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Hot Sand Of Antarctica [v0.08] [Grinvald]

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Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

Enables incest.

Patch Instructions

Windows/PC: Copy xyz.rpyc into your “game” folder.

Android users: Navigate to Android/data/xyz/files, create a new folder named “game” and copy the xyz.rpyc in this folder.

Mac: Right click your  xyz app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Move xyz.rpyc into your “Contents/Resources/autorun/game” folder

Note: This patch will work for all future versions as well. Just copy the file for each new game version. It will always stay the same file.

Download Mod

Info: I made now two Mod variants for the game, depending if you are using the i-patch for the game or not.
Installation: first the base game v0.08, then the i-patch if desired, and last my according Mod.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 91%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.39 ( 89 votes)

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  1. Did Dev change some renders and dialogues about MC’s daughters or something??
    In the 0.7 i saw that they were his daughter after he met his wife, but now I am seeing that she already has them when he met her ???? How and why ?? 🙁

  2. KoGa says: “I made now two Mod variants for the game, depending if you are using the i-patch for the game or not.”

    So I DLed the patch and the mod+patch version that is supposed to work with the patch. But when I extracted the the mod and opened the “install info” text file, it states:

    This Mod is NOT compatible to the i-patch!”

    Anybody know if this was just an oversight and KoGa forgot to edit the text file when he made the second version of the mod, or whether it will actually cause problems when I am hours into the game ??

  3. Good AVN, some cute girls specially the twins and the two wifes, lewd scenes “meh”, good story, some choices matters other no so much or not yet…
    I will rate this AVN 7.5… Lewd scenes need to improved

  4. I kind of like the game. The choices are almost actual choices, the renders are a bit sub-standard, the story can’t quite decide if it’s Mad Max or Standard Porn VN Game Hybrid. 7/10. Give it a go.

    There, this review is better than anything No’s ever written. Or at least anything I’ve read him write, which is unfortunately more than his claim to be a budding reviewer, a statement that still amuses.

  5. Great game. Superb renders. Animations could be improved much further. This game has everything from hot girls, harem to graphic violence, zombies etc. Although twins sex scene is still missing but a new girl is added to the MC harem. I just wonder how long this project is gonna go. At this rate it will take years to finish. Dev needs to get some rich patrons.

  6. Great game. Superb renders. Animations could be improved much further. This game has everything from hot girls, harem to graphic violence, zombies etc. Although twins sex scene is still missing but new girl added to the MC harem. I just wonder how long this project is gonna go. At this rate it will take years to finish. Dev needs to get some rich patrons.

  7. Wow, finally the updates will soon be 0.01 versions per year-) you can calculate when the project will be ready-)

  8. i desperately want this to be updated monthly… I wish I was rich, I want to help this guy 😭😭😭

  9. First, your karmic system is BS because there’s like 3 choices as far as I’ve played. You start saying the MC is allowed 2 wives… and then you give him the doctor. You say Mongol is going to die; that MC is going to be the king – that he’s meant to kill the other 2nd in command, you pay off that scene… and THEN you somehow think it’s OKAY to have the son of a bitch walk back in and accuse MC of TREASON??? What. The. Fuck. Is. Wrong. With. YOU?!? I don’t need clone bullshit in this game. I don’t need ghosts who aren’t ghosts, and ghosts who SHOULD BE GHOSTS! Jesus. You do understand do you not that you are fucking with the PLAYER’S head when you try to pull that crap. Right? Come. The. Fuck. On. Seriously.

    Harem. Game. You have it in the tags. You do not have NTR. There should be no hint of anything that can even approach NTR. You literally also said not to pursue ultimate Karma and then intro a character that fucking forces you to do so. You have MC save a savage; who is backstory tied to the fucking doctor because of course she bloody would be. Meanwhile this bitch has threatened to kill MC every single chance she’s opened her mouth… So in a crap sack world like you say it’s designed to be: WHAT. POSSIBLE. GOD. DAMNED. REASON. DOES. HE. HAVE. TO. LET. HER. LIVE? Think about this. Bloody hell it’s not that hard to write properly. You do not write your MC into a freaking corner. EVER. Not in a harem game and frankly it’s bad practice to deus ex machina at all. No matter what the genre is. This bullshit has made me punch the screen several times. It’s not good. Not for me. Not for my screen, not for your skill at writing.

    The contact who was supposed to see me kill Kruger did. Then you proceed to make the MC be a dick instead of offering player choice to trust her or no. You then had her go to a dead body and pull of the helm (while taking up a loaded gun because OF COURSE it couldn’t just be an empty freaking clip. No, that would be too easy. I would have had her by the throat; kept her that way while she answered and said no. Your reward is your life. That’s what you get. Make one move and you die. Period. Point being; you cannot tell me that this world sucks, and then let the girls win because BS female empowerment just to turn around and realize later that without the MC.. THERE. IS. NO. GAME. Jesus. If his sister who of course also isn’t his sister is actually dead, let her stay that way. Damn it. You also cannot expect anyone with common sense to think a stone cold assassin would suddenly start hallucinating dead people. Even if he cared about them. A) that’s not how it works. B) it undercuts the point you’re trying to sell with him. A mentally unstable male is not desirable, and would not be capable enough to LEAD. Which is what you’re trying to convince the player he can do. Right? Because if it’s not, it really should be.

