Vae Victis – Conquer, Ravish, Breed [v0.12.4] [Doorknob22]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

  • The Ren’Py/Python version of the game changed I included the new version in both patches.

    Unzip the content anywhere, move all content to your main folder (where the .exe is). Overwrite all necessary files. (Half tested)

    I don’t know about Linux. (Untested).
    Note: The same as Windows, Linux users maybe need to mark .sh files as executable.

    You need to copy paste every content from the update only folders into their respective folders, overwriting where necessary, if the folder is not existing you can copy the whole folder (To see the content of an app, right click the app and pick Show Package Contents), PBS666 helped me make Mac update patches, thanks for that. (Untested).
    Note: Delete the following folders before copying over the new data: “MacOS”, “lib”, “renpy”. I am sorry if this breaks your game, I can’t really offer support.


Download for Android - v0.11.4.1

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

View Walkthrough

Download Gallery Mod

– All Gallery Scene Unlocked

– Extract Mod Zop
– copy “gallery_unlocker.rpy” and
– paste in game folder

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 93%
Visual - 91%
Engagement - 94%
Core Loop - 90%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.88 ( 117 votes)

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  1. Wtf is wrong with them updating Android late? Have some beef with it?
    And before any loser from his mom’s basement says that PC is better, I never said it’s not, you ugly tot. I want to play this while lying on my bed. Keep your PC superiority bullshit to carnal instincts, wildlife and subverse.

    1. Stupid, you definitely only know basic pc like back in the ww2 era. Right now you don’t need use kb and mouse and staring to pc monitor you can play pc on the go too. Smartphone can act as steam deck like portable pc and nuc pc is also a thing. As why android late. Because android not as powerful as laptop or desktop retard many limitation on android. Next time don’t be so stupid you retarded third world nigger. Go play in the jungle with your brothers (read: Apes).

      1. You writing this from the basement too monkey?
        No one gives a fuck about your 2 bit brain thinking about everyone has a steamdeck and copium nuc lying around especially when jobless fuc leeching on his mom like you got it by begging on his knees.
        No ones getting a gaming tool for this.
        And you going strong when knowing nothing about Android ports on renpy. Try it yourself dumbass and maybe your 2 bit mind can realise that ai can easily manage the complications.
        Go eat ass with your own monkeys dumbcunt, that what you good at. Don’t know shit about ai and development and calling me ww2.

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  3. knock knock, what do we have here… doorknob the wharf rat’s game? let’s give it a try… he meant to name the MC harder, but he is flask and bottom, how to know anything about that sort of thing… MC misses his wharf rat life, full of annoying seagulls and fish if he is lucky to catch one… he wouldn’t mind a hard one in his derrière but no one is gay enough in there… OMG they left him in his own shit, that is disgusting, probably something inherited from his ancestors… he stood 4 years and doesn’t know WTF is with him, how retarded you can be really… the motherfucker is a horn dog, the pale image of the dev most likely, he wanted to add more but the laws in every country dont allow his kinks, nasty stuff with deers and bunnies… OMG he spreads his seed like is christmas, a lot of child support awaits you, moron… ooh they got him with his nickers down what an embarrassment to walk the streets like that… the moron lies himself being badass but who is in jail, weirdo ? no brain whatsoever, are all these devs retarded in f95 is something contagious, I need to wear a mask next time not to get it myself… apparently mind you, the guards changed to chicks with dicks to properly satisfy his bottom needs… the idiot fights his ghosts in that cell, buddy check your brain, is mush… he needs a lobotomy for sure… WTF incest? what were you thinking, dev? you like to do these things with your mommy? ohh she is dominating his ass, if that’s how he likes it so be it, who am I to judge… at least he is funny in the way he compliments her… Jesus H. Christ all will go to jail, pedophile memories from his 13th birthday… dev that’s what you did and now just turn it into fiction? WTF is wrong with him, he is locked for 4 fucking years, yet he talks with his mommy like they are having tea with cummy kisses… he asked where his cucked father is, but he ended in jail and cucked for 4 years, dev logic mind you… my dear, these 2 imbeciles talk like all those years are nothing, worry about daddy son? he drank some milk and his tummy hurts, he will have a nasty stool… the moron wants to see daddy, he doesn’t remember that he is in fucking jail? character development people, this one is a bright one… mommy is sorry for his ass getting punished so many years and has a proposition… to not become a slut like his sisters, one sucking from a magician other from a sergeant he needs to fuck her through the grates, but he can’t, flask dik this one, only takes it in the backroom… OMG what a sick bastard we have here, he craves mommy so much, even after so much suffering… is called shrunk brain buddy, read more, go to princesses school as you are a bad joke so far… the father shared his dik with him in library, and he wants to taste that protein once more… its understandable that he likes and misses father more, all that bull milk made him nuts in the first place… and so he dies in that disgusting cell dreaming about huge poles and cummy kisses as no one comes for him, not even the slutty sisters… what an embarrassment of a game, dev go to the port there are backbreaking jobs, but will do you good in long term, maybe with a bit of luck you will put food on the table and stop using social services… you are a disgrace…

