Shadows of Desire – Unoffical Ren’Py Port [v0.4b] [Doshima]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Ch 1-4

Download for Windows/ Linux - Ch 5

Download for Mac - Ch 1-4

Download Android - Update 3

    Swipe Down – Hide Ui
    Swipe Left – Rollback
    Swipe Right – Start Skipping Text
    Swipe Up – Game Save
    Swipe Up and Down – Auto Forward Mode
    Opacity Slider, Text Size and Text Position on Preferences
    Quick Menu: On/Off
    Delete Saves
    Save Naming

    Documents > Cebs > shadows.of.desire

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Editor's Rating

Story - The narrative of Shadows of Desire tries to explore various adult themes but falls short of delivering on its promises. The lack of alternative paths and choices also limits the game's replayability. Despite a few interesting moments, the overall story fails to engage players fully. - 65%
Visual - Shadows of Desire excels in creating visually appealing characters with well-rendered animations. However, some of the animations can be off-putting, giving players a sense of discomfort. Nevertheless, the characters are designed with attention to detail. - 72%
Engagement - The game attempts to present itself as an RPG, providing players with a map and the freedom to explore. However, this freedom is superficial, as most of the locations outside the storyline's path offer little or no meaningful content. The interface and text rewinding mechanics feel awkward, causing unnecessary frustration. - 60%
Core Loop - Shadows of Desire offers simple gameplay mechanics, requiring players to navigate through different locations and interact with various characters. The inclusion of mini-games adds a refreshing touch to the overall experience. Though the RPG Maker engine brings the risk of bugs and broken scripts, the development team promptly addresses these issues. - 78%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 1.52 ( 112 votes)

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  1. This is a great VN. I’m glad I tried it. However, the beginning is done really badly, and needs to be redone–just be aware of that. The beginning dialog isn’t even readable. But quickly improves and gets excellent. I can’t wait for the next update.

    Warning: read the tags. If you don’t like any of that, then don’t play. Avoid if you’re an insecure white male. Avoid if you suffer from cuck trauma, don’t like NTR, and/or get hung up on the color of people’s skin.

    Otherwise, it’s a gem! Keep up the good work, dev. (Just redo the start, sometime. First impressions, and all that, remember.)

        1. That black cock is disgusting. I don’t know what my dad ever saw in them. Yes my father was a fag. He left my mom and me to join the globohomo cult.

  2. Lmao the last screenshot image between black and white cock. The size difference is unbelievable xD
    So that’s why people angry about NTR and blacks because their cocks are too small to satisfy their women and also that’s why their women asking for open relationship or straight up cucking their husbands

    1. LACK OF Male MC straight path.

      Game have 100% fag boys. White fags. Black Fags.
      Zero story. Zero choices. Zero porn content in Male MC straight path. Another cliche gay grooming Di sn ey story.

      Adding GAY BLACK AUSTISM VITILIGO FEMINISM and all boring forced content of “WOKE” Rtard politics.

    2. Yeah, that’s generally what they have anxiety about. Which is funny, since black guys don’t have larger dicks on average than whites. And most of those hugely hung black guys you see on porn sites got that way by using penis enlargement tools. If white guys are so insecure, they can do it too.

  3. Damn tis game is hot its Fun NTR, the women in this game are very hot and sexy, but unfortunately the quality of the graphics is very bad maybe because it’s still a demo version, I hope in the future there will be better graphics

  4. This is a bad game. The rendering is awful, the story is boring and the sex scenes are not erotic at all. I tried this game, really tried, but all the dialogues images have black background, leaving the sense of everything dead for the game. I didn’t play the original, maybe with the RPG theme is better, but this Ren’py port is bad.

      1. Most people hate NTR, it’s only a small bunch of dickless liberals who like getting cheated on because they are emasculated wannabe feminist cucks.

        1. Well, I love NTR, and I’m as far from a liberal as one can get. But you’re right, there might be a connection there.

  5. Where’s rancor and nohomo? Are they hiding in the same closet because i told them ntr and gay WILL bombard this site? Am i hurt their fragile feelings? Well, I’d pay to see rancor and nohomo faces now. That’d priceless.

    1. thank you for helping me usher in the gay agenda. soon our plans will come to fruition and everybody will receive mandatory sex change surgery. they’re so scared.

