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My Dorm [v0.16.2 P2 Ch.4.2] [Tropecita Games]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 1 (v0.12)

Download for Windows/ Linux - Part 2

Download for Mac - Part 1 (v0.12)

Download for Mac - Part 2

Download for Android (Pre-Patched) - Part 1 (v0.12)

Download for Android (Pre-Patched) - Part 2

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch - v0.15.1 -> v0.16.2

Unzip the content anywhere, move all content to your main folder (where the .exe is). Overwrite all necessary files. (Half tested).

I don’t know about Linux. (Untested).

You need to copy paste every content from the update only folders into their respective folders, overwriting where necessary, if the folder is not existing you can copy the whole folder (To see the content of an app, right click the app and pick Show Package Contents), PBS666 helped me make Mac update patches, thanks for that. (Untested).

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Universal patch. Download it once and apply it before playing any new update.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Multi- Mod

The file name of the archive is still b0.6.0a, though it will work for 0.7a

This mod will give you the option to change your important choices… Well some of them for now.
Currently available are mostly choices that give you “early routes”.
If there are some combinations of choices that I could imagine screwing stuff up, I added it to the description.
Choices appear only, if they are already available in-game. Same for names, so don’t open up the mod menu and run me over because there are a few blank buttons without names in it, when there’s no name for i.e. Martha yet.

You can rename the MC and the cast members close to him.

Contains family patch that is activated by default and can be turned of in the Mod Menu.

SPOILER: Game version compatibility and choices
This mod should work with all game versions, though it will only cover choices up to the “Content” mentioned above.

Not all choices are of importance, some are just for different dialogue right there or a bit later. Flavour, so to speak.
Those will not be included in this mod or if they are, it’s because I thought they might have impact later on.

The general pregnancy status will not impact the individual pregnancy status of your girls. It will disable the choice in future dialogue only and could remove some pregnancy content, but most likely not (all)… Depends on the dev’s implementation.

Change of harem acceptance will be added in the next mod version, as are some late route options. That’s the plan at least.

SPOILER: Family Patch
Though my mod can’t switch the family content mid-dialogue branch, it can switch the content not only at the start of the game or at the start of a new version.
It might take a few lines to leave the dialogue branch (e.g. after c06s007_DaphneKnows_EN dialogue branch

For savegame comptibility reasons, my mod cannot deactivate the family content, if the other patch is installed as well.
There is a backup file and readme.txt in my MEGA folder to unpatch the other patch.

SPOILER: Installation
Delete old family patch
delete family.rpy and family.rpyc from Path/To/MyDorm/game/mods/RiamMar
Download and extract archive
Copy’n’Paste mods folder into Path/To/MyDorm/game/

SPOILER: Deinstallation of _this_ mod
Step 1 and 2 are a safety measure to ensure save compatibility
Load a save
Save with Family Patch deactivated
Delete mods folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 79%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 76%
Core Loop - 72%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.19 ( 127 votes)

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  1. This is not a game, this is cutting porn videos, there is just a constant change of girls and sex scenes, the girls themselves can only think about the MC’s penis, they are not interested in the rest of their lives. why download it at all, it’s easier to watch porn videos. well, maybe someone has a fetish to click with such a mouse when he watches a porn video, there is nothing else here except this video with the same sets and eyeliners. the girl – saw the MC member – her whole life will not be the same now and she will not think about anything else anymore – she jumps to him – the scene ends, the next girl appears – cycle

  2. Thank the lord 🙏 that this has an update ,an what I can say it was worth the wait for it because the story and animation did not disappoint, instead it was better if they keep this up I don’t my waiting so long if the update are gonna be like this and thank you developer, for this , an you continue to have my support for this 😊


    1. Well at least we all now know you never went to college, #nohomo.

      I should start tagging these #normal straight male, but I can’t type “normal” regarding you without feeling like I’m lying to the readership of this site. #incel straight male. Yeah, that’s better.

    2. I think you need to ask your Doctor to increase your medication strength Mr homo because you seem to be spiraling further and further down that insane rabbit hole, but it’s sooooo good to see you finally admit your an actual faggot yourself to whole world there #Mr homo congratulations on finally coming out (slow clap)

  4. While importing my data to the new “session” or part 2, it does not allow me to advance and shows me the following error:

    I’m sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

    While running game code:
    File “game/scripts/animations/BlinkXP.rpy”, line 27, in script
    Exception: Could not find return label ‘_call_BlinkXP_1343’.

    — Full Traceback ————————————————————

    Full traceback:
    File “game/scripts/animations/BlinkXP.rpy”, line 27, in script
    File “C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\DISCO EXTERNO – PROBLEMAS\Games\My Dorm\SESION 2 v0.13.3 S2 C1.3\renpy\”, line 1801, in execute
    File “C:\Users\Usuario\Desktop\DISCO EXTERNO – PROBLEMAS\Games\My Dorm\SESION 2 v0.13.3 S2 C1.3\renpy\”, line 741, in lookup_return
    raise Exception(“Could not find return label {!r}.”.format(self.return_stack[-1]))
    Exception: Could not find return label ‘_call_BlinkXP_1343’.

    Windows-10-10.0.19041 AMD64
    My Dorm v0.13.3-S2C1.3
    Thu Nov 23 00:14:45 2023

  5. Game not bad, kinda like it the only thing I just don’t like is that they made the Mc look older than he is and also the part where the girls loss the v card , they must just add bit of graphic like the blood when losing it or other why’s state in the story that don’t have there hymen any then no need ,played the game twice and like it and laugh about it , what make me sad is that the story was just getting to good Part so if I would have rate this it would 4.5 out 5 just because of Im paissed that it ended so soon, hope the next update come out early other wise I will forget to check on the game when there is an update out. Keep doing good work, have my support 👍

  6. I’ve followed your work since many updates now.

    The last one angered and disappointed me about Scarlett’s virginity (she should know using a dildo means she’s NOT one – you didn’t write her with down’s syndrome. She’s going deaf)

    This current one, didn’t do much to improve my disposition to the work from this point forward if I’m honest.
    – The My Residence bit with Debbie almost literally marks her out as a self insert (which she shouldn’t be)
    The reference being close enough to My New Family, and other harem games I have played have one point in common that your story lacks; They allowed for some level of Sci Fi or fantasy, by introducing a middle sister as a cat girl for no reason. Or super powers, basically from the start.

    – You hinted at a clone idea (that I took more as the safety net in case the player made bad choices – rather than something that the plot was ever going to actually try to take seriously : / ) Clones, do not live that long. Look up Dolly.
    On that note, the explanation to read was recommended; and it was NOT at all good at clarifying fuck and all. You used bar codes instead of the girls’ actual names. So BOTH ways, MC knows the answer (or can assume that he’s close and able to investigate) but the PLAYER is sitting here like WTF were you on when you wrote this out??? If Eva & Amanda are end game add ins, fine and fair enough. But two problems:

    – First = You did NOT stipulate this game had much in the vein of Sci Fi, and have tried to GROUND it in realistic topics thus far. Barring a few bad meta references as “jokes” (which also were not that funny…) What was HINTED at I took, and I’m sure many others did for how effectively you’ve gone for the daily slice of life aspect in plot thus far, for a subconscious safety net. Don’t worry about the choices, if you make the wrong one, there’s no real game over type deal. MC would wake the next day with a headache he couldn’t explain and no memory of the night before and off you go on your way to continue building the Harem. Yay?

