The Swordbearer [v0.8] [Caramel Cowboy]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Extract file from file to the \game folder and overwrite when prompted.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 78%
Visual - 90%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 91%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.47 ( 80 votes)

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  1. You know what; nevermind.

    You are absolutely, unequivocally fucking retarded to make one of the girls that HAS a Heart Capable entry in the journals a fucking vampire. (AFTER Amaris monologuing about how he doesn’t want peace and ISN’T his father… Fuck off) If you’re going to pull that shit this early, you really shouldn’t bother writing any sort of long term story. If you’re going to be that blatant about it, why the fuck was she even on the list?!? What, is she supposed to be the one GOOD vampire. You gonna claim she’s some sort of equivalent vegan? Dumbass.

    I don’t think you’re ever going to take this story seriously, I now very much doubt it’s going to be any sort of harem I want a part in. There are too many people who have romantic ties elsewhere; and you’ve straight up warned you’re death flagging probably half the fucking cast. Yippee.

    Here’s a thing about vampires for you Caramel Cowboy: Bite Me. >.< For literally almost everything in this current update. Again, half the girls that should be having hearts don't. No girl should be pursuing ANYONE else but the MC; and none of them need implied "romantic" entanglements with the other fucking characters. It DOES NOT endear me to them. If Vera's going to die, fine. Fair enough. She's an archer facing vampires. It's not hard to see coming. I would be massively MORE pissed with you than I already am (and I am pretty pissed off at that bullshit ending – unless you intend to turn the fucker INTO a vampire and make him work on killing Amaris from the inside. Which would work IF as above, not every vampire is "bound by blood" or actually bad. It's literally the only way you could save this story at this point as far as I'm concerned. It's still a stupid twist that does more to undermine everything you've been working toward than it does anything to add to the story. And no, one reference in the library to a Shadow Knight doesn't fix it because you might've foreshadowed this was going to be your intent. Why the fuck would you give him a holy sword; talk about whether or not he's going to sack himself for the sake of the world or not, and then pull this absolute tripe! You either massively tipped your damned hand for anyone remotely willing to READ the damned story, or you've written yourself into a corner that isn't necessary) if you pulled the same with Lyra. Because she is one of the ones we're supposed to invest in romantically. Otherwise, what the fuck are the hearts even for???

    The king does NOT get to threaten to kill off literally the MOST IMPORTANT character in the game. He should NOT be stupid enough to imprison him – and the MC SHOULD have the balls to be able to say if you think you can find anyone else to weild the sword before the vampires hand you all of your asses, go for it you jackass. This. This is why you do not do classist bullshit unless you intend to a) make the MC immune to it, or b) put him on the same goddamned level! At this point he could marry Ester and she could allow him to by hand-fasting marry any other girl as his consort he wanted, when he does save the day… and it would still be not worth it. That's how badly you've bungled just about everything you're trying to build in the lore of your world.

    One. One more update, and I will tap out if either Liliana dies; or you make MC her Scooby Snack, because you're still set on making him look like an incompetent doofus who'd rather get laid than be good at his destined ONE JOB.

  2. The sex scenes and jokes are the only good thing, the rest makes me sleep. Could it be that all VNs are the same… it seems like the afternoon soap opera that the aunt watches having tea with her niece.
    I insist that the animations are good and without delay.

  3. In 99% of cases, when such developers start making sex scenes, they will immediately lose all the audience because they can draw character landscapes well and write a great plot, but when it comes to sex scenes, most immediately quit development or the project dies.


    Second: Too much blue balling – Tied to that: Fuck Pulling out. Ever. You are missing two important tags for a game with this many women, and that much cock teasing: Harem. Pregnancy. [Fuck multiple endings, and fuck a dating sim. This game SHOULD be a HAREM!]

    Especially since you designed the main character as a chosen one arctype who so far is dense as fuck. Untrained, and mostly good at barely not getting his arse handed to him. Who chases too much pussy he hasn’t even remotely gotten outside of side characters. Lyra and Talisa or whatever her name is DO NOT need to imply lesbianism (or even get as close to MAYBE as you do) * If they are main girls and this IS a dating sim; no bueno. If it’s a harem = STILL no bueno.
    I swear to fuck if I have just spent near to seven chapters trying to win affection with all the girls possible and you make me choose just one at the end, that is just bullshit. You might as well have not rendered almost every other girl in the game at that point, stuck to a small list and presented their bios at the beginning. Then I could choose which path I want, with who.

