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Monster College [v0.8.0.1] [Monster Eye Games]

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Download for Mac - v0.7.8

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod + Gallery Unlocker


– Show variables for choices
– Botch scene choices
– Gallery Unlocker


Unzip the mod, put the ‘game’ folder into ‘Monster-College-{Version}-pc” and overwrite if needed.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - In the whimsical world of - 65%
Visual - Visually, - 75%
Engagement - Engaging players is crucial for a captivating gaming experience, and - 80%
Core Loop - The core loop of - 70%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.34 ( 92 votes)

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  1. Having now currently played most of this updated version: Fuck you for even asking if I wanted to DOMINATE Dragonmira at any point in the game, if you WEREN’T FUCKING GOING TO GO THROUGH WITH IT!!! You want to fuck around with a harem route the MC is ONLY ALLOWED AS THE ALPHA??? THEN DON’T EVER PUT ME IN THE POSITION WHERE THERE IS NO CHOICE TO TURN THE TABLES! >.< You fucking Assholes. Arrogant, dick-headed short sighted shit for brains devs. You decide WAY too late in the game to START the HAREM path by making all the girls I chose to be with PISSED at me for actually succeeding; you let the dickhead pursue the teachers… FOR WHAT REASON? If this is the shit you're going to pull with that idiotic bitch of a vampire (and fuck you for the mantis bullshit – NO WONDER NO ONE WANTS TO FUCK HER! Also scientific fact: The whole reason the female rips the male's head off to start with is that he literally cannot get erect if she doesn't. BUT that's INSECTS. Not males in general, most of us won't actually be willing to die just to fuck you once ladies, so if you're female devs, sorry to burst your damned bubble) * Was rejected by MC's father so what, she's decided to trade in for a younger model??? Fuck off. Again: DOMINANT MALE WEREWOLF. ALPHA. You have the power called "The Great FUCKING WOLF." USE THAT. In that exact scene where she thinks she has any right to even remotely imply a threat MC's "mortal" life, just because she's a "professor" at the college. There would be rules against Fraternization in that case you idiots. So she shouldn't ever remotely even be on the goddamned menu to start with. But if she is; She was DRUGGED beyond control of herself – which she obviously values, so why the fuck didn't you let MC turn the tables and MAKE HER SUBMIT??? It would actually have been a good way to genuinely give the ancient bitch a new experience. For once. Maybe she might even realize she LIKES giving up power. To someone who's done something no other wolf she's seen in X years. IE your BULLSHIT CAPSTONE POWER… Seriously the one fucking time it was actually relavant to be used and Nada. Fuck right off. Because you want the asshole vampire to be the one in control, because Girl Power? Most of your goddamned audience does not play that way – and I'd better get the option to rip her throat out or tell her which bloody cliff to jump off. Fuck the idea that I "can't escape being her puppet" if I'm going that far out of my way to help EVERYONE ELSE without having any blasted clue how to just to start with. Hell have him fucking find the stone and make her so amazed she just decides that maybe she went too far and if she wants to continue with him at all she has to cede to his Masculine Wolf. Which means HE GETS TO BE IN CONTROL DURING SEX! Jesus Christ I don't know why the hell there's this sudden obsession with FemDom, but you must think we all have no balls.

    Some of us have been tied down without consent in real life – and it's NOT always sexual; I did not enjoy the experience – and I WILL fucking rip apart any girl that even remotely fucking tried it on me. It's NOT fun. It's not a pleasant experience and that's why you ALWAYS ASK. If someone wants to see this type of content, or if your partner wants to play that way. There's a reason for all the rules in BDSM you dipshits. If she's the type to value control of herself as highly as you seem to want to write her = She OWES MC a massive apology. At the very least. Because as old as she is, and as experienced as she is, you can't tell me she doesn't ABSOLUTELY KNOW THIS. : / Obviously you don't, or you would have honored the promise in bothering to ask player preferences chapters ago when we first snuck into her home. Or did you bloody forget? Don't care which one it is, but I swear to God you better fix this shit going forward or the harem won't mean jack shit. Unless you find a way to make the MC exactly as "immortal" as half the girls he's boning. Who also probably can't get pregnant. Except for Anne and Nina anyway. Just, fuck me… there do not need to be path and power devisions. Not if the point MOST of the audience will likely take is Fuck Every Girl You Can. Which means Harem. The path division makes no damned sense since he's going to tackle the whole fucking quest log anyway. If it came down to the order you want to do things in, fine and fair enough but it should NOT lock content. Or girls away from the player.

    The one good thing is at least you've finally decided it should be a harem. But why include so many "dead" girls. A Zombie? A ghost we get to fuck all of one time – half of that whole scene was coming back rollback ignore etc by the way… so I have no clue what went wrong there – and Frankenstein's Mummy. Top it off with a female version of the Boogeyman from a Nightmare Before Christmas, for what reason? Vampire's cool enough because at least you said they can breed… and fuck you it shouldn't matter about the "species." There's a whole bunch of shit you should definitely clarify, change or outright fix. Because end of the day if Anne can refuse the school = so can the MC, and then nobody at the college has an errand boy to whine at. He is the top dog. He is your main character. The star attraction. So stop acting like he'll EVER be expelled. Fuck that. It's false news, and needlessly inflated tension because you CAN'T pull that trigger without ENDING THE FUCKING GAME. Do you think we're stupid?

    1. I’ll admit I have major issues with Femdom content – and will always prefer the MALE be Dominant (as it’s getting to be more a fantasy in real life to find a woman who will let me show that side of myself and no I don’t freaking like that) so I’m going to try to be a little less vitriolic. There’s still several points in the story to cover where I think it was not handled well if you are in fact now trying to make the game PROPERLY build a Harem path.