  6. Go on dude best ntr ever played go on don’t listen to these insecure rats first complete this project then if u wanna try anything else

  7. Why are people into racist fetishization of black dudes, I don’t get it like:
    1. The dev never interacted with a black person ever and believe into some racist 1900’s propaganda about how black people are some kinda of rapist, with no ability to feel love and just want to ruin people’s live and always with a dick of the size of a baseball bat, this is some racist shit dude if you think that this attitude towards black man is normal then you shouldn’t talk shit about a fetishization of asian woman, it’s the same exact shit done by racist ignorant dumbasses, just look at any medical review or study about penis size with actual methodology (if you are lazy just go to Wikipedia) and you are going to find that black man has the same average as white and asian, also if you think that having a big dick is automatically make a woman interested in you then go touch grass and talk to a woman.
    2. This is just lazy shit overdone, can’t a dev make a PoC that isn’t a monster? I don’t give a shit about interracial as long it won’t be some lazy racial supremacist shit, that is from both QoS and QoH it’s fucking annoying, lazy and racist. It’s the same thing with comedy you can joke about anything but it requires skill to make a rape joke funny and it’s usually not punching down but UP.
    3. NTR is really a gender that only people that are into cucking are going to like, it’s like a scat person, you don’t fucking get it why they like to eat shit but it’s not like they are hurting anyone so it’s fine (unless you destroy your kids school life by being a fucking open cuck) but at the same time it’s just trash and lazy like you don’t need to do much to please a cuck you just need to fuck his wife or mom (mom NTR is so disgusting that makes me wanna puke). Also why is NTR fans so goddamn loud, I won’t respect you if you are a cuck and there is nothing that will make me respect or be polite about it just be goddamn normal and do you shitty fetish quiet.

    1. not defending the game at all, I fully agree with you. the connotations behind the depiction of PoC in this game is honestly monstrous at best. but if you look at the comments here it’s mostly just vapid racists equating NTR to some deep conspiratorial plot to emasculate men. if THEY would be a bit more quiet i’m sure that the NTR fans they’re attacking wouldn’t feel the need to speak up.

      1. About NTR and raceplay being some conspiracy that’s laughable, the main consumer of this shit is white incels cucks that have some racist fetish and will openly pay for that, now I will acknowledge that yes company’s like BLACKED makes it difficult to say that there isn’t people that will benefit from this kinda of shit it’s just that the people that own BLACKED and other interracial fetish sites are white business dudes that if they could sell necrophilia porn they would because they don’t give a shit about people even less about black people, they want money. Now about NTR in specific I think normies are tired of how much cheating is going mainstream it’s also worse when they associate getting cheated as being lesser man or having a small dick and well people don’t have much other than waifus so when you start ruining the only thing that they have in this fucked society they will be mad. Also the trans and gay community is plagued with raceplay as well, some mfs will literary call a dude the n-word while fucking it’s insane, a lot of times I just wanna beat my meat to some cute femboy and when they lift their skirt, boom, some ugly ass QoS tattoo and I immediately get that icky and change videos.

        1. my transfemme friend is in the escort service in my city and she gets an awwwwful lot of straight married men who want her to fuck them in the ass and call them a faggot. i would bet good money that certain other members of this website might enjoy that more than they’re willing to admit. masculinity’s a bitch.

          1. Bro I don’t get that at all why people add bigotry to the humiliation fetish it feels wrong, also would these mfs have the same sentiment of being a gay™ if they got pegged? It’s some weird definition of masculinity these dudes have as if there is no way you could be masculine and a bottom. Btw yeah a lot of repressed dudes on this site are weirdly angry about gay shit as if sissyhypno was true lol, the most masculine dudes being fearful of becoming gay is hilarious.

            1. for sure for sure. if you’re so afraid that it’s gonna happen to you, well… i got news for ya, buddy.

              1. Nah I’m fine, I’m not 12 yo anymore to believe that there is a magic that makes you gay (unless that magic is called bussy because damn that shit is as good as pussy, some dare say it’s “Pussy 2: Electric Boogaloo”). Anyways I think this is enough shit-talking about the likes of Rancor and their fragile masculinity, bout to spend my time wisely with some cute femboy stuff, take care Mike.

    2. Its more a gay on closet Dev.
      “Male” MC. But 100% gay voyeur.
      But if voyeur… is not gay yet… its voyeur. For now.

      A lot of Devs start with NTR and evolve to FUTA. And GAY finally.

  8. Why it has to be n!ggers in every ntr games and this game has some of the most ugly n!ggers I’ve ever seen, The only good part of this game is good looking woman. I’m ok with ntr games as long as white woman gets fked with another only white non cocky or arrogant dude, No fking ugly goblin n!ggers should be in any game..

