Heart Problems [v0.6 Test] [Xenorav]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Extract the files into “game” sub-folder of the game.

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 82%
Visual - 98%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 94%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.18 ( 173 votes)

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  1. I think this game needs a GAY genre tag.MC is acting-talking like total gay.I m not trying to be mean against gay people.I have 0 problem with gay people. This games visuals is good. Im sorry for so much work wasted because of the story is so stupid. Moron MC is a total submissive gay. He needs to be approached, he waits for the first move first talk from girls. And mc keep saying `If she was not my cousin or aunt i would fall in love` or shit like that. Real love dont care about borders-others opinion or who is she/he to you. There was a disgusting scene after the intimacy with stephanie. The scene with mc and stephanie having thighjob.After climax stephanie says I love you like she said before many times and showed she loved mc with her earlier actions too. But SURPRISing thing is this time MC says I love you too to steph. WTF is this shit. This is not love. This is lust. MC was ACTING and TALKING disgusting against stephanie whole game until getting thigh job from her.

    1. None of what you described would be categorized as “gay” behavior. I don’t think you know what that means.

      1. I dont care what you think loser.If you played whole story and didnt agreed with my opinion then you are loser bitch boy like MC in this game.Do mc have to anal fucked to be a Gay?

        1. Yes… That’s usually what gay means. homosexual intercourse. Are you so scared of gay people that you freak out if a dude is has a feminine personality? I think you might be in the closet my guy.

          1. Haha.You guys are hilarious.First of all i like feminine personality in any gender.I dont like femdom or male like women(not talking about body,i meant her personality).If you guys would stop being bigot for a second and start thinking with your brain and read my comment throughly, you would understand i am not a sexist person.I like Trap-Trans content.I like feminity.But i have to congrats you kids today.You kids saved 100 LGBT people from my hatefull(!) comments.I m just being salty about MC’s loser-pussy-bigot(like you guys)-loveless-emotionless personality.

    2. don’t you have better things to do ?
      All I read from you is ” mi mi mi mi mi ”

      If you don’t like the game stop playing and complaining

    3. buddy either learn english or just speak whatever backwater third world language you speak because u clearly cant speak english mate you sound like a third grader.

    4. buddy either learn english or just speak whatever backwater third world language you speak because u clearly cant speak english mate you sound like a third grader.

  2. 0.3 update was hilarious.Can’t this game’s developer left this game to developer with brain.Visuals are great but story is really slow and annoying.Whole game is just TEASE.As far as i played in these games, you try so hard to earn love-lust-respect from girls.But if game contains NTR you will see them having sex someone stranger-bastard-punk so easily like(she is a piece of meat) all your efforts and past with that girl means nothing.In this story too sometimes you will think the girl you trying to love is just a piece of meat.Story writer of this game must be psychologically ill.There is no other reason for story to be this bad.

  3. Really love this game the story carries so much gravity .
    However it would be good if our dear developer added the following
    1.More content for the girls especially Kylee.
    2.Changed the background of outside events like when the character goes out with Amelie (some of these backgrounds are so off)
    3.In an update allow you the character have sex with Kylee
    And please this is a heart request.

  4. Hey popo, why not post your trailer park inner monologue thoughts on here like its your diary? The games arthur doesn’t read this.

  5. Hey popo, why not post your trailer park inner monologue thoughts on here like its your diary? The games arthur doesn’t read this.

    1. So why is this comment section exist? If i m not going to share my opinions and thoughts about this game what should i do here? Oh i know, i have to try to insult other peoples opinions and comments and while doing that i will feel like smart and strong.Sorry did i stole your role now? I dont have diary like you sorry but if you are not the ruler of this website i will share my thoughts in comments.Who said that i m writing my comments for the developers.

  6. POPO,
    -Learn English if you are going to comment in English.
    -You seem to have no clue what the literal or connotative meaning of the term gay is.
    -You obviously don’t know you can be submissive without being gay.
    -Your interpersonal skills must be at the level of an amoeba if you can’t understand what the writer portrays as the “feelings” of the MC.

    1. I think you understand every word i said in my comment but you want to try to be convincing that you are right i m wrong.Sorry did i make you sad crybaby 🙁 i didnt know i have to follow every rule in english language to speak in public adult game website.You need brain to understand my words, not a dictionary.As i said to @scubasinbox in my previous comments my gay term in my comment is like in the Community TV show not the real and technical mean.Like in the scene “COMMUNITY Best Scene Haaah Gaaaay” in youtube.And i didnt know you are the rule maker of the this website.

  7. the POPO guy is so ridiculous, if you don’t like this game, you can just ignore it, or you can pay the developer to develop it in your way

    1. You and like you people are too low to talk to me because even in your comment you are countering yourself.You said ”if you don’t like this game, you can just ignore it”, if you dont like my comment then you can just ignore it.I m sharing my opinion in comments for the people that want to play this game not the people that want to try to do a pee race with me or play insulting each other until doomsday.

