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Single Again [V1.22] [Clever name games]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 94%
Visual - 91%
Core Loop - 90%
Engagement - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.15 ( 108 votes)

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    Well… first of.. THANKS, for this piece of ART … even tho it may be missing some little (not necessary) things here and there.

    But to be totally honest… this is the first time i feel like giving a developer some kind of praise for his/her work, because this one really deserves it.

    Every character has their own Personality and struggles.. in fact.. They have Depth!
    Sure it is kind of a struggle to to read through every line, cuz there is a lot… but thats the point.. the intention to not just creating another quick FAPFAPFAP Novel.

    Everything is well written with a good sense of Humor and at least a little knowledge of psychology….
    i have to admit, those models that are used, sure look a bit … off but thats just a little detail i can overlook…
    There is so much details and love that have been put into, like *reflections (*Havent really seen much out there in other AVN tbh… DO YOU?), lighting etc..

    Really… those guys pestering about a too long story.. too much clicking … Guys… really… just go and watch some normal porn and your hands are free… like Seriously!

    The Maingirl havnt been fucked yet? Who Cares? and Who says SHE is the Main Girl? Havnt heard of teasing? Cliffhangers?
    Personally speakin… i dont care if those Updates take a long time, bacause of all the details and love thats been putting into shaping the characters transformations…. that DOES indeed take some time… and some people keep forgetting… There is a life out there, behind a closed door, that mystery door, that leads to another world, so called REAL LIFE…
    In fact… the developer maybe isnt working nonstop on his Novel.. maybe he’s working a normal job somewhere? Who knows?

    Anyway… im eager and waiting for the next update…
    P.S. Keep em Cumming!

    Farewell guys n Gals

  2. This game is getting worse and worse, it started out very promising and now it’s not even bearable to read, it even seems like the Dev is trying to say that the MC is crazy because many of the dialogues he says are already quite strange and his eternal denial despite he is already intimate with girls is so desperate, I’m starting to believe it’s fake and you know what’s the worst? After so much time, so many updates and despite the MC has an altered perception of reality, he still does not have intimacy with the main girl and it seems to be far from happening.
    I would give this AVN a hard skip because it doesn’t even have an interesting story, the main focus is that the MC finally has sex with the main girl and nothing more, so believe me if you have played this AVN until recent updates, it is no longer worth following it

  3. The Dev, made this father a real faggot, You should just abandon this game because you “The Developer” are a faggot too, To develop shit like this

    1. You’re so fucking dumb that you can’t even use an entry level slur correctly. Do you even know the meaning of the slur you’re using? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

  4. The Dev made this father a real faggot, You should just abandon this game because you Dev are a faggot too, To develop shit like this

    1. This is global across the board for a time period I haven’t worked out yet but I’d guess everything after Dec 9th. I doubt it was anything personal to anyone specifically. More likely a wordpress-centric glitch or wiping out an entire period of time. It’s too easy to moderate a single post for it to be just one person.

      Life is too short to get mad about a free porn game website.

      1. You can’t accept facts EVER! Globohomo censors more than anyone and this site like most of the others are part of globohomo.

          1. I think they have proven over time they have know idea what they are talking about in regard to any subject. It’s all nonsensical conspiracy bullshit. Their parents must be so proud.

  5. The game started out great, but then the story starts dragging. This last update the guy spends 10 minutes describing what teasing is. They also changed the models and made them ugly.

  6. The slowest progress i ever saw in a game and when at last something good happen, the game need to wait for update. The updates takes to long to make, so when is out, i already forgot the game and this is not a game to start from the beginning because of the very slow progress with unlimited clicks to do. If the game wasn’t a lot of pointless progress and clicks, it will be good.

  7. This is a really enjoyable story. I think the mc is a good guy, and I have liked his little adventures so far. It’s definitely one of the best games on this site. 9/10. I look forward to update 22.

  8. No audio? Sound affects? Well no immersion I guess. If you want something like this with Great quality and immersion check out a petal amongst thorns and a moment of bliss

  9. WARNING: MC acts more like a real person than in most sex games. If people not being Chads is insulting to you, then it’s not for you. If you do play and whine about it I will point out the irony of wanting a stronger-minded protagonist but being simps about it. It’s funny and I love reading it. Give me a mug of your delicious whiner tears, whiners.

    Story is slow. Not gonna be for everyone. No harm no foul if it’s not. Whiners gonna get mocked.

    1. Acts more like a real person? Are you kidding? no daughter let’s not have sex Well okay you talked me into it. lol it’s a good story but I’m guessing no one would play it if there wasn’t sex in it.

  10. It’s true that Rebecca is the main source for MC. Without her he couldn’t have even dream to dominate Lilly. But the most important thing that disgusts me is why MC can not realise that his both step-daughters (abi and Lilly) were fooling around in his ex-wife’s home. Either he’s always naive or just in a habit of getting cucked. His ignorance leads to Lilly being overprotective of Abi. Such a coward character dev has created. This is why his ex-wife cheated on him. He totally deserves that. And Rebecca is tha main trigger to this whole story. Without her help MC deserves nothing and still he has doubts over her plan of dominating Lilly. I wish I could beat the shit out of him. And for the VN it’s better to skip unseen texts. It’s really a torture to read tonnes of unnecessary dialogues.

