I Used My Time Traveller Powers to Cuckold Myself! [Final] [MochingMochi]

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    1. Completly ^^
      Just for that apology and praise of the vaccine and comply about the fuckin PSYOP about the pandemic this game/plot is pure bullshit like it happened in real life, ppl were coerced into trust big pharma, the ones who only care about benefit ^^

      1. The “best” part was when they claimed if you don’t have any symptoms… that’s a symptom! lol

        Of all places, a fucking porn video game website gives me hope in humanity.

        God bless you random horny souls. lol

    2. you were right no homo i got the jab and then i turned gay and died 🙁 if only i had listened to your wisdom

    1. Haha yeah, there is a guy that always complaining about cuck and ntr here. lmao his reaction must be priceless..

  1. Three more years and this game’s content will be almost entirely dated. No one likes mentions of the pandemic. It’s not great to remind people of actual reality, in what is an essentially escapist hobby. Also: I’m fairly certain one cannot actually cuckold THEMSELVES. It’s more changing the time the MC does get laid, and perhaps by how many, how often. It’s not cuckolding. Cuckolding involves a DIFFERENT person directly stopping someone from getting laid, by fucking that person’s partner. In this arena it’s usually known as NTR. Which again, you cannot do to yourself, based on the actual definition if you would look it up. The relationship in context of your story either would never have begun through changed timelines and thus cannot be considered “broken” OR was never actually broken because the sex involves the MC either freaking way {If this was an attempt at a humorous title, it’s more tonally confusing than funny. Which isn’t helped by the mention of real world problems as a basis for SuperPowers. Pretty sure it’s disrespectful to about seven million actual dead as far as I just checked as well}

    Also Also: Time travel is more of a mind fuck than a super power. Unless you want to say this guy has literal fate weaving powers and can control every aspect; it’s more often than not just going to end badly. There’s about a thousand super powers I can think I’d want before I’d bother with time travel. Including actual immortality. In which case time has no meaning.

    1. Pretty sure you’re just another vaxxtard that’s taken about 10 or 11 too many jabs and that swallowed whatever propaganda CNN and your double-masked savior Fauci who only wore a mask for photo ops, shoveled to you.

      1. Haha, what? I hope you get Polio lol

        I was vaccinated, but I suspect I was asymptomatic because I went to Canucks games during the crisis. Think what you want, but the people who were anti-vax died in great numbers.

        I wish I got superpowers from the vaccine, that would have been neat. Well, maybe I did, I make a lot of money betting on NHL games after that.

        1. Yes we know. Only non thinkers like you were thoroughly convinced you could be sick and not have any symptoms. Big pharma appreciates your donation of your living body for their mRNA experiments.

          Cool vaxx story, bro. Jab it again. Maybe next time do a little research and not rely on fake news MSM talking points, the same talking points that told you US hospitals were overflowing with unvaccinated but showed you hospitals in Italy.

        2. MRNA is NOT a vaccine. It’s gene therapy. Experimental at that. You injected yourself with something you didn’t even know what it is.

          As to people dying from the flu. I’m sure some did like every year and that was an especially virulent version because it was a bio weapon released from a lab. Which they even admit now. After years of lying about it. Your so called vaccine doesn’t even provide protection and there is NO LEGAL LIABILITY IF YOU GET INJURED OR DIE. Why don’t you think for yourself.

    2. Concur, this is a NO for every reason you stated, plus the bizarrely stupid indoctrinated politics as well… just about any AVN concept is better than this just starting out.

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