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Where It All Began [Ch. 3 Fulll] [Oceanlab]

NTR can be turned OFF at the beginning of the game.

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

This patch introduces some content to the game.

Patch Instructions

On PC, place the files into WIAB/game

On MAC: in

Download Walkthrough, Gallery & Incest Mod


• Unlocked All CG Gallery
• Unlocked All Scene Reply Gallery
• Incest Mod Enable and Disable
• Walkthrough Mod Added
Extract Mod Zip
Copy “game” folder
And overwrite with original “game” folder

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Editor's Rating

Story - 96%
Visual - 98%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.96 ( 232 votes)

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  1. I think the NTR in this game is your character fucking women that your GF does not know about.

    I have a rule in these games, if your partner makes you come then no cheating. Your GF in this game is DTF, like all the time, there is no reason to cheat, you would just be taking attention from her.

    There is another game like this where a surprise daughter shows up, but the wife in that game is DTF, I know the game expects you to stray but damn, why? Your wife will let you fuck her in the kitchen while your daughter could walk in at any moment, no reason to cheat at all.

  2. Amazing!
    feels like every dialogue has been given thought and effort, funny and surprising scenes mixed with fun conversations, amazing ladies (Miru is a goddess, Katie is soooo amazing…) sexy talks, sexyy animations.
    yes just amazing.
    my number 2 favorite ! (sorry eternum takes the crown)

  3. At least the next update will be the end of the introductions according to the dev,

    “Keep in mind, we’re still in the introduction phase and the next update will be the end of the introduction.

    Keep your expectations reasonable when it comes to lewd content. “

  4. Imagine going on 15 dates each with a bunch of girls and you never fuck any of them. This game is worse than real life and its a game about sex lol.

    1. Dude, they are literally your family!!!
      You cant just comeback home after years and grab your mom’s boobs slap your sis’s ass while your dad is watching!!!!
      SHIT…..thats hot lol

    2. This is a fair complaint. It would be more accurate to say this is a visual novel with sex in it. It’s on a very slow burn, too, so if you want a game about sexing everyone up, this isn’t it.

      1. If you write a wimp or have it be a choice and the player takes it then fine.

        In my game I am writing, you can play as the brother or the sister, both start the game looking great, and it’s two weeks before school starts. You can hook up with some friends that you were kind of getting frisky with before your family took a vacation together. It’s up to you, but you can, if you play your cards right, have sex in the 1st chapter, and the 2nd, those are the only chapters I have finished so far, but there is no excuse to not have at least one sexual encounter in each chapter, maybe depending on the player’s choices.

        1. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our own preferences and people are making these games for pretty much all of them.

    3. so why does he have sex scenes in this one? yea it’s with your gf (not sure why he has a gf in the first place tho) with zero build up in this with regards to the characters you meet yet in summers gone it’s five chapters in and zero sex scenes he even removed the teasing scenes wtf in this numb nuts problem with how he’s doing these

  5. A quick review on this version from start to just after the first breakfast. I’ve played some of it before but deleted it when it didn’t seem to be getting an update and I wanted to free up some space, so I’m playing it through again.

    * This is a serious game with serious themes. I think it’s well-written but now you know.
    * You can turn off NTR on the first screen. People will still complain but some people just want to complain. There’s no need. We get it already.
    * The models are all well-done. I don’t always like playing these games where everyone is a little too perfectly sculpted, but “don’t always” doesn’t mean “never”. 😉
    * The lighting is well done. The scenes are well done, but there are times where I want the transitions to hurry up even during the sex scenes but they aren’t agonizingly slow, making the truly slow transitions well-earned.
    * I love how in the scenes there is action and movement behind the characters that is more than repetition to save the number of images in the file. I love how the little in-between poses for the models (usually, there are gaffs) make them look like they’re living people in a living world, or at least much better than most 3d porn games. This makes the game huge but I appreciate it.
    * It’s a giant soap-opera with soap-opera dialogue but it’s pretty good soap-opera dialogue.
    * Every action seems to be narrated. That’s too bad because of the aforementioned attention to detail.

    A Note To No: I think Leia is complicated. She’s very hurt from the start and resents it. “Complex Characters” is one of the consequences of such a heavy story; a lot of the authors lean into the complex and sometimes it comes off as juvenile. This is absolutely the kind of story where everyone’s the asshole (except the MC’s girlfriend, she’s a delight), but “everyone’s the asshole” is how the story starts. It’s how too many of these Very Serious games start, but it’s not doing so all the time and I enjoy so many other aspects of this that I want to see it through.

    1. Yo murikan, in this update true NTR finished or not? because in s2 there is no NTR at all just hinted but that’s it (mc gf want to be a pornstar or smth).

      1. I was curious about what they meant by their NTR warning so I turned it on to see. I admit I’m not far in and all I’ve seen is the MC having no problem with his girlfriend flashing her breasts at another couple as part of a bar bet.

        There is a lot of talk about having an open relationship, but true to form the girlfriend is too loyal to consider getting it on with anyone else. Strong implication that she is bi but her sexuality outside her relationship with the MC so far appears to be playful than serious about getting it on with anyone else.

        Will update if I run into anything that is remotely NTR.

      2. Warning: I have Joker’s mod installed. It’s a little bit of cheating if I wanted to have the gameplay styled to my choices, but I find most of these games are styled to the author’s choices with the exception of games like Leap of Faith wherein all the choices are good.