    1. The Update Only download contains just the files between the previous version (1.20) and the current (1.21).

  11. If you’re actually new to this game and quite doesn’t like the MC and feel like dropping it, don’t just trust me don’t cause you gonna miss some good stuff in the story. Sure Frank may not be the best MC out there (I feel bad about him too, he deserved better) but if you actually play later later on the story where lily have her character development all of it is actually quite good if you ask me. And I’m not gonna lie I’m actually the same as them when I first play the game kinda don’t like frank so I uninstalled it. Not until I played it again and endure Everything including the dream and backstory. It’s actually in my opinion this game is good when it comes to story wise and slow burning. I genuinely love it the rollercoaster of emotion of this game is so nice as well. So if you actually tried this game and feel like dropping it again don’t cause you’re gonna miss out so many stuff on the story.

  12. At 1.16 i deleted this game because i got tired to play this pussy mc, i was hoping to get an option to kill him at some point. But i gave it another chance, maybe the dev would learn from past mistakes. At the end of 1.17 i abandoned this shit, same old non choices and still this pos mc, not downloading this again.

  13. Where to start the MC is a cuck and has no idea about sex , why you ask cause every women in the game that likes him has to push him to have sex First wife almost 15+ years not his kid – beta/simp over those years with her still no kids of his own / 2nd wife 10+ years with her still no kids of his own and she cheats does the MC know how to have sex without some else always initiating it at always and all the girls always have to initiate . MC needs to grow a spine/find his balls ??? if it wasn’t for the women supposedly liking him there would be no sex at all , if every girl he liked got pregnant i’m sure he still take care of those kids even though he is not the father (it is like those old quiz tv shows would you like to buy a vowel , well the MC needs to buy a clue)

  14. For those defending the story focus, don’t, the problem is not the lack of sex scenes, the problem is the Mc and the story which is at most 30/100, which means slightly better than garbage.

  15. Ah, I played an earlier version of this game, from what I can remember, I think the devs were trying a bit too hard to justify incest in a incest game. Which made it hard to enjoy the game itself, and the MC was a beta pleaser. At least the visuals was nice though.

  16. The DEV says that this game is not for people who want a fast fap. Has story that takes long to process etc. I thought OK i don’t mind and expected to be long as DEV says BUT this game is not just long to progress. I played a lot of games and this is the LONGEST i ever try with no progress in sex stuff. Has good images and animations BUT is really very tiring to the point after so many hours that it makes you think that will never have the sex scenes that you want. Also the dreams if their just a few i will say OK. But they keep happening and after a while i just fast click to past them because are very pointless. This is one of the games that you NEVER play from the beginning again and i am very sure about that. Not bad but it could be a lot better. (Sorry for my English. Not my language)

  17. Lets make the MC jump out one of the windows from the loft he lives in with his step daughter Abigail now that would be entertainment

  18. Can you add the spin off of this game admin?? It’s called “Lilith’s Longing” it’s basically lily POV also quite important to the story as well. I can’t find the game in your site so I might as well request it.

  19. Oh this one might be my new favorite. I know it’s cliche but I love lily character development it’s cute. So many rollercoaster of emotion of this game, and also I don’t really hate the MC like anybody else cause kinda understandable why he’s not that keen to fuck the girls. I mean he just raised them for 10 years and all of the sudden he’s in a relationship and sexual relationship with them so kinda understand why he’s against about it. Same with Rebecca idk why they keep whining about Rebecca she’s not even that bad and also the story might not be going forward without Rebecca help so idk why they mad about her. And that’s about it I hope I see more of this good ass game.

    1. yea and that’s the problem most people have with the mc, he is so spineless the only reason the story is going forward is because of HER and not the mc making up his own damn mind about what he wants to do but then there is the fact rebecca and lily are not his real daughters only abigail is just make the mc less dependent on her give him an actual spine and pair of balls and i reckon a lot of people would actually love this AVN

  20. – Things I like – I’m captured by the story. I appreciate the growth in the characters. The grammar is good. I’m happy with the visuals and the looks of the characters.
    – Things that can improve – Too much focus on thoughts & dreams. I understand the benefit of providing mental context and the abilities for dreams to temporarily leap forward in opportunity, but significant portions of this title are spent in ways that don’t move the story forward. I can’t help but wonder how much further along the VN would be if more of the effort put into thoughts & dreams was directed instead at the story’s reality.
    – Will I play the next update? – Very much yes.

    1. I agree with you with the dream thing. Sometimes I actually just go click faster once the dreams start probably cause I find it boring. Not to mention the dream taking a bit long as well which quite annoying.

  21. I never really comment, but this is spoiled by a weak MC, this is a sex game right? So stop worrying and get balls deep

    1. It’s a story-based sex game. The author seems to be trying to balance the two. It’s not for everyone and that’s cool. There are a lot of games like that out there. I think Unending Void is really very good.