    – Second = You risk jarring your audience and looking like you’ll just pull whatever random dues ex out of your ass. If the plot goes too nonsense all of a sudden when you’ve tried fairly much to make it a “day in the life” deal and as normal as possible… suspension of disbelief only carries so far. Which segues into…

    – The Father: You can call it semi resolved all you want = you just added in a half sister. Admitted he actually DID cheat on MC’s blood mother, so everything he was accused of was correct; with the wrong woman. Fuck. This. Character. And if he is the third scientist somehow, I can see exactly why he was disinherited… but as I said, you mentioned a boyfriend, not a husband. So that explanation doesn’t necessarily compute that MC’s Father should be hunted or ever again dealt with at all. The ONE fucking time he should have come clean and redeemed himself (or GIVEN THE PLAYER A FUCKING CLUE WHO THE HELL IT COULD BE???) you write him drunk dialing. For again, “comedy” that’s really. REALLY. Not Funny.

    The issue about Samira the MC does NOT have to think about or consider. He didn’t like that she was buggering off to start with – and her not telling him would be not to spoil a surprise. Besides = She’s literally buggered off half way across the world. Even if she knew she regretted it, SHE is obviously smart enough to understand she might not get the best reception. Considering how otherwise insightful you tend to try to make MC SEEM, I do not why you’d write the line in the vein of “I need to think about this…” Fuck. That. By picking the choices that were recommended, and frankly asserting we WANT her back throughout the few points we even had the option, there’s NOTHING TO THINK ABOUT!!!
    She. Is. His. Girl. Period. Otherwise why the fuck did you write her into a HAREM?

    Kim doing the make up thing is just you dicking around the audience and admitting “Why yes; I could have rendered her this way the whole time since we already have one or two disabled people at the moment… and I said fuck it. Let’s make her look Calico. Because DEI rules me” Making the point that it might not be a bad idea to cover up if she’s THAT insecure about the fucking condition is NOT the NEGATIVE. Are you disabled? Do you know what the fuck it feels like to have every fucking kid you want to make friends with usually ask not first “what’s your name?” Like they normally would, but “Why Do You Walk Like That?” Then ask what my name is? No… Then fuck off with the politics. You can render the damned hot girl whichever way you like. Make her silver with fucking indigo polka dots and I’d probably still have MC do her… but don’t get on a fucking soap box and call it a NEGATIVE choice to want to be NORMAL. Not if you don’t know what it’s like to be different, when most of the world was born fine. She’ll have her scars – THEY. SHOULD. BE. RESPECTED!!! Or as I have said, you could have tried rendering her with ONE skin tone and she would look just the same as that bullshit scene. White, black I don’t care which. She’s still gorgeous.

    Last point, and very likely the last time I will bother with this game despite having completed a save file for part 2. (I can at least appreciate you’re smart enough to keep the file sizes under 5 gigs for those of us that do Free To Play, and I would laud you for that kindness) NTR & GILF. Really? You have to know how much a good chunk of players of these sorts of games HATE that content; and yes. I am one of them in general because NTR has to be handled carefully and under full player control – and it never really is except for maybe 2 of all the games I’ve played that have the content as “avoidable.” GILF is just a concept that does not need to exist… and you use it for company names = to make a freaking joke out of it?!? Are you trying to tank your supporters in one go? Again, dude… dudette or whatever the hell you want to call yourself(ves) you really have to get a better sense of humor. Think about how things WILL be taken. Not just how they can be. Because I guarantee you, some players even see those acronyms and they tap right the fuck out. They won’t even care from that point how you mean it or not.

    So no. From this point, with the introduction TOO QUICKLY (and not to the FULL HAREM AT ONCE!) of the clone BULLSHIT coming out; from Maddie and the questionable BDSM stuff, from Scarlett’s bungled virginity, from the awkward cancer crap that you’re dragging out way too damned long for WHAT??? For the Dad being walked back after having to try to wrangle out that he MIGHT NOT have actually cheated on Martha to start with, For the fact it’s ALL going to go farther, faster and quirkier from now on… This is me. Tapping the fuck out. There’s no need to bother with a part 2. You made too many choices I personally don’t see as necessary, are jarring, or are overly political. Without understanding the points behind them. If YOU can’t respect your own story and your characters enough to take this shit as seriously as when you started, and write to the end a complete comprehensible story that engages with the specific niches you aimed at to begin with… then why should The Player? Whoever that might be.

    Good luck to you. If you keep these choices up going forward I think you’re gonna need it.

  7. So a 65 year old granny has much younger looking body than what her face looks like and MC who is supposed to be 21 looks like he is about to turn 50… ok.

    1. Nvm.. I couldn’t clearly see granny’s body at the bathroom scene but the MC still looks like he could be his father’s brother instead.

      1. That granny has too old face for her age, she looks like 80+yo. It could be (and is?) explained as one of the symptoms of her sickness. But overall she looks older then she should have.

        Aunt noon has about right face for her age.

  8. The MC looks old asf for his age, But dope game y’all 🔥🔥 The Drama is on point 😂😂

  9. So in this current update Dev; you admit you let Scarlett – who has been waiting for her first date and her first EVERYTHING = WITH THE MC for basically fucking FOREVER, use a DILDO to PENETRATE. What the hell do you think SEX is? It’s NOT her “first time” in general if she gave her virginity to a god damned piece of plastic, and frankly that KILLS a lot of the draw in pursuing this whole treat me gentle and make it perfect BS storyline. If she was going to do that you could have just made it with Daphne there as well and fucked them both like porn stars. Because ONE of them was dumb enough not to realize that one special UNRECOVERABLE gift that she claimed to want to give to the guy she IS creepily focused on – is GONE now. To a fucking piece of plastic that wasn’t even as big as he’s said to be. : / Come on man. VIRGIN in the tags means “VIRGIN.” When we start = ANY penetration that breaks the hymen takes that away.

