Summer’s Gone [Ch.4.5 Beta] [Oceanlab]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac - (Ch.4 Beta)

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

This fanmade modification introduces modifications and content.

Patch Instructions

On PC, move the “patch.rpy” file into the game folder.

On MAC: Place the patch.rpy file in: /contents/resources/autorun/game

Android can be found down below.

Download Walkthrough, Cheat & Gallery Mod


  • Highlighed/added hints to dialogue
  • Cheat mod for editing points (will be expanded later)
  • Can see all scenes where option to view one is given


  • Merge the folder “game” from the mod with the one is your Summer’s Gone Folder

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 97%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 275 votes)

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  1. a really good game, awesome girls, bella is hot and nami is the best girl in the game but i wish this game had a harem opportunity, such a waste cus i love all the girls in this game which is really rare for these games,

  2. wow this is one of the few VN’s that has such a high rating. No sex surely is a deal breaker to some degree for me but there has to be said something about the writer who manages to get good words his way despite sex in his visual novel. wait am i on dikgames? lmao. On a serious note, I see alot of people getting mad at anybody discussing lack of sex scenes, which is stupid; i mean, i just played a few VNs who had okay stories but good sex and experience overall was fun; Imagine what a good writing with a good sex scene mix up would do! it’s not just about the pervhead! good combo that feels natural – rare gem in a VN world!

  3. Visual 94%. Post MOD, please show me just 1 (one) VN with better visuals than Summer’s Gone. On this page I saw a few VNs that are a league below SG that were marked at 96% for visuals

  4. hi its a good game but i have a problem
    in chapter 2 i have no sound audio or game music any sound its cut off?
    why ?

    in chapter1 its problem is in chapter2

  5. hi its a good game but i have a problem
    in chapter 1 i have no sound audio or game music any sound its cut off?
    why ?

    1. Leap of Faith a) has sex and b) is finished. The story is good too, but in spite of the Blue-Balls Champion of the Year, the story in Summer’s Gone is captivating.

      I expect (hope, even!) that some dudebros will whine about Summer’s Gone, but ignore them. Try it first and if you don’t like it by the fifth mention of the MC being “broken” and acting it, then it’s not for you. The MC is very, very broken and this story has quite a bit of angst. I’m not keen on angst stories and I’m still reading it.

      Ignore the Incest tag. This is only with patch. If you don’t like incest, don’t patch. Childhood friend has the hots for MC. Brush her off if you want. NBD.

  6. This is hands down one of the greatest Adult visual novels out there, It deserves more than a 84% rating. Yes it doesn’t have sex scenes but that’s because of the Main characters troubled history and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Cannot wait for more content in the future truly a special game. 9/10

  7. i’m okay with being blue balled if the story and characters is interesting. this has both. though some characters are very one dimensional, the one that matters are well written.

  8. This game is a masterpiece, I’m gonna be honest I’d prefer game like this and pls update the android version thanks!?

  9. The reason of such behavior is that you probably install an incest patch.
    Incest patch refers to the old images which are no longer in the game resources.

  10. damn bro whatsup with girls in this game? they are all have like huge cow tits and big asses. is this realily in US colleges?

    1. umm, maybe not with every girl like how it is in this game but there are some very shapely young adults walking around these days

  11. I can’t wait to play this story. It’s so well done… just not enough finished yet to play. How in the world is this a 5.6GB game when so many images are missing in the early part of the game? I got tired of clicking through yawning chasms of blank scenes to find more content… No, not the compressed version either, the full version.

    1. Graphic Quality: one of the best looking graphics (females actually) IMHO. Did not you see that redhead chick, she alone worth 3GB; lovable piece of 0s’n’1s. 😀

  12. I get bored when i have been played 30% progress of the game and uninstall it. But the graphic and character are awesome, mom is a little thin and the story is 2/100 for me…??

  13. Ehhh… not worth a damn this game, so all it takes for y’all to say an history is good is to have an emo-sasugay-like character and a missing girl that’s probably sick in the head? Not to say most characters present in the game are unlikable as hell with the most unlikable one being the freaking mc himself, I’ll resume this game to you, -insert depressive, edgy, emo mc, insert missing main li with a mental illness, insert a large number of unlikable girls and the likable ones are sluts or have mental problems, and then claim it’s a hell of an story, nah man, an history that sucks dick is what it is

    1. I haven’t even gotten too far into this yet and I have to agree. His fucking hair makes me want to kick bunnies. We’ve all been through trauma. We’ve all lost someone we’ve loved for one reason or another. It causes damage, but we live on. This kid is just an emo prick and all this story does is piss me off.