        The first mention of NTR is the MC having her girlfriend flash her ass at his bi sister. He does not seem at all upset about it and it’s in character for the kind of relationship they’re having, hardly NTR in the sense where the MC gets cheated on. It does get more intense when the option of the GF going into porn, or the MC saying there’s a very slight but barely a chance he’d be into participate in double-stuffing her.

        I’m still not very far in and have not seen any actual NTR (neither cheating nor sharing) but I can see the shape of how the author would add it in, but so far there have been chances to change previous directions. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

        1. Aw dank so no true NTR then and yes i refer to sharing because i don’t think mc gf is the type of cheating cos she is too loyal.
          thanks man, i got my hands full rn and i’m really interested with this game NTR and just want to see how far NTR progressing because s2 is all talk.

  6. First, I will say that I did enjoy what I played of the ORIGINAL version of the game.

    I would suggest to put back in the absolute control of the Pregnancy Content – it was appreciated.
    I would also say that Harem SHOULD be in the tags, as an absolute = the game is BUILT to be a harem.
    It does not really function any other way, and is one thing that made the bitchiness of the characters semi bareable.

    Next: An Open Relationship IS NOT a Harem. They are two entirely different concepts; and if you let me turn NTR OFF with the stated premise being it will NEVER be shown = it’s NOT AN OPEN RELATIONSHIP. I would differentiate the two paths by stating in the NTR OFF version that players can choose the choice that EVOLVES the relationship (which Miru should NOT be opposed to at all) is labeled Harem. Directly. That way a player will know what you intend and not need to worry about fucking up. Tagging on to that point: Miru doing Porn = in the NTR OFF version, the ONLY one she should consider doing it with is MC. Without question. I do not need or want to see Lesbian content; it does NOTHING FOR ME.

    On the NTR ON version you’re fine to keep it as Open Relationship (What the hell do you even mean by MOB???) The players that want to see that content – or like myself will test out differentiations in multiple playthroughs to see what actually changes, can have that content and take the consequences.

    Special Note: Whether NTR ON or OFF = Gina should NOT be a locked character. At all. In NTR Off, have her suggest to do MC (or have Miru push for it like you had originally) and have her go through with it. Obstensibly to “please” her BF. Who can then deal with the final consequence to his NTR Fetish in that he WILL LOSE Gina to MC, because she WILL join the forming Harem. Leaving the male right off. We never need to meet him beyond maybe the once to set it up. On the NTR ON path, it can go to a point of sharing and still be viable. Either way you included her in the game, so fuck right off with making her path exclusive. That always pissed me off.

    The Girls:

    Leia should NOT be the “cold” one. That always was, and always SHOULD be Katie. Leia was the one grounding point that in her warmth; acceptance and KINDNESS to the MC despite the fact he left the family, was the reason I as a PLAYER wanted to keep going through all the other bs that the characters put MC through. As far as making her Domme – don’t. Not with the MC. She can do it with everyone else. I don’t give a flying fuck… but she SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY SUBMISSIVE TO THE MC. She can break down at one point and tell him the distance you can work into the story was a shield for him. [But for fuck sakes – remove the YOU’RE NOT TRUSTED BULLSHIT. That’s just her being an ass for no reason. Does she want him to stick around or not??? Because again: HUMAN REACTION. If someone sent me that mixed a message the first thing I’d do is say okay. You can all go right back to fucking off. I’m done. You don’t want me here; you don’t need me here, so why the bloody hell AM I HERE?] Making her “distant” does not mean make her an outright bitch, and the way you wrote the character before was fucking perfect. (There was also more actual sex that involved MORE THAN JUST ONE BLOODY GIRL – but we’ll get there) Why in the holy hell did you change that?!?

    Next: EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. DOES. NOT. NEED. TO ALREADY. BE. TAKEN! There’s no point in pursuing ANY of these idiots if they already have BOYFRIENDS. Limp dicked or not.

    Dana has Martin. Gina has her BF. Zoey is with Katie. Monica is with Benjamin. Jesus fucking Christ what the hell is the point… If you want to tell the player fuck right off,you’ve got not shot = you’re on a damned good start.

    On that note: Dana is stated to be the “nice one” and Monica is supposedly “an angel” BULLSHIT. Even as the nice one she still takes shots at MC, and says he has no shot. Again: It DOES NOT MATTER HOW ATTRACTIVELY YOU RENDER A CHARACTER WHEN YOU MAKE THEM AN ASSHOLE! Monica I’ve gone into below. She SHOULD recall exactly how skilled MC is at sex (beyond the bullshit scenario YOU came up with just to give her a reason to be unreasonably pissed off at MC) and STILL WANT HIM. She can be pissed at herself that she does. I don’t care. She can be unhappy with Benjamin because he can’t compare (There’s a REASON she didn’t tell him about MC taking her first time – and you NEVER forget your first, so fuck doubly right off with her being the Tsundere) but you NEED to fix that. Dana SHOULD be the most willing to be with MC. There’s no point in implying she’s extremely Submissive if you’re going to be passive aggressive about the fact she’s never been laid. Fuck. Me. Sideways. You need to work in a way that BOTH of these girls will give MC a shot; DESPITE the fact they have (not so) significant others.

