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Limitless [Day 6 Part 4] [Cr8tive M3dia]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 86%
Visual - 87%
Engagement - 85%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.32 ( 91 votes)

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  1. Ok I am done with this trash, I hate being forced into relationships with girls I do NOT find attractive. What is the point of having choices that are fake ? I avoided all the women in the game except for Libby, Mia and the twins. Now in the last update I am making out with Rita and fucking Latesha who I chose to not be on their paths WTF ? Dev is a moron if he thinks this is ok and people will be ok with it and keep supporting, I am out.

  2. Why build in choices if they don’t work. Your given the choice to take a girl or not, but when you reject some, you are forced to take them anyway.

    1. Because like gay, straight should be forced too. Can’t let any of you side with gay and join their cult anymore. We lose too many already.

      1. Token – south park
        Cliche “Black boy bestfriend” of all forced inclusion stories. Movies. Games. Cartoon.

        Not avoidable.

        Token and token family its all forced. Kinetic novel. Boring.

        1. nothing is forced you retarded faggot. it’s definitely not a kinetic novel. there is no gay romance content and there is definitely no sissy content. every choice you make effects the story. who cares if the best friend is black unless you’re a racist POS, which you are.

          1. Sissyface, You CAN’T avoid any black girl or GAME OVER.
            You CAN’T avoid waste time with black sissy boy too. No choices.

            You need talk with him. You need fuck all ugly black girls. NO CHOICES. Or game over.

            1. hey you retarded piece of shit you can avoid everyone and not get game over. you are clearly a racist piece of shit who who knows nothing about the game. i just did an entire playthrough and having no one. i didn’t get game over.

              1. No choice of AVOID.
                Stop lying Sissyface.
                You are HETEROPHOBIC. I have no interest in forced GAY BROMANCE with token.

                You are a WOKE Rtard trying push your sissy fetish. Grow up. And stop hating straight people.

                1. That’s what late stage meth usage looks like, everybody. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. Currently I have no mods installed, but with the current build the game end when Libby comes back and spends the night. How do I get the other three days? There are also several errors when he gets messages to his phone, I am assuming they are to show up on his phone, but I have to hit ignore to continue.

    1. I do have an initial release of another game out, titled “Octopussy Island” but Limitless is my main focus, so not much more has been worked on this game other than the initial release.

  4. To Cre8tive specifically –

    The argument you used in your response to my comment as to Chantelle and never having intended her to be in the harem to start – which means she didn’t need to be in the game at all by the way – is flawed logic. Yes, you can argue that the pill has a pheromonal effect on the women; so being in MC’s presence would make them more inclined to do X… but that’s it. It makes them MORE INCLINED. It’s not a guarantee of sex. The same argument you use for why Chatelle shouldn’t be in the harem can thus be extrapolated to EVERY. GIRL. IN. YOUR. GAME. Because he’s not always in their presence. So if they still want him after meeting him once, and him being nice for five seconds… why should Chantelle be suddenly different? It doesn’t jive with either the genre or common sense. However if you’re truly set on the point of not adding her, and making her carry Dion’s kid when it should be MC’s… As others and myself have stated, I can’t do a thing about it. I can point out the flaw, but I can’t make you correct it.

    As stated, my issue with the Bi girl was less that she was bi than that her last relationship ended because she was disloyal. So her being so willing to bang other girls (even with the MC present – and since he is again, NOT more of the time than he has been thus far…) it does center back more on the issue of Loyalty. Which is a core element to making the Harem WORK. She can have her specific thing with Rita and that’s something most would ignore as an allowance, but going after more than one girl – even with the MC’s allowance (rather your “recommended choice”) on that point – makes her the wrench that will eventually break the harem.

    I’ll point out because some take me wrong: I am not demanding that you change anything. I am stating that in my view changes would help smooth things going forward, and keep to the core of your set genre. I have been open that I will stop playing in general if you push forward with avenues I don’t like. The renders can be hot as fuck, and it won’t matter to me if the CHARACTER is not worth my time to pursue. Even should I cease to play, I’d wish you luck on finishing. I do hate to see abandoned projects. For now I’ll take it we see things differently, but frankly I’m quite used to that.

    1. Yes you could argue that, when the girls are not with MC why would they still be interested in him.. However… Quite a few of the women of which the MC has been intimate with have never been with another man to begin with… Twins, Rita (Shop worker), Cindy (librarian) and therefore have more of a connection with MC being their “first”.

