Single Again [Ch.1 v1.17] [Clever name games]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 91%
Core Loop - 90%
Engagement - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.19 ( 44 votes)

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  1. MC is not a faggot. He was forced to go through a painful divorce because his wife cucked him pretty badly. (pretty sure the dev said something of the kind when I read his notes a long while ago now)
    More to the point, neither Lilly or his other daughter where not throwing themselves at him in the slightest. I am not even sure where you even got that idea from. His oldest daughter wanted to reconnect with her dad. Unfortunately her mother brainwashed her into believing all kinds of shit about him. For example one over riding thing is that his oldest daughter kind of believes he is a pervert, and that he will spy on her (this is pure horse shit coming from her mother, to try and get her to distance herself away from him).
    Lilly has some really serious issues about herself, brought on by her new stepdad. She didn’t cope well with the divorce and blamed the MC for pretty much everything again this was because of her mother brainwashing her so she would hate her real dad. The new step dad wants nothing to do with either girl in reality, and he doesn’t attempt to spend any time whatso ever with either of them. Lilly is both confused, angry and hurting really badly. She wants her dad to notice her again like he always used to, but after all that’s gone on, she feels she can’t. Out of all of this, the mother is the one to blame, she was the one who shit on her husband, she was the one who demanded the divorce (frank hadn’t done a thing wrong) and it was her spiteful and evilness that attempted to brainwash her daughters into hating their biological father.
    If Frank was to even put a single foot out of line, it would justify the claim he is a perverts and reinforce the bullshit their mother fed to them about him. This is why Frank does a lot of backing off, because if he does not he will permanently loose his two precious daughters and probably never see either of them again and of course all the lies the mother told them, will appear to be true.
    Frank moves into his old attic and attempts to rebuild his life, the best way he can. His oldest daughter moves in with him. There is only the one bedroom and Frank wouldn’t dream of wrecking his familial relationship with his daughter by doing something utterly stupid like sleeping with her.
    Frank needs to earn the trust of both daughters (thanks to their lying bitch of a mother) and over the course of this vn, this will occur. However your choices in the game really do matter. It is too easy to select the wrong choice and end up with a game over. The first couple of chapters is all about being re-acquainted with his daughters that means he has to earn their trust, show to them he is still their father etc. During all of this, Frank is very likely to begin building an harem of sorts. Franks has to earn his daughters trust from the beginning again and earn their love, once this happens , as long as you dont make the wrong choices over time, you will be able to have fun with either one of them or both of them at the same time, i suspect.
    Those that complain about the incest. This is quite obviously an incest story, thats a bit of a slow boiler, introductions, earning trust and love etc, but at the same time he is able to date other women since he is single…bare in mind his oldest daughter lives with him, that their is only bedroom and the attic is a tiny little living space, not as if he can bring a chica home and fuck her, while his daughter is in the house or in the bedroom that overlooks the living space below. there is no wall to block the view from the bedroom to the living space below.
    More importantly, if he was to bring a woman back to his place and his daughter caught him fucking her, she would be justified in calling him a pervert because she lives with him.
    Things will hot up eventually. As for the drinking scene with his oldest daughter. She make a real tit of herself when drinking. She will ask you to share the bed with her in the last scene of chapter 1. If you accept, she will wake up in the morning, get angry and call you pervert and you will end up with a game over. Simply leave her to herself, don’t even help her because thats where the start of the end is.

  2. If by throwing themselves at him, you are referring to them teasing him, then you are correct. They are doing this for one reason only. To see how their dad reacts. If he makes a move on them, they can justify calling him a pervert and believe everything their mom said about him, which is pretty much game over. Frank obviously knows what is going on, and so doesn’t make any kind of stupid move because he knows exactly what will / would happen if he does. all about gaining their trust and love.
    I am seriously not understanding why you called the MC gay. He is doing the right thing he should be, which is not falling for their temptation so early on, given he has been given another chance with his daughters and he doesn’t want to loose either one of them. So I do not understand what your rant is all about, despite barely understanding what you have written.
    Understand this is a slow burner, he has to re-earn their trust from scratch thanks to the bullshit their mother fed them on a daily basis. They where strong enough and old enough to think for themselves, hence why both visit him at the very start..but if he fucks up he will loose both his daughters. Nothing difficult to understand about any of this.

