Superheroes Suck [v1.401 Public] [Solace]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

View Walkthrough

Walkthrough as of version 1.351
This walkthrough covers only the main story, it doesn’t search for repeatable scenes.

Time Positions.
First = Morning.
Second = Afternoon.
Third = Evening. After the first night you can build “confidence” this is mainly done through studying [chair in the Library] or working out [weights in the Gym]. You can also search for repeatable events (There are repeatable events in the other time slots too, but this walkthrough was to get through the story quick). Doing the chair/weights a dozen times will give you enough confidence that you can skip them from then on.
Fourth = Night is for sleeping.

Event = Something happens taking up one or more time slots.
Pass = Pass time. Click double triangle at the top left of the screen or nap in MC’s bed.
Skip day = Pass time until able to sleep in MC’s bedroom. You can just spam the double triangle until night, then click bed to sleep.

Gym = First floor double doors next to stairs.
Lecture Room = First floor door on the left wall near the Gym.
Kitchen = First floor down hallway to the left of the Gym, door on the left.
Showers = First floor down hallway to the left of the Gym, first door on the right.
Library = First floor down hallway to the left of the Gym, second door on the right.
MC’s Room = Second floor door at end of hallway in the center.
Harper’s Room = Second floor door closest to stairs on the right.
Bathroom = Second floor door closest to stairs on the left.
Chrys’s Room = Second floor middle door on the right.
Valentina’s Room = Second floor furthest door on the right.
Riley’s Room = Second floor furthest door on the left, furthest door on the left.
Elevator = First floor down hallway to the left of the Gym, straight ahead. / Second floor furthest door on the left, straight ahead.

This is a very simple walkthrough. There are also hints given in game on the upper right. So if anything doesn’t line up, just follow those.

Choose a name

(Choices below are mainly for flavor text)
Make a choice (Weebness?)
Make a choice (Time of Day?)
Make a choice (Coffee or Tea?)
Make a choice (Smoke?)
Make a choice (Brain?)
Make a choice (Card swipe?)
Make a choice (Customer right?)
Make a choice (Job?)
Make a choice (Lawfulness?)
Make a choice (Daydream?)

Make a choice (Miss?)

Choose all 3 (Blink?)

Make a choice (You’re?)

I’ll take one more today over a thousand yesterdays. (Other choice ends the game.)

Make a choice (Not so bad, right?)

Make a choice (Free?)

Harper! (Name?)

(Click around the room, then leave room, click leave room again, click Lecture room)

(Choose all 3)

Make a choice (What is she?)

Day 001 Lecture Room / Library / Bed
Day 002 Gym / Gym
Day 003 Kitchen / Library
Day 004 Kitchen / Gym
Day 005 Gym / Library
Day 006 Gym / Gym

Day 007 First Sunday

Day 008 Bathroom / Library
Day 009 Bathroom / Gym
Day 010 Pass / Library
Day 011 Pass / Gym
Day 012 Pass / Library
Day 013 Skip Day

Day 014 Second Sunday

Day 015 Pass / Library
Day 016 Skip Day
Day 017 Pass / Library
Day 018 Skip Day
Day 019 Pass / Library
Day 020 Skip Day

Day 021 Third Sunday

Day 022 Pass / Library
Day 023 Event / Gym
Day 024 Event
Day 025 Event / Gym
Day 026 Library
Day 027 Library / Gym

Day 028 Fourth Sunday

Day 029 Chrys’s Door
Day 030 Gym / Gym
Day 031 Gym
Day 032 Pass / Gym
Day 033 Gym
Day 034 Pass / Gym

Day 035 Fifth Sunday

Day 036 Event
Day 037 Pass / Gym
Day 038 Harper’s Door
Day 039 Pass / Gym
Day 040 Gym
Day 041 Gym / Gym

Day 042 Sixth Sunday (Pairings)

Day 043 Event
Day 044 Event
Day 045 Harper’s Door
Day 046 Event
Day 047 Garage (Armor)
Day 048 Harper’s Door / Gym

