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Fake Father [Second v0.1 beta] [Netero3009]

Download for Windows/ Linux - v0.11a

Download for Windows/ Linux - Second 0.1 beta

Download for Mac - v0.11a

Download for Mac - Second 0.1 beta

Download for Android - v0.11a

Download for Android - Second 0.1 beta

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod


Green text suggestions to unlock routes or trigger events. Red text Game Over warnings. The Mod works for the original (Spanish) language or for the alternative (English) language.


Just unzip files in the Game folder of your Fake Father installation. Rewrite when asked.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 77%
Engagement - 75%
Core Loop - 75%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.21 ( 101 votes)

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  1. Played a few hours and it’s not bad so far. Building things up and the story along with the writing are actually interesting. Haven’t seen any gay grooming or anything weird. Which is also a plus.

    1. Only you QAnon incels see gay grooming, nohomo. Hiding your name for the “”””censorship”””” again? lol. “””normal””” lol.

          1. Then you should find someone who’s normal, nohomo, because you’re psychologically ill, paranoid of a system into constantly changing your name.

            There is a logical fallacy called No True Scotsman and you’re trying to train people to fall for it. Now who’s grooming? It’s you. Get help.

          2. More paranoia: Gays are ruining the world. Greed is ruining the world but you’re so afraid of dicks in butts that you’re too stupid or too afraid to see it.

            More grooming: Homosexuality is not normal. You know nothing of the natural world (apes that we evolve from as just the tip of the penis) because you are a brainwashed, mentally ill QAnon incel. My bad, “brainwashed, mentally ill” is the default state of both “QAnon” and “incel”. Get help.

            1. These people are unhinged. They doth protest waaaaay too much. They see grooming where grooming doesn’t exist because they want to see it, and because their cult has lied to them so much that’s all they think about.

              1. I don’t know what you mean about “these people” but Nohomo is one part troll, one part clinical paranoia, one part QAnon lies. (He said he tried QAnon but they were “too Nazi” for him, which is interesting since most of his ideologies align perfectly with the Nazi eugenics ideology).

                He’s settled on the name Straight Pride and occasionally Truth (and occasionally occasionally Anonymous still), so at least he usually no longer believes that the Admin Are Gonna GITCHA!

                This is an indication that his underlying problem of paranoia can be cured, but the American mental health system was gutted in the 80s so his likelihood of getting help is sadly minimal.

                Maybe if he had friends to support him instead of him having to go to conspiracy theory websites to feel justified. Maybe if his father didn’t beat him and abandon him when he was a child. There’s a lot of sadnesses in his life.

                None that excuse him from being a cowardly incel fascist, but hey, he’s taking baby steps.

          3. OK, I’ll speak up and remember you said speak up …
            I want you to suck my balls as if you were milking a momma cow.

      1. Well Fuck the grooming You better get the lube cause I’m going in your ass Spread those cheeks Were going down the hershey highway Your going to give birth to a new born jelly baby

  2. You should play the gold version directly, this normal version is like a preview of the paid gold version, many scenes are missing, even quite a lot

    1. There’s also a walkthrough/gallery mod on the dev’s Patreon, would be great if someone mirrored that too.

  3. Why the game went from less than 200MB to 1.4GB? is it longer now or because of the new renders? just curious

  4. Since nobody here has given a real review yet, there are some narrative problems I’ll lay out.

    First: The tags do NOT say harem. Dating Sim, or FemDom. At least ONE of those should be there.
    (I would prefer Harem – and for it to be written as such. I do NOT like FemDom stuff, so find a way to break the neice)

    The maid character; why is she there except to be a wedge with the wife?
    The wife – WHY is she there if they are getting divorced. They should be separated because he WILL fuck up.
    With her around, that makes it a monkey wrench you don’t need in the narrative. Period.

    The Eldest: She SHOULD NOT be getting married in ONE MONTH! (Or there should be a way to BREAK it)
    You did at least write the start of a way to state she’s got Daddy Issues, so let the Player USE THAT.
    She can have a boyfriend, to a fiancee with a REASONABLE timeframe (3 to 4 months is more workable)
    Implying that the BF is just like her Dad also implies she may be getting into MC’s same kind of trouble.
    Not a great start.

    The Middle: Too much of a brat; and if you’re going to get physical with the youngest – DO IT for the one that
    actually DESERVES to have it done. You NEVER write a girl to threaten a male who OWNS her WHOLE HOME
    without giving him at base the response that she can be kicked out if she ever dares. She is 18 AT BASE.
    Legally in Canada (and likely the US) You are NOT responsible for a teen over the age of 16.
    I found that out personally the hard way. So allow the MC to not be dickless with her.
    Period. You NEED to write means that MC has an actual IN with these girls that DOES NOT involve MONEY.
    It does not paint a girl in a flattering light, and makes him a SIMP. Fuck that.