    You want to make it so she doesn’t have a hymen and make it SLIGHTLY LESS offensive in general; she’s very physically active and didn’t even know it’d torn. If she can barely fucking kiss someone man, how the hell do you think she’s going to move up to a dildo before she learns about even getting eaten out??? What the hell. There’s also the point I don’t get why you’re including so much automatic and not asked for beforehand Anal – and just deciding the player gets to disable it LATER. You SHOULD ask if the player even WANTS to see Anal content before any scenes that involve that. Again, the DRAW in most of this game is A) Harem, and B) Pregnancy. Whatever else is basically extras on top. Not everyone even actually likes anal. Some people legitimately find it too painful to even consider, most find it some level of dirty, and a lot of people just won’t bother with it. Period. Most girls (especially the innocent ones) AREN’T going to be shoving anything up there. Have you ever had a supository, an enema? They’re not pleasant, and most women do treat that as something you REALLY have to EARN to start with. Two things so far that I’m not best pleased with and one specifically that I do think you need to fix, or make her VERY guilty about afterward. Because you had a girl that SHOULD by all rights have been the DEFINITE virgin in the cast. Just because of how little she knows about sex and how focused she was on ONE MAN. It’s not hard math. There is no defense you can offer for the choice you made. It’s a ruined sex scene as far as I am concerned and fucks the Scarlet path right over. I may just say fuck it in decisions and deny her: That’s how much the stupid dildo bit pisses me off. It can be re-worked, but I know coding it would probably be a bit of effort. I’m not going to ask for a miracle. I’m just insanely annoyed and very disappointed. Because realistically which you have been very good at portraying for the most part, on any point of given logic, she should have NEVER WANTED to risk penetration – just on the ghost of a chance it might disappoint MC not to feel that. Because she SHOULD know and have been told by SOMEBODY if not her own Mom, how important Sex is with the right person and how valueable the first time is supposed to be (Why do you think they’re so damned resistent to sex in general, and especially the first time?)

    You do good work generally. You’ve been kind in the comments and I appreciate that a lot, so I’m sorry to have to say I call this point particularly a very Royal Fuck Up on Plot & Character Logic in general. That whole thing is going to make me skip through the damned scene. That’s how disappointing it is. How vexed it makes me. Honestly if you pull anything like that again, with anyone else – I would just stop downloading and call your story done. Because you do have the right to do what you want with it, but I don’t have to support you. And if it’s not fun for me, I’m not going to continue playing just to be more peeved off with poorly thought out choices you might implement. I’ll see where the rest of the story goes after that scene (which is ruined for me) But I’m going to keep a save that rolls back before it even starts. That way if you DO fix it, I can enjoy it. But I doubt you will.

    I expect instead we might converse about why you disagree. Which at the end still leaves me with distaste about the scene, and you moved on in general. While also having blindly deeply dented the whole point in Scarlet’s character.

    1. you’re right it pissed me off too but what can you expect? decades of brainwashing people and the hypersexualisation of our western societies devalued the word and original meaning of ‘virgin’ amongst many others.
      now even a slut/whore can literally become a ‘reborn virgin’ and people have to somehow accept it.
      it’s a sad situation.

  10. Great game, but isn’t the MC supposed to be 21? He looks older than me, and I’m 36. However, I’d still choose this MC over a baby-faced one any day.

  11. pointless update nothing actually happened well nothing exciting anyway oh and please for the love fucking god STOP making them laugh so much it’s cringe i’m just gonna call this the laughing like retards update it’s a decent AVN until the laughing like hyenas starts

  12. Excellent Game and No Lag at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. 10/10 easy but sadly this one have too many ugly girls for me too enjoy. The family is sexy but whats up with the ugly ass students? Completely killed my boner. Whats up with that? And clones fuck off. Sorry if im being rude but implenting ugly girls into a game with pretty girls is retarded, Is like watching a threesome porn with a sexy young girl with an ugly tranny looking bimbo half nigga half white. Bro please stop that shit. Pluds add some fucking conflict to the game, Make more choises. Make point of no return conflicts that the MC has to get out of. Right now MC is just Tom Cruise mr fucking perfect, Honest review 6/10 im out, Thanks for reading roger over from Mr wanker
    Havent finished it yet tho
    Great game

  14. 10/10 easy but sadly this one have too many ugly girls for me too enjoy. The family is sexy but whats up with the ugly ass students? Completely killed my boner. Are you gay or whats up? And clones fuck off. Sorry if im being rude but implenting ugly girls into a game with pretty girls is retarded, Is like watching a threesome porn with a sexy young girl with an ugly tranny looking bimbo half nigga half white. Bro stop that shit. Pluds add some fucking conflict to the game, Make more choises. Make point of no return conflicts that the MC has to get out of. Right now MC is just Tom Cruise mr fucking perfect, Honest review 6/10 im out, Thanks for reading roger over from Mr wanker
    Havent finished it yet tho

  15. Developer changed the file format for the renders and now the new webp files are “unrecognized” and display as black screen from this update.

  16. Wow man you nailed it , I didn’t have words to describe it it’s fabulous . You know I downloaded many games from this website but this one is best game I leave my first comment.keep rocking . I didn’t wait for the next update . We eagerly waiting . Please make it soon man

    1. Thanks, Cristy. The next version will become public on July 9th. It’s already on the Patreon/Subscribestar cycle. You’ll be able to download it from Patreon the same 9th and here when DikGames update the page. It don’t take more than a couple of days usually.

      1. Thank you man
        this really an awesome one I wait to all the relationship come to public and see their each and every one reaction
        Really a fentastic work man

    2. He has some drops hanging from his dick, be good and lick them of to.Calling this a game is an insult to real games.

      1. Shooting fish in a barrel marked “fish” is not a game either yet you can’t help yourself do that either, nor is shoving a dictionary up your ass so you can pretend you’re good at “Um, Actually…”. I’m glad that you enjoy these things, but they’re not games.

          1. @w van schaik who knows maybe you should go back and ask your mom to stick her dick back down your throat so you can get the rest. damn snowflakes always have to ruin everything

  17. I really like it. Just a few things I didn’t like: the MC’s haircut is the same douchey hairstyle that every other MC has. The original longer hair was way better. I also think the MC is too dark if Samantha is going to call him a white boy. Seriously the dude is about 10 minutes of sunshine away from being black himself.

    Other than my minor gripes with the MC, the visual novel is very good. The story is better than average. It seems like the author took into account all of the logistics that goes into making a college dorm. It feels realistic, although I’m not sure how realistic it is to have a bunch of gorgeous girls that enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons. The characters are mostly unique and worked-out. The character models look great (especially the aunt, although I kinda liked how she looked before she lost the weight haha).

    The animations are… poor. It seems like they’ve been rendered at 5 fps or less. But still, it’s better than having no animations at all and I appreciate the effort from the author.

    Overall it’s a good one, and I will be purchasing the newest update on patreon. Good job author.

    1. Thanks.
      The original haircut looked great from the front, but horrible from the back, so I used it to advance Norah’s history with the visit to the hairdresser.
      The MC skin tone is something I have struggled with in the past. It’s too light-reactive and I didn’t get the settings right when lighting was too far from him. Luckily, in the last updates it has been fairer and more consistent.
      You should have seen my D&D group when I was in college (28 years ago, when only nerds played D&D). We had 3 gorgeous girls in a group of 7 players!!
      The animations are one of the weakest part of the game, I know. I’m still learning how to do them and mixing bought animations with my own. If one is above the rest, it is a bought one 😀

  18. I’m Already in Love with This game words cannot say how great it is and I want to thank the creator for great renders great story and charismatic characters that he or she created I really appreciate and love there won’t be any Break up in the story , I’m really looking forward for next update whether on discord or here

    1. Thanks for your kind words Batlantis.
      There are break up possibilities with some of the girls, but always under the player’s control. I always say My Dorm is the game I would like to play, so everything I like is there. There are also things I don’t like especially, but I don’t dislike them, so I add them so players can enjoy them. There are things that will never be in My dorm, and those are things I actively dislike (NTR, Sharing, Having to choose a girl over another), things that don’t fit the theme of the game even if I like them (pure lesbian relationships) or things I was not sure I can do right with the knowledge I had when I started designing the game. I look forward to you joining our community on Discord, there are some laughs to share there.