      First; the question you ask the audience at the beginning of Chapter 6 SHOULD PROPERLY be at the very beginning of the game. (I do like where you went with the scratch that NO ONE will really consider by the way. Hell, I love Werewolves and it wasn’t until you re-introduced Anne that I even considered that being the turning point… you ask anyone to wait six whole freaking chapters after a POINTLESS BREAK UP that I did everything in my power to avoid with no option to do so at all, and they’re likely to forget that spark point of an explanation even happened) There should NEVER need to be conflict with the girls – Who ALL know something of Werewolf heritage and society over MC. Who plainly explains his father never told him jack shit. There’s also really no reason that if his father wrote a freaking book about werewolf society he should blindside his own son that goddamned badly. That’s just massively retarded. I get you’re probably referencing Teen Wolf, but that part of the movie was never Funny. It was awkward. It actively happened to be DANGEROUS to the MC if you have any brains to consider the ramifications; and again, LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO ANNE! That wouldn’t have if his father hadn’t been a massive DICK.

      Anne not attending the college is stupid if you intend her to be in the story long term. Frankly once Alex is jailed = MC should AUTOMATICALLY as the strongest Werewolf in the college BE GIVEN the lead of the pack by default. Nevermind the bullshit earning the right to it. That’s just you saying – Hey; now you’re actually allowed by your own culture to try and build a harem, but we’re going to blue ball you even though Nina’s affinity is freaking maxed. Tied to this = Do NOT bork my path with Nina if I choose to pursue Sofia. Her screwing that option over by so blatantly discussing sex SHOULD NOT piss Nina off if she KNOWS about alphas and the whole they can have Harems thing. You assholes. Dating sim: Fine. I’d get it if she wanted him to herself and MC had EVER, AT ANY POINT, said the same. She treats him like a bitch for most of the build up and the ONLY time they’re even remotely shown sparking is when she plays with him in wolf form and when he kicks her ass over a goddamned cliff. Then feels bad man, and goes to white knight for her ass. They ALMOST have sex (because god forbid you not actually make her healing powers work well enough to allow it – MUST BLUEBALL THE PLAYER AS HARD AS POSSIBLE) but don’t actually. [Yes, she should be a virgin; and no we couldn’t fucking see if she was or not because despite the damned close up, the lighting shows you nothing but DARK. You can’t see blood. You can’t even properly see her pussy… so why bother?) Then she gets pissed at him because of a phone call that LITERALLY means he has to be open about things. Which was her ONLY real problem with Alex. Other than him being a living, breathing literal ass hole. She admits afterward she still wants MC and KNOWS he’s the strongest = So Why? IS. HE. NOT. THE. PACK. LEADER. By now???

      Emily becoming human for a day: Go somewhere with it. Permanently, and figure out what the hell it actually makes her. Because she CAN’T be part of the harem if she’s not corporeal; but she’s also not a “monster” if she goes back to being a real girl… so unless you want to make her Danny Phantom who’s at least 18 because her parent bult a very strange machine, or have her go haunt an opera for eternity, I don’t know what the hell you intend with this character.

      Lilly + Edward. She’s unfairly impuned by Sofia in the first place and helping one should NOT fuck the player out of a relationship with the other (we’ll cover Sofia in a minute, don’t worry – she has her own issues right after MC fucks her…) There needs to be a way that Lilly is CLEARLY exaunerated from any crime in an already convoluted case that NEVER should have been closed in investigation if they didn’t know what the fuck actually happened in the first place. Paused, is not closed. Dead end, is not closed. Why the hell was she still at the school if there was that much suspicion that one fucking deleted memory scene was enough to house arrest her arse??? She’s literally too complicated a character to be allowed to be in the harem. If this is your version of making Medusa the victim (like she is in ONE of several versions of the tale by the way – and I know it) you’re doing a bad job of explaining that so far. Because you STILL need to find a way to get her out of that frying pan = and NOT have her be pissed at MC for trying to help someone else. Because she KNEW her part in whatever the hell happened LOOKS BAD. Otherwise she wouldn’t currently be in this mess in the first place. [You do not add girls to the list, and make it look like they’re never going to be able to be attained. That’s being a jackass]

      Grace: Oh, my people have two sizes. Which don’t fit at all… The males are all Dwayne Johnson, and Grace is… Grace. Seriously, with that many steroids buddy, he’d be more likely to have a pin for a dick. Not one that could literally rip Grace in half (NO SPECIES IS DESIGNED LIKE THAT! Stop trying to make everything about insects. The reason they can afford to be dinner and the date during reproduction is that they breed PROLIFICALLY! Whenever it’s managed; so if Grace and the other females can’t do the same you’ve just doomed a race) * If Grace can do the same – it’d be an interesting play on the kink if she gets more safely pregnant by the MC when she officially joins the harem. Don’t even remotely go but he’s gonna lose to Not Quite King Shark boy… He won’t. You can’t kill him off and we know it. So the whole thing with might as well be in a burka bitch is a little pointless. Give the arrogant fuck a trident and have MC shove it right up shark boy’s arse. He wins Grace by the end; PERIOD. Fuck empowerment. Fuck “liberation.” She will owe MC her damned life, and by her own culture in general, that debt needs to be paid. Otherwise again you’re just COCK TEASING the player with a girl who’s otherwise been a very open slut… so she shouldn’t suddenly close her legs to her actually desired partner just because the debt’s one sided and she knows it. YOU made her the prize to be won, assholes. She DOES NOT get to play Princess Jasmine. [Who was factually wrong in that statement anyway; within her own culture and in that specific era in general]

      Dragomira we’ve already covered. There should be a way to turn the tables in full and never have her at all attempt to change them back. That’s how she’ll keep a relationship with the MC. If she’s so used to having power – does it never occur to you genius’ that she might actually want to follow natural gender roles, and be looking for the right male to CHALLENGE her??? Again; if his blood is addictive, and a drug and she wants it badly enough to go batshit so easily = He. Has. Leverage. He has the power. Not her. You can’t make him the alpha of ANY pack if he’s willing to roll over. For ANYONE. That’s not how Dominance works. It’s NOT an on, off switch for men. It can be for women, but if you insist she’s not the type then MAKE. HER. STRUGGLE. With the notion. Because she knows how things went with his father = MC is the stronger, more stubborn wolf or he wouldn’t already have the bullshit two strike count from Esteria or whatever the hell her name is. [Which also, screw no more help from me, idiots. She has no purpose in the game except dimensional doorway and random naked hot girl scenes. If she’s not going to help the MC at some points why the fuck is she here except T & A?] Dragomira NEEDS to be the Submissive (Especially if that’s the option that The Player CHOOSES earlier in the game!) because her style of character NEEDS to SOFTEN. Other than that she’s too antagonistic to be Kept.

