Wifey’s Dilemma Revisited [v0.48] [3Diddly Games]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 69%
Visual - 77%
Engagement - 71%
Core Loop - 70%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.87 ( 75 votes)

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  1. NTR is about as exciting as being in a kennel full of dogs pissing everywhere and humping each other, all while trying to avoid stepping in dog shit.

    So who came up with this dogshit concept of NTR and thought it would be a good idea?  Somebody who loves dogs I suppose, and probably in ways they shouldn’t.

  2. At this point, I’m thinking it should be a harem. Not sharing. I want the wife to be loyal; but that doesn’t mean I’m not irked by so many other women being in the game if I can’t pursue them just because you say so dev. If you can bend the bitch – who IS using you to keep a green card just to start; and WILL cheat on you if you pick the wrong options – to be that sub to you by becoming Pledged; you can bend her to accept her Master fucking any girl he wants – WITHOUT her getting the same ability. Which is a harem. It’s not that hard to code, it would cater to a wider audience in general and you don’t have to remove the BULLSHIT NTR paths, so it’s less work than you think. Frankly with the pledged storyline it should be an optional path as you’re basically leading into that sort of content anyway. But then I’ve barely gotten to the option to cum inside of Wifey without a condom… so I’m not expecting to see the content I’d actually want any time soon.

    Why bother having a hot boss, and hot women who can “influence” YOUR girl if you’re not going to let the player actually DO ANYTHING about it???

    1. This is a Harem.
      A GAY MMMF Harem. hahahahah
      Zero porn content in Male MC straight path.

      Game have 10+ male love interest for gay path.
      And male MC straight path have only cheap prostitute wife. And another girls never appear because 99% of content is GAY VOYEUR and MMMMF “Harem trans queer black gay boys” PATH.

      1. Voyeur is not an indication of Gay. It means you enjoy watching. The two are not bound together. One does not mean the other. If you’re going to get into social politics, of any sort, please refrain from responding to me. Period. I comment reviews, constructive criticisms or general observations and add suggestions to most of the games I’ve played. I do not give a flying fuck about all of you making troll comments. One way, or the other. Hate gays, that’s your problem. Against Trans, fine. Fair enough. Want to insult each other until kingdom come; have the fuck at it. But stay well the fuck away from me. Or I will very definitely let you have it.

        I simply stated that this arc of The Pledged has the potential to open the game to a wider and more accepting/accepted audience. Especially since the NTR is avoidable. Besides, if the dev is so inclined to make MC a cuck, and a voyuer at least with a harem path he could make Wifey do it openly. Enjoying watching him while in the room, and perhaps adding a Breed Em All kink. What, she’s Asian. She probably likes Poke’ My Mons. ; )


          The more important CHOICE in this game: BROKE UP. And the cheap prostitute wife dissapear of screen. DEV add alternative content with another girls.

          But are 3 years milking and NOTHING. Zero sex scenes of MC with another girls. ZERO. This is not AVOIDADLE. This is SKIPPABLE. Because nothing is ADDED TO REPLACE GAY VOYEUR PATH.

          You need ONE SCENE in male MC straight to replace each GAY SCENE.
          Gay MC can peep in a ugly black boy.
          Then you avoid, you kick black ass of black boy, and YOU(MC) fuck a new girl.

          This is avoidable NTR with alternative content.
          Not boring SKIP gay futa netorare and NO CONTENT to straight male path.

          In 3 years game need minimal 5-10 sex scenes in Male MC straight path. With 4-5 different girls.

          And in the gay path, 4-5 different boys for you.
          Then the game became “BALANCED” with content for both audiences.

          Now its 99% GAY VOYEUR content. No reasons to play.

  3. I don’t dislike this game because has NTR tag on it. but NTR is completely avoidable and actually wholesome loving partner and i tried NTR but not cheating more to sharing and not really that bad. Your wife is loyal to you and she only do what you ask her to do. Too bad because of these idiots comments, often normal people hesitant to try this game and pass good game to the sink just because NTR tag and bunch of idiots fighting. this game worth to play and don’t be afraid to NTR because you can go non-NTR route even you can influence ur wife to steer clear from guy trying to hit on her and she will reject them.

    1. Do you have CHOICE?
      BROKE UP with prostitute “wife” is a option. Because the more important choice when you are in a relationship with a prostitute is the broke up. And she can fuck for money far away (outside of screen in a game).

  4. Zero porn content in Male MC straight path.
    100% gay Voyeur MC path or nothing.

    No choice of broke up with cheap whore. No choice of find and fuck new girls.
    2-3 years. Talking and nothing more to male MC straight path.

      1. No scenes to male MC straight path. And i am not a queer to play the gay bromance path. With male LOVE INTEREST to “butterfly pansexual bi free soul helicopter trans man spice netorare mmmmmmmmmmfuta”

  5. Version 32 came out 3 days ago.

    I love this game. I want wifey to have everything her heart desires.

  6. This game is have multi path and you’ll be asked to turn ntr and sharing on or off, even with ntr and sharing on if your relationship with your gf high enough she will hesitant and you can actually share or no nothing forced. a very rare game where you have full control even with ntr tag because most ntr tag is non avoidable and fun thing is if your gf high enough love with you she will rejected any man approach her, well except if you give her permission ofc.

  7. NTR is defined as a spouse or lover, usually taken to be female, coerced or blackmailed if not outright raped into a breaking of an existing relationship. Worn down until the relationship is completely shattered and the original lover/spouse is blocked from any sexual congress. It does not at any point specify that the NTR’s instigation need be male in every case.