      1. @ TropecitaGames love the AVN great characters enjoyable story but confused about the woman spying on the family tho unless it’s explained on the father route if it is then oh well guess i will lose out on that content now one thing i have a problem with is the girl who turns round and says she is a lesbian why are you trying to make it seem like your gonna try to change her from only liking girls too suddenly wanting the mc’s dick i’m just confused as to why that’s not how that works IRL so why should it change in this i mean won’t stop me from downloading this any more i will just ignore her content unless of course your one of those devs who force relationships which i hate but overall solid 8/10

        1. Eva and Amanda’s story (the spies) will start to be explained in 0.12. Until now the MC and his family don’t even know they exist. It will be explained regardless of whether you answered the father’s call.
          About Kate, she’s doesn’t say she’s a lesbian, she only says she had an ex-girlfriend. It’s me who said she is a lesbian because, right now, she hasn’t been with any man, so she likes girls and she doesn’t think of checking men at the moment, her personal experiences with men weren’t good. That will change as she discovers how the MC behaves (the point system will be important to her). There will be two acceptance routes with her depending if you locked the lesbian content or not. She will become bi-sexual if you didn’t lock it or straight if you did.

      1. Thanks for the update. I have to say this is by far the best one I have ever played. Keep it going, you are a genius,

  19. What is this on Daphne path? (scene in car)
    Is dev going on cuckold/sharing/swinging?
    I refuse to play any further until its resolved. It smells like one and its abominable

    1. There’s no swinging, NTR or sharing in My Dorm. That conversation gives the chance to choose between Daphne Romantic path or Daphne trying to corrupt the MC (not that she needs any help in that)

    1. thanks, my nigger fatigue is through the roof
      worse than cuckshit and trannies
      makes footfags look almost normal

        1. @TropecitaGames black ladies = nigger also i don’t think that is what he ment when he said trannies so not talking about black dicks just the woman that happen to be black anyway only brain dead fucktards call them niggers so your not really losing out on much if those 2 snowflakes are not interested

  20. please replace windows compressed link with something else other than Pixeldrain as download takes forever it downloads for a few seconds stops you wait 10/15 minutes it resumes for a few more seconds stops for 10/15 minutes you get the idea

    1. Your connection must suck. Pixeldrain is one of the few that can saturate my connection at 400mbps+ speeds. Mega gets me around 50-150mbps, with others delivering less than 40mbps.

  21. The game is pretty nice but fukin hell the MC fukin ugly. No offense to the dev though. The girls looks fine and sexy but the MC face I have problem with lmao. But all and all the game is pretty enjoyable and nice so eh. (But seriously though why is the MC so fukin ugly?)

    1. Admin should add ugly bastard tag. But that ugly bastard was the MC lmao.

      No hate for the game though just the MC face he’s ugly as shit.

    2. Thanks for your words about the game and the girls. The MC is so ugly so people like me can feel themselves somewhat represented by him. 🤣
      That’s why most of the time his face is hidden.

  22. Bonjour,
    je voudrais que j ai grandement apprécié le jeu dans son ensemble
    L histoire est fraiche avec des petites originalités, quelques scenes droles, funs, bien reflechis à certains moments.
    J’ai fais l’erreur de changer les prenoms et j espere ne pas me tromper en parlant de certains personnagess.
    La mere est le graal dans cette histoire, j avoue n attendre que elle et dégusté les autres seulement par plaisir.
    La tante, il est vrai que l’avoir en mode chubby me faisait envie mais sont personnage reste interessant, gourmande, forte, et assez large de hanche.
    Peut etre avoir un peu pluss de marque de vieillesse sur ces ffemmes une fois demaquillé ou dans leur intimité.
    La soeur est le personnage que je trouve le plus vide en matière d evenements accrocheur, portant elle a un potentiel dans l histoire : une jeune fille porté sur une connaissance purement PornHub sans experiennce était très refleteur de beaucoup de jeune femme actuelle, mais je l aurais voulu dévorante, envahissante , d actes pré porn et ce faire mal avec la grosse bite de son frere comme un retour de karma ( la vrai vie c est pas comme dans les porns).
    les jumelles sont bien dosé, je regrette juste le manque d intimité et d’entreprise plus fougueuse envers le MC.
    La petite blonde amoureuse depuis l enfance, plus refoulé et frustrée par le manque, plus introvertie.
    Eilenn est bien, elle trouve sa place normalement.
    La policière, je l’aurais aimé plus adulte et plus mature dans ses échanges, voir même être une dominante d’apparence mais réellement devenir une soumise pour enfin renverser la vapeur avec son métier où elle est doit etre dans son métier fort, dominant , sur d elle. la voir perdre pied dans une relation où elle est aurait été soumise.
    La vendeuse : je n’ai pas choisi le Dom path, elle me donne pas envie, meme si vous avez dit dans des commentaires en haut, qu’elle découvre. J’aurais plutot eu envie de la dominé et lui faire mal pour sa tentative de Blackmail. (une phase dominante dure, gifle, crachat, douleur… dans laquelle elle s’enfermerait de passion au final.
    Certains rapports plus dur, quelques giffles sur les fesses et tirages de cheveux pour certaines ?
    J’aurais aimé un peu plus de choix de finish avec toutes ces ffilles avec lesquel jai des rapports en supportant eventuellement les conséquences.
    Le MC j’aime assez, dévoué, ancien gros, je regrette cet éternel dévotion à une bite de cheval. il a l air d etree un homme trés doué dans beaucoup de domaine que cette force justement permettrait de dire qu’une bite de 15 cm peu plaiire beaucoup plus a des femmes en general quand le psychique domine les emotions.
    L’histoire avec les deux espionnes, je ne l’ai pas tres bien compris, mais c est ma faute je suis pâs bilingue, je traduit souvent certains mots que je ne comprend pas.
    Un personnage femme frigide avec un pojt faible qu’elle ne connait pas : exemple elle decouvre qu’elle n’aimerait que l’anal et changerait, a force de perseverence et de bon choix du MC, à découvrir du genre, elle n’aimlerait que la sodomie ou une certaine pratique, poour la décoincé.
    Sinon j’ai adoré dans l’ensemble le jeu et je ne donne qu’un avis vraiment amical.
    j espere apporté une critique coonstructive etsurtout pas mechante, je respecte le travail fait, pour notre plus grand plaisir.
    Tu as l’air d etre a l ecoute et pour cela je voudrait pour UNE fois faire un don ou aidé si tu restes toujours aussiactif et a l ecoute, ca fait plaisir.
    J ai joué a un jeu que j aime je l aurais acheté, j en aurais eu pour mon argent donc je voudrais faire un modeste don.
    merci a toi