  22. Jesus titty fucking Christ, the amount of little boys in these comments crying about Rebecca when literally all she has done is help MC. She straight up says she’s your bottom bitch. Which if any of you had ever actually had sex, you’d understand that before she even said it. “But she’s manipulative” Some of you are going to have a really bad time if you ever ACTUALLY manage to get a girl irl if you think that’s manipulative. I could understand if anything she’s done has been harmful in anyway but that’s not the problem is it? The problem is she is a woman with a brain and a backbone and insecure wittle baby bois can’t handle it. Seriously, go back to your incel subreddits instead of leaving comments which basically just scream “I will never not have to pay for pussy.”

    1. Thank you, like seriously though we won’t gonna have a game without Rebecca help. Cause frank won’t do anything.

      1. You’re just proving that person’s point. Bottom bitch is a pimp term for your number one hoe that basically keeps things running smoothly. She is literally the foundation of the pimp’s business or in this case, Becca is the foundation of the harem. I can fully agree the mc is a bit hesitant but like, also, that’s realistic since while these girls might not be his flesh and blood daughters, they are still his daughters in his eyes. Half the comments I see on games bitch about lack of realism and the other half are pissy because an mc is hesitant about incest..

    2. I hope something horrific happen to you for your first 4 words that is worst than calling a black the n word or gay a fa..ot.

  23. this is garbage what fucking retard puts game overs in a vn also rebecca the manipulative little cunt she is hate that bitch choices are garbage biggest loser in this mc he is just one big pussy fucktard he basically letsthose 3 girls walk all over him

  24. For those who just started (or wants to start) the game. I’m just gonna say this, this is a story based game so don’t expect that many sex scenes right away. The game is more focuses in story than the sex scenes so again don’t expect the mc gonna have sex with main girls right away. (Although spoiler: the mc did fuck two of the main girls so yeah)

  25. Why are you guys hating on Rebecca?? Like she’s not even that bad. Like. Don’t get it, I mean sure she can be annoying but overall she’s not that bad……

  26. i like games were you have the opportunity to make negative decisions sadly you can`t in this game as all negative choices = Game Over so you can only make goody goody choices

  27. Minus the Rebecca character this would be a decent game 80% + score with Rebecca character 40% max score she totally ruins game manipulative bitch

    1. I mean I feel like the game wouldn’t go forward without Rebecca help tbh. Sure she’s manipulative, but she got her ass put in the place by Vanessa. So it’s not that bad. Like seriously we won’t gonna have a game without Rebecca help cause frank still in “this is wrong so I won’t pursue it’ kinda phase. But at least there’s progress now and frank is not that all, “I’m not gonna bang them cause they’re my step daughter” kinda phase anymore.. the only one left is Abigail which is I’m actually excited about it.

  28. Honestly the MC might not be like the other game protagonist that pretty much gonna fuck everyone right away, but I understand that probably because he literally raise them for 10 years, I mean it’s grooming to be honest. So it’s pretty understandable why he’s a bit fighting over the desire to fuck them. (I don’t want to spoil but I suggest you not to drop the game right away maybe play it a bit more to the point that he actually have sex with the main girls.)

    1. Grooming is a form of abuse that involves manipulating someone until they’re isolated, dependent, and more vulnerable to exploitation that’s what grooming means dumbass none of which is actually in this maybe educate yourself before you make a moronic comment like that

  29. Franks step daughter Rebecca makes all decisions and Frank has to abide by her choices boring why can`t Frank grow a pair of balls and tell the bitch to fk off

  30. The Rebecca character ruins this game i wanted to open one of the windows in Franks flat and throw the bitch out game deleted

  31. This one is like the opposite of the game called proud father. Like every girl in here is not his children unlike proud father who’s pretty much almost all the girls there are his.
    Also the MC doesn’t looks that old nor middle age kinda face like proud father does. Also I think the MC deserve better love if you ask me but that just me though. Overall pretty enjoyable at least.

    1. Come back here to say this game is nothing like proud father, this one is definitely one of the best storyline out there if you ask me. Like holy hell the story of this game goes deeper and deeper. And so many emotional rollercoaster scene and stuff. Also not to mention the game doesn’t end right away heck I haven’t even finish it yet haha. Anyways this one is awesome I’ll rate it 9 out 10 love it.

  32. the total lack of self-awareness in this comment is by far the most entertaining thing i have seen all day.

    1. This game is so wholesome and sweet somehow for a sex game that I don’t think you’ll get much if any pregnancy sex scenes or if you do I bet you already know with whom. Harem is the name of the game so that will just keep happening.

        1. said the cry baby who actually came back to cry about someone else’s comment you have proved to everyone that your brain does not exist since you came back not once but twice damn your stupid

  33. What a fantastic vn. The story is fantastic and full of love and healing. There’s not a whole lot of sex, and that’s just fine. Nothing feels forced or rushed. The art is a little…odd at times. Especially the heads/eyes, but it’s still really good. Honestly it reminds me a lot of Light of My Life. Cannot wait for the next update.

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