      Maxine: Do NOT make me have to actually make a Deal with this Devil you want to introduce and DO NOT make it come back to bite the MC in the ass. At any fucking point. I can already see the red flag a billion years away. It will NOT be funny, it’s too much of a pain in the ass to make it worthwhile to chase Maxine mechanically, and it doesn’t add a damned thing to the story. You’ve given MC enough bullshit to deal with helping everyone else (One ex girlfriend, two pissed off werewolves * one of whom knows everything about their society and has no reasonable right to be to start with, a witch you put on a power trip because what? Bipolar, a very likely to be hostile gorgon we’re still going to try to help. The stone bullshit that you’re dragging out WAY TOO DAMNED LONG. And for all I know a bird shifter as the partridge in a freaking pear tree) He does not need to be literally damned, trying to save ONE GIRL. Who’s also already dead anyway. It’s not like she can get that much worse off, and if you wanna do brainless bimbo, stick to it.

      Sofia = You know the whole point of them BEGINNING a relationship was to SOFTEN her fucking attitude. Right? Not have her suddenly go Super Saiyan and threaten the ONLY FUCKING REASON she even HAS her powers in the first place. You should have had him take her by the throat and lift. Strangle her literally and say “Threaten me again Sofie… Just once.” (She has to be ALIVE to use the magic… and no matter how much power she has = HE IS BIGGER. STRONGER. FASTER. MORE AGILE! She should be SMART enough to know this. Hell, she should WANT him badly enough that this never needs to escalate that far in the first place) You DO NOT treat a newly established BF like this. Even if she is pissed about the harem thing: and in that same scene concedes that she IS willing to fucking share him. To keep what she knows is the only male who actually bothered to ever help her. Who wasn’t turned to stone. Her personality is TOO ABRASIVE to have much chance finding anyone else and if she has half a brain cell, she should KNOW it. So make her play the bad bipolar bitch with ANYONE else; and have MC actually BE her reasonable grounding point. That’s how you show she actually gives a shit about him. It should never get to the point of threatening pain = if she genuinely wants the relationship to continue. Because if it was me in real life… she would be dead. Or gone from my home the moment it came anywhere near that. Violence against Women is so terrible? Then what the fuck makes you think it’s any more right against Men? MC deserves the right to tell her to go fuck herself, and if she wants to she can literally come crawling to beg back to him for a second chance. As his Submissive. Permanently. You already made her the canon Goth Girl, may as well go fully into the troupe. Because no matter the instinct to protect ingrained in men, you can’t protect anyone if you’re going to be someone else’s punching bag. There’s only so much shit anyone’s going to take. Mental health issues DO NOT equate a get out of jail free card.

      While we’re on it, why are Sharp and Raggedy Anne on the list? If you’re ever gonna turn Pinnochio into a real girl like you’re trying to do with Emily, fine. Fair enough. She can stay on the list and be in the harem. Other than that, I don’t see a point in either of these two characters. One is frankly the ultimate authority figure, so she shouldn’t be on the list to start with. The other is just weird for the sake of weird.

    1. you kys 4 playing this game idiot hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

      I’m sorry, that was rude of me to jump all over you for asking an innocent question. I don’t know and hope someone here can help you out.

  2. Colleges are filled with monsters. People preying on the young. Trying to fuck them or fuck their minds. Make them commies and or faggots. Then to top it off they rip the student off with massive debt. Like it costs that much to have somebody teach in a room. It doesn’t.

    1. Well you’re half-right, TheReal#Nohomo.

      The military and religions prey on college students. Cults of every variety.

      Fascists too, trying to convince the young minds to hate. So yes, there are monsters at colleges. As long as you’re here, tho, that’s one fewer.

      Have a nice day, pathetic fascist.

      1. Fags hate normal people. They try to groom them and call them “breeders”. Like it’s ian insult to have sex the way God intended.

    2. “Hate instead of think.” <– That's fascism!

      I always come up with a better way to phrase things after I hit post. Damnit.

      1. You’ve been so indoctrinated you can’t accept the truth. It’s a real thing. People have been brainwashed to believe and do horrible things throughout history. Like the nazis, Jim Jones or charlie manson and his crazy cult. From large to small scale this brainwashing is common on many issues and beliefs. globohomo is one of the examples of mass brainwashing on a grand scale.

        1. You’re right. Global brainwashing is out of control. It’s been going on for millennia.
          It all started with the Christianity cult. Global brainwashing, at its best.
          We as humans should not have fallen prey to the propaganda of the churches, but it seems as though we tend to repeat our mistakes over and over again. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    3. of course this website’s biggest idiot thinks higher education is woke. isn’t that exactly what they want you to think? the more uneducated dummies like you running around, the more drivel they can shove into the empty hole in your skull where your brain should be, and control you like their little puppets. i’m just trying to break your conditioning, nohomo. i’m doing you a favor.

  3. if ur not breeding ur killing mankind porn games r not natural!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fuck or kys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. the world is already overpopulated turd nugget besides if anyone should do that it’s YOU so why don’t you go kys fuck boy. also dumb fucks like you should NEVER breed so again do the world a favor and kys so nobody has to continue seeing your comments, also you yourself are ON HERE retard smh

    2. Take your opinion shine it up real nice and shove it up your ass. Your opinion is both noted and unappreciated you fucking religious fuck nugget so go die by fucking your heavenly father

    3. This is what people think of you here, Nohomo.

      God forbid me cancelling you. That’s not my intent. But turning your own hate back on you is fun as hell.

      Don’t ever change, nohomo. You’re the only fun troll on this website.

        1. Wait, are these threads supposed to be about the game? Crazy.

          I don’t know. Sorry. The models aren’t doing it for me.

  4. Damn, why do such stubs there is no end to the game, it goes to repeat, you don’t even understand where the content ended, complete nonsense! The way of the harem in general unexpectedly appears in the last act, it’s just stupid the whole process is silent about the harem! The project is very raw, the developer at the moment does not understand what to do, it is very much visible in the project that he or she rushes between genres!

