WVM [S2 Ch.1 Ep.3] [Braindrop]

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Download Update Patch (S2-E1 -> S2-E2)

Download for Windows/ Linux - Day in the Life of: Harper (minigame)

Download for Mac

Download for Mac - Day in the Life of: Harper (minigame)

Download for Android

Download for Android - Day in the Life of: Harper (minigame)

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Gallery Mod


  • Replay gallery to view scenes


Extract to your WVM folder

Download Cheat, Music & Walkthrough Mod


– some cheating functions
– renaming the MC and some girls
– some music tracks, playable manually with the “QuickMusic” function
– I integrated the walkthrough from the OfficiallyGames into my Mod (switchable)
– additional game settings like textbox opacity, text size etc.
– named saves

most Mod functions are optional and can be turned on/off while playing

Not tested so far, but maybe my Mod is also compatible to the gallery Mod from scrappy, too


Installation guide for the Mod only download:
1. of course the original game must be installed
2. extract the Mod archive in a temporary folder
3. move the extracted files / folders into your “game” folder
(…WVM-S2-C1-E2-pc/game), overwriting files if they already exists

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 95%
Engagement - 94%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.05 ( 126 votes)

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  1. This game is not for the heartless people. The developer of this game has gone through a lot of tough times making this game and he even got health issues when he was making this game.i can understand the sacrifices he made and how many sleepless nights he had to go through to make this game. I honestly like the story in this game and i really like to see the next update.

  2. I don’t care about the bullsh*t bad comments some of the stupid people saying about this game. I’ve played this game from the beginning and I liked it. not just liked it i love it. I’m waiting for the next update

  3. The girls all look like the joker from batman with their mouths and that they’re about to cry or something. It’s weird. Add the endless useless dialog to it and it’s not for me.

  4. Wow, the MC is an idiot.

    “Make sure no one knows about this house, let only people know who you can trust.” (President of the college)
    first stranger the MC meets, lets her see his (secret) house… OMG, how much of a moron can you be? Its like posting your private adress on a public forum. I’m tempted to just quit there…

    1. Well to be fair, the story thus far is ok, I just don’t get why the president of the college would give 2 houses to the MC while 1 is never used or mentioned. All interactions at “home” is in the not-so-secret-but-still-a-secret house. To be brutally honest, its irrelevant and useless to give the MC 2 houses to live in, while 1 is literally forgotten after the MC got his 2nd house. The MC never furnished the first house, its literally as if that house was never given and they just live in the “secret” house.

      If and IF the dev wanted to have the MC 2 houses, let him use both. Then the dev should have made the interactions between the family (mother, girlfriend and shauna) in the secret house. And all interactions with others aka strangers, in the house that is more or less public knowledge.

      Like I said in my rant above; the president of the college literally said to him DO NOT LET ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS HOUSE BUT THE PEOPLE YOU TRUST. And the first stray girl he meets, he takes her to the secret house. Its a wonder that no paparazzi has shown up at his house or worse.

      1. I have to say, the story gets better the further you go. It gets pretty wholesome. Also some scenes were so hilarious that I couldn’t stop myself from laughing.

        One thing that I noticed is that path choices are less frequent the deeper in the story you go.

        Overall, I find this a good avn. 8 out of 10

  5. If you’re here to fap. This is the game! Decent story, but the MC is constantly getting laid by a new girl … constantly. And he has one main girlfriend that he nails with regularity! This is how these games SHOULD be made. Good story! Beautiful babes! And LOTS of sex! 10/10

  6. Mc seems to have gotten a pretty bad concussion, but honestly the mangirl is like, pretty good, the other dudes too, I feel like they’ll still win the game because no team speaks so much trash if they’re actually good, and yeah the girl issue is there, dev shouldn’t add any more girls than there already are, also I hope mc will eventually have the option to get on with his stepmom and with his coach, otherwise what’s the point on teasing about it? It’s just annoying, as for the girls… well.. is hard to reject the nice ones, is like, you have the freedom to have anyone you want and everyone is so fucking nice that you just don’t feel like rejecting anyone -.-, though I did reject rykers sister, because, mc can have meaningful sex with 10+ girls, why would he have just a casual fling with an slut specially when his main girlfriends are so much hotter?

  7. No sex in the latest episode 3. Only tiring dialogs. Wait for other episode. The game looks good but… I don’t like so many girls to have. 3-5 ok Not 100. What’s the point ? Also dialogs and dialogs with no point are boring. Why they do that ? The game has potentials but they ruin it.

    1. Thats what this game is… It is a massive harem game. If you do not like massive harem games don’t play them lol. I mean I get not liking having that many women but there is plenty of games that only have a few and in reality you an just say no to a good chunk of them in this and only end up with a few. As for episode 3 yes I am also disappointed, especially with the time it took braindrop to make it. Hopefully now that he has someone running his socials the episodes will come quicker and be better.

