Fashion Business [Ep.4 v7.00 Extra] [DecentMonkey]

Ep. 4 v3.00: 780103

Download for Windows/ Linux
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Download Episode 3 Part Files

Download Episode 4

Download for Mac- Episode 1

Download for Mac- Episode 2

Download for Mac - Episode 3

Download Episode 3 Part Files - (Ep3 v15 Extra)

Download for Mac - Episode 4

Download for Android - Episode 1

Download for Android - Episode 2

Download for Android - Episode 3 (Ep3 v15 Extra)

Download for Android - Episode 4 V3

Activation patch from groundzer0 Usual gestures, save name/delete, seethru textbox, resizeable game and dialogue text etc etc Scrollable textbox – no more text off the bottom of your screen Alternative persistent saves/log location Special Instructions: Unzip and install apk. Grant storage permissions on first run! On first run you will get a prompt to copy the archive.rpa file to documents/Wills747/ folder. (game will quit now) Copy the archive.rpa file to the directory indicated in game. (you may also use other mods in game folder) Restart the game. Keep in mind if your default install location is an actual SD card and slow speed this may slow the launch. Also, keep archive.rpa. I’ll likely use it for future updates to minimise the apk size for updates.

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Activate Extra for Ep. 3

Download Activate Extra

Offsets for fb_unextra:
Ep3 v16: “316:30477”
Ep4 v6: “406:38197”

Below are some alternatives.
(*) If you want to just play and don’t care about viewing images in an image viewer, put the corresponding z_activation_*.rpy file to the subfolder “game” inside the game folder. z_activation_316.rpy is for ep3 v16, and z_activation_406.rpy is for ep4 v6.

(*) If you want to decode images, use fb_unextra. It requires Java ( and a functioning brain on the user side.
Run it without arguments to see usage help.
In short, you use it like this: java fb_unextra -if INFOLDER -of OUTFOLDER -o OFFSET
INFOLDER is the game folder.
OUTFOLDER is the folder to put the decoded images to.
OFFSET depends on the game version. For ep3 v16 it’s “316:30477”. For ep4 v6 it’s “406:38197”.
For Windows users, there are “fb_unextra.drop.*.bat” scripts for convenience – just drag and drop the game folder on it and it should decode the images for you, backing up the original files as “*.(z117extra).jpg”.

Download Walkthrough

Download Virtual Mod


Visual Enhancement
1. Copy all files over the original files.

Download Gallery Mod

It allows to view all the achievements without having unlocked them.
To view them, start or load a game and click the medal icon on the top left of the screen, just under the objectives. All of them should be unlocked.

To install it, just extract the file in the folder Fashion_Business\game .
To remove it, delete the files nm_gallery_viewer.rpy and nm_gallery_viewer.rpyc.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 83%
Visual - 94%
Engagement - 84%
Core Loop - 88%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.97 ( 134 votes)

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  1. “Fashion Business” has some nice treats, and I like to play the spoiled, bitchy mc, she’s funny and sexy. BUT: The game developing goes forever, it is years now, and still only rare, minimal updates, which files the dev under milking Patreons imo. CG is really good, at least for my standards, but the gameplay is mostly tedious, highly repetitive and very time-consuming. When reaching a point of progress, it’s usually a drawback for the mc, so the player spent hours to keep mc afloat, then there’s another drawback and so on… Personally I think I probably give it another try when this game will finally be completed – I suppose this will take a couple more years…

    1. Except, I don’t really know how I did it, I have a lot of fucking money in this game, like a lot. I don’t have anything to spend it on though.

  2. In episode 1 rollback worked fine. In episode 2 it does not work…
    Anyone have/had this problem and ever managed to solve it? Not sure when I will have time to replay this since it’s quite big and grindy but when I do – would be nice to roll back decisions or just to read dialogue I may have skipped too fast…

  3. it must “BE HARD” to fuck tits when ur gay lololol or worse trans lolololololololol!!!!!!!!!! fucking tit trans is how they groom u!!!!!!!

  4. This game gets dumber and dumber and you’re a fucking idiot if you continue to play this fucking retarded game.

  5. Any way to upload the newest version of chapter 2, i believe its in Episode 2.2 V3. The link only goes to Chapter 2 v16

  6. This game is bullshit. starting out good and i always pick every nice options but nah you ended up the same. what kind of country would put male prisoners with single female prisoner and they strip her too, this is prison ffs not a fucking brothel and this dev called detective actually abuse mc stretching her holes and send her to slave market. yeah makes sense this is prison or human trafficking den?
    plot : fmc is rich own fashion business -> husband is corrupt and caught by authorities -> fmc arrested and husband too somewhere -> husband released for silly reason while fmc sent to slave market.

    1. The game ends if you pick every nice option, really quickly actually, as you marry your lawyer and live the rich life.

  7. I’m so f*cking confuse how did this game got this kind of fame. Even for like 8 years ago I would instantly give this 2 stars at best when I just starting season 1. Literally … no skipping.
    To season 2 is worst when you’re certain the MC will not getting a proper route of her own and all she does will be whoring herself out.
    To be honest, this game is overrated and over interested.

  8. this game is a stretch of reality some parts are sexy af and others are just plain old fucked up. I actually feel sorry for this woman no matter how much of a bitch she is or was. no one deserves some of the shit she is put through.

  9. The thing about Monica is that she has certain skills that companies, especially growing ones would value. I know women are still not equal in the realm of corporate elites, but at least one company would grab her out of the muck to grow their company. She grew two valuable companies with minimum (some seed money) input from her husband. Also, I don’t know of any country that removes your citizenship forever. But this is a decent game, a bit grindy in certain parts. In any case, I quite like it.

    1. this game is absolute nonsense. male and female inmates are kept separate in like every country in the world. all inmates are issued clothes. All this woman would have to do is find a man/mark to marry her. this has to be America because what other country in the world would someone need citizenship so badly to stay? this woman would be given citizenship so fast. She owns a large company and is a 100,000,000. its fucking stupid. with that kinda of money she could buy citizenship. and just because she is a non-citizen doesn’t give them the right to freeze her money maybe deport her but I even doubt that. some low-rent cop doesn’t wield this much power. so many lawyers would be right at her side. not to mention she is famous fuckin stupid. 12 year old righting the story

      1. Well, the judge was corrupt they put someone in charge of your company and froze your assets. I think it does take place in the US for sure, but also, I hate to break it to you, sex trafficking is a huge deal. And she can get a guy to marry her, you can end the game quite quickly if you were nice to Dick haha

  10. Just giving my opinion the designs are perfect graphics perfect although that this not type of Story I like but Story and character growth 📈 are absolutely amazing and well made
    Graphics are facinating every character in every detail are fine anyway it’s my opinion

    1. This game is a PIA. Takes forever to do anything and the guide for episode 2 is awful and all over the place. Anyone have a guide to make this game enjoyable? Feels tedious…

  11. Confused about which one to play after which one. So i played version one where monica ends up in basement. Then on v2 i played until seducing ralph. Then could not seduce ralph. monica just says she will do that later.
    Then i installed version 3 where it ends after day 1 at philips dengeon. Which one to install next? I have installed 4 and it starts with pre wedding photo shoot. Can someone help please?

    1. First episode then episode 2.1 v16.after then episode 2.2 v18 , Android version episode 2.1 crashing after reopening game

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