The Agnietta ~Healer and the Cursed Dungeon~ [v1.05][Final] [B-flat]

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Though this game is not that hard, I just wanted to give some tips to new players trying to make their way through this game.
The combat in this game is pretty simple and straight forward, though if you want to go a pure route (Currently there is no benefit), you will make the game much harder for you as EVERYTHING in this dungeon will and can fuck you.

General Combat Tips
1. Do not worry about saving mana, potions are really easy to get since they only cost about 50 white substance (aka cum). You will get a lot of these so you don’t need to worry. Just try not to be defeated early on as if you do get defeated by certain enemies, you will lose all your potions, sewing kits, etc. You still keep your stock pile of cum though (idk where she keeps it though… the world may never know…).
2. For any areas where you cannot use magic, it is best to just run past the enemies. Always heal before going deeper into these zones as you will take more damage and have no way to heal in the middle. Until you unlock certain things, this part of the game will be the hardest part. When you need to fight enemies during these zones, it is best to hit stun them ((Hit stun means attacking the enemy continuously, preventing them from recovering.). There are some enemies that cannot be hit stunned so watch out.
During No Magic Areas with face huggers is one of the most annoying parts. You can bait the face huggers to lunge out of the eggs by approaching close and running away. However, this is very risky. It is better to just avoid the eggs if possible.
Fury will be your best friend in No Magic Zones as it will enhance your basic attacks and burn enemies as well. I do not recommend fighting in these zones until you unlock fury as you will do little damage against enemies. If possible just run.
3. Priorities which enemies you kill first. Always try to deal with enemies that spawn entities first. This means face hugger eggs, weird ass slime hive thing (idk what its called lol) and tentacles. They will continuously spawn enemies (except the face hugger eggs) and will make fights harder.
When trying to snipe enemies, you can also shoot your fire ball diagonally as well. You can do this by moving with two arrow keys and then shooting. As long as your character is facing (kind of facing, she doesn’t exactly have a diagonal animation…) diagonally, you can spam fireball without having to move in that direction.
4.In the very beginning, you won’t have access your primary damage dealer which is the first real skill you will unlock. Until then, you will be spamming your melee attack and your fire ball attack. Because the Fire Ball attack is rather annoying to control and line up, melee attack is preferred as it will also hit stun most enemies.
Once you unlock the first skill [The sword skill] that will be your primary damage dealing skill. You will probably want to spam that for basically all your enemies (Unless it is a spawner type and or grabbing type). It does drain a lot of mana to use so make sure to bring about 20 potions every trip if you plan to spam it. Be careful with its range as it is a bit janky and will sometimes miss the intended target.
When breaking out of an enemy’s grasp, you can use Z, X, and C to break out as well. This will lead to quicker break outs. However, you need to watch your stamina bar as it will drain your stamina as fast as your spam. Make sure you have enough stamina to break out as it does require a decent amount of stamina.
Once you unlock Fury, you can use it to get monsters that mounted onto you off. Activate it to get any enemies that are currently on you off of you. If fury is already active, enemies still can grab you and hold onto you. To get around this, deactivate fury and reactivate it for the same effect.
6. During sudden surrounds, it is best to use AOE skills to quickly kill as many enemies as possible. There are some annoying bits where you are surrounded within a No Magic Zone. Most of the time you will have a wall next to you when being surrounded. While your back is facing the wall, stick close to it and attack to maximize your Auto attack AOE. This way it will hit stun most (If not all) enemies from approaching you.
These two skills will be your best friend when surrounded. Sword skill has a large AOE effect and will deal with most of your enemies. Enhanced with fury, the sword skill will have a circular effect around you, preventing any enemies from approaching you. Do be warned as it will drain your fury and mana bar quickly.
If it is a No Magic Zone, follow the same advice and just auto attack with Fury. It will deal with most enemies.