    1. it’s not just the fact the harem comes out of nowhere the character expressions are dumb the dialogue is just cringe worthy and makes my eyes bleed the English is sub standard the whole story is all over the place, the fact this has the humor tag WHERE was the humor I found none this is supposed to have romance in it where is that I don’t think the dev actually has any Idea of what the fuck they are doing if I could rate this a minus score I would it’s hot garbage

  5. Not finished with the game, but I’m liking it so far. The only problem I have with this game and basically a lot of these indie DEVs are that why do they find the need to go out of their way to avoid pregnancy? Its either forced pull out or the girl telling you “I’m on the pill”, for this game it just tells you different species doesn’t matter (the second sex scene). This is a fucking game where monsters exist for crying out loud, and you can’t have hybrid mixed kids?

    Meh, I just don’t get it. In reality you have to be smart and reasonable, but who gives a fuck in a game? Are you going to pay imaginary child support?

  6. I get why people want a harem in every fucking game where there are multiple women you can date, but damn, not every game needs that. Being a Dik doesn’t have that, for very long anyway with several of the women, and I am sure if you fuck everyone and Sage it will not turn out well for you in the last episodes.

    1. The complaints about this game are not because “everyone wants AVNs to be harem” if that were the case Being a Dik would not be so popular, the biggest difference is that Being a Dik is set in a “modern world” with the rules common social relationships, that’s why the closest thing to a harem is open relationships.
      But this game “Monster College” from the beginning tells you that harems are common among different species of monsters, it tells you that alpha wolves have harems, it tells you that everyone in the school sees the MC as a possible alpha, it tells you how popular he is among the girls and how they all know it, it tells you how the girls talk to each other about the MC and suddenly they are surprised that they are not the MC’s only love interest, it’s like… WTF? I mean Nina sees you flirting with her zombie friend, she sees how she reciprocates and she still lets out her speech as if she had discovered a super horrible secret, it’s like “bitch please”

      1. Flip floppy inconsistent writing is the cause of everyone being pissy about it though. I was like bitch please when Nina told me to build the harem in the previous update. Also, it makes sense for werewolf society structure I suppose, but Nina is the only female werewolf. Why would this extend to fish girls and ghosts?

        1. It is true but this only further reflects that the complaints are not because there is a “harem” or not, but rather because of Dev’s inability to maintain coherence within his story.

  7. Fortunately I didn’t stop at the appreciation rating for this game!
    I loved going through it actually. Thank you for the multilingual translation, it’s really a real plus.
    The modern/fantasy universe is really good, especially since the visuals are great. Whether it’s the plans, the poses, but above all and also the quality of the renderings. A lot of work, that’s undeniable.
    I’m not very interested in visual novels, I like that it still looks like a game. For me it lacks a timeline and places to explore at our convenience like in “Midnight Paradise”. But hey, too bad, Monster College still offers a minimum of branching in its progress, allowing you to choose another path in other parts. It’s appreciated.
    Although it can be frustrating. But the game is very easy to repeat.
    In short, I love it.
    The fantasy universe is a real plus and differentiates it from the majority of other titles. That too is appreciable.

    You have to try this game!

  8. Wow this fucker really bent over backwards for the incels and added a harem route to the game. So much for choice and consequence, let alone the complete 180 of Nina’s character. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if characters like Dragomira are willing to be side pieces to some loser.

  9. I liked this VN.

    It has mystery, and sexy monsters. What’s not to like? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    There isn’t much content yet, but the story has me captivated. Your choices actually matter in this VN.
    It looks like I might need to have multiple playthroughs to get all the content, but I’ll save that until the end, and go through it again.

    It’s still new, but there are about 10 sex scenes and about 20 naughty scenes. Luckily, there is a built-in gallery to track which paths you’ve played, so save scumming is recommended to see the paths you didn’t take in the story.

    It’s not a meet and f*** game, by any means. But, that’s what keeps it interesting. The graphics are above average, and the animations are decent. Maybe the graphics will get better as the VN progresses but for now they are pretty good.

    1. Thanks so much for this review. This is making me want to play this game. Too many comments when people will complain about personal preference, instead of giving helpful comment.

  10. I guess they took off the Harem tag for everyone complaining about it.

    Now you can complain about something else. 👍🏻

    1. This AVN is made in a world where it is supposed to be normal to have a harem, if the Dev didn’t want it to be a harem, he had to remove that from the story because it ends up contradicting, as long as that concept is part of the story, the complaints about it will still continue even if it doesn’t have the tag,
      It can’t be that a woman werewolf who comes from a culture where the alpha wolf has multiple partners suddenly doesn’t accept it, it’s ridiculous.

      1. I agree with DracoDrakesays…
        But, Nina is a vampire and not a werewolf, although in this case there is no difference between a werewolf and a vampire.
        According to legends, vampires are long-lived, in some cases even immortal, according to stories, vampires are monogamous, but we know that according to the main narrative of supernatural beings, vampires are okay with alpha polygamy.
        This story line of the game completely contradicts the original story of supernatural beings…
        Even if the harem genre is removed from the list, the main narrative cannot be changed, that polygamy among supernatural beings is perfectly normal for alphas.
        According to what legends have shown us, supernatural beings are under the command of an alpha, unless the main character of the story is not an alpha, and if the main character is weaker than the others, it will have a detrimental effect on the game. , this storyline shows that the main character is not an alpha. .
        So, there is a reason not to continue the game (not just me, probably most people who started this game don’t see a reason to continue)
        If the game moves in the current direction, it will probably be among the games that will be abandoned by more players….

