobody wants your goddamn garbage kink, so quit fucking poisoning every single game, and just kill yourself you useless fucks.

  8. I dunno what this was in the start but I played it, ntr is entirely optional, like you can bang girlfriend and her sister and you can just say no to the sharing experience, the girlfriend will allow mc to bang other girls and will still be completely loyal to him

    1. Well, look at you. Here humping the keyboard and telling us all how great your shitty fetish is.

      Cool made up NTR faggot story, bro. Go beat yourself in the head with a claw hammer.

      1. Ranting about gamers who play games you don’t like is totally pointless and actually a nuisance. Don’t like it? Then leave it and spare us your sht.

      2. what’s wrong with ntr motherfucker? you share your white gf with black dude and actually that makes her happy. what’s wrong with that? tell me?
        Love is about happiness.

        1. Are you serious dude if you have wive and you watch your wive make a love with another man do you think is that fine dude because for me if I have wive that means she is only mine and I will not let any man fuck my wive and if I met someone like you I will kill that guy even you dude so do not think share your fiance or wive with another man it’s okay dude that’s absolutely not okay if I to be you I will find the guy who fuck my fiance/wive and I will make him suffer before I kill him you want to know why because I hate a man/women like that and if you don’t like it fuck off and go to hell😡😡😡😡😡

  9. It was a re-work. I remember the first 1. It was terrible. No options to choose. You get forced cucked. The game received several bombardment of criticism. It was poorly rated and yeah, the rendering was also poor. I remember back then I was just starting to play adult games when I came across with the first version. There was a scene in the swimming pool where you have a party and it turns out to be an orgy, swinging and fucking, The MC wife was banged by 2 other men and the MC’s virgin best friend finger banged by a complete stranger which it doesn’t make sense because the MC’s best fried is inlove with MC. At the end the MC will just get to watch while 2 of his girls fucked their brains out by a complete random stranger. The plot was stupid, lazy and poorly written. I still will not play this game. NTR, Swinging, cuckold big NO for me.

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