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The Lost Love [Ep. 5 U2] [SpeedPostX]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 92%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.21 ( 72 votes)

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  1. No - there is potential, but lay off the head trips, and work out what you actually want out of the story. Mostly you're just getting blue balls here. says:

    First, you made Thena look like Eve… and I’m just going to assume that Eve is either dead or is actually Fox; and IF you let those asshole girls actually harm nevermind kill the MC any more all you are doing is DISCREDITING his supposed “skill” at being this badass vigilante buddy. They should ALL of them be bent over a table by MC at some point – and while we’re at it, DO NOT make Jill take a fucking pill. The option to cum inside was there, and he did it twice, by PLAYER choice = that tells you what we WANT to see when the other option is make her cum and is not definitive he ends inside of her.

    Stop fucking fish-tailing with that girl by the way. It’s bad enough she’s hiding the fact that Mika is actually the one in debt, you made Melissa a hooker (or made him call her a Nympho – which frankly is a VERY RARE diagnosis and hard to actually put on someone in general because the desire for sex is hard-wired into us as a race for SURVIVAL, and we are all decent enough liars) for NO reason – while at the same point in one scene claiming that the MC owns her… so which is it??? Here’s a hint; this is a harem game. Only ONE of those statements can be true, and you should know which it is.

    Hell, instead of all the trippy dreamscape bullshit why don’t you try actually revealing whether Eve IS still alive and running a counter gang that got it’s wires crossed… or actively DOES want him dead for some imagined sleight. Far as we know, she left him. Not the other way around. So some clarification would be real bloody nice. You get less out of fucking with your audience’s head than you will by keeping the narrative straight and remembering what genre you want this blasted game to be. There’s also the point that since it’s a harem; there’s no reason she can’t rejoin. Unless she is dead, since I doubt you’ll introduce vampirism.

    Also, yes dumbass, dildos DO count as actually having had sex, so no. Chloe is nowhere near a fucking virgin, and she should not be dimwitted enough to even ask that bloody question. Roping MC into a pornstar just to pay rent that is HER RESPONSIBILITY when she’s patently involved in something questionably legal (which is grounds for eviction even in a residence of last resort by the way – so she SHOULD be evicted period) is a dumb idea that does NOTHING to endear her character… and since you’ve been blue balling with each girl, but especially Lilly = there’s NO reason to want to keep her in the fucking building. Also, you need to stop cock-blocking every three seconds when there MIGHT be an actual sex scene. I’ve seen maybe 2 of them so far… one was hot, the other didn’t last long enough to get my anywhere and was in a context I dislike. The rest has been cock teasing.

    At the end, Jennifer does not get to be pissed if MC fucks Mika. Maya DOES NOT get to be a timid little bitch about her desires, and keep the ONE MAN SHE SUPPOSEDLY TRUSTS/WANTS at bay just because she has sexual scars… you wrote him to have more than the same. Jesus. She DOES NOT deserve to be in the harem if you’re going to use her as a brick wall. And she ESPECIALLY does not get to be pissed at MC for pursuit of an overtly willing daughter. Or the black girl that might as well be. Also, Tara – is she ACTUALLY MC’s half sister or not? Because in the field where you could change things I chose that route for Ashley just for a bit of kink. So it’s kind of convoluted that you say she “lost” her half brother and then never bothered to clarify from her side. Because that just irks me. There’s no need for her NOT to be a half sibling if I can choose a “friend” character to be one the same.

    If you throw any more giant antagonists at the MC; you BETTER make him capable of dealing with the damned things. Him. Not the fucking girls. That proves NOTHING of his skill at combat, and it doesn’t do him any favors with the ladies. Most women will NOT sign on for a guy THEY have to “protect.” You want him to be a simpy shrinking violet, then write that, and he may as well be alone for the rest of his days. You want him to be the Alpha Male = you need to actually WRITE HIM TO BE ONE!!!

    1. Okay, so what was the point of introducing Thena if you’re JUST going to cock block with her – and she actively wants to kill him??? She doesn’t likely know who he was back then, or what he can still do now… or she wouldn’t be this level of pig headed about trying to beat a guy that even lapsed in training (Unnecessarily, because if he was that skilled and that trained, it’s NOT a discipline you EVER stop) he could still hand her her head. She and ALL of the girls associated with this mystery “Mistress” bitch NEED to be bent over a table and bred. By the MC. Soon. There DO NOT need to be more antagonists than MC can deal with, or more accurately, you as the writer/dev are willing to LET him deal with. Again fuck right off with the gorilla characters, and that includes the muscle bound bitch with the knife in the ring in your teaser trailer scenes at the end of the update Genius. No one’s going to want to fuck that…

      On that note: Fuck you on EVERY POSSIBLE LEVEL for having June SHOOT at MC AFTER HE JUST GOT PUT IN THE HOSPITAL… AND THEN letting the idiot who just got done confessing she’d “choose him” over her illegally gained porn collection of him and his girls, tell him NOT to reciprocate by putting June immediately out the fucking window. Seriously; what the fuck is wrong with you??? Have you ever been in a fight for your life situation Dev? Because I can tell you as a fighter at heart – ANYONE tries to take my life from me is going to fucking pay dearly for the attempt. Even if I have to go down with them. Don’t give a fuck if it’s a woman or a man. They DIE. No question; just instinct to protect yourself.