      1. It helps with sharing if someone can actually makes sense of what you’re saying 🙂
        I’m pretty sure you meant for your name to be poopoo since you are only spewing out shit, but couldn’t even get that right.

  8. “All characters in this game are over 21” No they are not. They were created in Daz3D probably not even 1 year ago so they are 1yo, maybe. “No characters in this game have a blood relation” Well, no shit Sherlock, when you are made of polygons you do not have blood so you can’t be blood related since it’s absent. I really wish dev’s would just quit giving a fuck what politicians and their stupid laws and what other dumbasses think and quit being so PC. Host on your own disposable site with backups of it (if Rarbg can stay up so can any other site), take Bitcoin as donations/payment, and make the game how you truely want without putting idiot statements in it that are obviously lies and makes it obviously tongue-in-cheek stupid.

  9. Thanks POPO for your opinion. I don’t like sissy/gay like MC. I’m more of a huge dick from Being a DIK so will pass on this one.

      1. oh man if you look at MC of AOA Academy – he is a sissy-boy, girl with a useless penis and almost without a balls.

  10. Feedback to fix some things:

    Replace all instances of “my ” with simply “”. Ex. “my dad” would then be just “dad”.

    Replace all instances of “your parents” with “the parents”.

    Replace: “(They don’t know we are but I’m a bit ashamed anyway)…”
    With: “(They don’t know our relation, but I’m a bit ashamed anyway)…”

    Replace: “Get your hands off !!”
    With: “Get your hands off Kylee!!”

    Replace: “Aahh.. Release me, Kylee!!”
    With: “Aahh.. Release , Kylee!!”

    Also, I suggest forgetting liberal gender-confused pronouns and stick with historically normal ones.
    Ie. replace: “Let it go!”
    With: “Let her go!”

    Replace all instances of ” ” with just one or the other.

    When getting a phone call have it show the caller’s name on the phone, rather than the relationship.

    Lastly, chapter 3 needs another proofread as well as smoothing out the dialog some more. It also uses the relation name between the two younger girls incorrectly a couple times.

    BTW, love the models of the and her daughter. Gorgeous!

  11. Fuck this game i love the characters and graphics but the story is so slow it’s pure tease to the end a total waste time ? ?

  12. Does anyone know the name of the musician who created the music for this game?, and what the names are for each song? ?. Also it’s a great game, excellent graphics, the sound is great. The story is sad but interesting and warm hearted.The controls are easy to maneuver in the game. The characters are pretty good, though the little sister is a bit obnoxious at times. The sex scenes are teasers but are great.

  13. Hey Developer We all need this game part 2 please launch game part 2 please please please this is awesome game please launch part 2

  14. Hello to the developer of this game, we the boys are begging to please make another chapters because we really like your game, please update! update!

  15. I love this game. It’s got great characters. It’s annoying how pushy some of the other comments are, but just know the rest of us appreciate the time and effort you’re putting into it. Keep up the good work 😉

  16. Totally love this game! It’s annoying how much hate it’s getting from people with no patience or appreciation for these games. I think the characters are great as is the story. Looking forward to the rest of the game. Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  17. Can we get walk-through for the comment section ? This shit is more entertaining than the game itself LoL

  18. Damn! The game drove me crazy, especially the aunt. I loved the teasing and it is one the best games I have played. Can’t wait for the next update.

  19. No bullshit. Good Update got upto 1 hour of playtime. Rare these days. Can’t wait to pound amelia.

  20. POPO = the most toxic shitbag 12 year old loser I have ever seen trolling fap sites. Jesus stop flaming and post like normal people instead of your own customised version of a male Karen

  21. game has a lot of potential. way too much teasing for my tastes tho. Play for an hour to finish the game and get a whopping 2 sex scenes with penetration….. i get the build up but reward the people who are playing your game a bit

  22. last weeks I have been needing to make sure the games have fluided animated scenes and moans sounds or genital sound before download a game to really get immersed in the sexual scenes, cause i think if i im only going to be reading i can grab a hentai or manga; Jesus, im getting old, im losing my imagination! i havent played this one yet, but it looks promising, i hope it has more than just background music.

  23. Boy the insane lack of actual sex in this game is a joke. If someone magically comes running in every time you’re about to have sex so your dumbass doesn’t have to animate a sex scene then its just bad writing. I do mean every time too. Even worse is every time they’re actually alone they magically don’t want to fuck. Also the little sister character is a twat. “I’m gonna tell dad you and Kylee made out!!” GOOD LORD DO IT!!! Go tell on us ffs how much of a fucking simp is the MC?

  24. Spent the whole game trying to bone Stephanie, but he’s more distracted with the others…

    Useless, at least provide the option.

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