    1. Merci pour vos commentaires. Mon français est très mauvais, je peux le lire un peu, mais pas assez pour l’écrire, donc cette réponse est traduite via Google. Je suis désolée pour tout ce qui n’a pas été compris.
      La mère est celle qui a l’histoire la plus émotionnelle, elle a été ma préférée dès le moment où j’ai commencé à l’écrire et c’est probablement le personnage le plus complexe à cause de cela.
      La tante a toujours été destinée à être amaigrie, elle et le MC ont en commun d’avoir été gros et d’avoir maigri, c’est un point commun de plus dans leur histoire commune, et ce sont deux exemples que quelqu’un comme Kate peut suivre si le MC (le joueur) le souhaite. Malgré tout, la personnalité de la tante est encore marquée par des années d’obésité et ce doute de soi apparaît dans les premières scènes.
      La sœur a beaucoup souffert lorsqu’elle a perdu sa virginité avec sa mentalité pornhub, précisément à cause de cela et parce qu’elle est du genre “j’agis d’abord et je réfléchis ensuite aux conséquences”. Aucune personne ayant un minimum de connaissances n’aurait fait ce qu’elle a fait dans les bois parce que c’était comme arracher un pansement, mieux d’un seul coup.
      Pour moi, les jumeaux font partie de la célébrité du jeu, deux personnes totalement différentes qui ne partagent qu’une partie de l’aspect physique.
      Les autres relations sont toutes à un stade très précoce, elles se développeront donc petit à petit et chacune des filles trouvera sa place. Jusqu’à présent, à l’exception de Norah, aucune des filles n’a répété une scène de sexe en solo, donc tout le monde y va doucement et ne sort pas de l’ordinaire (cela s’applique aussi bien au MC qu’aux filles).
      La grosse bite était une erreur dans ma conception initiale. C’est mon premier jeu et je le trouvais amusant, mais je me rends compte maintenant que j’aurais dû le concevoir avec une taille plus normale.
      L’histoire des deux espions n’est pour l’instant qu’un teaser de ce qui va suivre, une façon d’informer le joueur qu’il se passe quelque chose derrière les rideaux dont les personnages ne sont pas au courant. Cela est lié à l’histoire de la famille au sujet des clones.
      Comme tous les fétiches sont optionnels, faire une femme avec un fétiche très spécifique est très compliqué, la fille que vous décrivez dans votre exemple serait éliminée pour les joueurs qui n’aiment pas l’anal.
      Une fois que les relations seront stabilisées, les scènes commenceront à être plus variées, car chaque personnage découvrira ce que les autres aiment.
      Encore une fois, merci pour vos commentaires.

      1. Merci à toi, merci pour l effort, le travail, et surtout pour ta disponibilité à discuter.
        ces qualités que tu demontres me permet de dire que tu arriveras toujours à aller au maximum de ce que tu veux entreprendre.
        pour le personnage a fetiche peut etre offrir le choix de ce fetiche ax joueurs : anal, uro, claque, etc… aux choix?
        quand j ai vu debie, j ai cru que c etait un Trans, moi qui me retrouve a etre attiré en secret pour des trans ultra feminin, j y ai cru…dommage pour moi lol
        por favor, il y a t il un lien de donnation, je ne suis pas fan de l abonnement, j ai peur d oublier dans plusieurs moi de l enlever si jje ne veux plus je prefere mettre, mememe 10 à 20 euros par moi mais quand je le decide tu vois ?
        merci encore, c est la premiere fois que je me retrouve a parler aussi longtemp en commentaire 😉

        1. Merci pour votre réponse et vos commentaires. En ce qui concerne le fétiche que vous proposez, cela me semble bien, le problème que je vois est de savoir comment mettre ce menu dans une conversation et le rendre naturel. L’autre problème est que donner toutes ces différentes options pour le même personnage nécessite de créer de nombreuses scènes différentes pour chaque rencontre, mais je vois ce que vous voulez dire et je pense que je pourrais réaliser quelque chose que tous les joueurs aimeraient.
          À propos de Debbie et de son apparence, vous n’êtes pas le premier à le penser. Son apparence est androgyne car elle est une nageuse de compétition (on en parlera dans la v.0.10), mais j’ai promis qu’il n’y aurait pas de filles trans dans le jeu quand je l’ai sorti pour la première fois et je vais rester avec il.
          Il existe plusieurs façons de faire des dons. Sur, vous pouvez faire un don du montant que vous souhaitez, mais il n’y a aucun avantage. Sur Patreon, vous pouvez souscrire à l’une des valeurs fixes et l’annuler au moment du traitement du paiement. Votre abonnement dure un mois et pendant ce temps vous bénéficiez des avantages que ce niveau apporte (fonds d’écran, aperçus, sondages, etc.)

  23. Okay, so far this is what I think:

    * Do note before you get your panties in a twist in comments: This. IS. What. I. Think. It’s an opinion. Call me an asshole or not, but I am allowed to have it. I can call you the same, for any derogatory comment in reply to it. (One word sentences are emphasis only. Most of you will probably be in the TL;DR crowd and I accept it. So I figured I’d point it out from the start, as succinctly as possible)

    The harem I like. The pregnancy as a viable option I very much like. The build up being easily seen as choice with clear identified consquences is a THANK YOU. So much. Jesus Christ you don’t even know how refreshing that is. (Though I will say some of the choices could be a bit more open in what exactly they will do to the story – like the phone call with Dad for example) Now…

    Lesbian content does NOT belong in a Harem. Harem IS NOT Sharing. Lesbian stuff every once in a while in a 3way scene is fair game. It should not be common. It should not be EVERY woman that MC pursues. It should properly be Bi. Because the game is not structured as an Orgy, and you are effectively countering the MC’s stated belief system when you do too much Girl on Girl without the MC involved. It’s NOT Free Love. It’s Love in a very certain vein. Having the girls become open to Lesbian content should NOT be a choice. It should be an option for ONE specific female, and toward ONE other specific female, that MC agrees to play with “together.” As in implied it only ever has anything happen as a 3way. Not at any other time. Otherwise you don’t have a Harem. You have everyone fucks whoever they want, very much maybe, focused on one man. Some of the time…

    Kate. I know about ESG and DEI and all the bullshit rules that organizations that award you guys for vested work have put into a freaking checklist to enforce… but, WHY? Frankly this game’s genre is way too niche to really have much chance to be awarded to start with. Unless they do have an Adult/Explicit category of them that I’ve never heard of before. Tell me that you’re going to do something to pare down her shape. I can deal with some level of stock – and as far as for a full body transformation, I’d be down if she ended up even SLIGHTLY more muscled than Debbie, since her frame more likely supports that. Proportionally – I care less that she has curves, which are a little too large (plump does not mean orange over hourglass. It means a very little too much baby fat left over, which is still manageably attractive to a certain type. The guy wants a harem – That does not equate the Player will be automatically inclined to stick MC’s dick into absolutely any and every girl you dream up for fuck sakes) She can be fixed, and the personality is fine. But at this point, with all the digs you let the girls all make, personality as a jokester can go either way. If that is her strongest trait, take her the hell out of the game.