  9. Gay MC in love with another gay boys.
    Zero porn in Male MC straight. Zero choices.
    Only path with pathetic gay DEV life hahahahah
    Leave off the closet DEV. You need evolve of a gay MC voyeur to gay passive in 1 year. Maybe a gay ative in 2 years.

  10. Oh lookie.  Another useless piece of shit nigger supremacy game where you get to play as a retarded cuck while your watch your dumb bitch fuck gorillas.  RPGM too, so just garden variety zero effort cuck trash, as usual, the oxygen wasting cucks can sit around and thump their 1″ punisher to.

    How savante-gourd novel, new and refreshing, interesting and unique, singular and neoteric, cutting edge and modernistic, breaking new grounds, fresh and innovative…

    But that’s OK.  Because most of the download links are about to DIE and the associated accounts lost, and it’d be a real shame if something happened to the Patreon of this bullshit cuck dev, wouldn’t it?

    LOL. The mega links have already died before I even posted this. 😂

    1. I’m honestly impressed at your anti-rape stance, RanCor. Kudos. Are you getting to the rest of those loli and shota games too? Thanks.

      1. I see a few more accounts have died off, lol

        I thought you Trump hating Democrats loved fucking and killing little kids the way you coddle pedos and enshrine abortion, and then bitch about dead kids when one of your indoctrinated trannies picks up a gun and goes on a grade school rampage after everyone hides the manifesto to protect the poor confused little tranny, so, cool made up propaganda story, bro.

        That would be rude of me to deprive you of being able to do so, don’t you think? And I’m not a rude guy who would take away your option to kill and rape toddlers.

        1. what does pedo have to do with abortion???? you CAN just be a contrarian if you like, you really don’t have to link all your ideologies in an attempt to justify them. they’re all bad anyway. if you’re attempting to come off as intellectual it’s not working.

        2. That was such a mess of attempted trolling that it stopped making sense around the second sentence. Let me try to unravel this.

          I’m absolutely not coddling pedos. After finding out that #nohomo/Truth is in that camp I have gone all-in. I’ve certainly posted in #loli threads before about baby-touchers being disgusting, but haven’t gone as far as you have mostly because I haven’t educated myself on the procedure of doing so.

          Anybody who shoots up a school needs help, Trans or Straight, and I hope they get it.

          What manifesto? What made-up propaganda story?

          Deprive me of doing what? Congratulating you for doing a good thing? I’m not sorry that I did, but if you took offense to it then that’s a win-win; I get a better world and you get to expel verbal diarrhea because whatever in you is too damaged to take a compliment and you get to pretend to be the Edgelord we all know you pretend to be. As long as you keep doing this, go you.

          So again, thanks. Are you going to hit up the other Loli and Shota games?

  11. I am fine with NTR, but I don’t like dev just simply made the guy who got cheated so stupid, can’t realize the cheating even its so obvious。

  12. Can’t have NTR without white chicks getting plowed by a black guy. The game is probably made by a white dude as well. This is fucked up 9on so many levels.

    1. wow nohomo you’re concerned about raceplay! very woke of you. glad you’re starting to see the light.

      in seriousness I don’t disagree that raceplay can get into some questionable territory but i promise, it’s not that serious. not everything is a conspiracy man. stop drinking the kool-aid.

    2. Self hatred by white man is so hard nowadays, Your owm white women are the most damaged of all women from any race.

  13. I’m more wondering what the point is of the girls rendered in the pics that AREN’T the supposed girlfriend – and whether the NTR will actually be avoidable. It’s one thing in the Overview to ask the question if the relationship can survive intact; but if you’re going to be the kind of arse that makes NTR unavoidable, why even bother to ask? If there’s a way Fred can find a girl who actually DOES want just his dick = Fine and more than fair enough. If you don’t HAVE to be a cuckold, and can choose to give her to the streets if she wants to be that kind of indecisive little slut; but the option is there to stay if you choose it, the game’s actually opened up to a wider audience and I’d laud the story for freedom of choice. If the other girls are just there to simp for Mr. Horse Cock (come on; in that pic you could at least make Fred a LITTLE closer to average; most girls just aren’t going to stay with Captain Micro Penis = that’s your own insecurity and prejudice showing Devs. There’s MORE THAN ONE way to be Racist – Also, realistically most black men are still around the average. Porn hires guys that are well above average to start with, or willing to surgically enhance themselves. You really should know that) then I’d take issue with it, and it’d be in the same vein as the Bully and New World Order games.

