House Party [v1.3.2.12219b][Final] [Eek! Games]

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Story - 78%
Visual - 85%
Engagement - 80%
Core Loop - 83%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 3.44 ( 61 votes)

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  1. One of the most effective gay grooming games on steam. Brings you in with apparent straight (normal) content and tries to get you to do something gay.

  2. wow, here’s a smart-phony retard in full puberty or is is an early midlife-crisis? Before you tell any- and everyone to shut up you ought to shut the fk up yourself, nothing useful from your end anyway.

  3. I saw this on Steam. The groomers really took over on that site. Grooming games such as this and faggots promoted all over that site. You get a quick ban if you comment on any of the gay shit. But this is the world currently. Big multinational corporations are run by corrupt, evil, greedy bastards and they are part of the globohomo cult.

    Ever wonder why the filthy wealthy want to promote globohomo? I’ll tell you. These corporate “leaders” are usually the most viscous backstabby corrupt types. Rip off others to get ahead. Getting labor wherever it is cheapest and with the least pollution controls. They typically lack a conscious and everything is about them. So being wealthy they can have any sexual desire fulfilled. Why places like epstein island exist. These people are corrupt through and through so they use their wealth and power to normalize the degenerate sex they are into.

    1. Once again, Nohomo doesn’t understand that “degenerate” is a personal view. A very odd one to have on a porn game website.

      He’s right about the global industries trying to make slaves of us all, but blaming homosexuals for it is just…weird. Abnormal, even. Degenerate.

              1. Oh, how about p diddler combs? Having orgies with the “elite” and young boys? How everything was seized to cover things up. Just like epstein island. Time to wake up.

    2. Sorry, what I meant to say was:

      NOHOMO IS PRETENDING TO BE ME HE’S A CUCK GROOMING PEOPLE TO LOVE CORPORATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Heh. What a loser.

    3. i’m recovering from vasectomy surgery so i don’t even really have the energy to deal with your very specific type of retardation today so i’ll just hit the bullet points. you’re on the wrong side of history, probably in the closet but too filled with deep shame to do anything but hate yourself about it, you’re not being censored you’re just an asshole, keep drinking the propaganda kool-aid, someone should beat your skull in with a sledgehammer. see ya later.

  4. Unlike my fellow countrymen, I am a civilized and enlighted Chinese man who shall become an American citizen soon. I support democratic countries like Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, the Baltic states, Japan, Moldova, Romania and South Korea (the best Korea). Yay.

    1. 与你不同,我虽然也是瓷器国人,我不热爱生活,我对世界悲观,我反对全人类。

  5. Maybe they could fix the character models positioning when enabling the classic first person view sex, it doesn’t match up right anymore so it looks like characters are tugging & blowing air.

    1. it is not free, it is cracked, so you need to manually updated it and you will lose saves everytime you upgrade. By the way Steam’s price (25$) is really too much for a game like this, it deserves to be hacked.

      1. This is final ver retard you don’t need to upgrade etc and you can actually download players made custom game inside this game and no, you’ll not lose progress you made if the game updated. the only game saves won’t work if updated is made by rpgmaker engine. for renpy, unity etc you can use older saves.
        and why would ppl buy offline games anyway, i’ve played this and so boring after playing it for a while, what a waste of money.

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