    Frankly if this is what I can expect from the game going forward, you gave no real opportunity to invest with most of these girls. You do not let the player pick the first or second wife. He already has two daughters, and you haven’t stated he’s either immortal (by science fiction means it is possible. There are several creatures that do regenerate limbs and many long-lived species. There’s something called an immortal jellyfish, and a single celled organism that simply does not die – so you actually could do some super secret government project he didn’t know he was born a part of… and that would at least fix one problem. Besides; you invited bat-shit/mad science when you came up with the ghost crap)
    End of the day, the story ISN’T unsalvagable, but dudes/dudettes… you guys all gotta learn to stop fucking over your main characters.

    1. I think you should see a psychiatrist. They way you are offended over every single thing in every game. Look at the comments of every game under different pirate site or their pateron. No one else is offended like you.

    2. Shit…basically you are saying that the author should write another story….or maybe you should spend about 5 seconds on another thought. NO AUTHOR GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT.
      Story does not go where you want….just leave it.
      “I don’t need clone …”, “I don’t need ghosts…” –> be real, nobody care what YOU want. lol.
      You are so good, just go ahead a write something…or are you scared other would make some comments about your way of telling a story?…Or maybe you only have 1 single story in your head …the ONLY way everything should be!
      God, it’s not your story, it’s the story an author is willing to share. You may not like it but can’t you should realise nobody care about your opinion on it.
      Make some comments about the quality of the game/writing/animations …But not how the story should unfold.

      1. The way the story should unfold is a key to the genre that is TAGGED. I AM thus commenting on “mechanics.” Just not perhaps mechanics either of you apparently agree with. By the way Zone; NEVER, EVER suggest anyone should see a psychiatrist unless you want to take a long damned look in the mirror. Because for all the fact I described my grievances with the plot thoroughly, you BOTH took enough time to bash me for it in comments.

        There are very few actual choices in the game. What is there is binary. The art work is decent, but not stellar. The choice of “wives” to start with is made for you. The amazon thing is annoying in general; especially when she’s likely GOING to join the harem at some fucking point because MC isn’t the assholish kind to just leave her… but as far as I counted the game is trying to push you to be a very grey character (and will probably negate a girl or two if you don’t play the rubix cube because you’d rather be the Hero who ISN’T a freaking jerk) MOST of my previous comment WAS about the quality of the writing genius. Did you not even read it? I also discussed the karma system, which as far as I can tell IS the only real “mechanic.” You know, if you all want to bitch so much when someone leaves a genuine opinion piece as their review (and SOME devs DO actually read/respond and frankly LEARN in their coding what works and what doesn’t because of reviews like mine. Whether they will reply to them or not) then why don’t either of you try actually leaving one yourselves. Counter me. Responsibly. Not just “oooh, he must be out of his gourd because he doesn’t automatically agree with me, Durhhhh” I barely read the review the first time; but I feel I have the right to make comments about the fact you should review other aspects. Meanwhile discounting the reviewer in question DID actually review those god damned aspects.

        Bloody hell, and you wonder why I say don’t bother fucking responding to me if the best you have is either TL;DR or “you’re retarded because I don’t agree”

        1. The devs don’t put the tags on there.

          You’ve been complaining about the tags for dozens of these games, fucking scores of them, and you don’t even know how the system works.

          The dev never promised harem, some site admin decided that this was a harem game and tagged it as such. You bitch and bitch about the tags like the dev owes you something when they didn’t even add that tag.

          Personally, I like your dumb reviews, because if you give a negative review it’s almost guaranteed to be a decent game. It’s a better way to know if something is good then the author score or the user stars.

          But, dude, you gotta admit that you are at least a little retarded. Like, how can you not understand how the tags work? And, your taste in games is literally just “shy innocent girls in a harem, I’m a good guy, and I get to make them pregnant.” You complain about the writing, but every time anything negative happens to the MC you bitch about that. Ever heard of conflict? Besides your own writing in your reviews shows that you know absolutely nothing about writing. Are you English as a 2nd language, or did you drop out of school in the 6th grade?

          No one thinks you’re a retard because they “disagree” with you. They think you’re a retard because you present yourself as a retard.

          1. No. No more. I will not respond to Trolls. I will not feed you, I will not let you make me angry. I DO NOT CARE! Look up the word before you try to overuse it. Jesus... says:

            To be held back, against one’s will.

            That is literally ALL the word Retard ever meant.

            It was in the archaic sense used to describe a mentally deficient person because it was a kinder way to say they were dense as fuck. While also admitting they were dense as fuck.

