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Bioasshard Arena [v1.0.241 R3] [VersusX]

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Patreon Codes

IEU1-PGN6        Pigeon Tier
CRDL-E1ZD        Crocodile Tier
GLWH-EAP7        Eagle Tier
HN8D-RXM3        Hound Tier
21FX-UN9B        Fox Tier
FXHD-13TK        FoxHound Tier
-B-B3-3-         BigBoss (disabled?)
-Q-BV-3-         TheBoss (disabled?)

LK57-1S8N        Suit Jill RE1
RL3J-SKNV        Suit Jill R3M
SFCP-NTL3        Hair Jill RE5
A2RH-BID6        Hair Jill R3M

V4T2-XLAM        Ammo Quantity 2x
DRTE-2QPB        Enemy Drop Ratio 1.5x
HCTR-5731        Pistol Crit % x3

UCHA-EUFZ        Jill Bush None
PKJB-I1SG        Jill Bush 1
J2B6-FXQK        Jill Bush 2
LJ73-BHSU        Jill Bush 3
4DKL-WSX9        Jill Bush 4
Z6H1-UWAH        Jill Bush 5
5U6J-SD84        Jill Bush 6
RDV2-YNBC        Jill Bush 7
L53E-G276        Jill Bush 8
QC51-Z3F8        GPU Heavy Bush 1
TX9Y-CDFH        GPU Heavy Bush 2
LKEB-WPL3        GPU Heavy Bush 3

LEBY-8439        Jill JV Look 2 (default?)
5734-APHB        Jill SZ Look 3

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Editor's Rating

Story - 77%
Visual - 81%
Engagement - 81%
Core Loop - 77%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.16 ( 28 votes)

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  1. The fag capital of the world, san fransicko is a biohazard. Not just due to hiv but needles from junkies and literal shit covers the streets. These same people rig elections through goolag, fakebook, patreon and the like. Controlling what you see and therefore what you think.

  2. Why develop such shit? The sex scenes are very little drawn, just awful! The plot is stupid and boring! The gameplay is not here-) The result is that the project is just shit!

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