  8. So would you prefer to cheat the hell out of her you evil mofo? Are you telling me you’ll reject every girl in a game like this and be loyal to the gf? Tbh, I tried to play cheater path but I couldn’t, I know it’s just a game, bur irl there’s no way in he’ll I’d break the heart of a girl like Jamie.

    1. I tried also the cheat path but later i was feeling bad because the girlfriend has very good heart and truly loves me. I felt like she’s acting ok because afraid to lose me. I think the best is to just keep relationship with only Girlfriend, Stepmom and the friend as the Poster of the game has. But Bailey… OMG is very beautiful.

      1. Also add Harper and Sis but so far nothing. I don’t know if they end up together. Also to much Harem. Yes we want harem mode but not so much. Every girl he meets…. girlfriend. SURE. Nice images, nice animation, nice clever dialogs BUT why so many girls. There is no need.

        1. Hey it’s like they say more the merrier, but just one issue of they keep on adding it will never be even close to finishing. Maybe 10 yrs at this rate, luckily it just one route decision is in choosing girl not taking 100 different route, just imagine then this avn would have been finished by 1000000 centuries later or maybe not even by then.

  9. Copye everything in the S2 folder into the S1 folder, then copy the mod into the /game folder.
    pretty much did a hail mary try, i was like either i get an error or the mod is fucked and i’ll guess i’ll play without

  10. tbh this vn is kinda overrated the mc is a beta who lets this woman push him around he basically has no say in anything his gf is a spoiled lil bitch and honestly the best friend is way hotter than her then their is the whole being pushed into relationships bullshit by the gf and he just goes along with it like it’s the most natural thing in the world this vn has no redeeming qualities

  11. I don’t mean to rude or anything, but the story is messed up, completely. He doesn’t use time skips, when it’s needed. He even states in some interview that all the events in the first season all happened inside 24 hours, his own words no one else’s.
    He said there would never be any incest between the mom, son and daughter. He never once mentioned that there couldn’t be any with Azel.
    Having a relationship with Azel, wouldn’t mess anything up that’s already messed up.
    His mom is back, he has his sister, and azel is completely free of her own obligations towards him (not officially adopted, and even if he was adopted, wouldn’t make much difference realistically to the story.
    There is now officially no reason for Azel to remain in the story at all. She served her purpose. She is no longer his mom, his real mom is so to speak. Having an adopted mom and real mom at the same time, makes zero sense and she [azel] sticks out like a sore thumb. Hence why it would make more sense for her to quietly join the harem.
    Now you mention something about rachel pressuring him into a relationship with azel…..yet azel is coming on to him, even if it’s unintentional which i don’t buy. It is her that kisses him, not really the other way around. There is sexual tension between herself [azel] and the mc…whether it is reciprocated from him is another matter entirely. She wouldn’t be kissing him in a non motherly way, it isn’t the other way around. Even if it was, whats the big deal? It wouldn’t make any more of mess than it already is.

    1. Time skips aren’t really that important if dude’s constantly getting laid, now, is it? Who gives two shits about time skips? I don’t! I don’t know anyone else who does. Go play a boring-ass, no-idea-what-to-do sandbox game or something, cuck!

  12. Playing cheat path but I find it quite odd that Jamie just instantly accepts harem to the point that it seems quite forced to me. I might be a prude but it really bugs me quite a bit that prevents me from enjoying the game.

  13. The game had such great potential, good characters, decent mc, lovely girlfriend, right up to the point where the mc is FORCED into an open relationship with no say. huge turn off. shame to see a good game be turned into that.

  14. I’m with the the previous commenter. I dropped this game because of the same reason… too much reading and you basically click from one girl to the next

    1. I agree, too much clicking and reading instead of giving players the experience of enjoying every moment of the game. I think BADIK did a fantastic job in balancing lewd scenes and dialogues/story compared to WVM. Readings are incredibly exhausting to the point that I basically have to skip the interaction between MC and male characters in order to speed things up. And after all the efforts I put in reading these bs the game only gives me mediocre lewd scenes that lack interaction or proper dialogues. There’s a scene where MC and Jamie had their first time and at the end I couldn’t even get to choose creampie or not and the topic of potential pregnancy just brings up which horrifies me quite a bit. That is a huge no no for me when playing AVNs. Not because I’m afraid of preganancy (which I did) but the game doesn’t let me choose.

  15. Yes I get the point with his real mom and sister, but not his adoptive mother. Technically it is not incest from any point of view. Incest is blood related for example step mom, dad, sis, bro. Foster mom, foster dad, foster sis, foster bro etc is not incest.
    Its the devs project, and he could have ‘offered’ his adoptive mom as relationship harem material. Lets face it, they are already having sneaky little kisses occasionally. If these two do not go on to form a relationship, I am not sure I will continue to support him, because I have been waiting since his real mom to show up, it’s as if his adoptive mother doesn’t want some of love (sexual relationship), its pretty obvious she does want that.
    The reason I talked of an IC patch would give the dev leeway like it gives others on the draconian ran patreon. Not for his real mom or real sister, but for his adoptive mom, which i suspect she will end up part of his harem given its not even incest. we can only wait and see, and we need to wait and see if he does come back despite him saying things where going to slow down a lot due to personal problems. its been nearly 8/9 months since this version of the game was released.