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  4. Here we go again. You look at screenshots and you’d think it’s normal. But the gay tag says otherwise. The amount of effort to make you suck dick and get your ass plowed like a good little faggot is staggering. People are truly brainwashed today and groomers are EVERYWHERE!

    People are so stupid they don’t even need to be paid to groom. They watch paid groomers on tv, movies and through social media and they spread the indoctrination for FREE! Just because some billionaires flunky told them too. People are irremediably sad and pathetic.

    Assholes stink as a warning to stay away. STD’s are a warning you are doing something unnatural. You are literally KILLING YOURSELF.

    1. There you go, Nohomo! I knew you still had it in you.

      * Using a real username: Check
      * Outrageous paranoia: Check
      * Outrageous paranoia as an excuse why you don’t need to look at yourself: Double Points!
      * “Gay Grooming” as tho it’s possible: JACKPOT!!

      Why would anyone want to silence such obvious manipulation? I’ve got my popcorn all warmed up and if you want to go around derailing each game’s thread then let’s go.

      Now that you’re back to your old tricks of Doing What Your Homophobe Incel Buddies Tell You, you know I’m good for it.

      See you next time, space cowboy.

    2. developer is a faggot admin from f95, what can you expect really, straight old school? don’t play this rubbish, so he can retake his old job as a wharf rat…

  5. Entertaining game. Plenty of options to choose content you want and don’t. Puzzles have some challenge but not difficult. For this type of entertainment; this game meets a variety of interest.

      1. Have you played it? I don’t even remember any gay content the last time I played through. I mean, maybe it’s there somewhere, but I don’t know where.

  6. Entertaining game. Plenty of options to choose content you want and don’t. Puzzles have some challenge but not difficult. For this type of entertainment; this game meets a variety of interest.

  7. No. Just No. All of the way NO. I'm also sick of games like Warlock of Lust - where STEP mommy is a raving bitch, and MC starts out powerless as her bitchboy. FUCK ALL OF THAT!!! says:

    I used your damned walkthrough to get the correct answers to your BULLSHIT puzzle mechanics to get to the part where I COULD successfully break the witchfyre vials – and NOTHING HAPPENED AFTERWARD. So what the fuck are you actually supposed to do. I clicked the vials, I assume they broke… I clicked them WHERE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE… because it’s the ONLY place they even show the fuck up… and NOTHING HAPPENS. You need to show people how to make the game do what it’s supposed to do. If there’s MORE THAN ONE MAP = SHOW THE PLAYERS HOW TO ACCESS BOTH!!!

    How in the ever living fuck do you want ANYONE to want to continue this damned game; when EVERY. SINGLE. INSTANCE OF SEX IS BASICALLY EITHER RAPE/NTR OR locked behind BULLSHIT PUZZLE CRAP?!? If I can’t get back to the main map screen to bother attacking anyone after I inflitrate the FIRST fucking area… how in the hell did you expect anyone to complete a damned thing?

    1. Plenty of people completed it. You’re just dumb.

      When you mount your GF do you go on the internet and immediately start bitching about not having a walkthrough and how you’re unable to complete?

      That would be assuming you actually had a GF and not a random pillow you poked a hole in and taped a wig to.


      1. Fuck off Rancor – I’ve never said a bad thing to you; and I tend to agree with you about NTR in general. But if you’re going to start calling me names I’ll agree with everyone else that shits on you for constantly BITCHING about NTR games.

        This game is PATENTLY NOT FINISHED, so the walkthrough is basically useless – and the first girl MC can claim he DOES NOT GET TO KEEP. As far as me not having a girl in real; By Choice you asshole. I don’t use a pillow = I’m not into Anime that heavily and if that’s all it’d take to get you up that’s your fucking problem. Not mine. Frankly the game SHOULD just be a VN of do you want to fuck and or breed this bitch or not. Make the army battle bullshit in cut scenes. Because puzzles in games can absolutely bite every part of my ass. I’d say you can too, but now I’m starting to think you might like it. And by the way, if I was retarded I couldn’t have written as much as I generally do on any review to start with. Nor would I be able to insult you like I currently am.

