S.H.E.L.T.E.R- An Apocalyptic Tale . [v1.0] [Winterlook]

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Download for Mac

Download for Android

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Extract and put the patch in Shelter-0.XX-win\game

Unlock Gallery

if you want a 100% complete gallery follow this:

Go to game folder->renpy->common -> 00gallery.rpy

Open the file using notepad and search for “if not renpy.seen_image(i):” under that line you’ll see “return False”. Simply change False to True and you’ve unlocked the entire gallery. Make sure you type True not true, the capital T matters.

Works on TFOI and I decided to give it a go here aswell.

Download walkthrough+ cheat Mod


  • New incest patch included and updated to the newest version.
  • Every choice with permanent consequences will now say what it does (Marked in blue, red and green. Pink choices are new scenes from the mod)
  • At the point where the MC starts calling Angela by her name you can choose to keep refering to her as “mom”.
  • Added a cheat menu in your room. You can change your name, increase your number of cans, reset any girl’s job and change the way you refer to Angela.
  • Now you can dream about the pregnancy sex scenes when you sleep, allowing you to repeat them after each woman gives birth. The “dream” would only be about the romance route, regardless of the route you’re in.
  • Some of the corruption scenes are now avaliable in the romance route with new and adapted dialog to fit the route.
  • Some unique scenes are now repeatable with new different outcomes and variants.
  • Some of the original scenes have the dialog altered, a few even double in lenght now.


Just extract in the game folder and overwrite everything
Arachnophobia Patch:
This patch changes Lucy’s whole character, making her humanoid from the begginning. This removes all the content with her spider body, meaning you can only return her voice back and have one sex scene (actually two, but only the dialog changes). This replaces Lucy’s whole route, so you need to apply the patch before you meet her for the first time or start a new game. You can use it without even having the mod, but if you want to use both make sure to install the mod before the patch and not after.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 65%
Engagement - 73%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.17 ( 21 votes)

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  1. Kurdum fakat açılış ekranı gözüküyor ondan sonra kapanıyor sebebini bulamadım açılış yardımm!!!!!HELP ME

  2. One of the better porn games. If you download the Incest Patch and apply it, you have sought refuge in a shelter after a nuclear fallout with your dad, mom and two sisters. When it (quickly) comes to repopulating the earth, you can either go the Romantic Route or the Corruption Route. The Romantic Route gives you a better story and the Corruption Route more debauchery.

    The animations and the sex scenes are good, but the game itself becomes repetitive, even if you can skip text. You often have to wait and just go from day to day, in order for the next thing to happen (kind of like real life, huh, haha). Sometimes I got stuck and I’m sure it’s a bug, because from what I found online, I did everything ‘right’. So the game just ‘ended’ there for me.

    Basically, you just go around and impregnate women – whether that be your own family members or women you find outside of your shelter. Again, while it’s fun and exciting, it can become repetitive. If all goes well, the game does have an ending.

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