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Race of Life [Ep. 3.1 Extra] [Underground Studio]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Multi-Mod


Choices are highlighted
Added Gallery Unlocker
Wil add Cheat (Not necessary in Ep.1)

Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

View Walkthrough

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Editor's Rating

Story - 88%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 89%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 142 votes)

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  1. This game sincerely needs to be Allison ONLY.
    The quality of story connected to her is SO good that the free std-riddled pussy being thrown your way every 5 seconds is just absolutely ruining it.

  2. All in All, one the best games on this site. Graphics is top tier, better than most other games. No complaints.

    1. It’s Veronica alternative scene in the yoga class lockroom. If you make her come in middle of the class, you get the blowjob scene. But if you don’t make her come and just keep edging her, you get the blowjob + anal sex scene.

  3. This game is one of the best when it comes to Storyline, Graphics, Choices etc. Seriously loved this game.

  4. How to buy Gauges..In episode 3.1..when kris publish her app named as “Sweet Ride”
    Because it is saying insuffcient money and stucked at that part

      1. Hey dude! Thanks for helping..But which file should i edit, I mean which file should i upload to your given website…Can you please tell me steps, how to edit

  5. How to buy Gauges..In episode 3.1..when kris publish her app named as “Sweet Ride”
    Because it is saying insuffcient money and stucked at that part

  6. Amazing game…the convos between Jake and Coop are funny as shit. Very realistic and the women are absolutely gorgeous. The story is also amazing…I’m really looking forward to this one. Characters are great with great individual stories and personalities. Great job

  7. Atmosphere in the story is on realistic/darker side. I have never seen any 2 fast 2 furious movies, but this game feels like darker version of that franchise. I’m pretty sure hollywood would not put antagonist from this game to lighthearted drifter movie. It is really fun to juggle with drama of different women and try to find your favorite path for the MC. Racing and daughter part is just mandatory background story. Latest update did introduce some car part buying and money managing, if that is your thing. “Evil boss” arc is there because… overcoming them will make at least one woman wet? Sometimes it feels more of a car movie, than erotic game.

    All the writing is well done and specifically conversations with women. His male friend is just goofy side character and other men are mostly evil pieces of shit. Some characters are goofy comedic relief, some cartoonish evil and some your normal realistic drama close to real world. I really like the “new girlfriends/old wife/horny students” -drama. All the writing is well done, even if some battery/car/3D printer/racing conversations are less interesting.

    All the women are really nice to look at. It is also great that they have different body proportions. Sex scenes are joy to watch, even if they are just normal vanilla sex. There is at least some sexual excitement around scenes and writing on them is well done. Sad thing is that most of the pictures in the game are pretty boring to watch, making the already boring conversations even more boring. There are some rare sexy outfits and poses, but most of the game is just avarage summer clothing without sexy angles. 4/5

  8. overkill with the choice of a lot of scenes you miss due to the specifics of getting this or that scene, I think it’s stupid since half of the content is lost.

    1. way to advertise to the entire fucking internet you’re a sick piece of shit who wants to bang underage girls you sick fucks are every where nowadays

  9. a good game
    I really liked to refuse girls
    here they are like cats trying to jump on MC, looking at their faces after refusal is a pleasure.
    I’m waiting for you to continue to break them all

  10. The story and gameplay are very good. Especially the mini games (not a fan of) are balanced pretty well…
    Animation / render are good as well.
    Very promising games with choices that do impact the story mainly the behaviour of the girls toward MC and MC dialogues depending on his personality. I guess a harem path is not planned based on the branching so far. Some choices have a lasting consequence way later in the game but player has almost no clue about how il will affect the game. So guess a walkthrough will really be required to find all the scenes.
    Only down side in my opinion, the dialogues about physics and car improvements may be too long. If you are into that, some scenes are really boring. Allowing player to get a “short version” could be good.
    8/10 in my opinion.

  11. Roll back doesn’t seem to work for me in this desktop version. Works fine in the web version on other sites. I scroll the mouse button up or down and nothing happens. Might just be me but I went through the settings and didn’t find anything that helps. Any tips would be most welcome. Thank you!

    1. try redownloading or try f95zone and download from there idk, for me everything worked just fine (on pc and android too)

  12. It’s a great game, but the story line off Maggie does not fit in. No man with the problems mc has to face would get involved with her and her mother, because off the risk in it for him. You should be able to reject her.

    1. yes but being able to do that would make sense I mean I chose every negative response for her and still was forced to help it’s dumb I don’t even like her same with the red head can’t remember her name, sigh and then there is Alexa that bitch is nuttier than squirrel shit I’m trying to save the guy from having to stick his dick in crazy

  13. Don’t know how far in I am at this point but two things that really annoy me are the hairy arms the MC has, I’m constantly waiting for him to turn into a werewolf, gross. Then there’s Cooper, your main love interest with whom you spend most of your time with…if you are playing these games to hang out and chat with some dude all day, this one is for you. Not really why I downloaded this game to be honest so you can imagine my disappointment so far, just sayin…I’ve resorted to skipping all dialog from him. Holding the skip button can feel like minutes sometimes..

    Rest seems okay, renders and animations are nice. Gonna finish it considering Cooper doesn’t annoy me too much.

    1. Every game has an asshole friend for some reason. I guess it’s so you can also play a gross, rude idiot if you want. In any case, lots of eye candy in this one.

    2. Smoke are you a retard this is a serious ? btw because you wrote “Then there’s Cooper, your main love interest” there is no gay content in this moron so i’m kinda curious WHY you would actually say this

      1. I said this because THAT’S who you spend the most time with in the game, it was sarcasm. Did you hear the “woosh” sound as it flew right over your head? My point was people come here for romance and not bromance, the game sucks and so does having to listen to Cooper for most of it. he’s neither funny nor interesting, just annoying.

