The Savior of Impregnation [v1.0][Final] [BrOkEn eNgLiSh]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - The story of The Savior of Impregnation takes you on a fantasy adventure as a young man transported to a world where he must defeat evil forces while building his own harem. It's a simple and straightforward concept that fans of the fantasy genre can easily grasp. However, the lack of direction in quests is a major drawback. Often, there's little indication of what to do next, forcing you to wander around and interact with NPCs to progress. It can be frustrating at times, hindering the overall enjoyment of the narrative. Additionally, not everything is translated into English, which further impacts the immersion. - 73%
Visual - The game's artwork falls somewhere between decent and impressive. While it doesn't reach the heights of greatness, it manages to maintain consistency throughout. The character designs, particularly those of the female characters, tend to emphasize their voluptuous figures. Each scene features unique art, adding a touch of uniqueness to the experience. The h-scenes, while mostly consisting of static images, do have some animated elements, which adds a bit of variety and visual appeal. - 71%
Engagement - The Savior of Impregnation offers standard RPG gameplay, including taking quests, exploring towns, and grinding for points and gold. The combat is neither overly challenging nor too easy, striking a balanced middle ground. However, the lack of clear quest instructions hampers your engagement and can significantly disrupt the pacing. The game does have some bugs, but the developer is responsive and actively patches issues based on user feedback. - 68%
Core Loop - The core loop revolves around the protagonist building his harem of love interests, with the girls gradually falling in love with him. For players who enjoy romantic routes, this aspect of the game is satisfying. Additionally, the inclusion of an NTR path provides content for fans of that genre. The sex scenes within the game are accompanied by appropriate audio, including moans and other suggestive sounds, which enhances the immersion. - 78%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.66 ( 14 votes)

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    1. Go to the Church, select the right door, click on the glittering light! Also, if you want to sleep without spending money then you have to 1) Marry Susan, or 2) Select the left door at the Church, or 3) Sleep with Elena or whatever her name was (in the Town Of Wisdom)!

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  1. Okay, if ANYONE else tries this game: This MAY help you – I did not find it on the first try, because the W key to interact with Krista was the only thing I really focused on.

    There IS a very rudimentary skill tree for both MC & Krista. You access it by the Q button. Since at least two of the skills are passive EXP buffs for the MC I probably just saved you as much frustration as I felt grinding through my first run. I’m going to try certain dialogue options I did not before and see if things pan out better. If they don’t because in certain cases in order to see lewd content I’m SUPPOSED to be a dick; I will report that. (Anna specifically is blockaded by the husband – who won’t join you for the battle in Sacred Tree, and thus is potentially NOT dead if you even designed it that MC GETS TO FUCK THE WIFE EITHER DAMNED WAY!!! Because he does not join you. So while there is a scene that shows Anna being bred on by MC and following him outside of the village, the husband is ALWAYS an asshole that says not to “disturb her” if you choose to fuck Anna in order to cure her. So I’m going to not, and see if I get to fuck her by being the nice guy to what I hope will be a WIDOW) * By which I mean there is a RIGHT way to design this kind of quest, and there is potentially how you have done it. If it’s a HAREM game, and your changelog says HAREM WEDDING ENDING, so anyone that wants to add there’s no harem in the tags, do kindly fuck off – then there should ALWAYS be a way to win the girl at the end. No matter WHICH FREAKING PATH I CHOOSE. >.<

    1. Final comment – it turns out you DO get to breed Anna if you go the NICE GUY ROUTE… but it’s still a one shot and you never see her again.

      * In the town of wisdom area: fuck off with the Guard blocking the way to the second floor asshole!
      It’s not my fault you only give ONE wine bottle to distract 2 guards in the bandit fortress; and it’s a PAIN IN THE ASS to keep getting sent right back to the beginning JUST because I DO NOT WANT TO FUCKING PLAY A STEALTH GAME!!! There needed to be ANOTHER way to distract the second guard. There was NOTHING I could click on that would turn the fucker around, and again = It sends you RIGHT BACK TO THE BEGINNING OF THE WHOLE LOOP if you get “seen” So here’s an idea: BLIND THE FUCKER! PERMANENTLY. Jesus.

      Also, Also, fuck the noble girl that said Hey, go fetch me some random ass bullshit items that if you’ve never played you’re not going to know where they are. A) Bull’s Horn you get from the Minocucked quest (and it’s a harem so truly, absolutely WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BOTHER ADDING NTR??? I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s MOSTLY the MC doing it… and HE SHOULD NOT NEED TO LEARN CHARM FROM SOME RANDOM ASSED BLACK DUDE) Which is also a quest that FAILS. Every. Fucking. Time! So you’re doing it wrong. The math quiz bullshit is also not well implemented. 2 of the questions I got the first time I tried I couldn’t even imput into an online calculator. The bloody thing takes 3 DAYS to reset; which is WAY THE FUCK TOO LONG!

      Now I’ve tapped out because YOU programmed in a TELEPORT option that A) Steals the party’s fucking MP, and b) Borked my ability to report to the guard captain girl whatever the fuck her name was. I got more than one piece of normal information; and I took the special page from the Boss’ quarters to break the window to get out and dropped into that retarded stealth section… so FUCK. OFF. AND. LET. ME. COMPLETE. THE. GOD DAMNED. QUEST!

      There’s no point in a changelog that touts a Harem Ending if MOST of your fucking quests are either bugged or outright broken. So yeah, even if you fix this whole thing; and I REALLY doubt you will… the art is not my style. The pregnancy thing is basically barely noticeable and good luck finding the random girls you can breed with. The rest of the game is JUST grinding/bitch work and a PAIN IN THE ASS.

