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Messmans “The Pilgrimage” Walkthrough

– Start Game
– After playing through the game’s introduction you’ll be face with three options. [Scan for life signs] + [Download schematics] + [Investigate the ship’s integrity]. Exhaust dialogue to unlock the final option [I should go].
Tali will have an unavoidable event with a rat-type enemy
– After being saved and waking up at the medbay you will be faced with two options:
Will lead to an optional scene involving Jesora, an asari. Afterward you will need to travel to the communications room and have an encounter with a large ape enemy.
Will lead to Tali’s first encounter with a big ape enemy + shower bugs. The ape scene is avoidable by winning, the bug scene is not.
– At the end of either route you will need to explore the ship until you have gathered twenty (20) tech parts. You should have [1] breaching charge to use on either the warehouse or crew barracks locked door. Choose either, though the crew barracks path will not have an enemy assigned to it.
At the start of the game you will have access to three enemy types you can actively fight. The Ape, the Varren, and the Rat.

The Ape is found in the Communications Room and has a variety of scenes, most of which rely on Tali’s Lewd Level. Being caught by them is considered an instant loss and will lead to an event.

The Varren is found on the path leading to the Warehouse and can be fought with more interaction than the Ape. The Varren also has a number of scenes influenced by Tali’s Lewd Level, but these are more noticeable when using the Dart option later in the game.

The Rat is found on the path leading to the Engine Room and can be fought much like the Varren. Using a Dart will lead to a number of lewd-level inspired scenes.
– Jesora will act as a merchant if you have spare tech parts you’d like to trade for anything she has.
– After resting a few times and taking a shower (or immediately taking a shower) Tali will be attacked by a number of bug enemies.
After the scene you will need to gather [30] tech parts to repair the vent they are coming out of. Note that if you do not have the [30] parts required you will not receive the prompt to fix the vent!

Each bug encounter will intensify after 3 days of rest and using the shower, with the first encounter counting as the 1st. After 3 encounters the 4th will lead to a Bad End. Fix the vent before the 4th encounter to avoid this outcome.
– After collecting the 20 tech parts required, return to Jesora who will ask you to wait a while and will give you another breaching charge for the door you didn’t choose earlier.
– At this point you are free to roam until you hear back from Jesora and Serok.
– While wandering around the Crew Barracks Tali will encounter a red varren. You are given two choices here:
Chasing the red varren will result in the player finding the prison area early. Here you will find two apes still in their cell who you can interact with.
Letting the varren go will result in you finding the prison later.
– After some time Jesora will contact you and will ask you to meet her. She will give you a hacking module for your omni-tool for you to hack a door on a new area of the ship. Docking Bay #1. She will also give you some tools to repair your omni-tools scanner, but you will need [30] tech parts to repair this.
– If you skipped chasing the red varren at this point the prison should now be accessible to you. Here you will find two apes still in their cell whom you can interact with. Checking the lock on their cell will show it’s damaged and needs [10] tech parts to repair.
Tali can experience a number of scenes with the apes, but only once per day as she doesn’t want to spoil them.

Repeating the ‘tease’ option will result in the apes becoming more and more upset. Repeating this option 3 times will result in them breaking out and charging for Tali who will have an opportunity to defend herself. Losing will not result in a Bad End
– At this point you can repair the scanner for [30] tech parts and you will be able to use it on the map to reveal any rooms you have access to at this point.
– Using the scanning tool will reveal a new room called ‘Undefined’. Going there you will reveal a dark room and a puzzle inside of a vent.
The sequence to solve this puzzle is: Red fuse + Wire + Black fuse. When finished, hit the box on the upper-right to confirm the repairs.

If you fail the repairs you will have a second chance, but a varren will find Tali and begin having fun with her. Solving the puzzle at this point will not result in a puzzle completion as it will instead open Tali’s face for another varren to have fun with.

After fixing the power you can enter a room where you will find a large tunnel, possible one for a sewer. Nothing else can be done here except noting the tunnel and leaving, but if you hang around for some 4-5 seconds an event with a new bear enemy will begin.
– Nothing else can be done in room ‘Undefined’ at this time.
– Using the hacking module Jesora gave you, you need to go to Docking Bay #1 and hack the doors open.
The sequence is relatively short and simple, but the real problem are the enemies that show up in the middle of Tali hacking. Missing too many times will result in a failed hack and Tali will have an event with the ensuing enemies.