        Why is it when one troll manages to bury the hatchet I find twenty more? This is the exact reason I hesitate to even comment. Because EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. ONE. Invariably gets some assholish response. You don’t have to agree with me, but unless you’ve got an actual rebuttal or your own opinions on what works and what doesn’t you can ALL OF YOU GO FUCK YOURSELVES. Because lets be honest; if any of us at all had a girl who was actually willing to fuck us without several bullshit stipulations or worries about contraceptives, we wouldn’t be drawn to these damned games. So go look in the mirror Oscar. Or go find another garbage can to lurk in. You know what always happens to the Rancor in the movies right… so really you’re just some over frustrated, over brawned dumbassed beast alien. Who dies every time he even sees a Jedi. (And yeah I know what the actual word means – hence the reference to Sesame Street)

        1. Gee, you’re going to start talking shit about me in the comments.

          I’m so worried.

          But here’s a pro hint, when you post you need a babysitter to play a fucking porn game and transmogrify into a giant crybaby bitch because somebody doesn’t hand you a walkthrough that shows you step by step how to do menial tasks, you can expect to get bashed especially when what you are needing your hand held over is perfectly doable by anybody with an IQ higher than 80, which is quite obviously not you.

          1. dickhead my IQ was 122 last I was tested. Which wasn’t that many years ago. I happen to be as smart as exactly 6% of people in the world.

            You meanwhile post the same shit on EVERY NTR game on the site.
            Also – I was following the fucking walkthrough: I did everything it said and the damned lamps in the temple STILL DID NOT LIGHT. So it’s not me being “stupid” that’s the problem. It’s a BUG where the game fucked up and did not do what it’s supposed to. You want to call others babies and retards… go look in the mirror you dunce.

            I am not physically well at the moment – Tomorrow I’m going in for a major surgery I’m already worried enough about. You picked the wrong day to get snippy about me commenting that the walkthrough for a quarter to tenth finished game ALSO does not do what it’s meant to do. I have no more time or patience for any of you asshole trolls. So you and EVERYONE ELSE that wants to insult me can go fuck right off and if I bite it tomorrow because God literally Says So = I’ll see every single one of you in Hell, and we’ll see who’s the baddest of them all motherfucker. Screw off. I’m not going to answer any other comments from you or any other smart mouth ever again, but I can tell you exactly which cliff to jump off.

              1. First, you literally call yourself Grass Toucher. You get no right to comment about IQ. At all.

                Second; there was never an argument.
                Rancor was being an ass in general; the game INCLUDES a walkthrough that frankly DOES NOT work. My point and one large gripe with the game – though by far not the only to state – was that if you’re GOING to make a walkthrough the point of it is to help those that DO NOT want to play through the game 666 times just to get the right answer once. It can’t do that when the walkthrough’s answers are in fact not correct. Beyond that point there’s way, WAY too much bullshit in the game that doesn’t need to be there, and the DEV needs to learn the definition of Harem. Because despite it not being in the tags for some reason, that’s what this game is. It’s a bullshit sim management system that’s way too punitive, involves questionable content and for some reason DOES NOT let you keep every girl you claim (Yes, I’m still salty about deflowering the daughter in the “prologue,” and then NOT bringing her with me as my war-bride claimed)

                The “battle” system is fucking Rock, Paper, Scissors for God’s sake… The temple bit right after is insanely convoluted for no reason, in two parts no less. This game would be leagues better as a straight up VN.

                Rancor got in a hissy and started talking shit to me. I answered back – and YOU were never remotely a factor in that conversation. So keep your opinions to your damned self, or fuck off and go follow your chosen moniker. Clearly you’re happier that way.

    1. Dude, Love the name haha. I really wish I could read comments where people actually talk about the game.
      I really wish their mothers had taught them “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all “ I tried a much earlier version (on android) and had some problems with combat if I remember correctly, going to try again now and good luck, appreciate your work.

  8. Watch Boys Beware (1961). It shows how the gay mind works and how they are always grooming. That is what this game is. A grooming game.

        1. ok then MR homo you show us all proof that ANY AVN/game has ever turned a straight dude gay, and not get your info from some fuck boy website you retards like to hang out and suck each others dicks and spew your propaganda bull shit but some cold hard FACTS and analysis that can not be disputed because I’m gonna assume you can’t

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