      Naomi was somewhat rescued by MC when she had nothing and even though he never needed to help her and she didn’t think she would hear from him again, she did and he gave her a roof over her head and even got her helping him with work… not to mention the sex.

      Libby (Room-mate / sister) was also Mc’s first and visa versa and, related/very close with having lived together before.

      The only possible skeptical ones could be Meadow (Who we have also now if on her route given her somewhere to live and other than her sister / brother in law, we have been the only one to visit her in hospital and show affection to her) and Rita / Lateshya’s mother Honey… who basically is a bit of a cougar and happy to have some younger male affection/attention.

      I have more scenes planned with Chantelle, not lewd.. but scenes with her where she comes into play, and also if on Honey’s route will aid us in getting Honey to live with us as well, hence why she is important going forward.

      With regards to Naomi and he Bi tendencies, this has already been addressed by the MC, that nothing is to happen unless he approves and is present, which Naomi has agreed with (Possibly because she doesn’t want to make the same mistake again).

      I have no intent on changing anything that I am doing, not everyone is going to like what I create, this cannot be helped, we all have our own things we like and dislike within games, but at the end of the day, I am just making it as a little hobby of mine, I won’t change the route with what I am doing, and if people don’t like it for what ever reason that’s their choice and there are plenty of other games out there for people to play instead.

      1. Dear Cr8tive M3dia, the entity calling himself “No” writes ACTUAL NOVELS as he has told us in the past. In spite of his claims (which I find dubious at best, trolling for attention as more what I expect), his input is usually self-centered and without opening himself to the creativity of authorship beyond his own. He has been known to write those self-named “reviews” after experiencing very little of the thing he seeks to critique or, as he comes off, glorify himself over.

        I can’t wait to see where this story goes. I’m enjoying more than most the similar things out there.

      2. To Cr8tive M3dia – If she’s “important” going forward, I’ll stand by what I wrote. In that case there’s no reason she shouldn’t be in the harem, or involved in more lewd scenes with the MC – and the best friend to MC is NEVER supposed to get the girl, on screen. It should be MC’s kid (You could count that as making up for Meadow, in general…) and she shouldn’t be attracted to the friend enough to counter the “magic” effect of the pill; when she was clearly showing more interest in the MC that whole scene. She did not need to involve the friend character, just to complicate the issue with a three way and a secondary internal ending (Friend boy could have come outside of her pussy, so there was no paternity issue…) and the way you wrote that whole debacle also actively breaks the bloody genre that is tagged for all to see.

        But like I said, I can’t make you change it. I can only point it out as very flawed. If you choose not to do the work to change what is pointed out as counterintuitive to a tagged genre, it’s on you if you end up losing more subs than you could have gained for putting that work in. I will at least respect that you took the time to respond, and actually reasoned out why you did what you did with some of the characters. I’m not knocking the work done. I am however calling to question some of your choices.

        To Murikan – I think that’s the first time I’ve been compared to an Eldritch Horror. But then again, I named myself No… so maybe I really have no body. I’m just a shadow, of my former self. What do you think? Seriously though, there are a very few sticking points I have with this take on Limitless as a movie; and I’ve aired them. The dev has doubled down, and said he won’t change a thing, so to me it’s a dead issue. It’s not satisfying, and it heavily dents my enjoyment of the game. To the point I can’t properly call it a Harem now, and never will. If you have questions, I’d answer them. We’ve gotten past what your post here contains, so I’m interested to hear what you thought. What you liked about the game, or what issues you have with it. What you’d like to see from it going forward.

  5. Pretty certain that I have not missed any scenes, however looking through the gallery shows many not unlocked. I think the gallery may not be working entirely accurately.

      1. I (and many of us) appreciate your accessibility and responses here. I believe my comment stands as general advice for a great many of these AVN’s, in that it is generally best to wait for several updates between DL’s just due to the relative shortness of new material. When I DL too close together, I am frequently frustrated by the size of the update since my last…

        In any case, I do appreciate your work – this is one of those that I kind of bend my own rules on because I think you’re doing good work. I like your girls, your handling of the content and the general quality of the overall product/project.


  6. They want to call this an “update”, but check the change log and consider how long its been since last… This equates to a MICRO”UPDATE” … Not sure this will be worth a new DL until maybe this time next year or even the one after that at the current pace. Otherwise, I do generally like the story, the images and the potential. Love the ethnic girls here, tasty… Just damn, give me a little more than 5 minutes play through for a damn DL.