  14. The game is not extracting , the patch is not working.and Image ‘a13’ not found who the fuck is the creater of the game. i suggest you that give up on making game go home and watch hentai, thats all you can do. motherfu**er

  15. Well, at least MC got to hot dog his sister this update (best ass in the game at least). Maybe BJ and 69 in 2023, creampie her in 2024 with birth control, and stops the bc gets a baby put in her in 2025. Damn, it’s kinda fucked up that me and my rl sister started making babies in half that time (secret bf/gf when she was 14 and pregnant at 17). Either me and her progressed too fast or the dev’s are progressing too slow, I’ll let the world be the judge since it loves to do so.

    1. why do you have so much time where you can post all this nonsense about how the game isn’t getting updated quickly and how you’re piping your sister? pick up a hobby

  16. So has anyone figured out what happened to Summer other than the obvious gone? Died of cancer? Raped and murdered? Abducted by aliens? Simply decided to ghost everyone and disappear and start over somewhere else?

    1. Pfft. After MC basically broke his sister’s heart (though he was clueless so blameless up to that point) by tellling how him and Bella were sucking face during their date I’m hoping him and his sister hook up. Hell I’d much rather fuck my sister (though I’m probably biased, my rl sis and me already have 6 kids) than stick my dick in crazy. She seems like she’d be the the jealous over-obsessive type that would kill any other girl that the MC just happen to be friends with or even looks at for too long and end up as a Lifetime movie based on her. They were right to call it quits early before it got toxic as fuck, as it’s bad enough when half a couple is mentally fucked, nevermind both (my sis warned me, should have listened to her, but that’s a long drama story in itself).

        1. What can I say, the world has a ginger shortage, me and sis are trying to help with that problem (we’re both redheads). Believe it or not all 6 kids are perfectly fine other than heterochromia on 2 of them (harmless condition where each eye is a different color). Dunno why a bunch of ignorant people just assume that incest automatically produces frankenbabies. With siblings it’s statistically no more risk than having kids at 40, assuming it hasn’t been a multi-generational tradition or something.

      1. I kindly request you to explain your standpoint on people with mental ilness, and their reproductive rights, while you’re still anonymous.

        “Half a couple mentally fucked, let alone both”
        “Stick my dick in crazy”

        Sounds pretty condescending and Eugenetics to me.

  17. I forgot to mention.GIRLS in this game are not even worth this much tease-time and work.I am sure they are not even pure-naive-kind-good-nice-virgin.You know what i have a feeling this story is going to get NTR-sharing-cheating content in the future updates because if a game is making you carve a stone with your tooth to get the girls attention-love-intimacy, it is trying to show you a random punk-bastard could easily get laid with them without working like LOOOSER MC of this game.Like few nice-good fake words ‘you are the most beatiful-sexy-hot girl i have ever seen’ or few nice gift(so she can be delusional to think and believe, she is special-unique) and ta daaa her legs are open.

    1. You are most likely right but no need to guess it. Just check his other game wiab. Clear enough what this creator likes.

  18. TEASE,TEASE,TEASE AND F… YOU Story writer of this game.Storywise there is nothing literally nothing is blocking us to make love – have sex with any of the girl in this game.So there is few reasons this is happening.Story writer of this game is born in US-EU and raised(unfortunately) without real love(I HAVE 0 problem with being american-european and i am sure there is nice-good people there too).You know their love word means just corruption-blackmailing-cheating-cuckolding-swinging.They are so far away from real love like THEY ARE AFRAID OF USING “I LOVE YOU” words(you can see this even in other adult game stories).Their love is just lust because they get laid-have sex with everyone they see. He/she probably doesn’t even see if real love hit him/her in the face.I am not saying it has to be sex happening for real love.BUT there is no reason for not to do sex.If sex scenes doesnt added to the game because of the story writer then writer is just a LOOOOSER or a FAG.If it is not your fault story writer then I AM SORRY. But there can be one more reason.That is, they dont want to spend their time making sex scenes because it takes too much time-work(like because of maybe lazyness).I think visuals are great.But this game in this state its just a SFW game not even adult game.