Dealing with Specific Enemies
These enemies generally do not pose much threat. Though they are slow, they are a pain in the ass as they will latch onto you on contact.
The Spawner is the one you need to be careful with. As it will spawn more of those slime/snail things, you will want to get rid of it asap as it is a pain in the ass to deal with multiple enemies at once.. You can probably just snipe it from a distance safely without much trouble.
Slimes/snails are one of the annoying ones to deal with (All enemies are annoying to deal with for a pure runner) as they will grab you on contact. Honestly, there is not much to say as they are the easiest to deal with. Just respect their grab range and you will be fine.
Since getting grabbed by them isn’t that big of an issue as it does not increase any lewd counters, you can always just break free from them without a worry.
Face Huggers are one of the most annoying enemy to deal with (If not the most annoying). Most of the time you can just snipe the egg with your fire ball, but during a no magic zones, you can avoid them by running just enough into the egg’s range and avoiding the jumping face hugger entirely. After their initial lunge (Jump), they are pretty much the same as dealing with a slime/snail. However, they can still do their lunge attack (Jump) again so be careful when dealing with them. It is always best to attack them right away after they fail their lunge attack as it will take time for them to do the lunge again.
Do not worry if you do get grabbed by one if you are doing a pure run, they will not count to anything as long as it is just the face. As long as you deal with one face hugger at a time, it will not be much trouble.
Just make sure to remove them before they increase any lewd counters.
There are three types of tentacles.
First kind is the mob version of the tentacles. These types of tentacles are small and fast and will grab you on contact. They are really easy to kill as it only takes one hit to kill them. They are not much of a threat but rather an annoyance.

The second kind is the Spawner version where it is a stationary mob that will spawn smaller tentacles to attack you. These ones are annoying to deal with when you are in its range. It is best to snipe it from a distance. The tentacles it spawns to attack you are rather fast and will hold you on contact.

The third Tentacle is the lurking sperm water grabbing tentacle (just came up with that name on the spot. You like it?). They are unkillable and only lurk under the areas of white pools with bubbles rising from them. They will not grab you right away and will just damage you instead. But if you give it enough tries, it will grab you and bring you to the tentacle dungeon. All you really need to do is dodge the bubbles and you will be fine.
Don’t get caught.
Okay for real- If you talk with WAN (WAM? WIP? idk its been a hot minute since I played and can’t remember its name properly) it will give you a passive that allows you to detect these hidden tentacles more easily. I am not sure if it actually helps because I never played without it… so… ya…
Avoid fighting at all cost. It will be close to impossible to kill this boss even with fury as you are stuck in a No Magic Zone. The best thing to do is just to run.
Instead of fighting it, the next time you get dragged into the tentacle dungeon, you can choose to be a brood mother and the tentacles will no longer attack you. This means that any tentacle based mobs will no longer attack you as it sees you as a brood mother.
You crazy f***er…. I like your guts. But good luck because in order to fight it, you will be put in a very unfavorable position from the start. You will have no items, no magic (in a No Magic Zone), and the moment the mother of all tentacle monster grabs you, its over. Fury is a must to fight this thing as you only do 1 damage to it with your auto attacks. You want to use Fury fire which does 10 damage every tick. Because at the end of the tunnel is a dead end, you want to buy as much time as possible before it forces you to the end. The best way to do this is to bait its attack and dodging it. Its attack animation forces the blob to stop its movements. Make sure not to get too greedy or else you will get hit and since you cannot heal. Careful with all the other tentacles within the tunnel as they will grab you. Good luck and happy hunting.
Watch out for Chest Monsters (mimics). They are incredibly tanky, fast and will grab you on contact. There is always that blood on the floor when there is a mimic chest but if you are a paranoid freak (like me), always shoot a fireball at any chests before opening them. Your virginity will thank you. If you do happen to be grabbed by one, break out ASAP or else it will lead to a defeat page.
The best method of killing them is to kite them as much as possible and to use the sword skill to deal damage. Sometimes, if you are lucky(Or skilled enough to pull it off), you can trick the AI to get stuck behind an obstacle. This way you can attack it safely without risking getting caught by it.

Edit: Oh wow did I really say that back then? Damn… this is some… bad advice lol. I mean it works but in the 0.82 version you can now spam fire ball from a safe distance before the chest lunges at you. When it lunges at you, make sure to dodge it properly and make some distance between you and the chest. It will be stationary again and just repeat the process until it dies.
(Version 0.77 bug. Not sure if it is fixed now.)
Credit to ilmncsm for finding this weird bug. Turns out that after you beat the mimic, your arousal is maxed out forcing you the masturbate. Even if you use the potion, you are forced to masturbate. The only fix that I managed to find was to beat the mimic, drink potion asap and leave the room before going back to claim the piece. Then use the piece.
The Mega Slime/Snail thing is a pain in the ass. As its has lunge attacks and spawns other slimes as well. Other than that it is rather easy. Careful when healing as it does take time to charge up. Whenever it does its lunge attack, make sure to dodge it. When other slimes/snails spawn, use fury sword skill to clear out the area around you. Other than that, this boss is easy.

