Terminus Reach: Sentinel 2 [Update 40] [Talothral]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Update Patch

Little Walkthrough

Okay, quick and dirty walkthrough:
Offer your arm
Ask Zae’na to stop mindreading
Asked permission to meet the Ot’ai
Let Lindsey Stay
Take the green stone tiger
Offer DNA sample
Voice discomfort
Ot’ai Greeting
Meet the Matriarch
Touch Qivian
Go meet Naelae
Zae’na, Naelae and Qivian are coming
Meet Qivian
Kill the Male
Kill them
Of course
Meet Nova and Aegis
Order Nova to go back and use the commandos to defend the meeting.
Barrier deck
Give Zae’na free hands
Visit Aegis
Follow the merc
Visit Shelxae
Visit Qivian
Reinforce the residential deck
Free hands
Disable Ecail

The “Irrelevant” option mostly affects dialogue or is bit extended scene. So either is fine really.

Download Walkthrough Mod

In-game walkthrough. Can be Enabled/Disabled in Preferences.
Adds Scene Replay to Main Menu.

PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “TerminusReachSentinel-1.0-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.

MAC: Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “TerminusReachSentinel” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder named “game” from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

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Editor's Rating

Story - 90%
Visual - 68%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.48 ( 1494 votes)

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  1. The ploy is very engaging and I really liked most of the it. Mysteries, drama, …the pace of the relationships with all the protagonists is good building progressively trust between them and yet keeping some distance in tune with the political implications.
    Downside are the sex scenes….really nothing positive to say about it.
    Animations are absolutely bad…those 3-4 images loop with only the hip moving look terrible, like if MC would me fucking a doll.
    Most aliens are not attractive at all and the dialogues during sex scenes are terrible (thankfully dialogues can be turned off during sex scenes). A bit more variation in the sex scenes is added pretty late (think it was update 29) as before they also where boring.
    All in all the story could be played without the sex scenes and it would still be very pleasant to play.

  2. A few points I will bring up as a fan of your works thus far:

    – In near to the beginning it was a recommended choice that MC becomes Fleet Admiral – and to put your name forward; so what gives??? You seem to be going in a different direction in that regard. That’s annoying, and it would seem to be less the reward (I did not actually expect that MC would be the Fleet Admiral as you made it clear that’s not what he wants, but it’s still dicking around the audience)

    – The semi orcish character Tereia or whatever: You’ve done almost nothing with her – despite being the most obvious copy of the half titan character in Sorcerer. I’d see that fixed at some point soon. The politics are all well and good if you can write them clearly, but you have been getting more into that than anything lewd, and it’s starting to feel a little blue balled. I’d rather leave that to the aliens, thank you very much.

    – As of update 37 thus far: You JUST had a fight wherein Nica’s father insinuated that if he would lose (which he was never not going to by the way and we all know it) that MC would get his wife. Even though you never finished that sentence = again; do not go there if you’re just going to tease the audience. [It’s fine to have to earn Zirca – but I WOULD eventually add her AND Nica to be KEPT permanently in the Harem] Leaving it less than clear is not a good tactic. You shouldn’t have made her attractive if you were going to leave her tied to someone else; and you shouldn’t insinuate the option of a claim you don’t intend to actually put forth. That WILL piss some of your audience off.

    – Why exactly is Zeana not pregnant yet? She’s I believe the only hold over character who HASN’T had at least one kid with Wraith; and several have gone in for the second round. I’d get on that at some point soon as well.
    * Tied: What the hell are you actually intending with Shaelaxe (The Kread Empress) Fuck whether MC wants the title; he SHOULD be her royal consort by now. You already insinuated that she wanted him HARD in the first game… and then you made her Empress in a 5 year time jump just to take her OUT of the Harem. But you still let them bone and if I recall right (implying she will bone anyone else also lost points with me in general – as this IS a HAREM!) to breed at least one of her eggs. It SHOULD be ALL of them. Period.

    Question: If Lyara is “incorporeal” how the fuck did she get pregnant?

