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World’s Crossing Academy [S2 v0.2.3.1] [TeamEmberWings]

Download for Windows/ Linux - Season 1

Download for Windows/ Linux - Season 2

Download for Mac - Season 1

Download for Mac - Season 2

Download for Android - Season 1

Download for Android - Season 2

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 8.2%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.31 ( 28 votes)

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  1. Stating that a fictional species in a fictional world is by human standards “of age” is just stupid. Why state the species mature into adulthood in ten years then? Too many layers of useless information in my opinion. Just started the game, the story seems great, but this is just stupid; if the devs didn’t want that kind of content, could’ve just say “our species are short in nature” and leave it at that.

  2. There is a point in the game where the girl that is about half MC’s size insists she wants to fight him = the responses are BE PRIDEFUL/BE SARCASTIC – The game KEEPS Looping back to that scene for no fucking reason… so I cannot even complete what should be season 1. I do not know, since you apparently have a bug like that, or haven’t actually completed the first season to start with, how you think you can just move to a season 2.

    Unless you want to handle it like Mass Effect Sequels and have me pick what choices I made with which girls from the start of the second season… then it’s fair game. Still badly handled, but fair enough. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for a third season though. Not given how ME 3 ended. : /

    1. Had to restart the game on this current update version to get past the loop with Jade. Sucks that it had to be that way.

      First – what the actual fuck did you put Cecelia in the game for? Other than to fuck with the player’s heads. Yandere is NOT acceptable – threatening someone with physical violence MALE or female is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Fuck martial arts, the SoB should’ve bought a gun. Then you say she may join the harem at some point (we will get to your rather loose interpretation of “Harem” by the way) BUT the critical decision point where you get to “influence” her as far as I saw was BULLSHIT. There were 2 choices; the middle one does FUCK ALL. It brings you back to choose either SHE KILLS YOU IN A BULLSHIT MOVE IF HE’S A MARTIAL ARTIST (YOU JACKASS!) or you basically kick the puppy one last time, and she actually gets the point. [Making it be her older sister to stab Gillie DOES NOT alleviate the problem of Cecelia genius. It makes it worse because there’s NO fucking reason that Ashley should be in the game after the point you said they broke up – and if she IS then why would SHE NOT TRY TO GET MC back???] This whole character arc is not complex. It’s NOT deep. Most of your philosophy conversations are white knighting, and some of it is backwards as fuck, since half your comments denegrating men can go the same way toward MOST women. Most is the problem = Sweeping generalizations are not a good idea for anyone.

      Next: Lesbian, but she will tease the fuck out of MC. To the point where it seems that if she wasn’t so interested in fucking with his head because she knows he likes her; they might actually hit it off. Right… Lesbian, and you make an elf that’s EXPRESSED INTEREST in the MC – who is apparently more open to relationships being open – date the LESBIAN! Why. THE. FUCK. ARE. THESE. TWO. IN. A. HAREM. GAME??? It’s fine if they’re both Bi; or the “Lesbian” realizes she COULD be bi. Even if it’s just for one specific guy. Hell use Elven High Magic to transform her fucking orientation so Elven GF can be GF to both her and MC, because she wants to be GF to both elf and MC. NOT THAT HARD. You actually have two acceptably attractive characters that you’re walling off to the player for NO FUCKING REASON! In a harem that’s a cardinal sin.

      There’s the idea you’ve actually walled off another character; by making her betrothed to the kingdom hearts reject. FUCK. THAT. By the end, both of the girl spirit elves SHOULD be in the harem and Leon can go play resident not so evil somewhere the fuck else. Or die blowing up the laboratory with Avers in it, to beat at least one antagonist. Noble sacrifice that denotes he was important = BUT DOES NOT GET THE GIRL. Who both should properly see the MC as their savior.

      Aging up Nook? Why. Stupid idea. Making it hard to undo is you telling the audience LET ME KEEP BLUE BALLING YOU UNTIL YOU LOOK AS OLD AS THIS CHARACTER. Introducing a hard ass, just to make her fuck up badly enough we ALL know that princess is going to make her MC’s sex slave as a wedding gift, was so damned obvious and frankly pointless. You have three other random goblins who didn’t need to be there, and why the hell did you give the goblin teacher WHITE freaking hair and still make her look facially sixteen? Frankly she also didn’t need to be in the game.

      The reason MC would wall off against Ms. Clements by the way ISN’T just because he’s being unreasonable about her being “mean.” Or has come to expect it. Genius’ = SHE. IS. HIS. BOSS. She literally controls whether he gets paid or not. Whether he keeps his job. Whether he gets promoted. One word otherwise and he’s out the damned door. She’s even made that threat. He’s being professional and generally ONLY professional to her because he wants to be able to have a place to live. Enough to eat. To not freeze to death on the streets just because some elderly bitch has scars. Fuck me sideways. Also, if you’re going to render her body that decently, screw the wrinkles on the face. Screw the white hair. It’s called botox and dye. (Or frankly having the common sense to be aware that most devs can SAY a woman is 35-45 or whatever years old, and still render her no better than 30 in practice. This is anime for fuck sakes. Call her half Asian and she could look 20 until she’s 80. Tell me Selma Hyak looks like she’s as old as she is. Kelly Hu. It happens, even in real life)

      Harem means MC gets EVERY GIRL that the player chooses to pursue; and should actively be allowed to DENY a girl they don’t want to. It’s not Pokemon. It’s not gotta fuck em all, just because they’re there. They have to be WORTH COLLECTING, and being KEPT. Most of the others I have less problem with. Though I’m a bit surprised you haven’t done werewolves, vampires or cat-girls yet. I will say I think you rendered Kanako a little too chunky, big curves aren’t necessarily bad and neither are small; but the key is like you said. Balance. Most guys like porportional. I’m also not a fan of that break the 4rth wall TV thing you did in season 1. That’s generally a sign of either bad writing, or the author not taking the subject matter seriously enough.

      So far the last real complaint I have is there’s too much blue balling about the actual sex scenes. Lots of foreplay, but the dwarf girl is the first one we can fuck; and that only happens in Season 2? Come on. There’s also the whole it’s a harem – she wants me to cum inside, and I hope she’s not the only one = Pregnancy should be in the tags. Unless you want to code in the MC’s sterile. but that would be a dick move.

      1. I didn’t mind the yandare type character, but the problem I had after finishing prologue was that, obsessive as she is, why would she lose her virginity to a doll with a dildo? Shouldn’t she stay pure and intact for the MC?

  3. Fucking version 0.3.14532765282.937492.00

    Can you just put out actual quality updates? I played this a before but before a whole other .0 got added. Definitely waiting for a full release with this one. I typically steer clear of anything that’s below 0.5 for this exact reason.

  4. I think you guys are a bit harsh in your criticism. I have played the game and I am enjoying it. I will admit the slower pacing and the Non-Chad type mc may not be for everyone. I personally like this game because the author chose to do something different. I mean does every MC have to be a aggressive or insanely “macho”? I don’t think so myself. The fact that he comes across as a more “normal” guy is a god thing in my opinion.

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