Make sure to bring plenty of potions before fighting this boss as you cannot replenish during the fight. Make sure to heal as well as healing during the fight will be risky.

The boss has a lot of indicators before is uses an attack so when you see one (!) focus on dodging and then start attacking again right after the boss finishes its own attack.
Don’t let your HP reach zero.
watch out for those little slime/snail mobs. Don’t let them get close to you. Save fury for when you do get grabbed by one of them and use fury to break their hold on you. Use Fury Sword skill to clear the area around you to clear enemies around you. When just dealing with the boss alone, spamming normal sword skill as it has a higher dps than the fury enhanced version.
in 0.82 version, the Goat F***s are less annoying but still annoying. The best course of action is avoid fighting them but now it is more manageable because they aren’t bullet sponges anymore. They can still block attacks so be cautious when fighting them. I do not recommend a head on confrontation until you unlock the counter skill.
Those Goat F***s… Avoid confrontation as much as possible. They are tanky, hit like a truck, block attacks, and will always call reinforcements onto your location. Fighting them is a pain in the ass and if you have to fight them, put yourself in a position so you can hit all of them at the same time with one skill.
Stealth is the best option.
These Penis Worm Monsters are the bane of my existence. They will lunge at you and grab you instantly if you are not cautious. Though their base movement is not that fast, one miss step and they will grab you. Due to them “connecting to your nerves” they will force an orgasm upon removal.
If you can, snipe them with fireballs. They are low hp mobs so two fireballs should be enough. If you are surrounded, Furry sword skill should hit stun them and or kill then without any trouble.

If you want to get through the green smoke, there are two ways to get though it.
The classic way is to let one of these Penis Huggers to mount onto you and the damage you get from the smoke will be negated.
These guys are pretty slow but like the slime/snail monster, they will grab you on contact. Killing them from a distance is the best way.

The other method will be in the “Pure Runner Advice” part.
Be ware of these f***ers… for real… They are a total pain in the ass. They will force an orgasm when removing. The moment one grabs you its ggs. Snipe them if you are scared of being grabbed. Sword skill is the best way to go. If you are wondering how you are suppose to get passed the green smoke without that creature? Its easy. You run through it. Make sure to have max HP if you plan to run through it as it will drain at least 1/2 to 2/3 of your health.
Most of these totem pole things have an effect range of about 2 blocks. As long as you stay out from that range, you will not take any damage. Even if you are in the green smoke.
Once you unlock the spear skill, you can just use that skill to dash past the totems faster and take much less damage.
These guys are very annoying. They shoot orbs that will stun you. Though the orbs are slow, do not underestimate the as their hit box is rather big. Sniping them from a distance is optimal.

During No Magic Zone, it is a bit tricky. Because they spawn in boxes, it is best to break as few boxes as possible and to break one at a time. There will be a point where there is a Mind Control Monster right in a corner. It is best to bait its first attack and hit stun it. Make sure to have some distance between you and the monster when hit stunning it as there is a chance it will shoot out another orb.

These guys are a pain in the ass (What monster isn’t?)… The moment you get stunned its ggs. The best you can do is be very cautious when fighting them. There is nothing much you can do. Just running might be the easiest way.
Bait their shots and then run past them.
These guys are fairly easy. Just make sure to have Fury when killing them. They teleport so make sure to be constantly moving.
Make sure to have fury ready just incase you do get one on you. Use fury to force them off of you. Other than that, avoid having more than 1 on you.
F*** this snake.
This snake isn’t truly invisible but it is hard to notice if you encounter them for the first time. You can see its trail through little puffs of clouds that appear as they move. The best way to face these snakes is to just run if you are not confident in fighting them. If you are confident, just hit stun them with attacks and you should be good.
Do be careful around them as when they grab you they drain a lot of your health quickly. So make sure your stamina bar is full when facing against them.