    Kim – So, why didn’t you go ahead and just make her a full cat girl, istead of saying Nyah. [Yes, I know the skin condition exists in reality; guess what this is not. Point being, there are diverse enough body types that picking ONE skin color is fine and fair enough for representation. You had given her glasses. Make her blind as a bat without them to the point you’re at risk of being declared legally blind and there. You have a less jarring, much less aethetics challenging actual disability. Which is frankly far more common to see. * Never said I couldn’t do puns people. Throw tomatoes all you want] She is one of the more physically attractive females in the game, but that pattern is just naturally jarring to look at. In nature, patterns like that warn things away. For usually good reason. Fuck me. MC will be spending more time wondering if he should pet her to make her purr; get her a saucer of milk, or a collar that says Ms. Kitty…

    The two you leave OFF SCREEN most of the time, that tie into some science fiction narrative somehow. Either add them firmly into MC’s actual Harem as the story progresses, or I have no freaking clue what the point of them is. Other than to rip apart any immersion for your audience. It takes you OUT of the story, rather than making most of us more invested into it. Mystery is not a bad thing, but you’ve either flagged them to be involved by mere existence; or it’s a point where you’re going to drop MC off a cliff narratively. They’re either, here they come to save the day… wonder twins activate, or the MC will bend and breed them both and only ever consider “well, that was entirely unexpected.” Meanwhile it will be exactly what they planned the whole way. What I’m saying is, eventually if you want these two to be proper characters at all, you have to decide what you want to do about it. Are they in the story, or are they just a mind fuck you thought up?

    There’s also the college girlfriend who wanted friends with benefits. You introduced her; you stated she might return one day (and I would suggest should be provably loyal the whole way – to rebuild a new relationship with MC where she’s entirely open about her decision that it IS him she wants. Since you were leaning into the point she is more decided on that then she wants to seem even at that point of beginnings, as means to leave the door open for her content. I get it) and so far, there’s been nothing done about it. I mean if she’s gonna be the absolute last girl to enter into MC’s harem, fine and fair enough. I just hope with every other girl invested to write an arc with, you don’t forget about her.

    Mina’s entire scene at the apartment with the demon kitten: Fuck. Right. Off. She does not get to be bipolar like that, call the date ruined and expect at all to be invited out again. I don’t care if you want to do BDSM with her (and in that case the ONLY path for her should be MC as her Dominant) but bitchiness does NOT get rewarded. Ever. I skipped 90% of the dialogue just for how often these games pull some “strong willed” female being a rabid witch to the male – or at all physically violent; because if it was me… she’d right after the slap in the MC Sub scene be going through the wall. I have NO problem admitting that point, as THAT is Equal Rights. When you involve a combat scenario – so I’d suggest you either fix it to have her be more understanding, NOT HAPPEN AT ALL. Or fuck the cat. Period. He’s cute and all but if MC’s getting punished for any reason when she knows the little shit is an asshole, and she admits it, then the tirade she pulls is bullshit. Which makes her more drama than is worth the investment.

    We’ve also seen nothing really of the Cop, or the first girlfriend before he left. Considering I’ve taken every “Go For The Baby” option, you’d figure a few of them would be trying to hunt MC down by this point. At the very least to tell him.
    Tell. Not accuse. Not berate. They made the choice to fuck without protection; it IS as much THEIR fault. Them being pregnant or having gotten that way (especially because it’s catering to a set kink in content) is NOT grounds for a free pass on their behavior. Just to warn. [Nor will it be when ANY of the girls find out about each other; and I don’t care what their relation to each other is. The build up with the goth twin on their date flags the potential for a blow up… DO NOT go there. You will probably piss more of your audience off trying for that level of realism, than you think if you do] ** It’s not just about the CHARACTER’S reaction that you have to consider. Not when your work is basically bound to begging for payments, to be completed at all. [Which is my main problem with sites like Paetron] If you cannot afford to finish the game with a loss of subs, simply do not write scenes which will cost you subs. That’s as simple as it ever need be. A good writer will consider the audience they want to draw, with the story. As much as the story in itself. I do write mine for me, and I hope others would enjoy it, but end of the day if I ever publish, whether they will or not is personal choice. I can’t blame them for it. A game is not quite the same thing as a novel however. You have a site wherein your financiers will tell you what they want to see. Since I am not one of them (and can’t afford to be really, for any of the games I do very much enjoy on the budget I have for my own survival) I expect and accept you’ll mostly ignore me.

    Other than these gripes and the fact you really should never mention age as a concept at all, the game is surprisingly solid. I do think the Mom will be a continual cock tease, like she has been the whole time. I’d wonder if that wasn’t more the reason for the sudden divorce really; or if you want to fix it – turn it to the idea she was always massively HOT for MC, and tried to bury herself in work just to fight it. Meanwhile, she’s got to slowly come to terms with the idea that her son isn’t opposed to what she wants. She still gets to be a cock tease, there’s no question the divorce was necessary, and while it was partly her fault as well, it’s understandable. So she doesn’t lose empathy with the audience for any reason. I do think – even against my own kink preference – that any Aunt who has daughters who are old enough in the US and Canada to be fucked and breed is probably too old to actually get pregnant (more than once, except with a lucky shot since she’s already got twins… hey, make it triplets- for the hat trick baby!) and again there are a few points as lain out, I’d definitely fix if I were the one writing it. However, overall the graphics are very attractive. The characters, barring a little too much joking at MC’s expense, are endearing enough. The story is fairly compelling. So kudos for at least that much. Keep up the good work. It’s on my list of “Adult Games For Fun.” (I had to deliniate the ones I like, from the ones I would review, when I was employed for the short span it stood, to do so professionally) You can and perhaps should take that as a direct compliment. For whatever it might be worth.