    Also: Why exactly did you give Ne’quk to Niles? MC saved her; and she COULD have joined the harem. It’s a harem. I get that he doesn’t have to have every girl on the ship, but there does NOT need to be implication of other relationships. It goes against the grain, and takes a potential LI off the board. On that note: it IS weird that Elizabeth so randomly decides to fuck MC in the last update, and then shares she’ll jill off with a copy of MC’s cock… when she could literally just say “Hey, I’d kinda like this to be more than a one night stand, and we can talk about whether or not I end up a baby momma soon enough. Deal?” A lot less awkward that way. If she’s enough of a big brain to muck around with tech, and you want to joke about “being in control” [Which fuck that – do not need Femdom thank you very much] then she should be able to be direct enough not to imply she’s basically going to use him anyway, while not actually using the MC’s actual cock. Which at this point she DOES have known access to. It’s overly convoluted to go there. Not to mention not every woman actually wants to use a dildo. Or gets off on penetration. Plenty need outer stimulation as well, or would get off perfectly fine on vibration. So there was REALLY no need to go there.

    – You really didn’t need to create an alien version of the Troll from Sorcerer either. I wasn’t pleased with that add in the first place in that game, and I’m just about as happy to watch MC stick his dick into Ardha or whatever the hell it’s name is. I get the whole, ooo it’s aliens thing, but dude, Aesthetics exist for a reason; and it’s NOT the MC’s tastes (which are whatever the hell you want to write them to be) that you should be focused on.

    Other than that; the story’s compelling, even if the roster’s so big now that a lot of characters feel like they’re getting left off more than they should. You seem intent to add more, but I wouldn’t add more than maybe five for a full stop. Kila is enough as far as the Kirizi; the rest can be left to the same End Credits slides as the Gorgons in Sorcerer (I was annoyed that you didn’t let us actually claim the hot one with glasses before you ended the game on what should essentially be taken for a cliffhanger by the way) The MC usually is powerful (Please STOP trying to blow him up – suspension of disbelief only stretches so far) and most of the LI’s so far are at least endearing. If I can’t call all of them specifically Hot. I do wish you’d fuck off with the incredible focus on Chiel. We get it, she’s “best girl” She also already had plenty of focus in the first game… and again, you’re back seating so many characters it’s not even funny. We still haven’t gotten anywhere near breeding Sage. Andi got to it before her, hell the GOBLIN got to it before most of the females who eventually have signed up to drink the purple stuff for his bun in their oven.

    I do enjoy this game as probably in my actual Top 5. It would share the spot with Sorcerer. I’m not discrediting any of your writing skill. I’m just stating opinions and hopes for more in continuance. (I also reserve the right to be annoyed if it takes more than three to five updates to get the right to BREED Zirca… just saying) Settle the matter of what all titles MC is actually going to have [Including his status as Emporess’ Consort] at some point soon enough; and yes damn it. Give him an actual title with the Kirzi… JUST to stick it to their council and PROVE that things CAN/SHOULD change. Definitively. You went there. So make it happen. You know Quivan’s that kind of rebel; or she wouldn’t have let MC get as close to her heart as he has done. Settle the matter of whom MC DOES get = Gets to KEEP, as well. Then you can go face the Master guy… Not that I’m not expecting there’ll probably be a part three at some point.

    Keep up the good work. Your games are always a pleasure to follow to the end. Even if I don’t always agree with some of the recommended choices, and frankly MC’s not a very good “assassin”

      1. First off chuckle head; you’re about the billionth to complain about that with me, so very original. Next, it’s What Progress. With generally three exclamation points if you really want to go for the sarcastic tone. IF you’re going to be sarcastic and an asshole, the least you can do is learn proper grammar, and the used slang of popular venacular. Does it feel better when I insult you instead? You’ve also used an elipsis twice. Both times one period would serve well enough to get the point across. There’s also a spacing issue, technically. You’d have a space before the start of the new sentence, because an elipsis is still a period at the end of it. It’s just a collective, to state I am not actually done, or I am less certain of what I want to say, than I should be.

        I don’t insult every author, every second sentence. Points for hyperbole, if I thought you could pronounce the word. I do sometimes insult those who go out of their way with bullshit story arcs or mechanics implemented to piss players off. Who piss me off. I do it when I am mad; and so do about 75% of the commenters on the site. I do not know why you all so dilligently single me out. I generally will not insult those that actually know what they’re doing, and want to put out the best product they can, consistently. Do you want to take a guess as to how many “authors” of these games that actually encompasses? I can wait.

  3. Terrible H-scenes there is no description all the characters are always silent when the H-scene…the drawing graphics are bad, the models themselves are terrible!!
    For people who prefer graphics and description at the level of a Desert Stalker, I do not advise downloading, just waste your time!!

  4. Writing is very good in this vn, but the art and animations, only are average. It is fun to read and play, if you do not care about models. I recommend.

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