Skills/ Power Ups

Pure Runner’s best friend. Without this skill… oh boy… near impossible.
This skill has a shield around your panties and will prevent monsters from f***ing you.
Your main damage dealer skill. This skill does the most dps and will be the main skill you will be spamming. Make sure to have plenty of mana potions on hand when doing so as it will drain a lot of mana.
Fury(Gondul’s Fury) is a very powerful power. Upon activation, it will remove any mounted enemies off of you. It also upgrades all your attacks. Basic attacks now sends out flames and burn enemies. Fire ball now has a gravitational effect. Sword skill now does a full circle AOE sweep. Spear skill’s lunge is increased and deals more damage.
Allows you to stun the enemy as you hit them right as it is about to hit you.
This is a very powerful tool against the goat F***s as you can pretty much spam attacks without a worry anymore.
Found in the Goat Prison Cells by the skeleton.
This skill allows you to lunge a great distance. It can be used for burst of mobility and to drag enemies with it. It may do more damage than the sword skill, however, due to the sword skill’s animation being much quicker, the spear skill does less dps than the sword skill. This skill will be great for avoiding the green smoke areas thanks to its burst of movement.
The stone tentacle area. There are two separate power ups for this. The first one is with the tablet directly above the spear location and the second is at the entrance of the region there is a little crawl space you can clear and enter with the second piece of the tablet.
This skill captures a goat man within the area. Due to v0.77.0 beta being very buggy with this skill (Last time I played this game) I am not quite sure how it works. Other than it allows you to capture a goat person and release him in your current location.
Defeating a mimic will give you some fragments that you can consume to make your life a bit easier. There are a total of 3 fragments (that I could find in 0.77.0).
Purple- increases maximum mana
Black- Increases maximum health
Golden- Increases Gondul’s Fury regen
Credit to[B] ilmncsm[/B] for finding this weird bug. Turns out that after you beat the mimic, your arousal is maxed out forcing you the masturbate. Even if you use the potion, you are forced to masturbate. The only fix that I managed to find was to beat the mimic, drink potion asap and leave the room before going back to claim the piece. Then use the piece.

(Due to this being a guide from 0.77.0 Beta, some of these might be out dated)
If you ever Clip into a wall or something… you are screwed. Reload the next save.

If you cannot open the options menu, there are various ways to fix this. 1- You can try to force a scene by A- getting defeated by a monster and it has a chance to refresh it. B- Go to the pool and wash up C- Talk with someone. D- Ya fucked. If it happens to be D, then you move on to 2. 2- You press T to go back to the title screen. One warning though, reloading a save may not fix the issue. Restarting the game might however, if you restart the game and it still has that issue on that save, then you really fucked.

If you get stuck story wise…
In the beginning area with the two switches to unlock the gate, the switch on the right side, there will be a lot of boxes in that room. You can destroy those boxes to reveal the switch.
You go through the maze and find a key. I am to lazy to write out every detail but you need to burn this tentacle thing by pulling on some switches. There you pick up the key and when you go back to the main area(Where you started) you go all the way down and left where all the pots are. There you will find a crawl space you can enter.
If you don’t know how to claim the fire fury thing… you shoot your fireballs at it. However, there is a chance (For me it was everytime) that when enemies spawn, they will spawn outside of the map and you cannot kill them. Do not worry, there will be a path that opens up to the right once a timer runs out. Due to the game’s speed varying some times due to lots of entities on the map, it may take longer as your game is running at a slower rate than normal.
You fucked. Press T to go back to the title and if that doesn’t work, restart the game. You will need to go back to your last save and redo everything. Next time use fury and then attack it. (Don’t worry, I discovered it by accident hence why I know. You aren’t alone.)
There is no way in 0.77 atm. Ya fucked.
You use fury and launch a fireball by that weird circular thing. It will clear the area.
Did you notice that one of the chains has a red crack mark on it? Try using your sword skill on it. Then go down towards where the other side dropped towards and light it.
You have to pick up the torch thing by the one where you need to drop one down to clear the fog. It has it there and once you have it, interact with the broken stub of a torch thing and it will place it there.
There is no way in 0.77 atm. Ya fucked.
This is rare but it happens occasionally when you have the Tentacle suit on you. You cannot shake off anything that grabs you and even the Invisible Maggot snake like thing will just glitch and hold onto you. The best way I found to resolve this was to force a defeat scene and tried to reset my character. Try to go down to the tentacle lair thing and see if that works. If they are still on you, try to remove them. If you are still stuck… load back to a save.
For some reason, when you have the tentacle suit on, your pregnancy will take ages if not freeze in status. I found that you cannot get it removed due to having the anal plug and being pregnant will prevent you from being able to take it off as well. The only way I found to have the pregnancy progress is to have more sex. Climax more. If you cannot climax for some reason, take whatever monster you have on you off and have a new monster mount you.