  3. If of want daughter and father fuck kind of game just go watch porn man… Find another game… This game is pretty good and story is pretty good…. AND don’t worry … If you play till end you will see and desires will full field…. And other guys Ignore This Comment … Story is amazing… And about the. Reply of above comment… Please put aside you horny brain aside…. and think calmly …What if you have a daughter and she really … Loves you and she wants you to have sex with her … Even you know she is not your daughter … But you took care of her almost 18 years straight… As you daughter… You know to change something it takes some time . That’s what this game taking . So if you are even little bit patient guy … Then you should play it.

    1. Me pase el juego por diciembre / enero y el final del cap 1 me dejo con sabor a mas, el cap 2 te deja con la miel en los labios. No se que pasara

    2. Look, while I’m not into name calling or anything, I’ve played enough of VN games by now to see that the MC of this game is indeed very annoying, to the point where I’m thinking about re-writing or even deleting all of his thoughts just so I can appreciate the story better. Because yeah the story is not that bad, the models and characters are good, and even the pace is fine, it’s only that very frustrating and constant whining from the mc that’s ruining the entire game. And it’s not even good justifications or anything, it’s just all shades of “it’s wrong” and “I can’t do that” again and again and again. So yeah, recommended if you can endure that (or change it for yourself), but otherwise… fuck that mc.

  4. Ok, almost 6 months of waiting to a new update and guess what?? Not even 1 scene of Sex, just talk talk and Fucking talking Shit….

    This Dev can go fuck yourself…..

  5. Almost 6 fucking months of waiting, new update and not even one sex scene

    This Dev can go suck a fucking dick….

    Now another 6 months to a new update with more bulshit talk.,….

  6. Seems like a pretty linear story but it’s so far a fairly lengthy one, Though judging from some of the other comments, Chapter 2 lacks behind Chapter 1.

    The new side images are a little jarring when compared to the renders in the VN. I’m curious if the Dev is going to redo everything so that they match. Some of the new images in my opinion look better (Abigail), some look worse (Vanessa, Lilith) and some I’m not so sure about (Beth) in that she looks so much different.

    I find the story generally okay, though the linearity does make me wish there were certain scenarios where I wasn’t forced to choose only one option. Considering the seemingly endless internal struggle that the MC goes through only to not be given the option to continue to resist temptation (if we wanted them to go that route) would have given the story a little more substance and variety.

    The possibility of early game overs I also find a bit out of place unless there are potential actions later on that could also cause game overs. Again, being given to make a choice and allowing the story to go along a certain arc versus ending would extend the replay value.

    1. It is difficult to say with regards to the game overs. Given the lengthy introduction and how slow the updates are coming, this could could very well break the game in terms of popularity, subscribers to their patreon stopping subbing etc.

      I think the developer is either very brave or stupid in terms of what they are trying to achieve. I only say this due to the lack of development over time and how slow a burner this game is and then add to that the game overs so early in the game.

      Due to the large amount of dialogue and very little in the way of any ‘scenes’ to keep someone playing the game, is a huge risk for the developer to take. Don’t get me wrong, this game hooked me from the very start. I really love a good story driven novel. It really doesn’t bother me so much about the sex scenes, if the story is well written, which so far this game is. However the real gamble is based on just how many people are more interested in this story to want to keep on playing (reading) without any scenes of a sexual nature occurring, to those who could care less about the story and only want to see the sex scenes only. These kinds of people elude me, but that is neither here nor there for me. It is down to the developer to work out, whether it’s worth continuing, whether the support is there for them.

      A good balance would cater for people like me interested more in the ‘novel’ aspect of the story and a few sex scenes for those that are only there for that. As I said previously, the fact that only 2 chapters have been released in a year and neither of them contain much of anything but story introduction background is or will do a lot of harm for this very promising visual novel.

      I don’t know about you, but there seems to be a relatively new trend that after a few updates, developers want to suddenly improve their renders, and suddenly end up starting over etc. It surprises me greatly that the developer has pulled this stunt, because all it has done is slow down the story development greatly. The developer could have re-released the game after it was fully completed and finished, with updated renders and scenes.

      My real concern for this game is the developer abandoning it. Updates are very slow to arrive. The developer more interested in redoing renders of characters etc is not a good sign, it slows down update schedules. I have the feeling the developer doesn’t even have an update schedule or one they are prepared to share to the public or even their subscribers. That is fine if there is an update at least once every quarter. The first major update is chapter 2 which itself given that it has been around a year since the previous update is very poor from the developer and a very clear sign things are not progressing as they should be with this game. There could be various genuine reasons for this, but we’ve seen this kind of behavior previously with other developers who are slow to release, generally end up abandoning their projects. I just hope this is not one of them. I would also suggest that there needs to be more choices for the mc. The amount of game overs so early is a disturbing sign too. Given how much dialogue there is without any scenes, the game overs seem completely and utterly out of place. I am not saying there should be no game overs at all, because clearly due to the story there needs to be some, especially at major choices concerning his daughters, and the mc over stepping his mark with them.