      2. What’s ridiculous is how you are rationalizing werewolves. They are imaginary.
        It’s a game dude.
        Lighten up. 🙄

        1. Yes, werewolves are fairy tales, I don’t think werewolves or vampires or mythical creatures are real, my point was that there are rules for them in all stories, fairy tales and whatever.
          It’s a game, it’s a game for fun, no doubt…
          I only explained according to the scenario of the game according to the principle of legends (according to what I had seen from the game) and that’s it…
          Of course, my native language is not English, my writing is definitely poor, I’m just giving my opinion as someone who played this game, I don’t want to compare legend with reality.
          But remember, every argument, every story and every myth is rooted in truth (just a personal opinion, not an endorsement of myths). Man is a visual creature, so he cannot tell a story about what he cannot see.
          My comment does not mean that, for example, werewolves are real. Something happened at a time that was not understandable and this idea of the people of that time has caused the storytelling of werewolves or vampires or any other mythical creature, reality is reality and legend is legend…

        2. It is not about rationalizing non-existent species, but rather about rationalizing the history of the game, the game itself says from the beginning that having multiple partners is normal for everyone in that school, it tells you that the girls themselves know from the beginning how popular it is the MC, even tells you that among them they talk about the MC… that makes you lose the immersion because it doesn’t make any sense and that’s why there are so many complaints about it and there will continue to be if they don’t fix it.

  11. Disappointment!!!
    You can’t put a world where it’s normal to have multiple partners and then the girls don’t accept it, I hope it’s just a way to make the story interesting and that in the end you can make a harem, otherwise this game will end up being the most big disappointment of all the AVN… What a way to shit on your own work, let me know if ends up being a harem, if not hard skip! save yourself the frustration

  12. I’m not sure, but this story deviates from the way it was going, you get along with everyone, then with one decision, you immediately lose that trust,
    Example: In the new update, every decision you make, Nina instantly turns from friend to enemy, it’s pretty obvious, whatever answer you give to Sophie, you either lose Nina or Sophie (up to this point in the story).
    You condemned Lily (only friendly), from the beginning of the game Lily was one of your first friends, but you condemned her easily,
    Harm genre is included, but in the new update, a different path is chosen from the mentioned genre.
    (in version 05) the score was 89 but (in version 6.4) it reached level 73. 16 points went down with the update. Why?
    Remember that in supernatural stories and games, it’s perfectly normal to have multiple mates, be it a vampire, a werewolf, or whatever.
    What was mentioned about the genre happened exactly the opposite, friends are becoming enemies, logically the score goes down, everyone has their own imagination, when we choose the game to play, we choose according to the genre it has, Maybe 80% of the points lost was due to the wrong path that the new update applied to the game
    This game had good potential, but as someone who was waiting for a new game update, I must say that I was disappointed.
    Many games have been made, many games with high potential, but with new updates. They have completely lost their appeal and fans, I hope (though I’m not sure) that this game that started out really well doesn’t suffer the same fate as these types of games.

    1. Why are u guys hating on the game if u don’t wanna play it then don’t I’m having fun playing it amd i don’t give a shit about what u guys say

  13. I’m reading the comments, and everyone is complaining about it not having harem. I don’t understand why. It feels like a harem game to me. Maybe it’s because the choices matter, and they feel like they might miss something? 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t know. Save scumming might be something that you can do if you’re THAT worried about missing something in a game, I guess.

    I’m not having a problem building my harem. I have 2 girls for sure, and I’m sure there will be more to come. This game is still in the beginning stages, and I’m already impressed with the story telling. I look forward to every update, not because I want to fap, but because I want to see how the mysteries unfold.

    The animations and quality are alright, but the story is what shines through. It keeps me interested and wanting more. Which, is what a good story should do. In the process of solving the mystery, I have opportunities to get with the side characters, if I make the right choices. It feels more like a REAL game and less like a Visual Novel. The gallery is a good way to see what you’ve unlocked, but I’m sure someone will create a mod for it, when the game progresses further. 😉

    So, if you want a good story with above average graphics, and hilarious side characters, then this is for you.
    If you want to fuck every single woman in one playthrough, with no consequences, then don’t bother with this one, and go download one of those other obvious vanilla games, that don’t bother trying to make it interesting.

    1. You wont be. Youll be forced to pick one eventually because none of the girls seem to be okay with the mc having multiple girls. Theyll all react the same way as Nina or Sophie.

      1. Yeah, they’re called consequences. Which, makes for a good story. If you want to fuck everyone in the game, then play it a couple times. So many devs are giving the complainers what they want, because they cry the loudest. In the process, they screw up the story to accomodate those whiners. They should just make the game they want to make, and if people like it, then they’ll donate.

  14. THIS GAME IS NOT A HAREM, I repeat, THIS GAME IS NOT A HAREM. This game very much follows a route progression, and you have to choose only one route. You can have relation with others while you are dating someone, but it will lock routes for all the involved parties, and you will lose all of the relationships. This game is not a harem and choosing individual routes is so dumb in this game, when there are so many girls, that it’s straight up not worth playing. So everyone expecting a harem game, save yourself from disappointment and turn back.

    1. Well if there is no harem then Nina route is the best option in this game. She’s a werewolf beauty. Dragonera or Sophia or Rachel path may also be considered. It’s disappointment that we have to choose only one girl.

    2. Dude, there have been 5 updates. Give it time.

      Harem doesn’t mean that it will include EVERY girl, just that you will have more than two. Which, the way I’ve been playing it, is totally doable.

      So far, I have the witch and the vampire (the two small, cute ones 😏), and I got the mermaid on the side. Not to mention, the Art teacher and the vamp’s mother. The way the writing is going, it feels like the Fawn, Dragomira, and Nina might join the party, as well.

      1. The witch and the vampire will have their paths intercross at point and if you keep having relations with the both of them, both of their paths will get locked. You have to choose a main girl. And you think Dragomira is the type of woman to share? I think you should play till the last update before posting comments. You have to have multiple playthroughs to unlock all scenes, which is not a harem formula. And “more than two girls”? Lmao, you wish. Don’t tell anyone that you were not warned.

    1. At what point dev will introduce harem is still a mystery. From what story is progressed if you accept Sophia then Nina will reject MC. Not sure about Rachel and Lilly but in order to achieve harem Nina must accept other girls and that’s totally up to DEV.