View Guide

A guide on how to get all of the unique experiences this game has to offer (version 0.94)

Full of spoilers, obviously.

CG’s usually have 2 descriptions, one virtuous and one corrupted, depending on how far along corruption is. If you’re collecting all, make sure you save the game before letting any creature rape you, and then letting it happen 3-4 times so you’ll also get the corrupted version. Then reload the one where you’re still a virgin and move on.

1. “Knocked down by slugs”

Can be done in the very first room. Let yourself be knocked down by slugs, then don’t get up. If you’ve got 2 groups of slugs on your body, then find a third and it will quickly remove your clothes and health. When you fall down and you’re playing the uncensored version, you’ll get the CG.

2. “Attacked by huggers”

This one is slightly harder, because it takes quite a bit into the game until you find places where you have just huggers, instead of huggers and slugs. Huggers are the creatures that sometimes come from eggs and are like the creature you see in “alien” movie wrapping around head (or also waist in this game).

The easiest and earliest place to unlock this is from the beginning screen, going north twice. (of course you need to unlock the second north by following both the east and west paths and pulling their switches).

Once you do get to the place north twice from the start, you can let one hugger attach to your body, leave the screen, come back and let another attach. Once you’ve let two attach, the third one will just attack. Be sure to kill the slugs first so you ensure the hugger instead of the slug CG.

3. “Hot spring tentacle”

From the third treasure room (the third time you meet the stone guy, just beyond the capra village), you can go south and then south west. There is a tainted bath and if you go into it, you’ll get this CG.

4. “Swallowed by giant slug”

You can’t get this one if you’ve already defeated the giant slug. You have to start a new game in that case. There’s a giant slug in the flame area and if you let it (b)eat you, you’ll get this CG.

5. “Captured by mimic”

Going east twice from the first new unlocked teleport location, you hit the first treasure room with stone man. Going east from there you’ll see a chest that is really a mimic. Let it catch you and don’t escape and you’ll get this CG. Like the Giant slug, you’ll have to restart if you’ve killed both mimics. They don’t respawn. If you’ve only killed this one, you can still get it by losing to the mimic in the capra village.

6. “Ambushed by tentacles”

If your health is low and you walk on top of one of the damaging tentacles in the semen pools, they’ll grab you instead. There’s additional versions than just corrupted/virtuous for this: They’ll be slightly different if you were still wearing clothes or were already naked.

7. “Become tentacle seedbed”

After tentacles ambushed you, there is a big dangerous one that follows you when you try to escape. If you fail, it will turn you into its seedbed for a while. This also makes the game easier as tentacles will treat you differently after.
This has 3 versions instead of the usual 2: If you are wearing the buttplug, or put it on during the escape, you can use the purple crystal to teleport to one of the treasure chambers. If you chat with the stone man, he will tell you that you can also willingly offer yourself to the seedbed. You can teleport to it with the purple crystal and volunteer being a seedbed, you dirty whore.

8. “Goatmen gangbang”

Losing a fight to goatmen in most places results to this. There are a couple of places where something uniquely different happens instead.

9. “Sleepsex with the giant black tentacle cluster”

Find the big tentacles of the tentacle path, let yourself get hit by them. Thanks Whotfisthis

10. “Parasitized by invisible snake”

There are a couple of invisible snake near the end of the game. Let them defeat you and put a parasite in your womb, and you’ll get this one.

11. “Tentacle suit backfire”

Wear the tentacle suit and get your health to 0. The tentacle suit is obtained by going south from the 3rd treasure room where magic doesn’t work and continuing south east and following the path until you find a place where there’s a kind of grating on the north wall and if you put your hand in, the tentacle suit will attach to you. Ew.

12. “A little experiment”

If you keep talking to the stone man and doing the things he asks you to do, he’ll ask you to capture a goatman at some point. He’ll teach you a new spell and he’ll tell you you need to be wearing the tentacle suit to power the spell. The spell is very short range, and the first time you try it, it will fail. You have to talk to him again, then find a goat again, and this time it will work at trapping a goat. Walk back to the stoneman, and you’ll get this CG.