        1. your sarcasm LOL ok if that’s the way you wanna play it then go ahead because your sarcasm is none existent hence I called you a retard, btw I still stand by that comment why don’t you just do what everyone who actually has a brain does IGNORE him or are you really that retarded? and if he is neither funny nor interesting, just annoying to you then don’t play it rather than hurting yourself by trying something your obviously shit at

  14. @Everyone: play this game, seriously, it’s a gem in the making !!!

    This one caught my interest a few months ago. Had a HD crash last month, lost all progress on every game – so when I saw ep.2 was out, had to play it from the beginning again. And I’m not dissappointed at all !!!

    I get a Leap of Faith-vibe from time to time. In a positive way.
    It’s a great story, good pace, lots of choice, great renders, it has a similar soundtrack-vibe in ep.2 and it has GREAT humour, and a lot of it.

    Hats of to the dev, support his work!

  15. Amazing title.
    Sure there are some naive issues in script, but as for renpy VN its ok.
    Choices are very good – and actualy matter (you change how game proceed). And I love small touches like when with choices the atmosher changes – backgroud music gets more flirty or serious depends of your choices – e.g. with Jasmine in lab).
    Beside the renders are top notch, music is good, and mini-racing games are ok, episodes, especaily 2nd I longer than usual with renpy VNs – it took me about 5h with replays. The sex scenes could be better, but aren’t that bad sooooo….. must play….

    You should play it as hell if you liked No More series, Intertwined or Fresh Women. TBH, I think No More Money 3rd season and FW 2nd season lose some impact and I find Race of Life replacing them at the top of renpy VN moutain (yeah, but there is still only one king above – Being Adicted ;)).
    You can also play it if you like a little more serious titles like Leap of Faith (but it was more serious than Race of Life so far) or Three rules of Life (which is sooo great, but ok.)

  16. Renders are so good. Episode 2 is good too. But my only complaint is gap between each update. It takes almost a year for one episode.

      1. that’s what pretty much every dev comes out with as an excuse/reason if that is the case then put the damn thing on hold until they feel like there upto it instead of in this case lying about the content length because it kinda makes you look scummy if you feel you need to lie about stuff

  17. Fantastic game. Models are pretty and the story is engaging. Only thing I wish that was better are the sex scenes. They are pretty short.

  18. not a bad start not the greatest tbh drama with the ex wife got boring real quick best friend also got annoying pretty quickly typical flirty student which has been done many times before, not really a fan of timed choices so not sure i will continue with this if there are too many of those, models are decent animations are good same typical mc who is an ass hole who cheated not like that has been done before over all it’s mediocre to ok for me hope it improves in the next update but i’m not gonna hold my breath

  19. 2 DAYS AGO AT 1:24 PM
    Development update – 27.07.23
    Hello everyone!

    I’ve mentioned it earlier that in the next development update I’ll try to give you guys an estimate of when the release will be and the time has come. I’m assuming that with the current state of development, we can say that Episode 2 will be out at the end of August/beginning of September. I’m quite confident that the renders and animations will be ready by the end of August, but the development is not only about renders, so I prefer to assume that the release will be closer to the beginning of September 😊

    Besides the renders, I have to put the last scenes into the code, add music and sound effects to the entire Episode 😅 Also, I know that there’ll be dozens of renders that need fixing in post-work or even re-rendering. After finishing the renders, there will be a lot of work on the aesthetics of the game, which will also take some time. Beta testers also need the time to test the final scenes. They did an amazing job and most of the Episode is already very well tested and fixed. Of course, you should also remember about the release priority for the highest tiers Patrons. Champions ($100 Patrons) will get the game one week before others, Racers ($50) 5 days, Mechanics ($20) 3 days and Bookmakers 1 day. I hope you can hold out for a little longer, because we’re already on a final straight! 🥳

    Today’s preview is a bit different because yesterday I submitted Race of Life for a Steam review and I figured it’d be nice to show you how RoL’s main screen in your Steam library will look like 😃 This render will be a key marketing image on Steam and will be used in the library as well as in the store.

    And as always, a few words from Joshua:

    With the race scene now complete, we’re in the final stretch to releasing Episode 2.

    As we’ve said before, there will be quite a bit of playtime in Episode 2, so while the development cycle has been long, I think players will see where the time was spent. There are two big events that play out very differently depending on player decisions, so while they took a lot of time, I think they’ll be a lot of fun.

    As for me, writing Episode 3 is continuing well. I’ve just finished another scene, and I estimate the script is about 1/3 done. The characters have been fleshed out well, and we’re getting into the point where the story is picking up the pace. Jake will be leaning heavily on the people around him to help him reach his goals, which includes his love interest(s). How that plays out will depend on the player, and some of the girls are more helpful (and more open to adventure) than others.

    Thanks to everyone that’s been so patient. I understand that it’s been a long time between updates, but we’re almost there now. I appreciate everyone who has provided feedback (even if it was negative).

    Special thanks go out to our beta testers as well. They’re doing a great job of checking every detail so that the final result is even better.

  20. Considering that it’s still only 1 episode released so far, I held off for a little bit..
    But have now decided to try it out in hopes of being greeted with a proper amount of content for it’s early state, which in turn would suggest that a full and completed version would be quality, and I’m so happy to have found out that it is.

    Only thing I wanna underline is: DEV, DON’T SLACK NEAR THE END! you bastard :D, and this will be a BAD-type gem because you’ve laid the groundwork well my friend.

    Great work so far, great game.

    Honest 8.8+ on IMDB with the potential to stay between it and 9.2 or even higher, out of 10, throughout development.
    Keep it up.

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