    Katie: Should actually BE THE ONE WHO WAS ANOREXIC. She would then actually have a good reason to blame MC as much as she does. Leia does NOT fit that backstory and again altering her character is detrimental to Player involvement. It would also give more poignance to her eventual softening/forgiveness of MC. Rather than EVERYONE treating him like he’s the asshole. We’ll get to that as well. Don’t worry. Zoey – if she wants an Open Relationship and NTR OFF is applied; the ONLY one either of the two should consider or be SEEN considering is MC. You said it would never be shown – it should also never be IMPLIED THAT IT MIGHT HAPPEN. Not a hard concept. There’s NO POINT to teasing this much about incoming sexual situations with ANY of the girls at all, if you’re just going to keep blue balling your audience and get about as far as you got with the original, with ONLY ONE FUCKING GIRL ACTUALLY DOING ANYTHING SEXUAL.

    Miru: Make her stop talking about Breeding UNTIL you actually bloody RE-IMPLEMENT that system. You’re teasing a kink, and it’s getting god damned annoying. Either shit or get off the pot – because as mentioned below; you had the perfect opportunity to re-render the jail scene (and it’s fucking stupid to have put the MC in JAIL off screen – and then make him behave like EVERYONE’S BITCH) Where with NTR ON Miru COULD actually get pregnant… and you didn’t. Because you wanted little miss Random Ice Queen to Girl Boss. On a guy you CLAIM has been trained by a god damned ninja and is literally 3 TIMES HER SIZE! (It would have worked when MC was the shrimpy little bitch that he was rendered in the first game… it doesn’t work the way you made him look in this one = and yes we are SOOOO going to get to that)

    Daphne: What is the point of her? Seriously, you even found a way to make a character who has 2 actual scenes be pissed at MC for HAVING NO CHOICE BUT TO GO BACK HOME! Write her smart enough to realize if she wants him that badly a) no friendzone bullshit – make player choices available as to whether she will be pursued or not FROM. THE. FUCKING. START. And B) She CAN FUCKING MOVE TO HIM!!! Jesus. One god damned girl that DOESN’T find a reason to be blocked off, already taken, or a rancid bitch would be very nice. Because as it stands there’s no reason to want to keep playing this unless you actually hire a writer who understands that BANTER IS NOT JUST INSULTING. There’s no affection involved with the girls’ talking to MC.

    While we’re at it on a side point: Bibi? Did you hire a three year old? Use it maybe once. One time. And screw off with any jeuvenile writing. This is serious subject matter you want us to be invested in, then you can write like you’re older than fucking fifteen. That includes ALL characters. Again, banter is done with affection, and engenders investment. Encourages endearment. What you’re doing is emotional punching bag, for no reason. Which again = make at LEAST one point of player choice for each girl in general (from the beginning to the current update) where you can actually GAIN affection with the girls. Hell I’d add several, and that would be a LOT easier to take as far as this story goes. But on that point – The overly mysterious bullshit isn’t helping your case. It didn’t help in the original story either, but at least playing through it before you stopped for whatever reason to re-work the whole thing, it was getting to a point where things started to click. Having everyone and their dog shut the MC out DOES NOT engender the idea that they actually ever WERE that invested in him. Or want him to be there. Or stay there in the long term. Genuis’.

    On the point of the Pregnancy system that you originally had; it was fine the way it was. There were ONLY 2 actual instances of the pregnancy happening and one had supposed consequences (on the NTR path) and potential consequences – that were never rendered – on the Harem Path. It SHOULD be a focus in this game. With MORE THAN MIRU FUCKING FOCUSED ON IT. There was a girl you revealed in later updates was a spy; and again the story was going somewhere with it… so what gives? Where the fuck is she?!? Because she was the one you could randomly breed on a one night stand that was never a good idea in the first place = but it was also one of several MORE instances of actual sex in the original version of the game. Slow Burn is one thing, but dudes… dudettes or what the hell ever you identify as inbetween; You’re basically trying to rip on Animal Kingdom without the Thievery aspect. Or playing a very wonked Game of Thrones. Where the only two characters actually on a throne are Leia and Helen (for no reason: BECAUSE THE MC SHOULD BE THE KING!) Bring back the actual sex content SOON. Because if you keep dicking around with long assed waits on updates just to put out more FILLER [You say Story, I say Tomato] MOST of your audience will drop off a cliff. Most. Not all, for those idiots that might point out not everyone plays these games to fap. Yes. You do; you just do it later. Possibly because god forbid you concentrate on more than one thing at a time…

    Again: Relationship. System. With more than shortform you yourselves understand that the audience is going to read as WTF. Miru + 1 Love. Miru + 1 Hate. Simple as fuck, yes? Really easy to understand what the hell you get out of it. Not Miru Hy +??? You explain it ONCE at the BEGINNING of the game. I took it to be hate = CONFUSING. Is it really going to kill you lazy fucks to write Miru Hates You? Miru Loves You? It took me about two seconds to type in both. Adding the same values for ALL of the girls that can and WILL be pursuable should be your standard. Because that way, it at least LOOKS like there has been progress. I would seriously re-write EVERY. SINGLE. GIRL. To at least work up to not being an outright bitch, or have very clearly defined reasons to start – and then GIVE THE MC the chance to break her defences down. WITHOUT having to make the guy built like the fucking Grey Hulk constantly apologize for his own bloody existence. They all want to bone him (whether they’ll admit it or not; and some already have…) then they can fucking well act like it. Even if grudgingly. That’s how you invest an audience. You’re depending on renders to be attractive enough to keep your players invested: Guess what? EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. ON. EVERY. SINGLE. PORN. GAME. SITE. IS. MEANT. TO. HAVE. ATTRACTIVE. CHARACTERS! It’s the personality that matters. The heart. If you can’t do that, hire a writer that can. Hell I’d be available and I’ve played through both current versions. So I know what was, and what could be.

