Chronicles of Forgotten Tears [Steam] [Old Owl]

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Editor's Rating

Story - 71%
Visual - 72%
Engagement - 68%
Core Loop - 61%


out off 100%

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User Rating: 3.51 ( 16 votes)

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  1. I like this one, its neat, but man, I gotta ask the dev to add more save pages, you only get 11 pages of saves, and there’s a lot of content off the bat before you begin your journey.

  2. Ashana, the elf second from the left above was fantastic. I’d be perfectly content if you made a whole game just about her.

    This also has the best combat system. There are lots of girls and you have a shot at all of them. There’s also a decent amount of content. Some might not like the sandbox aspect, but it is small in scope and there’s a quest journal so you always know what to do next. It’s a bit repetitive but gets better later on. I don’t think the dev knows how to make an erotic scene, but there’s lots of romance. The sex dialog is *facepalm*, but younger people will like it more, perhaps, and the sex is decent, I guess.

    Dev: The images are over-compressed. It shows up in dark scenes. Perhaps 5% to 10% less compression would be good. Also, could you hotkey the ‘hide’ command to the ‘h’ key? And an autosave feature would have been helpful a number of times. I had to do that super long arena combat with the ship’s cook three times! Ugh.

    I suspect the possible choices I was given I’ll see Ashana again. Sure, hope so!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. not really interested in being forced into fucking anyone so that’s garbage sound effects are garbage played it up until the first sandbox section quit to main menu quit out and deleted it also ain’t into no yu gi oh shit

  4. first the story is good. The visual is good. But also the mini fight games and the RPG like skill development is excellent. ITs like playin an RPG game plus sex. All game developers should create a proper RPG with adult action. THen It will be perfect

      1. then why tf are you on here if he is a novel pussy your on the same site you dumb fuck don’t tell me your one of those dumb fucks who thinks sandbox is not a VN also?

  5. this dev seriously thinks we want a card combat vn HELL FUCKING NO that’s boring as shit another game tried to do that and failed spectacularly and is now abandoned so remove that shit garbage

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