  16. the game is still in development, but according to the developer he has been having some major real life issues which have slowed down future updates.
    Not sure why this site is pushing this game out, given this update was late last year, i mean more than 6 months ago.

  17. No incest or loli’s = meh, no interest. And fvck Patreon too. I’m in the process of moving all my $500/mo in subs to Subscribestar. If a dev has no SS option then I will simply quit supporting them, period. Tired of giving Patreon an 8% cut just to support their bullshit censorship.

    1. I have started to do the exact same thing, move all my subs over to subscribe star. Luckily most the devs I follows except this one are on subscribe star. The more people abandon patreon the better it is for developers.

  18. As long as it’s interesting to read. If it’s boring repetitive shit like broken-record MC thoughts I simply quit reading and start skipping over text up to choices and scenes = a few hours. I play over 200+ AVN’s, ain;t got time for boring bullshit and if the scenes suck too won’t bother. Sucks they all the pussies are shaved yet again. If I wanted to see the MC fuck bald ones I’d play a loli one like Proud Father, One Summer in Loliwood, Whispering Pines, The Guardian, etc.

    1. I have to agree on this… It’s just too much reading instead of giving players more choices to make. I downloaded the walkthrough file before playing this game and thought this game might be a short and fun AVN, but instead we got a bunch of words words words of insignificant events and MC’s boring and repetitive inner talking. I can respect the effort developers put in but seriously I have to read about 20 minutes of dialogues between I can make a actual choice? This game has other issues that could be a bit annoying (clumsy lewd scenes that turn me off completely, the notion of “open relationship”, that premise that the whole campus bascially circles around MC like he is some sort of GOD) but the terrible length of reading is the only thing that makes me lose interest of the game, which is sad considering the portraits of every girl are breathtaking.

      1. not going to be funny here, when i say I am going to play devil’s advocate. The whole point of these adult visual novels …is the NOVEL part of the game.

        Graphics I can deal with, bad designed mc’s I can’t tolerate along with bad stories.
        I can live these graphics, even though they are dated now, compared to some of the top quality rendered girls and scenes you see now in some of the top most avn’s. His writing has gone to absolute shit, compared to when it started.

        I won’t lie, I really did enjoy the story elements through the first season, the graphics where almost too samey and I agree..whats with all the waxed pussies? I don’t mind them…but it feels like there are no variations. Not every woman completely shaves her cooch. Many keep some top hair, some don’t bother at all.

        These days, women see pubes as being unhygienic and such, and since a lot of guys prefer a waxed pussy, they follow the trend or just because she wants to wax or shave. I don’t see what the problem is, but the thing is, in these novels, developers should at least try to have some variance. Like I said it doesn’t bother me, I am not there for the sex, I am there for the actual story.

        However the developer is clearly a scammer, let me explain. He makes up stories like every other developer about depression blah blah blah, does nothing for more than a year, earns a fucking bucket full of cash, looses any reason to do more updates, because even if he does nothing, he still earns 20k a month…he earns more money than the average 24 year old male. Of course he throws out some shitty update that had nothing to do with the main story because he didn’t want to earn himself the dreaded abandoned tag which would have backfired on him with patreon because he knows they would have shut his account down.

        He promised a massive update back in January with over 8000 renders and a ton of animations, and a huge chunk of the story…it never happened, what a surprise..not. Then he made the same bullshit promise in feb, march, april, may and june.

        This first chunk of 3 (I believe chapter 1 of season) is 300 renders, a few animations, and some shocking bad writing compared to what he did before.

        He claimed at first this was a hobby, then he said he focuses 24/7/365 on this game blah blah blah. Sorry but when you start earning money on your hobby, it no longer remains a hobby it becomes a job….then there’s the bs about how he has to feed his family each month. Funny that because there are fuck ton of people who earn less than 25k USD a year…and he earns it a month doing nothing.

        Then to make matters worse, he is now claiming he wants to ‘redo’ the entire game, improve the graphics, better story writing, better animations….the same old shit that many developers come out with, to keep the scam going and going and going. The sooner people stop subscribing to him here and subscribe star the better, he can’t be trusted, he has proven that over a long period of time, and people just throwing him money for no reason. He is already loosing subscribers, which is a great thing really. Quite frankly he has earned so much money (more than a million us dollars since he started this) that he can more than afford to finish this game without getting a single penny more. This game is apparently the 4th best adult visual novel in the world, and look at it!

  19. Renpy mods are easy, extract mod somewhere, cut the resulting files (usually end in .rpy or .rpyc), paste in game folder and overwrite when asked. And if the file starts with a string of numbers and underscore, delete the numbers and up to and including the underscore first (it’s just to label the version number of the mod).

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