    1. Don’t worry, I would never call a player an asshole, whatever his opinion, and whether he is a paying player or one who plays for free. I will try to answer all your points, I hope I didn’t leave anything out. I love long reviews, no kidding.
      Lesbian: There has been nothing lesbian at any point. For some players the kiss between Daphne and Scarlett is lesbian, for me it’s two girls practicing because they have no one to do it with. Any lesbian content will always be in threesomes with the MC present, and it is the player’s choice whether there is lesbian content or not. It’s something that happens in the heat of the moment (except for a threesome which will be planned by two girls). The girls want to be with the MC not with other girls. There is not going to be an epidemic of bisexuality or girl-on-girl action without the MC being present.
      Kate. You need to know that all the girls were thought out before I started writing the story. With Kate I had my doubts, as I didn’t know how someone so far from the usual beauty canon would make an impact. When I published chapter 1 those doubts were dispelled; several players said they were disappointed that Norah had slimmed down since the intro, proving that someone like Kate had her audience. Her story has a lot more than her physique behind it, and changing a character mid-game can be very complicated.
      Kim. With her, I had no doubts except whether I would find a Daz model that met what I wanted. I’m a fan of Winnie Harlow and wanted someone like that in the game. Designing her having a major visual impairment would almost be a repeat of Scarlett’s story (depending on which path the player is with her, she confesses she’s going to end up going totally deaf). Her story includes vitiligo and how that affects her.
      Eva and Amanda. They have made it clear when their story will unfold. You are not wrong that they are going to be part of the harem, but their story has deadlines, and the next deadline is Monday, as they said a few updates ago.
      Saira is coming back, and she will not be the last to arrive. She is the missing student in the first batch. India, yellow room (color of knowledge in the Indian culture), room for herself… It won’t be long before she shows up.
      Maddie. Since you talk about the slap, I imagine you play the route where she dominates the MC. It’s a tricky situation for both of them, as neither knows anything about domination. She saw an opportunity and took it, but doesn’t know how to behave. The relationship will evolve as they discover the limits the other can accept.
      Eileen was pregnant at the earliest on Sunday, and Alexia on Tuesday, too early for any confirmation, as demonstrated by Norah (Monday). They went for pregnancy tests on Thursday, but were told they were not worth buying. The current update ends on Friday. Don’t worry, the pregnancies will play a very important part in the story.
      Erika already knows about Norah and thinks it’s only fair that Norah knows about her. Naive, I know. But Erika is like that. Blow up? Do you really think a mother, seeing how her daughter has come up from the depths since Jack cheated on her, isn’t going to realize that the MC is good for her daughter? Even when she is experiencing it firsthand? One of the themes of this game is about creating a family where everyone has their problems and everyone (mainly the MC) helps each other to overcome them. It’s about accepting each other’s problems. A deaf girl, a fat girl, a girl with vitiligo, a girl with depression, etc.
      Mentioning age is important for several reasons. It lays the groundwork for the plausible behaviors of the characters. Norah can’t behave the same as Emma, for example.
      With Martha, I hope to surprise you in the next updates. I won’t spoil anything.
      I take it as a compliment that you took the time to do such a long review, with so many points both for and against. Hopefully, in a few updates, we’ll chat about this again and see if you’ve changed your mind about any of your comments.

      1. Thank you for being kind. Some have not responded nearly so well to my comments.

        In regard to Kate: I understand that the design will be hard to change – but if you acknowledge that she is that far from the norm in considered beauty standards, I’m not asking for miracles or even saying she can’t be a little thicker than average and still be “beautiful” to even gorgeous. What I am saying is it would go a long way for her to doubt she belongs; let the player help her the same way MC has done with all the girls by more actively working out with her. That she would recognize it IS a problem, and go out of her way to work on herself, for herself, would speak volumes about health issues these days. So that maybe the player can have options for how her actual end physique should turn out. For myself, I like Debbie and most of the other girls. I actually think Norah’s current build is perfect as “voluptuous” (girl kept the curves in all the right places) but she IS still thick. As some people would call it, and that’s does at least suit her age.

        As to the age: Only reason I mention it is the fact that it strains believe that some of the characters (namely anyone over 40) would be able to get pregnant. At least reliably, or to carry to term in a vein that wasn’t considerably more dangerous. There’s also the fact the older the parent is, the more likely the child will face otherwise easily avoided health issues. Lower intelligence being the kindest way to put it. Mental health problems. Physical detriments. I have looked this stuff up. The older you are when you start having kids, the more likely the child will suffer for it. Labor is taxing, and frankly, hemorrhaging happens more frequently than most want to think. An older body also takes longer to heal. Which is why I’m at least mostly okay with what I expect may be your “solution” to such issues. A lot of devs will just put older females in for at the best I can figure it, kink. Or to challenge attraction standards, I’d guess. However there are consequences in such cases, and not always just for the women in question. At any rate, I’ve been far enough into the story now (and am waiting for your next update but really – take your time. Quality is always more appreciated than a short, or rapid fire update that’s janked ; ) ) to know what MC and likely his family are. Those two aren’t subtle.

        As to the blow up; you originally wrote Norah to be possessive. They are fighting over the same man now. There’s plenty of porn scenarios and real life situations that break families over what a mother may choose to “take” from her daughter or vice versa. Though I admit the red flagging did not help after I did take the time to view all options with Mina. [I actually for my playthrough chose the romantic option as it was highlighted in green. But IF we’re talking BDSM flavoring, I will always prefer the MC is the Dominant, as that is what I am myself] I did hope that you wouldn’t manage to make them fight, or make the player feel bad… but there are a lot of devs who would and have gone there. More for drama’s sake. So please excuse the negative overly vigilant reaction. I do think that based on the fact Jack cheated, it has the potential to go either way with both women. Since you kind of have to twist all their arms to see things as okay with the MC’s point of view in the first place. They like/love him much more, so they’ll make exceptions they wouldn’t otherwise and I get it. BUT the idea he’s gotten both pregnant, or frankly that he’s gone with her daughter as well as herself could just as easily ding Norah’s build confidence and loyalty issues. If I recall right wasn’t there trouble with her husband too, or did he just get yeeted as dead in the story? There’s also the fact that if players are like myself, it won’t be just those two. Read I took EVERY option for babies available currently, and will continue to do so. [Side Note: In the BDSM scene, it’s better to know at least to some extent before any of that even comes up, what you as a person will, and more pointedly will not accept. To create ground rules and discuss them. That can then be adapted to tastes as you go on. Because the relationship is both most about Trust, and Consent. Else the key component of Control to either party cannot effectively be given over]

        Again aside my jokes about cat girls, I do think Kim is gorgeous. I’ll get over it. I changed a few of the names, so The Goth Girl is what I’ll call Norah’s darker twin. She’s my favorite frankly, but I take it she’s the one with depression? (There are several different shades so I’d argue it applies to some degree to all of the women) If her name is Martha, you know for the lulz you could have her cry during sex with the MC at last “Say my name.” (Not sure who’s going to get that reference, but you could always make them do it on a Superman & Batman blanket) I can at least appreciate the work you’ve put in. The fact you’re willing to listen to and remain reasonable within constructive criticism is a godsend. So thank you. I have for the most part very much enjoyed the game, and intend to continue to do so.