    Dana: Was rendered more attractively in the BASE version of the game. Dude; Thicc does not mean thighs and hips wider than any physical head. It doesn’t mean tits the size of fucking watermelons. Or actual pumpkins. Hell even Leia I’d take down by at least a half a cup, and she’d still be a knock out (despite the fact I’d like to knock out this particular version of her) Katie’s are fine and full enough. You DON’T really need to go that much bigger. Dana shouldn’t be called Chunky. That’s not Thicc. That’s just fat. She’s not got the height to justify the weight you put on her, and FUCK body positivity. It does not belong in a fantasy context. Put her back the way she was, or write her the fuck out of the game. Because if she’s waited a full year with a boyfriend and he still hasn’t gotten his dick wet when she’s “submissive” either he has no dick to use on her, or SHE’S the fucking problem. [It would be better if she actually ONLY wanted the MC, and uses the Submissive bullshit as a smokescreen to shield the fact that she couldn’t get what she wanted… and NOW she has the chance]

    Dana: Where? Seriously you added like fifty fucking new GUYS… insinuate the MC is gay at any point (fuck absolutely right off with that by the way – or make it a choice for those that want to play that way at the BEGINNING, and leave it done) but the ONE girl other than the insanely breeding focused rabid GF that also DOESN’T need to be in the bloody game to start with if it was ever intended to be a harem, is nowhere to be found. Don’t bother with… yet. At the rate you’ve put out updates I’ll be dead before you get there. You skipped the freaking prison scene, but I’ll assume working out there is what made the MC so “buff” (which doesn’t bloody matter if you’re never going to let him USE IT)

    You did basically a girls night out with the MC joining later, only to bugger off before you recounted the drug based orgy scenes from the first game (but I’d estimate the progress to be about the same – with again, less lewd involvment and WAY too much focus on Miru = because the other girls who frankly should and DO want to bone the MC are all too busy telling him to fuck right off) I don’t know if you’re going to work towards the prison scene again; but Abigail DID NOT need to be rendered to be a copy of Jack from Mass Effect 2. I don’t mind the upgrade by any stretch: There’s STILL NO POINT TO IT, if you’re not going to let the MC actually DO any of the other girls. Which would be a lot easier to get to if they didn’t all freaking have boyfriends or end up Dykes. (Yes; Katie keeps defending Bi, but so far we’ve got no sign of her actual interest in MC – and a forced point of the PLAYER choosing to show interest TWICE = though at least one is “recommended” – so fuck it. She’s a dyke until otherwise implemented that she actually gives a flying fuck about MC)

    You need to let the MC start actually having AGENCY. Not to mention the player. Build the story all you want, but it’s going nowhere because you want to write a mystery box. Here’s a tip; the last season of Lost should be your bench mark. Because it REALLY WAS NOT GOOD. That’s what you’re going to end up with if you keep trying to be coy about all of this. You want factions, and a war on turf = do it. You want to position MC’s family as the MAIN GROUP ON THAT TURF??? Do it. But MC and NOT LEIA should be the one to get that job done. It’s not a harem if the male is not leading. You didn’t create a female MC, so it has to be a male lead harem. It’s not even a dating sim; because every fucking girl is already TAKEN. So end of the day, decide what the hell you want with this game, and STICK TO IT. Leia did NOT need to be running a prostitution ring, as a club owner. Believe it or not you can run a club and make decent to more than decent profit in general without the added semi legal bullshit (it’s NOT legal everywhere and the cops will still bust a prostitute in Canada for actually plying her trade – despite the fact it’s TECHNICALLY legal, so that’s not a fucking defense) You didn’t need her to be running the drug op either. What the hell is Dylan even there for? Other than to look like MC’s older, smaller brother.

    Which by the way: WHY. IN. THE. HELL. CAN’T. YOU. RENDER. A MALE. ATTRACTIVELY??? He doesn’t have to be John Cena or Alan Ritchson. Jesus. Make him lithe but shredded in the abs. A decent amount of muscle mass and six foot. That’s what most women enjoy. That’s what most men want to be. This asshole can’t even properly bend his arms. And before that you rendered him as basically the same kind of string bean in every other freaking harem game. Ever. Would it kill you guys, just once to render someone like Cyclops. Kurt Wagner. Warren Worthington the third? Jacked doesn’t mean Hulked out. It means viably in more than decent shape and someone that LOOKS like they could actually handle themselves in a fight. Then you turn this dickhead into the biggest pussy on the planet when facing girls 90 lbs (for the most part – I doubt Dana’s 90 lbs even soaking wet…) for what? Why. Why… Why? Is it so hard for you guys to actually treat your characters like you care that they exist. Like actual humans. Here’s the thing; if someone put you through what you’re writing for the MC, with your awareness of whatever the hell you want his backstory to be = do you think you’d stick around? It’s not that hard to be empathetic to the characters you’re doing the work for. They exist because of you. You wrote them. So either in MC’s case you’re projecting over-compensation issues with the current rendering, or I don’t even want to know what your therapy bill comes to.