      1. LOL people actually grind. why don’t take your sweet 1 minute to google save editor and use that instead rather than hours of grinding. LMFAO.
        and for math still use calculator really? use the damn Ai chat bot and copy paste the number there, no matter how complex or awkward numbers are Ai is way better than standard calculator LMFAO. use the damn tech, tech was intended to make any task easier including gaming and fapping, you’re just retard.

        1. Shouldn’t need a save editor to play a game, and you call me a retard.
          Calculator works just as well or better than AI – since AI can’t even consistently win Chess, Asshole. Not everyone happens to like Tech, and the old stuff is just as good in most cases, and often a LOT more reliable.

          Again, game balance is the problem IF you even bothered reading any of the comments I left. A quest log that DOES NOT exist and actually requires you to go into Key Items to even remotely get the smallest clue of what you’re doing. The fact there are NO maps, so you have no clue where any of the crap these NPC’s will ask you to do actually happens to be located. That’s ALL tech; it’s just badly implemented. Are you sure you didn’t eat too many crayons as a child? It’d be funny if you’re the dev, and I’d still call you an asshole.

          1. LOL, are you sure tard? Ai can outmatch any chess GM, even only 1 GM ever beat Ai ONCE and his name is in guiness world record. so why don’t you prove yourself beating an Ai on a chess match constantly and set the new world record? Talk is cheap. i bet $10000 you can’t even beat gotham chess.
            I am not this game developer, but you’re like a fly buzzing around my food an eyesore.
            Hey old fart, you should just die and let newborn take over with the newest technology you couldn’t never grasp in that thick skull and expired cum you call brain.

  2. At this point is less Broken English and more Broken Game.
    At least as far as balancing goes.

    Though you would not need cheats to enhance levels if you’d allow for a static, reasonably easy to reach EXP bar at every level. If it takes more than 5 k to get 1 level and nothing I’m fighting gives more than 300 exp for 3 of them; you’re doing it wrong. There’s also the fact that “savior power” adds FUCK ALL to the game. You don’t learn new skills from it – and by leveling up I’ve literally gotten to level 51 with the ONLY skill MC knows being fucking DOUBLE SLICE. Which doesn’t even hit all the time.

    Supposedly there’s probably a vampiric sword for him somewhere – and his priestess (who gets targeted WAY too freaking often – she is literally the ONLY one actually doing damage with that fucking Divine Bolt bullshit; and she is also MC’s most reliable way to heal from damage… but she doesn’t even get panacea??? Come on man. You could literally give each character a new skill every 10 levels with a cap of 100 levels and I would call it less BULLSHIT. I ended up using the bloody cheat item to get over half my damned levels and I wouldn’t have to if combat wasn’t ridiculous.

    The attack on the succubus village nearly got me killed with the best weapons I could buy in the damned game; a staff that’s SUPPOSED to let the priest heal thyself every blasted turn (not nearly enough for the damage she was taking from that fucking dumb assed general with two mutant wolves, and their fucking tails in the way… thanks for that Genius) Most of the scenes that involve “sex” are actually god damned FOREPLAY… and if you can’t tell the difference at whatever age you are that should be well past 18 to 21 by now, then I really can’t help you at all. Most of the scene unlocks with retarded elf girl took 3 BOTTLES of semen to unlock; the last one takes freaking 15!!! And the only god damned thing I’m seeing for that is a repeating ovulation scene where I supposedly breed her and it tells me to come back tomorrow… then it’s the same fucking scene again when I do that!

    The priest also does NOT need to be this resistent to fucking MC if it’s literally her bloody job. She can start off claiming not to like it and surrendering to the pleasure with basically the same stats you already put into play – but god damn do you need a better/faster way to raise her damned affection. Also, what the hell is it with you people and massive friggin’ tits. Yes, Hentai exaggerates, but most of the best Hentai that is well regarded in reviews understands there’s really only so far you can take the proportions even being hyperbolic. Beachballs are NOT FUCKING ATTRACTIVE on a STICK FIGURE WITH HIPS.

    Aside from that, implement a Quest Journal for the love of all that’s Holy. Fuck me but it sucks to run around blind; or run into things like a beef wall because you DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. At least if you’re not going to do that, which would not be a smart choice, because RPG’s NEED that kind of guidance (we did not design the quests, we’re only playing your damned game… so we need to know what sequence to trigger to actually complete the damned things, and in what fucking order. Again, Genius) then the very least you can do is share when an area has a monster that should be a Level Requirement to Enter. People don’t mind grinding for power, though again there are limits to most player’s patience even if they’re fans of this genre, but what they really don’t like is wasting their time because you don’t know how to properly balance the game in FAVOR OF THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER!!!

    It does not need to be an “easy” battle (though difficulty levels would also mitigate frustrations) but it shouldn’t be every boss I go up against will curbstomp my arse no matter what level I get to because I have ONE FUCKING MOVE. How exactly do you expect this asshole to be the “Savior of Impregnations” if he’s a one trick pony that’s one step from death every time he’s got to throw down with something larger than a bloody rodent? I’m not asking for him to be a master of magic, but jesus… some sort of class system to choose, or again a jack of all trades version of learned magics might make him more useful. Because at this point, with all the repeated bugged out sex scenes that aren’t particularly pleasing to most people aesthetically thanks to every girl having MASSIVELY exaggerated jugs, most players would tap out a lot sooner than the chance I’ve given this thing so far.

  3. Why develop such shit? The sex scenes are very little drawn, just awful! The plot is stupid and boring! The gameplay is not here-) The result is that the project is just shit!-Rpgm

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