        1. I am a newbie in the AVN world, so I accept and listen to all comments. Then I have to decide if they are applicable to My Dorm or not.
          In Kate’s case, her story is not tied to her weight, although her weight will give an option to the player to change her appearance (even if that means double rendering in Act 3). Remember that the MC has already gone that route, he left high school fat and came back from college totally changed.
          I know the dangers of a geriatric pregnancy, my wife got pregnant at 44, but in a future update a Profile Page will be created for each of the girls, and knowing the age (even the birthday) is one of the most demanded data by the players, so keeping it secret during the dialogue doesn’t make much sense. Luckily, the children will be born after the end of the game, so I won’t have to deal with their health problems.
          Norah started out possessive and insecure, as demonstrated in the hair salon scene, but that’s when she realized she couldn’t keep a guy less than half her age when even she didn’t know where she wanted the relationship to evolve, or how far she was willing to go. At that point, she gives him permission to be with other girls. She was thinking about Eileen at the time (especially if the MC and Eileen went to the toilet the first time they met), at no point did she think that one (or two) of her daughters would share her tastes. The one who had problems with her husband was Martha (Mom), who is the one who starts with depression, drinking too much. Norah’s husband died 16 years ago in the plane crash. The game is meant to go for all babies, or even if some player blocks pregnancies in Eileen’s scene in the woods (because he doesn’t like pregnant women), Erika’s question at the end of the scene on the beach can enable those children in the epilogue.
          When you talk about Mina, I think that you are referring to Maddie (the girl in the clothing store). With her, I give a choice of which route to take (Romance, MaleDom, FemDom) for several reasons. There are players who don’t like domination (Romance), players like you who prefer MaleDom and others who prefer FemDom. But I don’t understand why you put her paragraph in the middle of the discussion between Norah and Erika.
          About BDSM, both of them are newbies to the subject. So am I and I didn’t want to do research before writing that scene precisely because of that. I wanted to write that scene with the mindset of “What would I do in that situation? How uncomfortable would I feel? How would I react to certain things happening?”. Since both of them enjoyed the experience, they’ll do some research on how it works. Maddie gave it a try, but only found things very hardcore.
          Defalut names:
          Mom: Martha
          Aunt: Norah
          Goth: Erika
          Goth’s twin: Daphne
          Sister: Emma
          The problem with making a joke with the name of one of the renameable girls is that if a player has renamed Martha as Emilia, for example, the joke about Batman vs Superman is lost. Most players would get it because they either haven’t renamed the characters or they know the default names, but in some cases the player’s face might be “wtf?”

          1. Thank you again for the considered, and respectful reply.

            You point of the MC was fat and went to turn himself around; to me that presents the case of Kate can do it too. Whether you go there or not, it’s fine. I may just have to ignore the character that isn’t to my tastes. Thing about Harem, doesn’t necessarily mean that every girl in the game has to be chased. : )

            BDSM isn’t for everyone. It can require a lot of rules, but really if you know what you want out of the relationship (on both sides) most of the set up is just props. It can be intense, and it doesn’t have to be at the same time. It’s more about understanding, and agreeing with what each partner wants. It’s not for everyone, and frankly one of my problems finding a sustainable relationship is exactly how dominant minded I am. There are other factors, but I’d prefer not to speak too much more to the topic. I’d still say she doesn’t get to be the only one that gets to call the date to a halt. Or decide there shouldn’t be another one. Submissive, does not mean doormat. It doesn’t mean punching bag. So yeah. The “research” really does need to be done first, if someone suspects they have that vein at all.

            At any rate, as I’ve said mostly I’ve enjoyed your work, and I never meant to start an argument. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to respond, and the work you’ve put into the game. Frankly this is the first time a developer has been so responsive to what otherwise was meant to be an entertaining opinion/review with a few suggestions. It’s not like I’d expect they’ll be implemented. Have a good day my friend, and keep up the good work.

            1. With Kate, there will be an option to slim her down, but she’s only been home for a day, you have to give her time for it. Not only the MC slimmed down, but also Norah, if the player so chooses, they will be positive influences for Kate.
              I agree with what you say about BDSM, and that is going to be part of Maddie and the MC’s relationship, this was just their first encounter, and they were both uncomfortable because it was something out of blackmail. Right now one of the two, depending on the route, is in a position of power over the other and the submission is not by choice. When they both start experimenting, investigating, and discovering what they like, it will go in different directions (always under the player’s control).
              Advice is always welcome, especially when it is done politely and respectfully. Also, when a player knows much more than the developer about a topic, as it can be with BDSM, it is a way for the dev to learn and not make mistakes.

              1. Very true; and I just got to the point where the option to slim Kate down is implimented in this current version 0.11A.1 So kudos to following through. I’m less thrilled that a lesbian is in a Harem game (and curious if she will let MC actually do anything in the three way situation) but I can deal with it. It will make her the only girl NOT technically IN the harem if Kate only does things with the other girls, so that will be a bit awkward. I would suggest an allowance that preferences being what they are, a gay person can still choose to have straight sex, in a three way relationship. While not losing the point that she is gay and gets much less out of anything not involving the girls. Or have her fall in love with MC as a person, and realize that she is in love with him in the vein of wanting a sustained relationship = so long as it includes any amenable woman, so she can get more out of it. [More like permanent fuck buddies I guess, where he is the only male she would consider this honor to give] I also appreciate that Saira decided to stick around. Though I found it a bit weird that she’d hang up in the middle of the call when she’s already had sex with MC. I get that it’s a panic reaction – and clearly she knows that he heard what she was saying to herself, but it still seems like a missed opportunity to tempt him back if she was that insecure about Eileen. I ended up choosing the romance path, but I wasn’t sure that I would end up with her in the harem if I DIDN’T choose Romance, so I missed out on Male Dom content. Luckily when I saw her scenes I did keep a save that gave all the options. It’s a habit from when I used to professionally review these games, and I do like seeing as many outcomes – that aren’t NTR – as I can get. You’ve done a great job so far my friend. Keep up the good work. (Though I will hope the date Lisa had with the other guy did not get as far as full sex – it kind of goes against the harem point)

    1. One of the things as a dev that I enjoy the most is talking with the players and hearing them, so I try to visit at least once per day every site where I know it’s published.

    2. Totally agree, the amount of effort and thought in the replies from the Developer is astounding. Massive respect 🙂

  24. V.0.9B has already been released on Patreon and Subscribe for the top tiers patterns. The release schedule is:
    Martha’s Savior and Meemaw’s Joy: March 10th
    Norah’s Favorite: March 14th
    Emma’s own: March 17th
    Daphne’s teacher: March 20th
    Erika’s Knight in Shining armor: March 23rd
    Scarlett’s first love: March 26th
    Public release: March 29th
    You can get it at:

    1. 1. He’s not ugly. He’s no 10/10, but far from ugly.
      2. He actually treats the girls well, so that’s why…

  25. Hey, I noticed that during the pool scene in the beginning after Scarlett takes off her hearing aid she can still hear what the others say and reply. Is that something you missed or is she not entirely deaf?

    1. Hi,
      She has a degenerative hearing disease, otosclerosis. Right now it only affects her left ear with a hearing loss of about 35%, so she can lead a normal life, her hearing in her right ear only has a 15% loss, not enough to wear a hearing aid.

  26. Just have to say that I love how this game doesn’t take itself seriously and points out the ways it works by AVN logic. Really enjoying this one.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. This is a story that has been told ad nauseam. Retelling it in the same way makes no sense, so we can laugh at the AVN tropes…. It’s the girls who spy on the MC in the shower, who chase him, who have sleep sex with him. It’s fun to write in a different way.

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