If Tali’s Lewd Level is high enough, pink bars may instead appear and Tali will turn the tables on her lecherous foes.
– Once inside you will automatically get what you need and return to Serok who will tell you that Jesora and her crew are missing. He will ask you to find them.
– At this point Tali has activated a lockdown accidentally during the last objective. Doors will be locked in most locations and will continue to be locked unless the player disables them in the medbay (player choice) or they may choose to leave them on out of enjoyment of the hacking minigame. Note that after disabling the security gates the player will still need to unlock at least one locked door in each location before the change takes effect.
– Finding Jesora and her crew is split into 3 objectives in total. Finding the commandos (found in the Crew Barracks) the vorcha (found in the Warehouse) and finding Jesora herself (found in a new room called Hallway). You can find the commandos and the vorcha in one day but you will need to rest before finding Jesora as the Hallway location will not be revealed until an event begins after resting.
– After finding Jesora and speaking with Serok he will ask you to explore while he thinks about what to do next. In the mean time he will give you a keycard he found which will open a door in the crew barracks room. This room serves almost no purpose but does provide you with extra free loot and at least one unique item: lube.
– At this point you are free to roam until you hear back from Jesora and Serok.
– Here, if you go to the prison room, you are able to find a dog toy in one of the cages in the back of the room. Using this toy you can click a hidden interactive item in docking room #1 to attract a red varren, who Tali can then have fun with or fight.
The red varren has a variety of scenes, almost all of them with some level of Lewd Level integration. Be sure to check them out!
– It is recommended that players use this time to load up on ammo and/or grenades if you do not currently have a decent stock of either.
– After some days of waiting Tali will be faced with her first miniboss of the game and either encounter will be difficult. Depending on how you played up until this point the enemy you get would be:
Tali will encounter the apes from the prison if she did not fix their lock. Losing will result in a Bad End.
Tali will encounter a pack of varren led by the red varren if she did fix the prison apes lock. Losing will result in a Bad End.
– The battle will be difficult and rely much on RNG for Tali to win if she is only using her gun. It is recommended that players have at least 2 grenades with them for this encounter.
– After winning the battle Serok will ask Tali to go to his ship and speak with Jesora, who has figured out a plan to access the bridge of the ship. She plans on using a mining laser to melt the the locked door and wants Tali to be there to oversee its use. Tali agrees to meet Jesora at the hallway.
– At this time Tali will now have access to two new NPCs at Seroks base:
A purple-toned asari with one scene at the bar. If you ever find a vorcha behind the counter, take a look…
Smart, handsome, and a momma’s boy. Zeltan has a number of scenes in the current build of the game. If you’re brave enough you should consider:

1: Get drunk at Nyun’s bar twice (2x)
2: Zeltan will volunteer to walk you home. From here you have the option to tease him or let him go. If you wish to continue the Zeltan route, tease him and a scene plays out, after which Zeltan will run a way ashamed.
3: Return to the ship and ask Serok and Nyun where Zeltan is. Afterwards head directly to the Engine Room and find him there.
4. Zeltan will inevitably run away a second time and you can then find him in the Crew Barracks where Tali will have two options: Tell him to go back or Try having sex again. To continue the route, try having sex again.
5. Zeltan and Tali will this time have sex in a much better way and this will leave Zeltan happy and proud.
6. After speaking with everyone back at the ship, rest and take a shower to activate another scene. Zeltan will ask Tali to marry him and Tali will be given the option to say yes or no.
7. If you say yes, they are both married and Zeltan cements the marriage by fucking Tali.
8. This is as far as the Zeltan route goes for now.
– After meeting Jesora in the hallway an event will play out. Jesora will ask Tali to give her time to think and the player is allowed some time to roam the ship before they have access to Jesora again. It’s frankly 50/50 you will find her back at the bar so check often.
– After speaking with Jesora she will ask you to use your scanning tool to see if you can find the phantom that ambushed you. If you have not fixed the scanning tool yet you will need to do so in order to proceed with the main story.
– Using the scanning tool will reveal a new room: Pool. Go there to progress the main story.
– After finding the Pool room Tali will need to return later to see if she can sneak up on the phantom. Once you do this an event will play out and two new enemies will now be on the map, Small Lizard and Croc.
The small lizard will only be found on the path leading to the pool. They have a variety of scenes and most have integration of Tali’s Lewd Level in mind when using a dart. A ‘bad dart’ scene has a chance of playing whenever using a dart on the enemy.