    The game had far more potential as the Original. I do have it in my “games for fun” bookmarks. I am actively considering removing it, because of how badly you’ve borked everything you bothered to try to build up. I’ll give you a few more updates before I download it again, as a last chance. Because if you don’t at least implement SOME of these suggestions, not a one of your girls is rendered attractively enough (since there is no moaning – and I really don’t know why so many of you bother with the sound bar as an option when there’s NEVER any sexual sounds) to make me want to play. You had a perfectly fine story that was shaping up. With the beginnings of what was becoming a harem as it should always have been labeled. With a credible reasoning behind the goings on. Less mystery, less trying so hard to make things mysterious, and less juevenile writing. Whatever reason you canned that version, it was the better one to play. As it stands, I really can’t recommend this game unless as a male, you identify as Submissive or are actively a masochist. Because so far, there’s just a shit ton of cock teasing unless you’re VERY into skinny Asians that are way too horny. (There’s also NO REASON for HER to have the higher libido – or call MC’s cock small… Girth matters more to women yeah; but dude… fuck right off for calling that thing at all “small.” What’s she comparing it to, a horse?)

    1. Amendment – when I reference Dana twice in this review of the game: One of those instances is the girl you can meet at the bar and creampie (to get her pregnant) who has since disappeared from the game. Or not been introduced yet in this version, I don’t know. Sue me, I forgot her actual name. All points still otherwise stand. The original game had more progression with the girls – who ALL showed some viable level of investment/interest in the MC (whether or not they had boyfriends – so you CAN write the story to be a VN wherein the player does see actual ramping to relationships that might be forged) I don’t know if you changed writers or what, but if you did, change back. Or again, hire a new one. There’s WAY too much similarity in this version of your story to a show called Animal Kingdom; but you missed the point that the focus of the story was on the Males. In this case, it really should be the MC as the Harem Leader = who you are currently treating like absolute shit. These games DO NOT work if every girl is a) an asshole to the MC, b) Taken already and c) Shows no actual interest in ever changing those two points.

        1. I’ll tell you what I tell every asshole that types a version of TL;DR – if you can’t be bothered to actually read what’s written, what the hell makes you think I give a crap about your comment? What makes you think you have the right to comment. Also, “all of that” is about maybe half an hour’s worth of actual work. It did not take that long and as I stated to “but why” I did in fact write the whole thing. If you’ve got nothing better to do than ask who would read all of a comment that doesn’t even register as more than a page and a half, I wonder at your ability to read at all.

          1. The mere fact of writing a response is synonymous with caring to some degree… Any psychology student, even a beginner, can confirm this to you. The sensible and logical thing to do to avoid proving what you don’t want to prove is simply not to write answers.

          2. You shouldn’t, No. Anonymous wrote a review. In short, “TL;DR”. This isn’t kind, but it is valid criticism.

            That you are taking offense, or replying as if you’re taking offense, goes to the point I’ve tried to make to you a few times that you shouldn’t expect an insulting review to be well received, and shouldn’t be surprised if it’s dismissed outright.

            Here you are, not only not receiving it well but dismissing it outright.

            Do you want to write or do you want to be read? So far, myself excluded, I figure you’re about 3 “tl;dr” to 1 “thank you”. Is this your target audience?

            Act Quick (how I see “actkqk” pronounced) has a point, too; if you’re responding, it’s because you care. This leads me to believe that you do want to be read. I could be wrong. You could write just to write, in which case what people think about it shouldn’t matter.

            Or I could be reading too much into it. These things happen.

            1. I respond to the people that basically write TD;LR Murikan, because it’s a) disrespectful of the work I put in (whether they agree with my points or not doesn’t matter to me, but they can respect that it is work at least) and b) they bothered to take the time to comment – but with nothing viable to offer themselves. No reviews, no comments as to what they disagree with in my review. No room for arguments down either path. That is the specific point I take offense to, and what I actually care about enough to respond to them for. I don’t care that they commented one way or the other; I care that they half-assed a comment just to be snarky. I do write “just to write.” My reviews are basically my opinion that no one has to agree with. They are for me to vent my frustrations, or offer suggestions/ideas of where the story could and can go. You very frequently haven’t agreed with my points in fact. Though I’ll admit, it’s nice to see you commenting in a way I can respond to, genially. I could actually have been a psychologist if I wanted to (I have enough of my own demons, and I’m very aware of my scars, so I didn’t feel the need to “look into the abyss” as it were) and I would not ‘dismiss’ anyone that actually wrote a comment of substance. Be it a fair criticism or an actual refutation of any of my points with their own. Hell, half the reason I was always so peeved at you was because I’ve seen comments you’ve made that were astute, and where you make critiques or laud a game as you like. I knew you were capable of more as a writer in comments. So it always seemed a bit unfair that you’d troll me as often as you did. If the TL;DR commenters would bother to do that work themselves I’d very much respect that – and it could become a debate or a conversation about the game itself. What we like, what we don’t like. Why, what could be improved or what works well, etc. Stating nobody bothered to read all that, or something that effect is a broad generalization and also not necessarily true. Like the guy that stated he can’t believe I wrote perhaps a page and a half worth of a review. It’s a page and a half, maybe two at best. Whoopie. It wasn’t a lot of work, but it was effort I put into the act. I do wonder if the people that comment TL;DR would enjoy it if someone went to their place of employment and said “Urgh, you’re working too hard. No one does all that much…” Same deal. I also appreciate that you at least believe I did write it.

              I’ll stand by my segmented reviews of this game. I liked the way the original was written, and specifically several of the characters were far more likeable with room to grow into a potential harem. What did you like about the game, in either version, or what did you not like? I preferred the direct control of whether there was pregnancy content in the original version. There were also more NTR written scenes I believe – though I’ll hold off on that point because I haven’t tested the NTR route (I’m not fond of the concept, so it’s harder to play through – but I do like to test all variance)

      1. Actually I very much did. You’re free to call me an AI if you want; wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called a machine. Or that I have an attention span that lasts for more than five minutes.

