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Money or Morals [Day 4] [Deovan]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.


Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Gallery Mod

Description: This will unlock all the scenes for the gallery.

Installation: Unpack the “” and place the file “gallery_unlock.rpy” in your “Game” folder.

Uninstall: Since this mod does not replace any game files to uninstall simply remove “gallery_unlock.rpy” and “gallery_unlock.rpyc” from your “Game” folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 83%
Visual - 89%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 81%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.29 ( 55 votes)

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  1. Even though it seems to me that the game will be abandoned, the developers began to ban everywhere all the support links are empty, it’s very strange when a witch hunt begins for loli.This is a very strange situation when femdom game lesbian trannies and other perversions are not real but painted fictional all this can be done but loli cannot-))) In general, it’s strange when they start kicking out for fantasy but made-up stories!

  2. Hope they will implement a pregnancy option be pointless with all the girls an not impregnated them

  3. Lots of woman to fuck, but the mc is more in to little girls as a true pedo, and likes to be dominated by some dumb whore.

    1. But MC is not interesed in little boys? Or old boys? Or ugly boys? Or sissy black boys? Or male zombies?

      If no GAY FUTA NETORARE r MMMMMF, nothing to play.
      I need gay grooming or gay pedo content.
      Not pedo straight. Or normal straight.

  4. Game looks abandoned, very hoping it is not it was an interesting story but looks like it will never been update, hope that someone pick it up because it very interesting and fun to play

  5. Luck, I hope the game did not get abandoned because this not that bad I hope that in the next couple of months this get an update

  6. LMAO! Another piece of shit game that died and failed.

    Cuck NTR faggot shit nobody wants. Whodathunkit?

      1. news flash, ntr is an umbrella term for both netorare and netori you troglodyte, also props to rancor for catching this shit stain of an ntr game without its tag

        1. Technically it’s a blanket term; but Netori is The MC actually doing the cucking with someone else’s wife/gf. It’s more common in the harem genre because the girl will usually make whatever excuse she needs if she’s already taken, to jump on MC’s pogo for a ride… doesn’t make it right – but it’s a LITTLE bit more palatable that way than the alternative. You can get a little more mileage out of the common dev tactic of blue balling the H-Scenes if you make her conflicted about actually doing this. Regardless of the fact she does want it. It’s a bit scummy to pull, but a lot of them do.

          Netorare is the point that most people with any sense oppose. Or revile. I’m alright with Netori IF there’s a good reason for it – as in she’s being abused, or wants to get out of the relationship to start with and can’t seem to find the jump off point that will be safe for her… and as the Harem Lead I get to play the protector instead of the asshole. Giving her a better relationship prospective overall. Rather than JUST being the better/bigger cock she wants, or a wallet. Not many devs go that route however. I will agree on that point.

          * Also, props for actually being able to spell Troglodyte.

    1. Game got dropped by the dev

      From his discord:
      “**Important update regarding MorM**

      So @everyone. I’ve come to a realization. I underestimated how hard it is to develop a game while working a fulltime job and wanting to do other stuff besides develop the game when I come home.

      My time has become very limited, my passion has started to run out for Money or Morals and I’m simply not as interested anymore in developing the game.

      Which means I am now putting Money or Morals on hold. Meaning I will be working on the game when I get the urge. And when I’m not working on the game (which will probably be the majority of the time) I will be making renders/animations in Daz or Blender which I find so much more enjoyable. Probably because it’s short projects that can be finished in 1-4 days instead of 2-5 months.

      I also wanna try doing the occasional short story in a comic/doujinshi format.

      I needed to get this off my chest because I get insanely stressed out about knowing that people expect me to update the game, and even give me money for it. I hate dissapointing people and I know this will do that for a lot of you but if I waited a few more weeks/months this would probably be even worse and I expect my stress level would be fucking through the roof.

      I’m also removing the “Big Boss” and “Master of Morality” tiers. It doesn’t feel right to give that option to people anymore (and for the 2 people that supported me in the highest tier multiple times, I’m giving you access to everything I release from now on, you deserve it!). I’ll be updating the other tiers with some new rewards and stuff more related to renders and animations. Like uncensored, 4k, full version, blablabla…

      So yeah. sorry guys, this sucks I know. I’m dissapointed in myself, I really thought I would be able to see this game through to the end. I still might be able too but it’s honestly quite unlikely, and it’s definitely not happening soon.

      Thanks everyone who’s supported me thus far, it’s been wild seeing how generous and horny people can be 😉 I’m not going anywhere! But things are changing.”

  7. There is potential, but the dialogues need to be worked on, very unnecessary topics are very long and complex and the subject does not attract you, on the contrary, it suffocates, there are 4700 words in the game, but it is not clear who is who, I feel like it started from the middle of the subject, believe me, 80% of the game dialogue suffocated me. and especially in the script, there is no flirting and roleplay, it enters directly

  8. There is potential, but the dialogues need to be worked on, very unnecessary topics are very long and complex, and the subject does not attract you, on the contrary, it suffocates you,

  9. There is potential, but the dialogues need to be worked on, very unnecessary topics are very long and complex, and the subject does not attract you, on the contrary, it suffocates you,

  10. So it’s about a pussy who is forced by a woman to take drugs , dev got the useless weak men syndrome .

  11. This game is very very great. Loli character is very cutie and hot milfs. Great sound effect and voice during sex scene and animation is superb 10 out of 10
    PS: Dev you must not abandon and please update soon

  12. You will absolutely love this game if you`re a pedophile.
    The developer who made this needs to be locked up.

    1. did you actually bother to read the tags before downloading this because it seems like you did not the Loli tag kinda gives away the fact it’s for pedos only so that’s kinda on you for not bothering to look

    2. Is the picture of your character having sex with an adult fake or did you choose to have sex with a “loli” & decide to project in the comments?

    3. Hahaha, yeah… its dreamy isn’t it? In addition to the loli’s, already cucked the uncle, about to cuck the dad and definitely can’t wait to cuck little bro with his loli gf. Maybe dev will let us do his cute little twink butt too… HAHAHA, if you’re too sensitive you shouldn’t be doing AVN’s at all. SMDH.

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