  15. Why the fuck there is harem included yet. When you as MC is in a relationship with Sophia then automatically Nina will reject you after hearing your conversation with Sophia about ceremony. That’s the most BS thing I have seen in this VN. Both girls are hot and their sex scenes are damn erotic. At the end of chapter 5 after sex scene with Sophia that Gorgon girl (lilly) was spying so may be there’s a possibility of future harem as Sophia already knows that MC is banging lilly. Damn! I want Nina to accept other girls but I don’t think it will happen. BTW game is 10/10 with superb renders, animation, plot etc

    1. A harem between Sophia and Lilly? Lilly looks very possessive, and she can make you petrified!!! That spy only got me goose bumps.

  16. I still don’t understand why there is a “harem” in planned tags. In chapter 5, if you say “love” to one of the girls, this almost means you have to choose the same one. Otherwise, it looks like something bad will happen. But don’t get me wrong, this is a good game and I love it. It’s just a little disappointing that I can’t have the harem I want.

  17. I still don’t understand why there is a “harem” in planned tags. In chapter 5, if you say “love” to one of the girls, this almost means you have to choose the same one. Otherwise, it looks like something bad will happen. But don’t get me wrong, this is a good game and I love it. It’s just a little disappointing that I can’t have the harem I want.

  18. Absolutely love this game. I wasn’t a fan of these types of games, but at times I forget they are monsters. 😅 Animations are well done and the variety of people is great. Choices matter in this one, so save a bunch if you want to go back and play a different route.

  19. Damn, it’s better to wait until WTMOD comes out, because here you can accidentally offend one of the girls, it’s strange when they have a harem genre in their plans!

  20. By chapter 5 and on ward I think dev gonna do the become a rockstar route. It means no harem but more drama if you do some harem shit. A crap I just finish chapter 5 And I already hurt Nina. Damn it there should be proper mod for this game or walkthrough. The game is really good but fuck man. I don’t want to experience the solo route again.

    1. Before time comes for Sophia’s first fuck, you can deny the offer – reason: You’re not a toyboy. This sounds honest and Sophia will accept it.

      Sophia won’t call you and this brings you to …

      … you can come closer with Nina, when you meet her to investigate. You say das you wanted to talk. At the end, you can choose “kiss Nina”, followed by a big-gang 😉

      After that, it seems, you’re free to continue at Sophia … in one way I played, she tells you she was fucked by someone else – but ignore it, she’s still hot and shows it.

      Lilly,… huh… I could’t find a bad path … but I’d leave some room between us.

      On the other side, Sophia acts more and more like a bitch, the more time you spend with her. So it is okay, to tease her.

      I think, depending how the other girls will act and how they act, that Rachel is the good wife. A little naive, but honest and just WYSIWYG.

      In my humble opinion, damaged goods are :

      * Nina : Too much family, then the beeing together with the dickhead. She is selling herself because of a family name!?

      * Lilly : Probably has something to do with the death of this stoney-mahony AND she said that she helped the werewoo… at this crank werewolf ceremony!!! She told she did not know what Axel (??) planed for him … but nahhhh…

      * Sophia : Had this thuing with the stoy guy, never had sex, acts like a bitch the more you invest – yup, kinky, funny, cocky… but … not all the time. And she has this fishy eyes, like seeing that girl with more problems than you can imagine.

      All other girls / fun with then, doesn’t seem to be a problem depending my peacefull life in the college.

      What you think? Are there any other routes I have missed?

  21. I love this game. Is very funny, and easy to read. Characters have different personalities to make them sexy and interesting.
    Graphic quality is very good. Story is most interesting.

  22. Yep! definitely one of the best VN in fantasy genre. This game has everything right from character development to story pacing. Renders are superb. Every girl has its own charm. I really got hooked to this game. I don’t know for how long I was waiting for v0.5. Best wishes to dev for this project. I hope he completes it.

  23. Hey guys hope yr well. Kindly update the game to the latest release pls. Developer just released up to chapter 5 tdy

    1. where does the story end as for this update?
      mine got ended after making love with Rachel’s mother, is that it for this update?

  24. I hope this VN continues. So far, everything is great. The MC isn’t some idiot stumbling through life. You have multiple choices that matter. There isn’t a lot of content yet, but there are a few sex scenes. They have already introduced most of the characters, and there is already a conflict they must overcome. The characters are funny. It’s a great start. I hope it doesn’t get abandoned.

  25. This game is good with the moster women fetishes (for those who wanted this kind of game very much)… Welp! Good luck with the game senpai!!

  26. I really like this VN. It is very funny. Good models and good animations. Not much sexual content, but it is new still. There is only 3 or 4 sexual situations but lots of story. Good introduction of characters and student dynamics, so far. I like it.

  27. I love the humor in this game. The women and monsters are all pretty, (even the gorgon, Lily) although the proportions on the boobs could be a little more “understated”. I love the multiple story lines, and you can play it however you want. If you want Harem, then you can do that. If you want to stay with your girlfriend, then you can do that, as well. The choices do actually matter for different outcomes.

    It was a joy to read this. The back-and-forth banter between the characters was fun to read. You can tell that the author doesn’t want to take it too seriously. Which is nice, because it keeps the story light and refreshing. It’s an easy read, and the sheer multitude of characters and abilities, tells me that there are doing to be some very funny and interesting story arcs to come, in future updates.

    The only complaint I have so far is the lack of content and the model proportions. With the exception of Rachel, they all have enormous breasts. Even professor Olga, who is a rag doll character, seems odd that they would be so large. 🤔
    I digress …

    It’s a fun read and, what little sex there is in the game, is very well put together. The animations are pretty good compared to others, but a little robotic in the movement. Not to say they aren’t good, but they can definitely use some polish. Really, I didn’t pay any attention to them, because the story is so fun to read.

    I’m not going to write a long-winded opinion about how I felt about the game, but I will say that I liked what was there and would like to see this VN evolve into something more refined. I loved the story and its lighthearted nature, and the “detective” aspect of it, kept me interested.

  28. First; if the human girl gets left behind, it’s not much of a HAREM. Asshole.

    Second – do NOT pull femdom shit that will not engage 90% of your audience and GOES AGAINST A HAREM AS A GENRE, right off the bat. Do not do it with a succubi. Do NOT do it with the headmistress (first – glaringly obvious, second asshole move that would make me move right back to the human world and say fuck this bloody college!)

