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Silicon Lust [v0.35b] [Auril]

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Bedroom – Watch out your window
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Living-room – Binoculars left to picture at wall
Livingroom – Interact with your TV
Hallway 1st floor – open all two doors which can be opened
Bedroom – Watch out the window to neighbors house – scene
Entry hall- open the door
Bedroom – watch again out of window – scene
Bedroom – Nightstand – get dildo
Masterbedroom – attach dildo – scene
Entry hall – answer phone
Kitchen – interact with cat
Basement (next to garage door) – Storage room next to stairs – 1st shelf to your right – cat food
Kitchen – interact with cat bowl – scene
Bedroom – get phone on your desk
Masterbedroom – interact with Mr. Rabbit
Basement – interact with cinema tv – scene
School – Mens bathroom – mid stall – scene
Living room – scene
Entry hall – open the door
Bedroom – get VIP card next to your screen
Entry hall – open door again
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Living room – Interact with VR headset next to tv
Dungeon – go to throne – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom / shower – scene
Bedroom – grab your phone
Basement – door next to cinema tv – right corner fusebox
Ground floor – Garage – Shelf – bottom – get fuse
Basement – add fuse to fuse box – scene


Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Bedroom – go out door and change bikini
Bedroom – bottom left cornor to your mirror
Kitchen – interact with slide door
Garden – go pool
Garden – go fence, watch neighbor – scene
Kitchen – slide door
Homeoffice 1st floor – interact with window and go right side
Outside 1st floor – interact with bathroom window – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go attic stairs
Attic – straight behind shelf – interact with picture
Attic – make your way to the very end – interact with desk (left side orca toy, right side dildo and vhs, middle camera)
Attic – camera – scene
Attic – interact with dildo right side to sofa
Attic – back to staris – interact with attic window
School – Mens bathroom – scene


Entry hall- open the door
Pool – interact with orca (optional)
Bedroom – interact with wardrobe
Entry hall- interact with door
Neighbors – go living room – scene
Kitchen – interact with slide door / cat
Garden – follow cat – scene
Neighbors 2 – enter trailer and interact with neighbour – scene
Entry hall- go to stairs
Masterbedroom – interact with neighbor
Kitchen – fridge – take beer
Garage – left side to the fuses – click red box
Hallway 1st floor – go locked room next to bedroom
Silbings bedroom – get cards left side at wall shelf
Basement – interact with neighbor – scene
Bedroom – nightstand – take condom
Bedroom – go basement – scene
Entry hall- interact with door – scene


Basement – take bra at sofa
Basement – take panties und cinema tv shelf
Bedroom – answer phone – scene
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom / shower – scene
Garden – interact with fence / neighbor
Bedroom – Wardrobe – get dressed
Garden – interact with fence
Neighbor 2 – go trailer and interact with tv next to bed
Neighbor 2 – interact with ladder / trailer roof
Hallway 1st floor – go bathroom
Garage – get electric screwdriver
Hallway 1st floor – interact with neighbor
Bedroom – Watch out the window – scene
Bedroom – go bed

End of content

Bedroom Mirror + Sporting equipment

– Bedroom late at night – go downstair – Entry Hall – Scene (late call)
– Back to bedroom (after the late call), don’t click on the bed, click on nightstand then the dildo to get another scene.
– Then click on the bed, to sleep – Another dream scene [Monster]
New day
– Go to Garden – you found neighbor cousin at pool
– Go inside the Trailor – you see neighbor cooking – Scene [Kira x Justin]

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Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 91%


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  1. “A game from the famous creator of the WhoreCraft game series”

    Jupiter-sized red flag. Dev telling you he’s famous. So is Jeffrey Dahmner, chief.

    Like Finn claiming to be a “big deal” in the Resistance.

    Or Trump desperately telling anyone and everyone how ‘smart’ he is after he scores poorly on cognitive examinations. You know who never went around telling everyone how smart he was? Einstein.

    If you are smart, you don’t need to tell people you are beacause it is obvious. If you are famous, dev, you don’t need to tell people you are…because they would already know.

    1. Contrary to popular believe Einstein was not a genius he was a savant

      This means he was at or below average intelligence in most of his cognitive functions. Hence why he had serious difficulties with basic mathematics in school. Einstein instead created an entire branch of math from nothing probably due to the frustrations of being unable to deal with basic math

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