    So, yes. Dumbass; Female on Female STILL COUNTS as NTR!

    Do not paint your own bias into the game and then get pissed when players call you out on your flawed notion.
    Cheating, is cheating. (This could be solved by Harem – but it still should focus more on the girls wanting the MALE rather than spending all their time munching each others’ rugs. Otherwise again, read above) I doubt very highly you will make a harem path; since you tend to want to focus on the Wifey as the Main Character [Frankly if she tried this shit on me it would be annuled and she’d be back to whatever country she came from lickety split. Wife means WIFE. Not girlfriend. Not best friend. Not person who will use any form of sexuality as a bargaining chip! It’s not a fucking reward system – and if it is guess what; it applies as much to HER] the male character will never be the main character. Even if HE is the one we are using as the avatar of our interactions with the game. I accept this isn’t my cup of tea, and I’m MUCH less inclined to play it because all I see is a Rubix Cube of how much of a SPINELESS BITCH do you want to be? She’s not drawn hot enough by curves or features to do the Goddess or Idol thing that Asian culture is so obssessed with, or she wouldn’t have needed the MC to get/keep her green card. Since SHE should be just as invested in keeping the marriage to keep her status as a citizen at least to start, there should be more bending on what paths are possible. Including one where the MC is absolutely unquestioned her DOMINANT. That would get you to the harem path that the original game was halfway pointing toward [And very likely going to punish players for trying to get. I know, I am not blind or stupid]

    ** You could recognize that the wife actually values being loyal herself; and that does not preclude the MC from NTR’ing HER. Make a path like that, and do not punish the player; make a harem path where they agree on the fact since he’s been so good to her and she has her issues with making him wait (or she is a voyeur…) MC can fuck any girl he wants. Then I guarantee you people would take it less badly that the game is based on NTR. Because it DOES work both ways, and more than one person can ALWAYS decide when a relationship is over. She has more to lose than MC, until she finds either another target who will pay her way and let her be a super slut [which should be a BAD END for her] or until she finds her footing with a decent job so she can survive on her own. If you don’t intend to write this concept, be aware that the MC has more actual power about her fate/survival than you want to give him credit for.

    I’ve said many times in many comments my problem with NTR is less that it exists, and more that it’s predominantly handled extremely badly. Everyone seems to want to write the cucked male as a limp dick little creep who gets off on watching his wife get railed and then bred by someone else – and they don’t realize or pointedly ignore the fact that if she steps out on him long enough, he’s going to start taking it that she’s involved elsewhere and do the exact same damned thing to her. Especially since if he was that stable a catch that she’d originally call it a good marriage; other women likely would find him the same and a few of her friends might want to take that open advantage with her abandonment. Or his co-workers. Some random nice girl he meets in the coffee shop one day. It’s JUST as possible for a guy to get laid as it is for a girl. It’s just more likely a girl will get harassed and chased even if there’s a ring. When you handle NTR the right way, it can be a very poignant examination of the human need in sexuality. Contact, and our untapped desires that we’re afraid to share. Perhaps even with the one we love most; because we don’t want to be judged by them. Or risk the loss… but with some random asshole, a girl can let those feelings out. Be as wild as she wants. A guy can show the darker impulse with some girl he takes like a hooker on a one night stand, and both will still go home back to their significant other and put on the civil mask. It doesn’t make their relationship less broken, and eventually the truth will out… and cosequences on each end would be faced – but that is how you make the concept interesting. Perhaps even the natural aversion most people feel to the idea of disloyalty when it’s against them.

    Mouthing off to your audience in changelogs tells me I don’t think I can say the same about you for two reasons.
    – This is already a “remake” which means it was abandoned the first time around.
    – You are funding this game the same way every other game dev on this site is doing: Begging for other peoples’ cash!

    1. Nicely put!
      However, even if done “right”, I personally still wouldn’t be interested in NTR. I’m here for a fantasy to enjoy, not to be confronted by something as morbidly depressing as NTR.
      Still, each to their own. Live and let live.
      You are completely right that female on female is still NTR. It’s still an awful thing to experience.
      But here’s something weird; I’m not sure why, but for some reason, if it’s a female protagonist, then I actually don’t mind NTR. The game called Lisa, for example; no problem. I think it’s because if I’m not “playing” as a male character who is a victim of NTR, I don’t experience the nightmare ordeal.

    2. Yeah, I don’t think the the dev gives a damn about what you have to say. Seems like his Patreon has even more patrons after he went full NTR and stopped caring about the whining.

      1. There is an option to completely turn NTR off at the start of the game. Which is great, because some people like that fetish while others vehemently despise it and whichever of those two you are, you get to choose have that polarizingly super intense experience or not.
        Like (actually and properly) spicy hotness on pizza; for me the hotter the better, for you perhaps you can’t eat proper spicy. But if you are simply handed the bottle of spicy condiment, you get to choose to put it on your pizza or not.

    3. First of all, you’re posting on a random pirate site. There’s no way the dev is going to read your comment. Secondly, this guy makes a living off of making NTR content. Do you really think your bitching will change anything? You need a reality check. GTFO

  8. Worst game ever made how this shit has a rating of 72% is ridiculous i would give this no more than 7% + 2% = 9%

        1. Thanks Matcha to be honest I don`t suffer fools so i would never dignify this imbeciles remark with a reply

        2. neither does it take courage for someone with a name so who is more of a fool YOU or the other person

  9. this game was fine there way it was it didn’t need a reboot lol

    so when we getting cheats and a walktought

    1. So many options here:
      – ignore game you don’t like,
      – read developer note,
      – do not choose “NTR”,
      – do not choose “Share”

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