    1. I also finished the initial release of another game that I was working on in the background, which is why this one was a little longer coming than expected. I have since halted work on my other game for the time being and am focusing solely on Limitless, it’s just I wanted to get the other game out for people to trial.

    1. Yes this one was particularly long in coming out due to me finishing the initial release of another game I have been working on, on the side. I probably spent a good month, month and a bit getting that game to a point I could initially release it.

      I am now back working on Limitless in all my spare time (Not my full time job) and am already quite a way through the next update.

    1. Sometimes you just want to watch some mindless porn. This is mindless porn, and for mindless porn it’s pretty good.

  7. Finely I’m able to get past day 3 since I was told to keep the walkthrough turned off So to the one who mentioned it Thank you

  8. Looks at though people seem to be having these issues if you have downloaded the Walkthrough on here. My game has a built in walkthrough that I have personally done, so no need to add anything extra which seems to cause the issues with ending the game on day 3.

  9. I appreciate very much the depth of your post and I hope you have enjoyed your playing time so far. The game is far from the film (TV series I have not watched, I have to be honest), just along the premise with the pills.

    Chantelle was never going to be joining the MC… he could hear she was more interest in Dion and it was only the due to the pills that she became infatuated with the MC…. Now I know this is just a game, but in a RL situation if you had someone who was only infatuated with yourself due to the pills when near by to yourself could you realistically trust them when you are not there… for me it would be a no. I only added the option to explore a group scene for people that may want it (You don’t have to go down that route, but it will bring up a possibly humorous situation later on).

    Naomi is Bi, however you don’t have to convince other females to become Bi if you don’t want to and Naomi won’t push it.. she may just comment how attractive another female is but that’s it.

    With regards to the sperm thing and MC having been the first to finish inside Chantelle, well if he is able to make a woman pregnant right away from cumming inside them, we know he has some super sperm πŸ™‚

    Although MC does want Mike dead, he does need to know what exactly is happening behind the scenes that he doesn’t know about atm, hence why he is keeping him alive.

    With regards to Mrs Ling and a niece etc… maybe I already have, but we just don’t know it yet…. or maybe we do. πŸ˜‰

    MC and Libby will clear the air about their past in coming updates.

    I am far from being near the end of the game and a lot more will be happening and become apparent later on. Like I have mentioned before, this is my first time I have delved into making a game, hell even the writing is tricky enough, let alone learning all the coding and learning to use Daz as much as I have done, so I am bound to have got some thing wrong, but having people like yourselves who take the time out to write things down and give me your thoughts etc is very helpful and appreciated. So I thank you very much πŸ™‚

  10. I am here and reading them, its very helpful for me in how people see the game. I suppose the thing is that the game at the moment isn’t anywhere near completion, so more will become apparent the further the story goes on…. but I do really enjoy the fact people take this amount of time out of their day to post things like this and are so engaged in something I am creating.

    Not everyone will like everything I have created and every decision I have done.. and tbh this is the very first time I have ever delved into making a game, so it’s a major learning curve for me.

    The part with Meadow I created on a very slow poor PC which is why that section of the game is by no means as good visually and as in-depth as my other updates, in time I will go back and re-do this.

    1. I actually appreciate the time in response. I also appreciate the respect shown, in a polite one.

      My concerns were addressed, for the most part. The thing with Chantelle is fair enough (though the muddled pregnancy thing still irks the hell out of me – it IS a harem; it doesn’t matter WHY she finds MC suddenly more attractive or what her base would be = she DOES find MC more attractive. She SHOULD be in the harem. And pregnant specifically by the MC. There is NO REASON to screw with the genre of the game, or the kinked content by making either of those points questionable. At all. You think you’re doing something one way; I told you it can be seen another and will vex a fair few of us. Whether you listen to that point or not, is really up to you. I can’t do anything except decide to stop downloading if you push too far into areas I don’t want to invest in as a player. Dion is a SIDE CHARACTER. In a Harem Game. He’s NOT supposed to ever be seen getting laid. He can – just off screen. That’s part of the running gag in the genre in anime man)

      I can appreciate that it’s your first time, and I say nothing bad about the renders. The writing could use some smoothing out, generally, and you need to know the basic formulas that make up the genres you intend to write. One of which, which Chantelle’s introduction as “sharing” content you did specifically bork. There should have been an option to have her to yourself. In general. Which also should not fuck over the scene with the new girl MC just saved. It should not be a pick one choice in a harem. It should be there is time to do everything, for every girl, if you so choose. Because you choose. That’s harem.