    2. Hello, you seem very knowledgeable and informative, I wanted to ask if you could tell me or provide to me more games like summers god and where it all began, I find games like these interesting and more story focused, i wouldn’t mind if we could get in contact either like discord or something, or you could just give me some game suggestions here, please and thank you.

      1. Hillside, being a dik, heart problem, your mom my mom. etc all those games story focused with little sex scene.

        1. Being a dik has a fair share of sex scenes, not sure what you mean, btw this vn is pretty good, great artstyle , and visuals

    3. Respects on the review, its quite girthy ha ha. But yeah, so far, this is a nice vn in my opinion, and you made good point, but I will say, I think the porn thing with Miru might lead the MC to convincing her to do more, just throwing it out there. It feels like we’re currently in the building stages of the story, introducing everyone, rebuilding bonds, so I’d give it a few chapters, maybe till 6 for things to be fleshed out. No excuse on the devs end ofc, but gotta keep it realistic, having a story and sex scenes is great, but no point rushing the story or it’ll flop. World Building with stuff = Good

      1. I’d agree with you Destiny, but as I pointed out in my “girthy” review they already had a better built world. Which was further along, had more potential and frankly more endearingly written females that made you want to invest in them. What they did to Dana in rendering was just as criminal as the outright character assassination they’ve done to Leia. I preferred the old version, and unless we can get some sort of amalgamation back, there’s no point to playing. Because EVERY girl in this game seems to hate the MC.

        Who’s been roided out like Grey Hulk but acts like a freaking pansy. Leia is the Queenpin, for no fucking reason who doesn’t seem to understand she’s NOT giving MC any actual reason to want to stay; and IF she ever felt a damned thing for him at all, it’s NOT the right way to go about getting him to do so. This game was frankly, is and will always be better off as a Harem setting. It was building that way credibly in the first place. With options to sever ties with Miru (who I found an unnecessary, but also at times originally endearing if also stereotypical add on that didn’t need to be there in the first place – mostly to placate the NTR crowd)

        I’m not saying I won’t wait for them to get their shit fully together; I am saying they have one or two updates tops before I lose any interest in trying to get through the game. Especially when every girl who DOES want to bone MC thinks they can just get away with always being rancid to him. There’s only so much any audience is going to take in that regard, and the renderings are not THAT level of attractive to put up with the dialogue. They need to hire a writer who understands how to BUILD character arcs. Because whatever fucked up to make them re-work this game, it’s not working to gain them any favor. It’s not a dating sim if everyone is already taken. It’s not a harem if they all freaking hate him – even if that’s more a projection of the fact they “settled” and now think they can’t have him. It’s still TOXIC. Not the way anyone should write any kind of healthy relationship. Or build one up. Two seconds worth of physical chemistry where Leia’s “challenging” a guy twice her size, does not make up for the cheap shot in the police parking lot. Or the constant I don’t trust you. Does she want him to stick around or not? Because it sure seems to me that NONE of the females actually want him to. Which is inherently the core problem. Because your audience IS marked by HIM as their interactive avatar. So they’re indirectly telling the audience as well, to piss right off when they treat him this badly in game.

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    Full traceback:
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    Windows-10-10.0.22631 AMD64

    Sun Jan 14 13:35:15 2024

    Plzz solve…

  8. basically just a little stuff dev put in this game and only put licensed music lmfao. we all here don’t give a fuck about music if we want to hear music we got spotify itunes youtube etc and all people music preference are different. you think put “licensed” funky music in your game will make us experience better gameplay? hell no. you can shove that “licensed” funky music up your ass dev. this dev is so retarded the music genre and game theme really off putting. like dev literally put funky music during romantic and intense sex scene. you think i’m a hippie or something?

    1. I disagree, I think the right music in the right scenes help elevate it. There is alot of iconic soundtracks in popular media that have stuck with people because of how good they are and the scenes it reminds the viewer of. Anime is a big medium that shows people love good opening songs and games as well. Though i have not played this game yet so I cant comment on the quality on music in it, I think as a whole music can be very important in the right settings

  9. I loved it! Not so much lewd content, but the models are exquisite and I liked the script, the story-line. I consider bitching about Miru’s looks is lame – there’s always a matter of taste; we have a saying: it’s not beautiful what everybody thinks is beautiful, but only what I think is beautiful… Like in real life, a character’s charisma comes from both the looks and the personality, so there’s no way you won’t like at least one of the two of Miru. Some issue though, the previous saves won’t work, as Ocean explained, because he upgraded Renpy from 7.5 to 8.1.3. Not from the dev’s part, but the incest patch is useless, as you can only have sex with Miru (at least till ch. 3), and the walkthrough (only ch. 2 available) just points up if the choice is true, or false, that doesn’t help much… One more thing I’ve noticed: In Dylan’s auto-shop is a character named Marcel that’s identical with Chris from Leap of Faith (?!?). In conclusion, I’d be happy if there would be more VN like this one, and of course I can hardly wait for the next chapter…

  10. This is my one of my favorited game , everything is perfect. many beautiful girls and family members but mc fucking only one girl ……… hope in next update he fuck all beautifully girls in game .

  11. I think this game is one of the best in terms of graphic design and animations. The plot seems interesting (so far) and the dialogues flow nicely (here and there some may sound cringey , but all in good fun). I highly recommend. Just keep in mind that were are in the early days of the project. Long road ahead.