    * DO NOT start a fight with a dickish character – to a rookie who DOES NOT know the DEAN has a grudge against his family = and I do NOT give a flying rat’s ass what that grudge is, it’s NOT a good introduction for the player to start them off screwed no matter what answer they give – If he apologizes, it dents the ALPHA wolf. IF he doesn’t apologize, she’s a raving bitch when if she’s THAT omniscient she should fucking KNOW that MC did not start the fight. It does not matter that he went unsheathed. He is A NEW transformed monster. You do NOT teach someone to control a damn thing by punishing them right off the fucking bat, when you KNOW they will have less control in the first place. You FUCKWITS!!!

    Point out the answers that DO give hearts. Do not give me answers where the IS NO right answer. Either of those means you’re being dicks to the audience, and that’s NOT going to help you win supporters for this game. Literally not a half hour in and you’ve already put the MC into a situation where any sane person would be “That’s it. I am DONE!” Understand the genre you have tagged. Harem = ONLY the LEAD of the Harem actually has power; and I DO NOT WRITE HIM INTO A CORNER!!!!!

    I won’t bother pointing out that I’d usually ask about potential pregnancy content. There aren’t very many shown options where that would be viable and if this is how you’re going to INTRODUCE the damned game I seriously doubt I will ever again give you another chance. Even if you fixed all of this. Burn me once, there may not be a second shot.

    1. I will further add that if you ARE planning to make this a harem game there are two points to consider:

      – Replay value is less of a factor. So you SHOULD let players NOT have to choose between girls. Ever. Each one should have enough points to get the bar maxed. It can take as long as it takes to get them all there; but the choice should ONLY be “Do I want to keep this girl, or not?” Asking which one you want in a Harem is a 404 Error.

      – The powers should be unlocked IN ORDER, and as they apply to the quests that are in the specific chapter. All of them should be unlocked in time, and there should be NO need to ever have a greyed out option because I don’t know what power I will need to be able to see X content (same rule as with the girls… no bueno)

      Bonus Round: Do NOT make the player break up with the human girl. For ANY reason – it’s a Harem. Make there be a way for her to accept that he is supernatural, and he has others that are the same. But she can still be part of the world. Hell, have her be a telekinetic who didn’t know until he came inside of her… Have her end up being a power mimic that didn’t have any powers to copy so she always thought she was human… there are ways to work around that limitation [Especially for a game that’s so preachy about prejudices… Bloody hell] ** Attached to that; do not make the girls LONG lived if you’re going to saddle the MC with werewolf just to make him mortal. That’s not doing ANYONE in the game any favors. Healing power also tends to me GREATLY expanded lifespan to potential “immortality” so his father being bald for any reason should ONLY mean that he never unlocked that power for himself. It should NOT be optional. : /

      * Vampires “So Far” have only been able to give birth once in their lifetime… leaves the door open for perhaps the status of “The Special” and frankly, you can give birth once and have it be quints. So it really DOESN’T solve the population problem as much as you think. The gorgon saying interspecies doesn’t happen; fuck that. Either the kid goes one way or the other, but kids SHOULD be able to happen. All of the time. There’s no good reason to deny out of hand a species that SHOULD be able to breed and allow the potential at the same time by one who canonically historically cannot, which is the whole point in “Turning” [Except depending on the author in some very, VERY specific and usually not consented situations – and that leads to Dhampyrs]

      ** If Dragonmira or whatever the hell her name was is on the list; she SHOULD BE attainable. Somehow. I don’t care if you have to use The Great Wolf to whoop her arse = do not just ask player prefrences by MC fantasies. Allow them to BE. There’s no point in saying he wants to be DOM with her, if you’re just going to nope out because Feminism. So hopefully you will implement all three paths, as you laid them out. She can be end game Harem Capped content for all I give a crap but there shouldn’t be anyone on the list that will not eventually end up mated to The Alpha (MC) and potentially most of them pregnant – and even then I’d say you could probably get Sofia to prove how powerful a witch she is by granting both ghost girl and rag doll humanoid bodies long enough to viably get pregnant and carry to full term. It would also solve the underconfidence thing…. Just saying.

      1. No one’s forcing you to read (and definitely not asking you to comment) on my semi review/opinion. Which frankly I doubt the devs will listen to. People have trigger points. As a dominant mind, Femdom is mine. Especially since Harem IS a power fantasy genre. It does not compute when you rip that away and give it to the female characters. They will not chase a spineless little bitch of a male character. That’s anime, and even then it’s massively flawed ideology.

        Shake your head enough, and maybe it’ll become a bobble. At least then you could sell it for something. I wrote what I consider to be valid criticisms. I also offered suggestions for improvements going forward. You don’t have to like it. You don’t have to agree with it and you are just as free to comment here as I am. But I can also freely tell you and all the assholes like you who probably didn’t even READ the review but feel the need to comment about it regardless, which cliff you can not so kindly walk right off. Have a nice day.

        1. For someone who wants to be a reviewer, you don’t understand how the human brain works. Scrolling past your self-centered diatribes I catch just enough to wish I hadn’t.

          At least nohomo is funny and accessible. Horribly deranged, sociopathic, and full of shit he gobbles out of the buttholes of his echo-chamber buddies, but accessible. Take notes.


          1. heh, but he is a ,,professional” reviewer – on some other site. yep, totally.
            here, he’s just semi-pro, probably acting pro bono or something like that. trully great guy 🙂


            As stated before (and I rounded down by two points technically as the actual answer is 122 IQ tested last perhaps 8 years ago now)

            I am 22 points smarter than MOST in my own country. Near enough the same in what I’ll assume is your own, with that moniker. It doesn’t surprise me that you can’t “catch” more than bits and pieces of the points I make. I can guarantee you’ve probably been luckier with women than I have generally. Trade offs.

            I tend not to respond well to people that call me stupid, as I am what they call “twice gifted” (born with a physical disability, and better than expected IQ) I’ve been called every name in the book just going through school. So I do tend to take it badly. Especially when it calls into question the ONE point I was always considered strongest within.