      Also, if Penny is that horny to suggest that Jill go fuck some rich dick she doesn’t want; why is she in the damned HAREM game? Unless you put her on the menu, she serves no goddamned point except to either be a massive cock tease, or an active cock block to an already confrontational female WHO DOES NOT GET TO BE BETTER AT MARITIAL ARTS than your supposed “Bad Assed Boogey Man MC” just because you rendered her Asian. She’s basically a slightly ripped pipe cleaner for fuck sakes. Do you know nothing about physics, or the actual mechanics in battle? She would go down HARD if MC hits her even once; and NO ONE can dodge every single attack. (Barring the best stated boxer ever to live, long ago who won the olympics in ancient Greece by purportedly never making a single punch and just being outright able to tire out his oppenents by dodging their PUNCHES) It does not include kicks or Submission moves, and frankly she’s built that way whether she wants to admit it or not… so what the fuck are you actually doing? Also – WAY too much lesbianism to call this a fucking Harem: Harem is the girls are ALL focused on ONE guy. Period. They do NOT focus as much on each other, and if they did, it would be more to catch HIS attention. Because anything else confuses the narrative that they DO want him to keep. Or to be seens as worthy of being kept by HIM. Jesus, I do not get how all of you who write this stuff don’t understand that bloody point. It’s the core of the goddamned GENRE! Polyamory is everyone fucks everyone, and generally it will not last – it’s a relationship that’s built to CRUMBLE. Not endure in the sense of a proper built Harem story. : /

      You have too many enemies waiting in the wings, not enough connectivity to the two characters who are “True Neutral” alligned at best, as the heroes to anyone that could actively counter the “armies” they’re purportedly up against – and you’re keeping all the damned girls in the dark about what he fucking IS. Why? That’s only going to cause more bullshit when they invariably do find out – and this thing with Jennifer “Protecting Mika” has to stop. Do NOT dance around the issue: does she love/want to keep him or not? Because if so, she needs to fess up and actively NOT act like a bitch every time MC wants to help her. Fucking hell. Also, stop with all the tease shots and get to the actual sex. And why in the fuck did you introduce two perfectly fine LI as fiancees… That’s just massively convoluted to get them into MC’s bed, and stinks of only MORE cock teasing. No bueno. They are BOTH going to be fucking him; and you set it up that Rei likes to watch… so it’s not unsalvageable, but it would’ve been better done to have them just be best friends that sometimes fuck where one is Bi openly, and the other is Bi Curious (it’s not the same thing) so that they’re both INTERESTED Openly in MEN to at least some stated degree. They can be together, but not that serious, and pursue the same guy that way, and it’s much less trouble in that can of worms. You already have like five gangs and potentially cops on MC/Jill’s hit list, plus the bullshit shadow squad that for some reason wants MC’s head… except Mistress says no. Again: WHY??? If the “mistress” is Eve, get on clarifying that. Why did she leave, what the fuck happened to her to make her capable to lead a shadow organization that for all we know is just another gang waiting to MC and Jill to take down, and if it’s someone else, be specific that Eve is DEAD. Not coming back, never meant to leave him and got in trouble he couldn’t get her out of… Something. For fuck sakes. But THIS point is why you DON’T need drama inside the Harem! That time shown is meant to build endearments, and strengthen ALL accepted relationships. Have hot lewd secenes to appreciate the audiences dilligence in playing through your meandering storyline. Not to antagonize the MAIN CHARACTER for any reason. Especially to the point it looks like any of the given girls DON’T actually want him.

  2. This is easily one of the best visual novels out there.
    – The story is well developed.
    – The visuals are fantastic.
    – Sex scenes animation and dialog are perfect.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Game is a mess, even if you close some paths, in the script everything just goes on as if you didn’t make that choice. Story becomes confusing with all the side story’s he is mixing together in it. And if the mc has to fight for his live against Thera, there is no reason for him to hold back, so why let this fight happen in the first place, it’s plain stupid when he could easy kill her. This game makes no sense at all.

  4. A chick covered in tats. With skulls no less. Yeah I want to stick my dick into that and watch it fall off after.

    1. Why there is an incest tag???!! It is because you can determine your relationship with the black girl or actual direct incest was implemented in the fourth episode…

  5. I think dev makes many beta version that’s why he said it is final of this episode,
    But man it’s taking too long to deliver an update.

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