    You can follow my work at:

  12. Game good , read the one comment where they said miru ugly which I disagree I say she the beautiful most girl in the game, the only thing I hate that the update takes a bit long and like the characters build up and plot , just whis the update come out more and hope they had more option in the future 😀

    1. You’re saying that because she’s the ONLY GIRL that gets sex scenes in the whole game. There’s like 4 scenes with her, ZERO with anyone else. The character model doesn’t look good though, her legs are hideous, I suppose they are supposed to look muscular but it just looks unnatural and bad. The nipple texture looks nice and that’s about all she has. Her lips look weird and so does her pussy, it doesn’t look good, it’s objectively pretty bad. Almost every other character model in the game looks much better buy there’s no scenes with any of them. The animations are bad as well, the camera position constantly switches so you wont be fapping to this, if you can you have very low standards. The dripping fluid from her crotch just looks like armature work, can’t see how anyone can look at that and say “yeah that looks good”.

  13. You know I can’t keep my moanies in, gotta wash your wormy, you’re a bibi, creampie my womby, give me a poundy coupon, etc. etc. etc. CRINGE!

    They start you out with the ugliest girl in the game as your girlfriend who you force creampie all the time which is probably why the pregnancy tag is there. Every other girl looks stunning but good luck getting out of that annoying relationship they start you out in. But hey, don’t worry because it will be around 10 years before you get that far because the dev is making TWO very ambitious games at the same time, probably by himself lol. I don’t even know who’s who without the incest patch that is out of date so you can probably bang your mom and shit.

    The renders are stunning, I’ll give him that, he’s good at it. The rest however, I’m not impressed at all. This has to be one of the most over-rated games I’ve played.

    1. I agree the renders are good, and the story is average at best, but it’s not terrible. I found it entertaining for a while but clearly, he needs a writer. He should stick to making pretty pictures.
      It wasn’t a complete waste of time, at least the images are nice. I’m not going to complain too much about a free download, but I feel sorry for anyone paying for this. 😬

      1. The main problem I have is that there is ZERO character building what so ever. When you get the option “hug Leia”, why should the player have any emotions towards this character other than the fact that she is gorgeous? And it goes on and on like this, why should you feel any emotions toward any character when going back home?

        The part where he goes to the forest and sees something on the tree that makes him cry, you don’t get to see what’s on the tree. Wouldn’t want you getting any information about the relationships between characters but here…here’s another decision you have to make based on zero knowledge that will impact the game later, in 10 years when he gets to that point and that’s not even exaggerating.

        Playing this was 99% frustration and 1% looking at pretty renders. Yeah, I don’t see why anyone would pay for this.

  14. Fucking a waste of time waiting for the update. The story is not that interesting yet to give us the characters just arguing and being with each other most of the time with little to sex scenes. At least make the story a little bit fast or make the scenes with other girls like stop wasting our time with useless arguments

  15. Why would you put NTR in this? Such a tiny minority of people actually like that crap, a single shred of common sense would tell you it’s not smart to put it into your games, especially a popular one such as this. And since it’s avoidable, I gotta leave it on or some things wont make sense in the game. As soon as it annoys me I’m uninstalling this and forgetting it exists.

    1. What makes you think the people don’t like ntr? I think the reason it is in most AVNs/games is because of the opposite of what you suggest.

    1. This is allready stated in the patchnotes.
      Updated to a new Renpy Version (Saves might not work.) Removed a lot of music due to licensing issues. (This breaks saves.)

  16. Hi quality VN. At first, I thought the gf was a loli; I mean, she looks 13 or 14. But apparently she’s of Asian descent, and it was believable enough, so that was fine. I liked all the women and look forward to where things can go. Yes, it has animations. It does everything well. Recommended if you can live with the tags, although a lot, if not all, was avoidable.

  17. Would like to know if this is the original version of this game, or the remade version of the game?
    Now I’m confused – and it’s why remakes should be separate, and CLEARLY labeled.

    I frankly don’t think the game really needed to be remade. The original was actually making progress (though that drug bit with the potential orgy thing was a jump the shark moment) I also think that Harem should be in the tags. Since you can basically build one anyway.

    I’m not fond of the NTR bullshit, but at least in the original game you could control the pregnancy content. I believe in the remake you can sort of control things still, but I am not sure by how much. So if this posted version is the remake, I would download. If it’s the original; I’d ask the dev to figure out which one they actually want to work on and progress. I’d ALSO change the older sister’s personality back to her being the welcoming one. Her current personality in the remake does nothing but push the MC away – and that should be the last thing she actually wants : /

    1. This version is the remake and Ocean is for sure working on this one. The old version is dead. It has outdated graphics, it doesn’t make sense to have SG with that quality and WIAB with nothing but the same graphics. But tbh, I liked the old version more. The dark theme on this one doesn’t sit well for me.

      1. I’d agree with you Phantom. The first version was MUCH better.

        First Leia is a BITCH in this one for NO REASON – and I hate that outside the police station she gets TWO free shots on MC without any sort of answer back. I don’t care what her reason is; she assaulted someone she claims to NEED and or WANT to come home. Knowing that he’s a “flight risk.” So what the hell is the point in her asking him to come back, if she’s just going to go out of her way to push him to leave again at EVERY. SINGLE. OPPORTUNITY? It doesn’t matter how attractively you render the characters if the characters you’re meant to pursue in a “harem” game are all assholes to the main character. Who the fuck thought it’d be good for the sub count to start the game where every fucking pursuable girl actively hates the MC? Fire that asshole.