    The Youngest: Again, you can “discipline” which is a slap across the face scene. Which is NOT the way BDSM works.
    It should be a spanking scene; it should build her tension to realize he’s SERIOUS, and it should be awkward.
    That scene just makes MC an ASSHOLE. Abusive. Not Dominant. If you don’t understand the concept you
    want to work with, do not put the option in there. She is the Princess. Really, if he was any sort of teacher
    and good at the job, he’d have known that for a girl like here there should be ONE path. Love. Gah…

    Chloe: Does not get to be FemDom because her Uncle is your copy. Fuck off. If you don’t have the full
    plan for how you want the story to go, to the point you haven’t figured out MC 2.0’s plan here it is – MC
    dies eventually before he can return. The mob or whatever the fuck he’s facing, will leave off as he’s dead.
    MC & Chloe will be forewarned by a message sent a few nights before that; and by this point Chloe SHOULD
    be INVOLVED with MC’s Ghost of Bad Mom Decisions Past. She SHOULD be helpful to him, to get the OTHERS
    ON HIS SIDE. To be the family that MC never did create. Even with fixing things with the wife. Who should end
    up not minding (or intentionally not seeing) that MC is sexual with the daughters. As long as he’s sexual with her.
    They will take X insane amount of money from the company as his severance (or CEO bonus or whatever) and
    bugger off to a smaller, cheaper tropical country where they can disappear from that “problem” entirely.
    The wife, the daughters and Chloe + Anna and Eva [I would hesitate to add any other women though.
    Too many is a bit too complicated] all end up pregnant by MC and HAND-FASTED if not the Wife.

    There’s your end goal/Happy Ending. Chloe is meant to be the inside contact who’s going to help you NOT fuck up.
    She is NOT the Boss character. That should ALWAYS be the MC. Period. Other than that, you’re making assumptions
    about your audience that you shouldn’t. [I also take that teacher rape BS more than a little personally… because
    unless they knew what he was consensually doing with another teacher and never said it, he would NOT have
    gone down like that. To one “TROUBLE MAKER’S” Accusation. Her record would have been taken into account.
    And Fuck You she’s the star of the basketball team. WNBA proceeds would heavily disagree with you mate.
    The ESG Bullshit doesn’t belong in this style of game. It IS a POWER FANTASY for the player, in the vein of
    playing dress up, and rebuilding what your copy broke. Stronger than it was. AND 45? Come on!
    40 is pushing it, and I say that as a 40 year old myself. It is NOT. VERY. OLD. It is generally the BEGINNING
    of Middle Aged. 65 – 80 is VERY OLD. Jesus.

    End of the day with some corrections, it’s not unsalvageable. I would also add back the teacher he was fucking,
    who may have gotten pregnant BY MC, before he got screwed over… if you REALLY want to add an organic
    complication to the story; that would force MC to come clean to the family – and be the breaking point with
    Wifey that makes her realize that (when she’s been treated well – or become again a sexual object to Husbando)
    that she does not want to divorce THIS version of her “husband.” Which will mark her as one of 2 people to
    start helping MC reach the End Goal. You could even create a rivalry with Wife and the Teacher… but NOT break
    the Harem. It would be the only place I’d enjoy seeing “Female Dominance” as they’d sort out the pecking order
    between them, and maybe involve the Eldest daughter as well. [Or Taylor, for a bit of fair vengeance where she DOES
    get bred by the MC – as karmic punishment, in an actually consented sexual slave route relationship. To make it up to him because she did get kicked out of school by the FEMALE teacher that replaces MC for the stunt she pulled * At that point with Wife, 3 daughters, Chloe, Anna, Eva + The ex Teacher + Taylor you have a full Harem to keep] and I’ve given
    you a viable path to a decent End Game. Not that I think you’ll listen to me, but the ideas are here if you care to use

    * Also, the structure of this writing box like so many other online spaces is weird. So if this comes out looking
    different than it does right now for me, it really should learn to structure it like paragraphs. Hitting Enter to make
    the words FIT in the box, does not mean I want to break the bloody sentence! It’s been vexing me in Gmail, and many
    other sites for a while now. As it tends to look less professional, and less skillful. Bloody Hell I wish someone would
    fix that. The whole damned thing. Hey, you all know how to code; so how come no one’s managed to solve that?

    1. i was going to ridicule you for this long essay of yours
      but in a moment i realized, im not using my time any better in my life too !
      so well done !

      1. You could’ve been stabbing your eyes with needles full of vinegar. That would’ve been about the same.

        1. Fair point, that applies to both of us.

          As to Ray; I’m a writer. It’s what I WOULD be paid to do, if I was being paid to do it right now. I was at one point, so I believe I can call myself a writer. So to my point of view, it’s my work. Not a waste of time. I will however admit the way I wrote this particular article didn’t turn out the way it looked before I pressed post comment
          : /

          1. Oh I’ve read enough of your “articles” to know that you don’t really care if anyone but yourself considers what you’re doing a waste of time.

            1. Very true – since it’s my time to waste. Like your time is yours, doing whatever you like to do. But hey, at least this time you’re validating me rather than insulting. Progress ; )

    2. if we compare it with the rest of these novels it is art. In other words, generally the main protagonist fucks them all without too many complications and the story is more than regrettable.

  5. Interesting story but has too little content so not really worth playing at the moment, even the erotic part is still little to none since there isn’t any sex content. Would be better to wait when there is more content.

  6. Interesting concept to circle the ‘incest’ category. Visuals are not bad, and there is enough variety in the girls (in terms of age) to be interesting. Looking forward to future updates.

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