The big lizard or “Croc” can be found at almost any path when first choosing it. The encounter is random and a small minigame plays to try and escape him. If captured Tali will have a small number of options at her disposal, all of which involve her getting fucked. The ‘bad dart’ scene has a small chance of playing when using a dart on him.
Now that Tali has cornered the phantom, she could be anywhere doing anything. That includes releasing the apes from the prison. When visiting the prison the phantom will release Tali’s teased and horny prisoners who will want to fuck her for all the pain she has caused them. Losing this fight will result in a Bad End.
– After the encounter at the Pool room Jesora will ask Tali to keep on the lookout for any odd activity.
– Return to the pool room and check a terminal to pump all water from the pool and find a hatch you can access. You are presented with a prompt of checking now or later. Check when you are ready to continue the story.
– After finding a hatch and having an encounter Tali is now stuck in the vents with Nyun who has gone missing. Open the first hatch and you will come to a crossroads where you will be unable to go forwards.
The ducts are a vile and sticky place.

Frogs: A new enemy type, spy on them after reaching the saferoom and you will prompt a chase. Ignore them once passing their vent and they might surprise you later on.

Horrid Tentacles: A mass of flesh at the end of a path. Shoot at it once to provoke a response when you least expect it. Shoot it twice to guarantee a Bad End.
– Take the route to your left to find a room with an enemy in it. Win or lose, this room will now serve as Tali’s temporary base of operations.
– Grab the green gas object atop a device in the back of the room and then return to the vents.
– Continue crawling forwards until you’ve come back to the original crossroads you were at earlier. Take a right and then turn around to face the mass of flesh blocking your way. Use the interact button to deploy the green gas to dissolve the material and open the way for further exploration.
– Once down the blocked path you will find another crossroads. Take a left and follow it to a deadend but use the interact button to look through a vent and find Nyun. This step is important.
Nyun’s fate is in your hands, figuratively speaking. The longer you take to save her the more dire her circumstances become. Visit her 3 times on 3 separate days to watch her turn from bartender to broodmother.
– After finding Nyun, head back to the crossroads and go forward, coming to a quick and sudden deadend. Use the interact button to find AMI, a new NPC. After speaking with her, return to the medbay and speak with AMI.
– Tell AMI about Nyun and ask her to unlock the door keeping you from her. AMI will unlock the door and so Tali will now be able to proceed.
– Returning to the vent from the saferoom, crawl until you reach the first intersection and then take a left. From here continue straight, straight, and straight some more until you find a door covered in white goo. This is the door AMI unlocked for you. Use the interact button to open it and crawl through.
– At the end of this path you will find Nyun and a bug you will have to defeat through a quick time event. Losing here will result in a Bad End.
– After saving Nyun the player should sleep.
– Once awake, Nyun will speak with you about what has happened. Afterwards Tali can speak to AMI about opening an exit out of the vents back to the rest of the ship. Speak with AMI again and prompt her to open the path.
– You will then play a short sequence as AMI, which is fairly linear.
– After AMI opens the path, Tali can now leave the vents.
– Crawl back into the vent system and continue until you have reached the first crossroads. Take a right and crawl forward to leave the vents.
– Once outside you should speak with Serok and Jesora about what occurred.
– As of Version 1.5, this is as far as the story and guide go. Have fun exploring and getting into trouble until the next update!

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  1. there are some scenes of Tali’zorah with the creature having a bug that has to be ignored and this makes me not very happy ( specifically the scene with the creature Rat ).

  2. hope there will be more new creatures, more animated scenes about creatures, continue the main story, hope to have the next update soon.

  3. Have more gameplay and exploration, not a renpy style game(not to say renpy is bad). Animation is unique like an old school games. Just need polishing like UI clarity and others.

  4. Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​ just from this shit show of an overview i can tell the english is garbage and not worth a download so hard pass i don’t give a fuck if he is not a native english speaker find someone to do that shit for u it’s fucking laziness nothing more

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