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Silicon Lust [v0.27b] [Auril]

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Bedroom – Watch out your window
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Living-room – Binoculars left to picture at wall
Livingroom – Interact with your TV
Hallway 1st floor – open all two doors which can be opened
Bedroom – Watch out the window to neighbors house – scene
Entry hall- open the door
Bedroom – watch again out of window – scene
Bedroom – Nightstand – get dildo
Masterbedroom – attach dildo – scene
Entry hall – answer phone
Kitchen – interact with cat
Basement (next to garage door) – Storage room next to stairs – 1st shelf to your right – cat food
Kitchen – interact with cat bowl – scene
Bedroom – get phone on your desk
Masterbedroom – interact with Mr. Rabbit
Basement – interact with cinema tv – scene
School – Mens bathroom – mid stall – scene
Living room – scene
Entry hall – open the door
Bedroom – get VIP card next to your screen
Entry hall – open door again
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Living room – Interact with VR headset next to tv
Dungeon – go to throne – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom / shower – scene
Bedroom – grab your phone
Basement – door next to cinema tv – right corner fusebox
Ground floor – Garage – Shelf – bottom – get fuse
Basement – add fuse to fuse box – scene


Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Bedroom – go out door and change bikini
Bedroom – bottom left cornor to your mirror
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Garden – go pool
Garden – go fence, watch neighbor – scene
Kitchen – slide door
Homeoffice 1st floor – interact with window and go right side
Outside 1st floor – interact with bathroom window – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go attic stairs
Attic – straight behind shelf – interact with picture
Attic – make your way to the very end – interact with desk (left side orca toy, right side dildo and vhs, middle camera)
Attic – camera – scene
Attic – interact with dildo right side to sofa
Attic – back to staris – interact with attic window
School – Mens bathroom – scene


Entry hall- open the door
Pool – interact with orca (optional)
Bedroom – interact with wardrobe
Entry hall- interact with door
Neighbors – go living room – scene
Kitchen – interact with slide door / cat
Garden – follow cat – scene
Neighbors 2 – enter trailer and interact with neighbour – scene
Entry hall- go to stairs
Masterbedroom – interact with neighbor
Kitchen – fridge – take beer
Garage – left side to the fuses – click red box
Hallway 1st floor – go locked room next to bedroom
Silbings bedroom – get cards left side at wall shelf
Basement – interact with neighbor – scene
Bedroom – nightstand – take condom
Bedroom – go basement – scene
Entry hall- interact with door – scene


Basement – take bra at sofa
Basement – take panties und cinema tv shelf
Bedroom – answer phone – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom / shower – scene
Garden – interact with fence / neighbor
Bedroom – Wardrobe – get dressed
Garden – interact with fence
Neighbor 2 – go trailer and interact with tv next to bed
Neighbor 2 – interact with ladder / trailer roof
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom
Garage – get electric screwdriver
Hallway 1st floor – interact with neighbor
Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Bedroom – go bed

End of content

Bedroom Mirror + Sporting equipment

– Bedroom late at night – go downstair – Entry Hall – Scene (late call)
– Back to bedroom (after the late call), don’t click on the bed, click on nightstand then the dildo to get another scene.
– Then click on the bed, to sleep – Another dream scene [Monster]New day
– Go to Garden – you found neighbor cousin at pool
– Go inside the Trailor – you see neighbor cooking – Scene [Kira x Justin]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 60%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.15 ( 12 votes)

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  1. Doesn’t look bad, but the performance is horrible. The girl sounds like an anime character who a Japanese porn actress. It’s hard to find out what you need to interact with.

    And content wise there is monster / furry stuff there. So I noped out. Could be nice with just human content.

  2. Opinions on this game, gentlemen? Worth downloading/trying out?
    Any technical issues, etc.?

    Thanks in advance…

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