      1. Honestly I have no clue. I don’t really intend to play the game to find out – but based on the overview it SHOULD be. Maybe. I doubt in practice it WILL be. The core of the game seems to be centered on the GF basically being a black guy’s not so secret slut against her tiny dicked white guy (because all of us have tiny dicks don’t you know… Gag me) being about as dense as dark matter when it comes to what she does when she’s not with him. That’s basically all these NTR pushing games know how to write. It’s almost never that the guy gets as much chance to cheat as the girl does. Or god forbid an actually open relationship – or he gets to make a harem because she wants to keep him at the end; and she knows she fucked up, so she becomes his sexual slave and makes ANY allowance to not lose the guy she realizes she genuinely does love. Anyway, sorry I can’t be of more help. I’d like to spare myself the frustration of playing this game from the start. Because I do find it frustrating when agency is taken away from the player for the dev’s ingrained preconceptions about White people’s size; girth, skill at using what they have, willingness to be creative in sex or use fingers and tongue to compensate, or general inability to stand up for themselves. Either against an assholishly written black guy who’s usually drawn to be twice the white guy’s size in game, or the assholish cheating girlfriend.

  14. Definite recommend skipping this game, RPGMaker games can be annoying at the best of times but odd looking visuals and poor English just made this unplayable after about 5 minutes to me. Well deserving of it’s 1 start score and left me genuinely confused how the Patreon has like nearly 600 paid members, like wtf lol.

    1. Nah women don’t want to date you because your a sexist, racist loser. It’s got nothing to do with black men.

      1. Everyone is racist, you aren’t signaling virtue you little hypocrite cuck. Fun fact, the KKK were democrats.

        Since its founding in 1829, the Democratic Party has fought against every major civil rights
        initiative, and has a long history of discrimination.
        The Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction,
        founded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against
        the civil rights acts of the 1950s and 1960s.

        In the 1857 case Dred Scott v. Sandford, the court ruled that slaves aren’t citizens; they’re property. The seven justices who voted in favor of slavery? All Democrats. The two justices who dissented? Both Republicans.

        Get rekt hypocrite.

        1. maybe this is lost on your smooth brain, but the most recent date you listed was 167 years ago. more importantly, who does the KKK vote for now?

          1. They still vote democrat, the white liberal is the new KKK. You just found a better way to race hustle minorities instead of hanging them from trees.

            Just don’t think of switching sides when we clean house, all of you little con artists will be held accountable.

    2. I can assure you, you don’t have to worry about the black guys taking the girls from you. I’m quite certain that if all the black guys disappeared tomorrow you still couldn’t get a girl.

    3. “its’ NOT FAIR that theytake all teh women from OTHER GUYS.”

      lol whut? That isn’t reality. People largely have sex with and date their own ethnicity statistically.

  15. inb4 the anti-NTR virtue signalers tell us all about how much they love thinking about how much they would hate it if they were to be cucked. in explicit detail. think about it more fellas. keep thinking about it until you convince yourself that you would really really not like it. that’ll show em.

    1. NTR is another color in the faggot flag. Probably even lower than a normal fag. NTR fags have no self respect. While most fags have none I suppose a few might. Any NTR faggot has no self respect guaranteed.

        1. “Okay cuck” Says the fag defending the cuck game, hahahaha! The lack of self awareness is astounding.

          1. He’s not defending the cuck game, he’s attacking the people who come here specifically to say this is a cuck game like it’s news. He trolled them, like I’m about to troll you.

            It takes a specific kind of idiot like you to think that defending someone’s preference makes that preference theirs. I can very easily say that I defend people’s right to like peanut butter on pizza even though it makes me throw up in my mouth a little just thinking about it.

            You would call me a “peanut butter on pizza lover lol” and think you were clever.

            And before your smooth brain gets all excited about it, I’m not trying to say I’m more clever than you or that I have more self awareness than you–I do, but that’s not the point–but that you’re boring and wrong and boring and also wrong. I come here to be entertained. Troll harder.

            1. He didn’t troll anything, neither did you. In order to troll you have to make good points and be witty, that’s not you, or him. Then there’s those immune to trolling like me because we just don’t care enough about you rejects or your sick little fetishes, to get upset about anything you have to say. I’m not here to “break news” to you cucks either, I’m here to tell you that you disgust me and if that message was received, we can move on with our lives.

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