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Harem Hotel [v0.17.2] [Runey]

Incest Patch: Input the code truestory on your pc in your room to turn Felicity and Emma (the cheerleaders) from “Clones” to “Twins.”

This update includes a lot of new content at the beginning of the game, including remakes and new story. For this reason I recommend a fresh install with a fresh save, though it isn’t necessary.

Download for Windows / Linux

Download for Windows / Linux - Split Files

Download for Mac

Download for Mac - Split Files

Download for Android

Special Instructions:

Usual gestures, save name/delete, seethru textbox, resizeable game and dialogue text. Scrollable textbox – no more text off the bottom of your screen Note: Quick Menu is not always active, swipe up on the screen to access the game menu if you need to. Special Instructions: Install apk. Alternative persistent saves/log location Grant storage permissions on first run! On first run you will get a prompt to copy the archive.rpa file to “documents/Wills747/harem.hotel/game” folder. (game will quit now) Copy the rpa file to the directory indicated in game. Restart the game. Keep in mind if your default install location is an actual SD card and slow speed this may slow the launch. Keep archive.rpa, I’ll likely use it for future updates to keep the apk size small. 16.0 rpa file: 17.2 apk updates: (16.0 rpa NEEDS to be installed!) With Maid Lain Mod (892Mb)

Download Update Patch

View cheat Codes

  • makeitrain = Gives you $1,000
  • makeitstorm = Gives you $999,999
Of course you can use them more than once

Harem Hotel Cheat Codes – Stats
Max the stats of the character of your choice, or max all the character’s stats

  • jumptoend = Maxes out every character’s stats up to the last update, gives you all the money, and more.
  • jumptoend_lin = Maxes out Lin’s stats
  • jumptoend_kali = Maxes out Kali’s stats
  • jumptoend_ash = Maxes out Ashley’s stats
  • jumptoend_maria = Maxes out Maria’s stats
  • jumptoend_bot = Maxes out Android’s stats
  • jumptoend_F&E = Maxes out Felicity & Emma’s stats
  • jumptoend_autumn = Maxes out Autumn’s stats
Harem Hotel Cheat Codes – Extra Scenes
Get some exclusive scenes with this codes:

  • slaveroute_nia = Changes Nia’s route to the Slave Route
  • loveroute_nia = Changes Nia’s route to the Love Route
  • slaveroute_sylvia = Changes Sylvia’s route to the Slave Route
  • loveroute_sylvia = Changes Sylvia’s route to the Love Route
More Codes
  • add10days = Adds 10 Days
  • changename = Changes your name

Download Walkthrough Mod

Harem Hotel Expanded is a mod that adds: an in-game walkthrough for all characters, an optional cheat menu, 11 new scenes and 2 new locations, and restores removed content to the game.

Installation (Read!):

The mod likely isn’t compatible with the unofficial ‘compressed’ version of the game.

This mod does not cause any issues with save compatibility. If you don’t like the mod and delete or stop using the mod, your saves will still work without it. =)

PC & Android:

Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “Harem_Hotel-v0.17-pc” folder.

Unzip the mod -> Right click your HaremHotel app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents/Resources/autorun” folder -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod into the “autorun” folder -> Click merge & replace

Using the mod:
To open the mod menu after installing the mod, click the mod button near the top right of the screen when you’re in-game, or press the “g” or “m” key at any time.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 80%
Engagement - 74%
Core Loop - 71%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.42 ( 92 votes)

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  1. And many more NSFW images on Twitter and Discord

    Hello Everyone!
    Harem Hotel has reached a milestone of over 1,000 scenes! Thank you all so much for sticking around this long 🙂 And apologies for this update taking longer than usual, v0.18 should finish sooner!

    The early half of Android’s story has been remade and rearranged at this point, so I would love to hear what you all think about it! This is about the only remade content in this update though, so I’ll let you decide if it’s worth starting a fresh save for.