    The way you’ve done it says it should be a harem – and at some point I bet I’m not the only one who’s going to be pissed if it’s not. If MC IS the chosen one; the only one who can stop whatever bullshit you pull out of your ass [and frankly fuck it; you don’t want to deal with pregnancy = Make HIM the daywalker, who can wield the damned blade because he’s willing to fight against his own kind. Make his father the “quiet” one (You have way over done it by talking up his mother and we don’t even know her fucking name… nevermind why exactly MC should hope to have half her skill. We’ve seen her in like ONE freaking cut scene you couldn’t even be bothered to render her FIGHTING!) and make that because he was a vampire. With a conscience. Make them BOTH important. Nevermind she trained him so he trained MC. Fuck you for ALL of that. Girls by and large in the middle ages DID NOT FIGHT. You can’t do a period piece and blatantly ignore the parts of actual history in that era that you don’t bloody like.

    At this point, I’ve barely gotten to the capital to start training. So you better freaking get on that. Ivar seems to know who I am and what needs to be done. So get to it. Make MC BECOME the Chosen One, or fuck off with it. Because if I get to chapter 10 and he’s STILL getting his arse kicked or acting like a jackass, I’m going to assume you’re not even taking your own story seriously and it won’t have the one “Multiple” ending I actually want to see. [All Of The Girls. Are MC’s!!!] The glowing magic blade shit is only cool IF you make a main character that actually fucking knows what the hell he’s doing with it. That should have been his backstory RIGHT FROM THE START. It SHOULD be a requirement for the goddamned blade to call him WORTHY! Fuck the dream sequence bitch just for a head trip – and fuck off with all the dreamsequence comedy routines. They’re not funny.

    1. From what I can see; and if you EVER intend on actually making this game a harem – more than half the girls that’ve been introduced are not actually on the Journal list. Some of those we have interacted with, do NOT have hearts (though they have had scenes as far as I recall where it seemed like you were building MC rapport) That needs to be fixed. Pronto.

      Aren is an idiot, the MC’s “BEST FRIEND” character – so if it IS a harem = The girl(s) he’s chasing SHOULD WANT MC!!! (There was no point in making MC interact with her at all in the last update if you weren’t going to give the player the option to PURSUE HER)

      There are too many older characters who are still treating MC like he’s the Jackass of all trades. Astrid is one of the ones that doesn’t have hearts that absolutely SHOULD. Ivar needs to stop fucking around – and if he knows a fucking thing about who/what MC’s mom actually was (beyond being a swordbearer) it might be nice to freaking figure that out. Sooner. Rather than later. It’s starting to piss me right off. MC is NEVER going to compare to her legend if you keep building it up without telling us WHY it’s warranted. Or showing us that it’s a legend that grew to a myth and she actually WASN’T as skilled as you’ve built her up to be, and a lot of it was her bond with the fucking sword. Either way. That way you could actually build the MC to be the better Swordbearer, by forging a “stronger” bond (potentially romantically – because that seems like your sense of humor) with his weapon than his Mommy ever did.
      : / (I still say his father could have been a vampire ala Buffy The Vampire Layer…)

      I don’t want to see female characters shunted off to the side; and it’d be nice to see all the female recruits included in the list of Heart capable girls (or if you insist on NOT making this a harem – clearly showing which girls actually WILL be firmly pursuable at the end within the journal) I’m not tapping out just yet, but I’m only going to give this game another 2 updates to decide to actually BE a harem and start treating the MC like he’s actually the fucking hero of the game. Beyond that, whatever else you want to pull will only reinforce that you’re not actually taking your own narrative at all seriously, or you’re actively trying to piss the audience right off. There’s also still the princess who’s not even added to the list, never mind Heart capable. Considering how much trouble we went to just to meet her in the last update that seems like a hell of an oversight to me…

  5. Developers love emasculating men huh? The only game I played where you have a choice(as the MC) is Desert stalker. The rest….I don’t understand💀

    1. Yeah they sure do, that’s because most of the people making these games are emasculated men. It’s rare to find an MC that is an actual man because they have no idea what one looks like.

      1. andrew tate has turned your brain to mush. please tell me the last time you got laid talking about how “emasculated” today’s men are, it’ll be a real hit on tinder

        1. Well it’s not the people making this game, nor any liberal for that matter. Real men don’t want big government, real men don’t want women dominating them either, real men don’t want to watch other men fuck their girls, real men don’t want to play a female protagonist etc etc etc. It’s not hard to know what a real man is unless you are under 20. If you’re over 20 and didn’t grow up in this clown world and still don’t know what a man is, shame on you. Just cut it off and become a tranny because you aren’t going to make it.

    2. You should give Nephilim a go, it’s a similar setting as this but with a more serious tone and the mc is one of the few non-emasculated mc’s.

      1. Haha, I tried the Nephilim and Desert Stalker games, and they are both superior than this one, with the latter including rare alpha male MC and female protagonist switch.

  6. NIce game. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have harem/polyamory. Even just as an option. I mean, there are/will be 10 or more women you can have some action with, i think. Maybe the dev will add it in later on?

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