Halloween Harem [Final] [Hotpink]

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Story - 65%
Visual - 68%
Engagement - 51%
Core Loop - 50%


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User Rating: 3.92 ( 7 votes)

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  1. Is the gay stuff avoidable? No hate. I understand why it’s there and that’s fine but I’m straight and will lose my boner for days.

    1. Yes? This is barely a game. You walk around, talk to someone, do a quick “mission”, then bang them. If you don’t want to bang that person, don’t talk to them. There was only 1 male that I saw, it was a mummy, I started talking to him before i realized it was a dude and there was no way to stop the conversation so I ctrl alt deleted it then just didn’t talk to him again. There is a still picture that you get that shows a trap getting anal but it wasn’t like jarring, just try not to focus on it when you have the gallery page open. Other than that It was kinda neat. The “missions” are stupidly simple and the sex scenes are simple as well but I enjoyed them. Honestly though, you’d probably get more out of going to a rule34 site.

  2. The media wants you gay to make money. Companies are all meshed together through ownership and their boards. Things like investment funds. If you are gay you are likely to get things like hiv. Treatment of which is big money. They don’t care if you die because you will be replaced by an immigrant. Who they can pay less and is easier to manipulate.

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