    Added a total of 52 scenes
    Added tip screens
    Added new music to repeatable dates
    Added new music to repeatable sex
    Added new music to repeatable exhibitionism, both beach and cafe
    (You may access a library of this music by talking to Ally in Android’s room)
    Added “Last Time on…” screens to catch you up

    2 Story Events

    1 Story Event
    Added repeatable sex scenes to Kim & Ami at the hot springs
    Added ‘Request Nudes’ feature while Kali is at Papa Ron’s or University
    1 Event
    1 Event

    2 Story Events
    Updated ‘Request Nudes’ feature

    1 Story Event/Sex Scene
    1 Sex Event

    1 Story Event
    Remade her 12th event
    Remade her 13th event
    Remade her 15th event
    Remade her 16th event
    Remade her 17th event
    Remade her 18th event
    Remade and combined her 19th and 20th event
    Remade her 21st event
    Remade her 23rd event
    Remade her 24th event
    Remade her 25th event
    Remade 3 repeatable anal animations
    Added 5 outfits to her repeatable anal animation
    Added 7 outfits to her repeatable boobjob animation
    Added 5 outfits to her repeatable blowjob animation
    Remade her Form 1 Alarm (now optional with Form 2)
    Remade 7 repeatable vaginal animations
    Added 4 outfits to her repeatable vaginal animation
    Added 5 new outfits to Android
    Added Interactions in the new outfits
    Added Freestyle Sex

    Felicity & Emma:
    1 Story Event/Sex Scene
    Added ‘Request Nudes’ feature to Felicity and Emma

    1 Story Event

    1 Event

    Explore Content:

    Bernie’s Bowling Bar:
    Added the Bowling Tournament
    1 Event

    The Park (NEW!):
    2 Events

    The Slums:
    2 Events


    More bugfixes
    Added the Chinese translation

    Cheat Codes HERE
    More Cheat Codes HERE
    WIKI/Walkthrough HERE




    v0.16+ > v0.17.2 Patch (PC only) (READ_ME included):




  2. Hoping the cheat/improvements mod by Scrappy can be updated to 0.17 & the game doesn’t suddenly get an update that invalidates the mod, it sucked that when the 16.1 mod was available the main game updated to 16.2 before I could download 16.1.

  3. the link downdload don’t work well, it starts but stop after 1,5 gb of download. please use an alternative download

  4. this dev has been at this for 5 years and he ain’t even half way done yet so i’m gonna assume this lazy ass is gonna be finished with this in another 10 to 15 years smh and his brain dead patrons are still gonna keep supporting this dude

    1. And still no goddamn sex with Autumn. At the pace this shit is decomposing, the characters will all die of old age in the game before we get a shot at Autumn.

  5. I can’t download the android version from mega since the transfer quota exceeded. Can you add a new non mega download link?

  6. This means more updates, faster updates, this is what he wrote on his patreon were already 4months into 2023 where are these more updates where are these faster updates some how i don’t think that sentence is true

  7. there are so many things to dislike about this kali and the android as someone else said that is just fucking stupid then there is the fact that elf bitch lin goes behind your back and makes a deal because reasons and now the big one this dumb cunt has been redoing old events meaning if you want too actually see them you gotta start over who the fuck does that especially for people already so far into this who is gonna wanna start over just to see them

  8. This game is awesome, I’ve played for hours and it’s still not finished yet. There isn’t really an over-arching story line but more like every character has a storyline and the story lines will cross each other, the further you get in the game.

    The grinding in this game is…. not too bad but its still a bit grindy. Every stat has to be trained 10 times for a trait.

    with that out of the way;

    the storyline between Kali and the android is FUBAR. (fucked up beyond any recognition). First Kali messes with the andoid’s code because she has errors, almost wiping the androids personality. Then Kali made an app to hack into androids and guess who is the guinea pig? The android…. Oh and she modified the androids code to facilitate her own app to better control the android…. If this isn’t some plot for some terminator knock-off, I don’t know what is…. Like literally Kali’s sister, who is a sheltered spoiled brat, realized this is f***** dangerous and should not be done or God forbid, sold on the f***** market. Give a toddler a loaded gun with the safety off, you get the same result.

    1. the cheats in the overview don’t work but if you scroll down to where it says View cheats and list of cheats, those work. for instance if you want 1k dollar then makeitrain works. where gimmesomemoney does not work.

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