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Story - The storyline in Sex with the Devil is intriguing, delving into the darker corners of human fantasies. It presents a narrative that combines elements of terror, temptation, and titillation. The game delves into unimaginable realms, challenging players to confront their own desires. - 71%
Visual - The visual aspect of Sex with the Devil manages to impress. The animations are downright mesmerizing, stirring a mixture of fascination and arousal. The seductive and atmospheric graphics captivate players, effectively immersing them in the fantastical world where desires and darkness collide. These visuals are a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the developers, making it a highlight of the overall experience. - 89%
Engagement - Engagement in Sex with the Devil is hit or miss.The game hooks players with its strange allure and unique kinks, promising an exploration of the forbidden. The inclusion of cool mazes as a form of gameplay adds an extra layer of challenge and makes players delve deeper into the game's enigmatic world. - 60%
Core Loop - The core loop of Sex with the Devil suffers from several design flaws. The frustrating maze sequences, filled with annoying traps, prove to be an unnecessary annoyance, deterring players from fully enjoying the experience. The constant backtracking, coupled with ambiguous objectives, disrupts the flow of the game, leading to confusion and agitation. The inclusion of CG movies is a nice touch, but their skippable nature hampers player immersion. - 53%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.81 ( 6 votes)

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  1. Due to the agenda of trying to make you gay my comments are being deleted so I will just repost.
    All gay sex is having sex with the devil. It is also noteworthy the devil has been portrayed as being a tranny going back many years. People have known this tran creap was evil going back many, many years.

    1. oh noooo you’re being censored by big gay you’re so oppresseddddd. ps if you’re talking about Baphomet I would highly encourage you to choose an actual history book over a Daily Wire podcast

      1. Actual history book? How about reading ANY book pre ten years ago. There was none of this gay crap. As a gay cultist you have no problem with censorship. That is how cults work. No truth allowed.

        1. The only time you can back up your words is with the CDC website statistics. You’re too afraid to offer credible credentials because you know how easily they are to debunk. Afraid of how stupid you are.

          Instead you fall on appeals to emotion and ad hominem whenever you’re challenged. You’re a mentally weak, emotionally crippled, lazy fascist.

          Dance for me, my monkey! Continue to be my daily entertainment. Dance!

        2. it’s okay that you don’t know how to read bro it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. plenty of people with the same system of beliefs as you are illiterate, it’s very common.

      2. Yup, just like the feminists it was never about equality. You want everyone to adhere to your cult or be silenced. Even killed. By the way. Every book pre2010 was anti homo. penis breath mike

        1. Every book? It took me less than five seconds to find a list of pre-20th Century books featuring homosexuality in a way that isn’t negative.

          Your laziness continues to amaze.

          I can only guess why you’re afraid of both women and equality enough to bring them up unprompted twice now, and it has “incel” written all over it.

          It wasn’t a difficult guess.

          Get help.

    2. I was coming here to make fun of you for posts being removed.

      Guess what moron, all posts across all the games were removed. If you think this is about you, you’re sick in the head. If you think it was an attempt to hide that it was about you? Well. I would expect that about you.


      Hahhahahaa, idiot. Get help.

      1. Of course you like censorship. Like all leftists. Other comments were deleted because they were all in the same thread. However the ip I was using IS BLOCKED. I tried it today and nothing would post with that ip. But of course it would not matter to you. Being in a cult and all you will always make excuses.

        I know you think you are winning because those in power are pushing what you like. More like they programmed you to believe as they want. But facts are facts. What they are pushing is suicide and wont last. It cant or humanity will cease yo exist.

        1. Censorship isn’t a “leftist” thing, #nohomo. Programming citizens isn’t a “leftist” thing. If you were truly cognizant to the ways of the world, you wouldn’t say anything near this ignorant. Corporations kill millions. Governments kill billions. There is no winning, poser, there is only the fight.

          But that you’re bending over to be a meat-sheath to the people who are misdirecting you means that you’ve lost. And that you don’t engage your brain because your daddy worship of the Greed Machine is far sadder than your self-loathing projection to hating women in the cult called “incel”.

          Suicide. Boy, you don’t even know what drives people to suicide. You don’t even know what doing shitty things or going hungry is like. You’ve never fought for a thing a day in your life. You’re a weak-willed fucking poser.

          Get help.

    3. Okay not all but many. So many. I had many deleted. Maybe it’s me they’re after. I need to Fight the Psychopaths by posting Truth to Power on a porn game web site! I need to change my name over and over because I believe that will help!

      Except I’m not a one-dimensional QAnon idiot like you are, nohomo. I can think of a few dozen reasons for the recent post deletion that do not involve me personally.

      Occam’s Razor. I’d suggest you read a book but you might alienate your people by trying to become educated.

    4. I’m sorry, Admin, please feel free to continue deleting my posts if you find them inappropriate for this board. Unlike Paranoid Pete, I know how societies work.

      HEY NOHOMO. Through no fault of my own I looked at the FAQ. Have you ever looked at the FAQ? Have you even tried reading the rules to this forum? No? Didn’t think so. You’re one of those people who think that if you want a change that anyone who disagrees is below contempt. AKA an American.

      (What, you think I picked this name for fun? I did. It’s fun. I’m a straight white male American and this conversation is both depressingly typical and hilariously idiotic. I love it.)

      Here’s the bit you don’t want to read or accept. Just for you.

      Q: Why did my comment disappeared? [sic]

      A: There are a couple of reasons why this may occur:

      You refreshed the page / lost connection before the comment was registered.
      Your comment was registered but you continue seeing a cached version of the webpage.
      Your comment was flagged by other users too many times and is awaiting moderation.
      Your comment was no longer relevant to the current version of the game. Such comments will be deleted in order to keep the comment section clean and in order.
      Your comment was not relevant to the featured game / comic.
      Your question was answered in this F.A.Q. therefore it was considered spam.
      Your comment was an actual spam.
      Your comment was offensive towards other users.
      Your comment was clearly retarded.

      … I didn’t know I could flag your posts. If I knew that sooner I would’ve created an account here.

      Now between you and me and everyone else here, I admit some of my posts are retarded. I think it’s okay to be retarded to a retard–that’s you, nohomo. If the admin here disagree it’s their board and if they show either of us the door I’m happy to accept my fate because between you and me, I’m the adult here. More the adult here. That’s a low bar to clear, nohomo, since you are a delightful screaming child whining about someone taking away your Straightness while you’re still clutching it in your hand.

      Loves and kisses to you, Nohomo, and as always,

      Get help.

      1. Yup, you homos have no respect for others. You want everyone silenced who questions your ass worshiping cult.

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