            No. Dumbass. I am not, nor have I EVER been retarded. The last IQ test I took I scored 122. Which ranks me at “Superior.” 110 is above average. 120 is superior. 130 is gifted. 140+ is Genius. Anything below a 90 is considered “Retarded.” Because no one gets to choose who gets to be smart. Again, and this is the last fucking bloody time I’m going to say this: Fuck EVERY one of you that calls me retarded, without knowing what the word actually means. How to properly use it, and would otherwise challenge MY writing skills.

            Go fuck yourselves. I have stated what my tastes are. I told you all how many mother fucking times you don’t have to agree; but you DO NOT get to call me stupid, in any vein. As far as your name, at least your honest, but seriously. All of you ASSHOLES: Keep this up and it really will be the LAST fucking time any of you ever hear a damned thing from me on any god damned game on this thrice cursed site.

            You all have the right to your opinions. Whatever they may be. You have the right to your tastes. The same as I have mine. I express mine. Sometimes very thoroughly. Sometimes overly verbose. Which by the way, I could not pronounce or spell if I was factually a retard, you absolute troglodyte. I repeat, come at me, and I WILL go after you the same. Only difference is, I can and will bury you with logic. Or a shovel, if I ever find out where half of you dipshits live.

          2. Also, to your comment about the tags NO ONE knows that the devs don’t post the tags; BUT the guy that DOES post the fucking tags should know well enough by description of the game what tags are meant to be there.

            Harem was never promised my god damned ass. What do you think a group of women all willing to fuck ONLY one man is. It doesn’t have to be explicitly promised to be implied, and accepted. Which is again, the whole fucking reason for a “tag.” And you call me retarded.

            You do know the level of education a person receives and especially in this day and age where you can literally look whatever the hell you want to know up online, is irrelevant to actual intelligence. If the best you all can do is insult me when I do leave actual reviews, and the best most comments on this fucking site can be is to troll the hell out of each other; than why the ever loving fuck do you think anyone but perhaps me and a few others who have the skill to leave such reviews would actually bother. But asking you to consider that would be like trying to power a lightbulb with a potato. (This is by the way, an example of how you can imply the word, without fucking using it… Imagine that)

            1. Reading just the titles of No’s posts is a laugh riot. Take your meds, dude.

              “me and a few others who have the skill to leave such reviews”. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wouldn’t dare read the “content” of these “reviews”. I won’t make that mistake twice. That I accidentally read things trying to skip past them is bad enough but occasionally there are gems like that in there. Not worth the headache otherwise.

      2. You must have missed several other comments I’ve made in recent months on other games, where I reveal I literally have 34 current series, and 33 of them completed. Most of them with more than 3-4 full novels and some with over 10. My current one is going to be 20 when all the side stories are counted in. So yes, I AM actually an accomplished writer myself. I am literally trying to share with this dev who could use work on his ability to flesh out points in a story, and understand what they want it to be, where they want it to go and who the fuck the star of it is… constructive. Criticism. It’s not offense. I’ve also stated in several other comments on this site that I do not use caps as anything other than Emphasis. Because the internet has no tone. There is no way to convey feelings, so what you take as offense Zone, is patently wrong. Do I think the ghost crap and the clone stuff is stupid, yes. Absolutely. It’s a dystopia with survival being paramount. By the dev’s own design. There’s plenty enough to focus on just trying to get/keep the harem and decide who wants to be in it, based on how many resources they can find and trying to stay alive. The rest is more likely to derail the audience, make them think the dev’s jumped the shark or does not really know what the hell they want to do with the story. Which by the way is why so many of these guys lose subs, and eventually abandon so many of these games that do, like this one, show potential. End of the day, I do not generally like insulting people. I do not like being insinuated to be insane, or questioned of my integrity when I’ve actually been at one point a published reviewer on a different site. I was LITERALLY paid to do this. I’m not asking any of you to agree with my takes. I’m not even actually asking any of you to bloody read them. But, I will go after you, if you go after me. That’s my rule.

        The one reason I haven’t self published my own work is all the same BS rules on Paetron and Subscribestar that lead to Incest patches. I have no personal ability to fund the publishing. I wish I did. So you can sit here and question my ability to write all you fucking want, but I have a USB drive that I could show you in person which is the master key to all my damned works over the last probably twelve years. I have honed my craft. I was hired for it, professionally at one point, and that’s a laurel none of you can take from me.

        I know it’s not my story. I have several of them in the harem vein and frankly, mine would be structured much more sensibly. I was sharing what does, and does not work. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to accept my views, and you damned sure don’t have to agree. But people do tend to answer aggression, aggressively. Go figure. I’ll grant you at least you came up with a better name than Anonymous… but if the best you have is Ridiculous Comments; you might want to look at yours, and realize you live up to your own name. At least mine has some cheek involved. But you’ve have to think about why, to get it.

  10. Decent game , starts out as just a standard post apocalypse scenario game ,
    But throws some twists in there , interested to see how the story continues.

    Story 7/10
    Visual 6/10
    Engagement 8/10
    Core Loop 7/10

  11. Having played the game unlike site owner here are the true stats.
    Story 5%
    Visual 11%
    Engagement 2%
    Core Loop 1%

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