  7. People should be advised there are side stories to the characters in the story, and the game lets people know when best to access those side stories. This is version is apparently only available to patreon only releases. Unless these releases are pirated, people who want these side stories, are going to have to cough up quite an expensive subscription tier to get it. It simply isn’t worth the money the subscription tier costs to get it. so unless we see pirated versions of the game come out, most people wont see the side stories of the main characters, not that they detract from the main story in any way at all. It’s pretty obvious from chapter 1 who these characters are and why they are like they are.

    1. If you completed 1.15 and expected a sex scene with Abigail in 1.16, you’re either dumb or haven’t actually been paying attention to the story. And if you aren’t here for the story as much as the sex scenes, you’re playing the wrong AVN. I, for one, appreciate that the story isn’t just a lame excuse for sex scenes that make no narrative sense.

      And you can’t call this game a tease. I’d say a 0.01 update that gives a blow job from Madison and another sex scene with Beth is quite generous. And there’s already a damn good sex scene with Lilith AND a damn good one with Rebecca. But I wouldn’t expect sex with Abigail until the end of chapter 1. The best you should hope for is a sex dream with pixie Abigail.

      Either way, if patience is all the devs ask for to provide a quality story AND quality fap material, I’d say it’s well worth it. Sort your priorities or find an AVN that is more to your taste.

  8. I can’t open the application. Following error is appearing. Please someone help me.

    “I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 207, in script call
    call _gl_test
    File “renpy/common/00gltest.rpy”, line 390, in script
    $ __gl_test()
    File “renpy/common/00start.rpy”, line 207, in script call
    call _gl_test
    File “renpy/common/00gltest.rpy”, line 390, in script
    $ __gl_test()
    File “renpy/common/00gltest.rpy”, line 390, in
    $ __gl_test()
    File “renpy/common/00gltest.rpy”, line 317, in _m1_00gltest__gl_test
    File “renpy/common/00gltest.rpy”, line 342, in _gl_performance_test
    ui.interact(suppress_underlay=True, suppress_overlay=True)
    IOError: Couldn’t find file ‘gui/window_icon2.png’.”

  9. A very slow boil. Even slower than DMD which is lightly referenced many times so it’s not for the impatient. The story is good. If you thought Dating My Daughter was too slow, move on.

    Trevor Goodchild got it right.

  10. REALLY disappointing v1.17 adds absolute NO new images and does not progress the story at all. In fact it ends exactly where v1.16 leaves us. Complete waste of time, really. This was really terrible.

    Reading the ChangeLog, I can see that the entire pool scene was given a complete overhaul, but honestly? This Dev has made fans wait MONTHS to see something new, and nothing new was added! If you’re going to redo the entire pool scene, FINE, include that in the NEXT update, but at least add SOMETHING new in v1.17!!! Complete waste of a download just to fix one scene. Lame as fuck. I’m still waiting to fuck one of the girls, this shit is getting dragged out too fucking far.

    Would not recommend. – This was one of my favourite games too. Fuck this shit. Over it, over waiting, over this pathetic tease.

  11. Sex scenes are fine, there’re very few of them though, my opinion? HARD PASS ON THIS, the mc is the only problem the story has and since you play as him… you feel uncomfortable the whole time just for the presence of the character you actually have to play as, that makes you a bad writer right there, the player is supposed to empathize and feel comfortable in his own skin while playing, you’ll not feel that in the entire length of the game, after a while I got so annoyed that I turned on unread text and after choices and skipped the whole thing, now when mc finally progresses with lillith, he actually pulls some bulshit and take a kilometer of steps back, it will annoy the hell out of you, the thing is, the problem is him and his fucking way of thinking since the girls don’t fucking mind at all and love him regardless, mc is a fucking.. ugh.. you’d not want to hold a conversation with the bastard irl, nor would you like to have him at parties or as a friend, he also speaks like he has a brain aneurysm the whole time, there’s a lot of uuh’s aah’s and eeh’s, and a lot of fucking useless text focused on his annoying thoughts, the game is bad just for that, if this was a female mc game, mc is the one character you’d cuck the fuck off or just won’t get involved with because of how much of an annoying fucktard he is, his wife was a bitch yeah, but I get why she’d want to cheat on his ass honestly if he was with her like he is with the girls, then he nurtured her bitch side even more.

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