Day 049 Seventh Sunday

Day 050 Garage
Day 051 Library
Day 052 Valentina’s Door / Gym
Day 053 Harper’s Door / Garage (Artemisia)
Day 054 Garage (Artemisia) / Library
Day 055 Garage

Day 056 Eighth Sunday

Day 057 Library / Library
Day 058 Garage
Day 059 Kitchen / Bathroom
Day 060 Valentina’s Door
Day 061 Locker Room / Locker Room
Day 062 Library / Gym

Day 063 Ninth Sunday

Day 064 Pet Cat (MC’s Room)
Day 065 Skip Day
Day 066 Event
Day 067 Pet Cat
Day 068 Garage (Artemisia)
Day 069 Skip Day

Day 070 Tenth Sunday

Day 071 Event / Library
Day 072 Chrys’s Door
Day 073 Gym / Library
Day 074 Event / Garage
Day 075 Valentina’s Door
Day 076 Bathroom / Gym

Day 077 Eleventh Sunday

Day 078 Kitchen / Garage
Day 079 Event / Gym
Day 080 Chrys’s Door / Kitchen
Day 081 Event / Gym
Day 082 Gym
Day 083 Pet Cat

Day 084 Twelfth Sunday

Day 085 Gym / Gym
Day 086 Library / Library
Day 087 Gym (Weights)
Day 088 Riley’s Door
Day 089 Event
Day 090 Event

Day 091 Thirteenth Sunday

Day 092 Kitchen
Day 093 Garage
Day 094 Locker Room
Day 095 Skip Day
Day 096 Skip Day

Day 097 Fourteenth Sunday

Day 098 Garage (Artemisia)
Day 099 Garage (Artemisia)
Day 100 Garage
Day 101 Garage (Artemisia)
Day 102 Garage (Armor) / Gym
Day 103 Event / Garage

Day 104 Fifteenth Sunday

Day 105 Event
Day 106 Gym / Garage
Day 107 Garage / Riley’s Door
Day 108 Garage
Day 109 Skip Day
Day 110 Skip Day

Day 111 Sixteenth Sunday

Day 112 Event
Day 113 Riley’s Door / Gym
Day 114 Event
Day 115 Kitchen / Gym
Day 116 Garage / Garage
Day 117 Garage

Day 118 Seventeenth Sunday

Day 119 Library / Library
Day 120 Library / Library
Day 121 Gym / Harper’s Door
Day 122 Kitchen
Day 123 Event / Gym
Day 124 Gym / Gym

Day 125 Eighteenth Sunday

Day 126 Gym
Day 127 Skip Day
Day 128 Skip Day
Day 129 Skip Day
Day 130 Skip Day
Day 131 Skip Day

Day 132 Nineteenth Sunday

Day 133 Skip Day
Day 134 Skip Day
Day 135 Skip Day
Day 136 Skip Day
Day 137 Event
Day 138 Skip Day

Day 139 Twentieth Sunday

Day 140 Valentina’s Door / Chrys’s Door
Day 141 Valentina’s Door / Harper’s Door
Day 142 Riley’s Door / Garage
Day 143 Kitchen / Library
Day 144 Gym / Upstairs Hallway
Day 145 Garage

Day 146 Twenty-First Sunday: Library

Day 147 Riley’s Door
Day 148 Gym / Gym
Day 149 Gym / Gym
Day 150 Garage
Day 151 Event
Day 152 Riley’s Door / Gym

Day 153 Twenty-Second Sunday: Kitchen / Garage / Gym

Day 154 Lecture Room / MC’s Room (Bed)
Day 155 Skip Day
Day 156 Library / Kitchen
Day 157 Event / Gym
Day 158 Gym
Day 159 Gym

Day 160 Twenty-Third Sunday: Harper’s Door / Garage

Day 161 Kitchen / Library
Day 162 Event / Garage / MC’s Room (Cuddle)
Day 163 Garage
Day 164 Garage / Riley’s Door
Day 165 Valentina’s Door / Gym
Day 166 Library / Library / Kitchen

(There is also some nice scenes with Chrys in the Evening upstairs bathroom of some days (multiple), and a few nice scenes with Harper in the kitchen/library during the evening)

Download Walkthrough, Gallery & Cheat Mod


Adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices.
Adds option to see multiple scenes and award all points.
Adds Improved In-Game Hints for better clarification.
Adds Cheats option.
Adds Nav Bar.
Adds Stats window useable during conversations.
Adds Scene Replay to Main Menu for Non-Repeatable scenes.
Adds sliders in Preferences for Text size, and textbox Transparency.
Adds option to toggle Quick Menu via Q on the keyboard or in Preferences.


PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “SuperheroesSuck-0.*public-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “SuperheroesSuck” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 92%
Visual - 94%
Engagement - 93%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.43 ( 29 votes)

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  1. I like the story enough to see where it’s going but for once I’m sorry that I didn’t wait until it was done.

  2. The story is decent at best but it feels like it has no clear direction at all, also it feels like there’s no real feelings involved between mc and the girls, way too grindy and hours of doing the same thing, after playing the last update and seeing that the new content sucked and had no relevance whatsoever but still took hours of gameplay to get to that point well, I just don’t care anymore, I’ve lost complete interest in this game as I’m sure many other people have, why do a sandbox in the first place? Everyone knows that sandbox and point and click games are the worst of the batch, most people ignore those games just for having the tag, maybe a limited point and click with no grind whatsoever is acceptable, but this? Is just tedious and the story is not rewarding.

  3. The author is obviously focusing on the critical path. (You’re even told after the Prelude!) This means there are gaps of not much happening. I hope that either this is getting tightened up in later development cycles or more side-events are planned.

    There is way too much clicking around. Taking the elevator from the garage especially.

    Otherwise? 8/10. A good balance of story, humor, and eventually mild sexy funtimes. Ladies are a little light on the complexity, but they’re not two-dimensional.

  4. Wouldn’t call this game 9/10 lol.

    The grindy loop is way too long, repetiitive and boring, you’re just supposed to go click on doors for hours and hours and hours and occasionally somethign will happen maybe.

    The models are decent but not that great, the story is kinda boring, and the sex shit is just a vanilla snoozefest.

  5. I really enjoyed the game.

    The story line is really good. I won’t spoil it for obvious reasons but I like the way the setting handles superpowers and those that have them. Is very realistic to how I think real life would handle if superpowers really existed. The main character is likeable as main characters in these types of games go. Kindhearted and supportive and not creepy like so many other main characters in games like this. Comes off as a regular working class man who wants to make a difference in the world.

    I like the women in the game as well. I’ll start with Miss Powell she is what every superhero should be and more. She is a teacher mentor and even friend to the player and the others at the academy. She however has little free time with her being away doing what superheros are expected to do. She has her own tragic past that is slowly revealed by the story

    The other girls are nice but have their own issues that the main character helps them overcome to the best of his abilities.

    Harper is a kind bookish woman who was the superhero version of a child star having developed her powers at a young age. She was thrust into the media spotlight her whole life with all the bad side effects that come with it. All she wants is the normal life that has been denied to her because of her issues. Her story is tragic in many ways but I won’t spoil it. Hit me in the feels.

    Chrys is a girl with self image issues as she over analyses herself and tries to fit in to what she thinks others will see as cool to the point of hiding who she really is. She is also adventurous and open to trying many new things and is generally good to be around. I really liked how the main character helped her be more honest with herself and become more happy with who she is.

    Valentina has a rough cold exterior but under all that has a soft caring and vulnerable side which the player slowly reveals. She seems to originally be from the game version of Eastern Europe probably Ukraine or Russia. She has the straight forward honest Slavic attitude and rarely smiles but when she does she is really pretty.

    Riley is a tough no nonsense woman who is friendly but hotheaded with her own issues related to a failing marriage that she is trying to make work. The player relationship with her takes longer to progress than the others but is no less satisfying.

    Artemisia isn’t technically a romance option because she is a talking self driving car controlled by an AI. She is no less part of the team than anyone else though. She has her own issue that will come up. I won’t spoil it. She wormed my way into my heart just like the rest of the girls though.

    I hope the developers finish this game as the story lines both the main one and the ones for all the girls drew me in.

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