            Nothing I have ever written has been terribly “inaccessible.” I do not use overly large words. I’m not looking to confuse or confound anyone. Hell I actually tutored ESL for a year and a half when I was in school, so if anything I WANT people to be able to understand what I write. Or I would clarify any point, if genuinely asked. If I am angered I will swear probably more than is polite. It’s a bad habit I’ll cop to. I’m half Irish, I have a temper. Writing is not just a passion to me. It IS my life. The reason I am still alive. I see characters more often more deeply than I will ever connect with most people. I care about them a LOT more than I will ever give a crap about most people. Because they, generally speaking will not hurt me. Cannot hurt me. At the end, I do not expect everyone to see writing the way I do. To venerate story-telling the way that I do. To be as focused on the actual craft of it, the way that I have chosen to do. What I do expect is to be allowed the right to comment, freely; as everyone on this site is supposed to be allowed to do, and not be insulted every fucking time I turn around because you all think I’m insane, or disagree with my takes. How many of you actually post reviews? Genuine, actually critiquing posts about the game. Either the mechanics or the story therein. How many of you give tips to the Devs, for free, that they can choose or not to use, as they see fit. How many of you actually pay into these games yourselves. that WE ALL come here to download the games “for free” (ignoring that many devs post them here for that exact point, or allow their games to be, in hopes to draw in monetary supporters eventually) While bitching at commentors like me, wherein I will freely admit that I cannot afford to support even the games I fervently adore. Like Simple Days and WVM.

            Also to “lameexcuse” last point: My focused genre is Harem. Like my gaming focus is RPG. Like my writing focus is generally High Fantasy, with some Sci Fi and a good bit of Paranormal Romance thrown in. It’s what I enjoy, as an unleashing of the dominant side of myself. Both are POWER FANTASIES. Many of the games I have commented on thusly, either are or CAN be harems. Perhaps should properly be. That does not mean the only games I have commented on, have to or should be Harems. The potential is there and I’ll point it out. Further I’ve also argued there’s a proper way to do a dating sim. I’m not opposed to either path. I am opposed to putting seventeen to twenty-one different girls in a game for the player to chase, and then saying oh, but you didn’t know that only ONE of them wasn’t a dead end because we’re going to force you to pick one. Even if it’s the character you like least, because railroading? Most of my comments have been critical about flaws in either the mechanics, or the plot of a given story in many of the reviews I have left. Which is because the Devs tend to need to know what doesn’t work. What does; already does. It doesn’t need to be fixed. I would not comment on games I do not think have no potential.

        2. well your certainly right about one thing no dev is gonna give a shit about your opinion especially on a pirate website which i doubt a lot of devs will ever wanna visit so instead of posting your long winded dog shit opinion or comment about how it can be improved or whatever how about you give them money and tell them, also every review you have done is focused solely on how YOU think it should be a harem or it only works as one which is stupid tbh not every AVN works as a harem nor should it also the fact you feel the need to insult people who take a shot at your comments shows your level of intelligence and what kind of person you are

          1. 120 IQ – which is about 6 % of the actual world populace. For the record. Last time I was tested.

            To the above poster Anonymous: I have said several times “USED TO BE” Formerly; was. Am no longer. I’m aware of the fact I do not professionally review any of these games anymore, thank you all so much for your insults. Not one of you knows me – not one of you has to agree with me, and no I don’t freaking expect any of you to understand my views or think the way I do. What I can do is express my OPINION the same way you all have the right to. I insult those that call me unilaterally stupid or retarded. I insult the devs that piss me off with bad writing. That is ALL.

            Improvements in my view DO NOT and have never been stated to be improvements to all and sundry. I do respond to people that feel the need to clump in and take shots at me. Sue me. The fact that I can coherently respond with more than you disagree with me so ur a reeeeTARD means I am actually intelligent. Do consider all points lain. I also heavily disagree with them. Which I am allowed to do. There’s a reason I’ve recently tended to stop commenting to others… and it’s literally because of these three “response” comments to my opinion/demi reviews. Which do nothing to counter any of my actually made points about the game, and instead focus on insulting my ability or intelligence therein. Good on you. All Three of you. Would be so much harder then I guess to leave your own actual reviews to refute the claims I made, or suggest what you like about the game, in the direction it seems to be heading.

            1. not really sure why you felt the need to put how you apparently have an IQ of 120 come on dude nobody is seriously gonna believe your that smart especially when your on a porn AVN website. plus why bother leaving a long winded review of a porn AVN in the first place it’s just as pointless as going onto pornhub a doing a review of the lesbian porn you just watched also why bother firing back at people who do insult you anyway with how smart you apparently are surely your supposed to be well smarter than that right

              1. Reply to Bubiisamoron (who is bubii and why is he/she/they a moron?)

                Basically I have a lot of free time. I play these games, and I like to help other players decide if the download is worth their time or not. Mostly I critique games; and get ragged on because my posts tend to be more than Vomond’s. By quite a lot of detail, I know. I am that smart. I do not in fact have to prove it, and as you state it would be impossible for me to provide credible results. However by actually reading any of my reviews and realizing the words and wording I use is fairly deliberate and usually correctly spelled with minimal mistakes (I’m not saying none – this comment space isn’t easy to scroll back on and check everything the longer you go) it should be fairly easy to assume I’m at least smarter than the average here. You don’t have to take my word for it. It doesn’t hurt me if you don’t believe me. I just really hate being called a retard. Or stupid. Since my brain was about the only thing that ever actually worked right. I tend to snipe back at those who will troll me that way, mostly to do the same to them. Sometimes because I’m pissed. Sometimes I’m bored, and sometimes to see if they bother to respond afterward. Most don’t. So I consider that a win.

  29. oh my, now they will add irrelevant elaborations to their irrelevant ,,scores”?

    i want to see what will they say about core loop of kinetic novel, and why is score higher than zero…

  30. This VN is surprisingly good, it’s very entertaining to read, seeing the different species I think I’ve never seen another VN with so much variety, the girls are cute, even the mermaid and the gorgon have their charm and are sexy AF. There is definitely a lot of potential here, the decisions just need to have a little more weight in the story, many of the decisions seem to be unimportant, others seem to be unnecessary and sometimes it feels like a decision is missing, like when the MC overreact… But there is definitely potential here

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