Talk to him again, and he’ll ask you to do it again. Do it while wearing a hypno hood (those things that shoot pink mist and attach to your head and sometimes make your movement go haywire), and you’ll get a different CG than the first time.

If you are having trouble unlocking this, put on the tentacle suit before talking to him. If you can’t put it on, corrupt yourself until you can (get fucked a lot).

13. “The sacrifice and the succubus ending”

Quite far in the game, there is an insanely strong goatman boss. When he defeats you, you’ll be imprisoned with your arms bound behind in strappado position. You can escape behind the boxes and arrive in a new area. If at that point you’ll lose all health or have one of the goatmen spot you, you’ll get the succubus ending.

14. “Get help from anita”

Get a penis wasp between your tits, go to the stoneman, cast his spell. Then talk to anita. Thanks Whotfisthis

15. “Black Shadow Corruption”

One room before the final boss fight, you have paths east and west. On the west path, there is a dark room with a chest. You’ll be warned before going to the chest. If you don’t heed the warning, you’ll receive the black shadow corruption CG.
Alternatively, lose to the big black shadow creature that roams the halls in the same west maze.

16. “Captive pet ending”

Fight the goat priest together with the mage woman and lose.

To get to the fight you have to:
* Find the sword-parry technique in the cabra village prison
* Talk to to phyra, the mage woman with the robe
* Get defeated by the mega goat priest (essential for progression anyways)
* Go back to where you defeated the priest and pick up the fragment
* talk to Phyra again
* Teleport from her to the boss fight

17. “Stuck in the wall”

edit:18. “Bath attack”

There’s some chance of being attacked when taking a bath with semen on you. It doesn’t seem to be a very high chance and it seems to happen more often the more corrupted you are.

19. “Chinese name”

This is the ending if you choose “no” at the stone man boss after losing.


Other notable secrets:

A. Tentacle nipple

Have the creature that attaches to your nipples and talk to stoneman. He’ll suggest going to secret village. If you do, you can find a brazier that you can lit on fire on the far west side of the map (easiest way is to crawl through the hidden spot in the left wall in the beginning). This will give you a unique tentaclebased nipple and buttplug creature attaching to you. If you safely go back, the stoneman will teach you how to milk yourself. Keep bringing him back milk and the quest continues.

B. Milkable cow slave

Alternatively, you can let the goats catch you both before and after you’ve activated the brazier and they’ll start using you like a fuck-cow. Escaping is possible, if you can figure it out, but otherwise you’ll live being led around on a leash, being fucked by goatmen, and milked. The area is a little bugged: if the goats capture you on the east side of the map, most of the tileset goes haywire and you’ll have to walk around without being able to see the floor. Get caught on the east side of the map, and you won’t have that problem.

Even if you completely continue to fuck up escaping, you’ll eventually automatically escape. You can teleport back for more.
Warning: don’t teleport out of there with the ring, it causes errors. Also save before going there. I’ve often had a permanent pregnancy that never ended when being impregnated during these events.

C. Slug teleportation

If you teleport the goatman after having been used by the slugs, he’ll similarly offer to teleport you there.

D. Tentacle panty

If you’re sufficiently corrupted, you can talk to the stoneman and he’ll recommend that there is a chest that seems empty, but has something in it only for the truly perverted. Then from the 3rd treasure room go south and then keep going east. In the area with chains where there used to be shadows, there is a large chest somewhere with a tentacle panty in it.

Download Uncensor Patch

Steps for fan patching game:

1. Unrar main fan patched game file.
2. Unrar fan patch part 1.
3. Unrar fan patch part 2.
4. Place 017.js into resources/plugins
5. Place 009.js into resources/plugins
6. Place jsb_ext_create_apis.js in resources/script/extension
7. Place 006.js into resources/plugins


-Previous version save games will not work and will crash the game.

-Place the files in the above sequence, otherwise crashes may happen. The fan team is still investigating.

-If the game still crashes, delete all files and try again in sequence. Possibly swapping steps 5 and 6 may help.

-Have fun! Try not to let Patreon notice otherwise the game could get permabanned.

You can also mail us at :-

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Story - 65%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 88%
Core Loop - 87%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

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  1. Doing a pure run with no panty spell. Not gonna lie , still very easy. Anyone know where to find the south floating temple in version 0.95?

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