        He should have been able at the player’s discretion to take Leia by the throat’ after the first shot, pin her to the wall and say “You get one. You’re done. The next time you try that, I’m gone. You’ll never see me again, and the lot of you can fuck right off.” *** He would make her distinctly aware that THIS TIME IT WOULD BE HER FAULT. (Then they could have used that as the means to put MC in jail like in the original version – as a Sting Op, that Abigail will use to again SHOW THEM SHE’S ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING about a case that she [For NEEDLESSLY MYSTERIOUS reasons at the moment] cannot touch) * It would break Leia out of being a rancid bitch to MC, because she DOES have something she wants that she can lose; it would give the opportunity to get closer to both Monica and Abigail (who while I appreciate her ire at the original situation IS INVOLVED = LESS THE DRAW TO THE PLAYER TO WANT TO PURSUE IN THE FIRST PLACE, and frankly SHOULD have gotten the fuck over it enough to BE PROFESSIONAL. She’s another one the moment she had her finger on his chest he should have taken her by the wrist, pinned her from behind against the wall and said “You get to be pissed at me all you want; I am sorry about what happened, but you do NOT get to touch me in an agressive manner just because you’re a fucking cop.” Which is ALSO something by law that she should be VERY WELL AWARE OF) and it would progress the plot in the vein of the original story. Which other than the weirddrug orgy at the end (which while I don’t agree with that content being included at all, was starting to effectively implement the Harem, so it sucks that it was stopped) was actually starting to ramp up. [Also: Gina SHOULD NOT BE RELEGATED TO ONLY NTR ON content = I WANTED HER IN THE HAREM!!!]

        I liked the fact that Katie was peeved and you could CHOOSE to go to war with her, or not – though in the base game I would have preferred that MC could be Dominant with her WHETHER OR NOT THEY WERE AT WAR!!! Her softening to the MC meant more when you got to that point. So far in this version of the game it’s just let’s dogpile the MC for leaving (which is NOT the PLAYER’S CHOICE BY THE WAY) and never share WHY he did. There’s no justification at all; and so far the one time he’s MAYBE tried I was too pissed to read it, because they wanted to take sucker punches with the character who should be LEAST inclined to do so, and should be very well aware of what it might fucking cost her!!!

        * TO ALL DEVS: The MC is NOT a fucking punching bag! Ever. If you’re going to make him one, with that many fucking muscles for no god damned reason – a) fuck right off, and b) write HUMAN reactions. Even in a HAREM setting. Because how this dev team is treating the MC at the moment is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. He does NOT look Submissive. He does not TALK Submissive; so why in the hell when it’s entirely natural to STRIKE BACK, would you make him a whiny little BITCH?!? Because if she can throw a punch, she should fucking be able to take one too. Not just from some random ninja girl because a girl can only fight a girl. Jesus, I hate that mentality. If he was trained by Miru = Let him SHOW Leia that he was TRAINED BY MIRU!!! So she LEARNS NOT TO FUCK WITH HIM… So that she DOESN’T think she can just do whatever the bloody hell she wants, and he’ll take it. Gah.

  18. Game is good to bad it has not been updated in the while story made me really intrigued about what is happening

    1. the developer is doing concurrent development on summer’s gone and this game. some updates can be expected to take a little longer. plus changes in the tools being used, source of some pre-fab assets, etc. around the time you posted, they dropped a major update for summer’s gone. as noted in a newer post, the update should drop saturday, barring any further issues.

  19. Bro wtf.. I just played it, in all it’s a few hours of gameplay and 3 sex scenes?
    This version ends when they leave to go to the farm, is this normal or am I missing something?

    1. you played through chapter 2. chapter 3 was released december 23, and goes beyond that. given the situation when MC left, before the story begins, it’s hardly shocking that sex is only with the girlfriend and not frequent. and this game isn’t about sex, first. if that’s what you are looking for, this game likely won’t ever be for you. and if you think it’s bad with this game, go play summer’s gone. up through chapter 5(or most of chapter 5) and still no sex. if that’s all you want, ocean is likely not for you.

  20. Hello everyone, I have a question, is it necessary to play “Summers gone” before playing this?
    I know they are from the same dev and someone told me that the stories are connected

    1. No they are not
      They are separate games
      But pls start with this one cause summer’s gone is just great. This game is really good but still summer’s gone is on another level

    2. no, it is not necessary to play summer’s gone, first. THIS game happens BEFORE summer’s gone. the 2 games will link, at some point, from the sound of it, but that hasn’t happened, as of chapter 3 here and chapter 5 of summer’s gone. the 2 games are being developed concurrently, though summer’s gone was started first. so there will be times when summer’s gone is the main dev focus, and others when this is the main focus of the devs. that’ll make some updates take longer to finish and be published. but you should experience no issues playing an update for summer’s gone before an update for where it all began. they aren’t the same timeline.

  21. Are you for real? If you walk away from ANY of these games taking the experiences into your real life, you should really examine your relationship to video games in general.

  22. Only two chapters so far but it’s very good. It has superior quality animations which last much longer than 3 seconds. The MC isn’t a giga Chad (although he looks like one) but he’s also not a whiney little bitch either. He’s in the middle which is how I prefer it. The story is already very interesting and I can’t wait to get more… Hopefully more than one chapter per year.

  23. Yeah, there was another version before this current build, this version is basically a remake. The old version had way more content.

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