      To the poster above: I was commenting on the most common form of the kink. For MOST it is about Conception. The risk involved, and the willingness. There are plenty of men who WILL be possessive of the baby in her belly; and that is also a part of the point in a harem. Possessive, is something that a collector is. And no, by the way. I do not talk to the AUDIENCE when I write these posts. I do talk directly to the developers for the most part, who may never read them or respond. Just because I can’t stop you from responding with your thoughts, or trolling me about mine, by any means, does not mean I at all intended to address an audience I am aware of. Simply because I point out that one exists that choices the dev makes may piss off.

      * Do note, the full capitization is for emphasis. Not shouting. Some people take it wrong.

      I have yet to play the current update. I am not opposed yet, but after the last update and what you seem to be getting the MC/Chantelle, Libby and everyone tangled into… it’s probably my last straw. Learning is one thing. Refusing to change things when an error has been pointed out, because you meant the scene a different way than the base formula of a genre is supposed to go, will cost you subs in the long run. For me, that Chantelle scene IS a sticking point. You already got a strike with the pregnant girl scene. Surrogacy doesn’t completely fix the issue of misunderstanding the core of the kink for ninety percent of people that do have it. Libby’s backstory after she damselled that hard, was the second strike. Chantelle (because she could be retconned – and should be carrying the MC’s baby period if you pick that choice as marked) was half a strike.

      I did enjoy some of the story. I do enjoy how much freedom of choice there is in the game. I also think you need to work on not mucking around with certain core structures that make the genre what it is. And if you’re going to implement a kink so heavily (I have like five to ten girls pregnant by MC at once in my game – so yeah: I’d say MC DOES have “super sperm.” That’s not a defense that will fly, and there are other games that use the same excuse) then you need to make certain that you understand what it’s really about. Most men are possessive if given the choice. Some will give that up, in order to keep what they love, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be over something like actual BLOOD LEGACY. That’s important to almost everyone in the world, or there wouldn’t be such a thing as family courts.

    2. TY, Cr8tive… As I mentioned I liked the scene with meadow and in fact find myself quite enamored with most of your ‘girls’ so far. Mostly though, I’m thrilled you found and read these posts – not necessarily to make changes from them, but to simply be aware of the range of response. It is YOUR STORY to create and while I appreciate the amount of time and work that goes in, I’ll also admit frustration at the time it takes. I have a few stories I would like to tell but I find myself lacking the drive to learn mostly the graphical manipulations necessary so my poor characters languish, their developing stories untold. SO, WITH THAT, THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!

      1. To Anonymous – You realize commenting like that as a response to mine directly undermines it. Right? If that was not your intent, fine. I do however wish to point out that at NO POINT did I say it was not “his story.” I did say I disagree with how he views certain scenes should go, I gave a specific in-game reason based on the premise that my belief would hold precedent, and that there are certain points within a genre that are the core of it. That should NOT be muddled with. Else you do lose the actual genre to a blending that may not be intended. I’m not insulting his work. I am in fact, trying to help him improve it, by sharing what is most common, what the audience for the genre will tend to accept and want in content according to said genre ground rules, and generally avoid pitfalls. That’s CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. If you’re any sort of writer you should have heard of the concept. So thank you, for not commenting in your own post, to say exactly the same thing; but dove tailing onto mine, in what I may assume is an attempt to counter my post. It’s ever so helpful when commenters do that. Or troll me with innane negative responses – and that is why I generally will not talk to an audience. If you are the same Anonymous that made the point above my current post, which stated you don’t care whose baby was in her belly. (Fair enough, but that makes you much more open than most with the “kink”) If you actually wanted me to have a nice day, you’d make the comment your own. You’d also not capitalize that part, as I can easily take that in the Bon Jovi vein. I do actually happen to have finished about 300 ish novels at this point, in the para romance/sci fi and high fantasy genres. Many of which are Harem based. So I do know what the hell I’m talking about. I haven’t got the financial ability to self-publish, or the ability to afford the lawyer and the agent or the editor I would need to get a publishing house (if there are any left at this point) to pay attention to my works. I do however have published articles. Several of them. So again, I agree to disagree, but don’t insult me. I’m perfectly fine debating views, constructively, with anyone willing to be cordial. Including devs, and otherwise.

  11. Same for me, i added the walkthrough so i’m going to roll back and try without the walkthrough.

  12. So ? If my name is anonymous and there are other anonymous’s in the chat ? Would I be talking to myself ?

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