    1. Are you genuinely retarded or just really bad at absorbing information? You are also warned about blueballing in the beginning.

  19. 9 months later (prob abandonware at this point) and still waiting for an update with the MC and his sister fucking. I mean WTF is an incest patch for if there is no incest?

      1. took ’em long enough when most updates are 2-3 months. 9 months = they could have made a real baby (or several if they found multiple girls at once).

      2. Blows my mind 383 people give them money for that long but only get what they pay for (besides silly wallpapers that you just look at) after 9 months.

  20. maaan best game i played in my entire life although there was no sex scenes but the great story is enough for me

    1. this game not opening on JOIPLAY.
      i don’t have pc and Android version is too much compressed so i downloaded pc zip file and try to open on JOIPLAY,
      every other game opens but this game is not opening.
      how to solve this ?

  21. Well, at least you are warned of the blueballing before the title screen. No lewd scenes (even though there were several opportunities, the shower scene with Nami and Nia talking about their pubes where their heads are in the way was a glaring example) is probably why this got little Patreon support so is now probably abandonware given it’s been 8 months since last update (dunno why people try to 1-man shit like this on a laptop, a decent AVN with monthly updates takes a team of 5-10 and a dedicated 8-gpu render server, if you need Patreon money or arent; willign to take a risk and get a business loan for that the you probably shouldn’t even attempt it and waste everyone’s time in the process, including your own). Sex sells, the inverse is also true (no sex doesn’t sell much). Oh well, probably wouldn’t get to fuck your sister Nami anyway even though MC could if it weren’t for his attitude toward her even if there were lewd content.

    1. I need to disagree with every single thing you said:
      1. Small patreon support? Is around €4k/month for a gone with 3.5 episode?
      2. Ocean recently employed 2 coders and 1 designer
      3. Game is not dead. The large update od 2200 renders is around the corner.
      4. People who play games like SG do not care about lewd scenes. You better do the proper story-based VN than sex-packed VN with no story (there’s a tone of them) and crap dialogues

      1. Yoa are absolutly correct. This game is an absolut gem of a VN.
        I don´t mind the (yet) missing lewd scenes. There will be lewd content, but i don´t care when.
        I have never seen a VN with these absolutely crazy good looking animations!
        Storywise the only VN close to the storytelling (imo) is leap of faith.

        1. Eh Leap of Faith has no sister to fuck and no loli’s, though the story is decent, if you like making yourself depressed that is.

          1. Yeah man for real maybe my choice but cece is best girl or even above the paygrade of mc , he doesn’t deserve her but i guess Lexi is perfect for mc all have some problems but Lexi is perfect for everyone’s taste and cece is too good for mc

      2. 1 Anything under 1k Patrons is little in my book. 383 is really little. My guess is most don’t feel like waiting 6+ months between updates…
        2 Which leads to why they are still onyl 3 employees. For an example of they way things are supposed to go Look at Oppai-Man/Freshwomen. Started as himself and grew to over a dozen in a single year (a few of each writers, coders and 3D animators, livign i na cheap country like Brazil has its perks). Inceton is another off the top of my head (though they do 3 AVN’s at once which slowed them down).
        3. Anything over a year between updates is dead imo when most updates are 2-3 months (and some even monthly like Daniels K). 6-11 months is borderline as that’s long enough for most former fans to forget about it and move on to other AVN’s. Even 3-4 months is long enough to make you have to play the whole thing again every update since you will forget what the MC was doing and why.
        4. Marketing says otherwise. An AVN with no sex is like a porn with no sex or censored like the Japanese version and just a good plot or reading a porno mag just for the articles. Story is not what most people that read AVN’s do so for, though for me it’s nice when it feels liek the story wasn’t added as an after-thought to tie a bunch of lewd rendeers and animations together.

  22. There is a torrent link, but good luck, it will probably have 0 seeds around a week after initial upload (it’s been 8 months). It’s actually quicker to just use Mega and wait a week. (or quit being cheap and buy 1TB of bandwidth for $6).

  23. Thsi is why compressed versions suck and are generally a waste of time and bandwidth unless you like old school reading with no illustrations.

    1. nope, it’s just you.
      among a few hundreds of compressed crap i have downloaded, maybe 3-4 were problematic.

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