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Summer’s Gone [S1 Steam + DLC] [Oceanlab]

Download for Windows/ Linux / Mac

Download Split Files

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

This fanmade modification introduces modifications and content.

Patch Instructions

On PC, move the “patch.rpy” file into the game folder.

On MAC: Place the patch.rpy file in: /contents/resources/autorun/game

Android can be found down below.

Download Walkthrough, Cheat & Gallery Mod


  • Highlighed/added hints to dialogue
  • Cheat mod for editing points (will be expanded later)
  • Can see all scenes where option to view one is given


  1. Use unren option 1) Extract rpa packages
  2. Merge the folder “game” from the mod with the one is your Summer’s Gone Folder
  3. Modded Incest Patch (Install Main mod first)

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 97%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.3 ( 855 votes)

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  1. Strange to see a pg-13 game rated so high here… there’s no actual sex scenes / nudity other than a FEW topless scenes. The story itself was boring (but not terrible).. why is this game even here? Nothing about this game is adult-rated, I’ve seen more nudity and sex on HBO shows than I have in this game.

    1. If you just wanna fap go fuck off and watch porn. And what you are saying story is boring lol you have literary zero experience AVN go watch porn thats what your type of faggots do

    2. You can fuck off and join of or another fucked up server to fap,you have literary zero experience about avn games

    3. Then go fuck of nigga cant even understand a story and says no sex scenes the developer in the starting of the game said that no sex scenes u can’t even read English nigga

    4. I Play to many ADULT GAMES but I am always Wanted to find a Good Story to Play if there is not Sex Scenes and Nude Scenes it still telling a Good Story

  2. 4+ years
    Boring DISNNNEY story.
    Teenager girl drama.
    Good renders, but if no sex in 4+ years, no hopes.

    1. nigga go watch porn if you just want to fap games are for enjoyment not for faggots like you stay blue balled haha 😂

  3. Also, at this stage, the incest patch just creates massive amounts of errors, don’t use it for now, I don’t know why it is because S1 has been out for a while.

  4. You would think your character could offer to give oral to your woman instead of just kissing and giving up.

    This is a great, great game, but that is a failure. I get that your guy is not emo, but he loves to kiss, and that’s the next step.

  5. Played this game for a couple of hours. Quality of renders and models is top class, but the story is so painful and I just want to punch the MC in the face. But then I see all the amazing reviews … is it worth sticking it out or is it going to be a long waste of time like I feel it will be?

  6. Whole fukin year and nothing do not waste your time in downloading and playin it if you have alr played the ch 5 beta cause there is nothing new in this version same as before the dev just merged 5 chapter into season 1 and there you go. The dev fooled the faggots congrats faggots.

  7. Does anyone know how to download chapter 5 only? because I have all old chapters downloaded.
    also please suggest me more games like this one(except WiAB)

  8. No way the dev is going to add trans content into the game. Dev is going to fuckin ruin this masterpiece

    1. Easy, snowflake. If so, it’s likely avoidable. Oh, might be too big of a word for you. “Likely optional.”

      Shit.. Still three syllables. Let me try again.

      You don’t have to do it. Get over yourself.

  9. ** This is not a complaint but an observation and statement of my confusion **

    Am I correct in saying this game was originally released in June 2020 and it now May 2024 and it’s only just reached season 1 completion?

    Am I missing something as it seems like the game has really done nothing?

    4 years…. damn I hope this game manages to complete as it is really good and I love WiaB too.

    Just can’t believe the timeline.

    1. yeah you are right. However, it is worth noting that the author is working on another VN at the same time called Where it all Began, see link . It is also very good but I think it was made to shut people up about the lack of sex in the Summers Gone novel. Still recommend tho. It is very slow, and as someone that does not subscripe to Patreon, I do not know if there has been any major delays in that time ie, injuries, broken computer etc. I am following some games that has not had a update for over a year, and are still NOT canceled. THe world we live in eh?

    2. If Ocean hadn’t redone the first 2 episodes and many other details and scenes, Season 1 would have been here a year earlier for sure. It still drags on, but every year counts. Plus he’s working on WIAB in parallel. Now I think SG development will be faster and steadier, but that doesn’t mean 1 episode won’t take something like 8 months…

    3. Don’t know about this one, but WIAB is around for a long time. It’s going very slow, but at least he is doing a good job.

    4. Not really that surprising, this game and BaD are basically annual releases now. Rendering is what takes up a majority of the time it seems. Also, some devs like to make multiple games at the same time, such as Oceanlab here, and that obviously has an affect on both of their games.

      The nice thing with more of these games going to Steam is that you won’t get scammed by the Patreon model. A loyal supporter on a basic 5 dollar pledge would have paid over 200 bones at this point.

      1. Yeah, there’s no use to complain about timeline. These devs either work alone or have a very small crew with them. We’re not talking about ten computers working on renders, ten people working on coding and ten more writing the story. Of course it’d be better if Ocean kept WIAB aside after his decision to redone everything on the game, it takes his time and resources, but SG wouldn’t be released in a 2-3 month span even if he wasn’t working on WIAB, at least not with the usual size each update have. Plus, I don’t think the next update will take all this time. This update was just Ocean again fixing some errors and enhancing some things. I know it’s annoying, but those things keep SG at the top (not that I agree with Ocean’s perfectionism). Side note: Someone here could point a game with SG and BaD quality with faster and sizeable releases? Because I could only point games that take a lot of time to be produced and with very small updates. Mr Dots Games did a good job with DMD and SL at the same time, but both of his games aren’t on that level.

        1. Hey man, finally got around to seeing your reply. Imho, there is only one game close to these two in terms of quality on multiple fronts; Artemis by digi.B. Unfortunately, it takes about the same amount of time for releases to come out as well.

          While I’m not an uber connoisseur, I have not the time or will to try everything that gets posted on here, there still aren’t a lot of games I have tried, that I would stick my neck out for. I’ve heard Eternum by Caribdis is good, but I really have no personal interest in isekai type stories. So try that one if you haven’t and you like SAO/anime type stories.

          1. Sup. It’s really good to see someone who isn’t one of the usual whiners of this site. My question was kinda rethoric, since you’ll see people complaining about timelines while there’s nothing on the AVN’s market with the same quality plus faster releases. I’ve tried Once in a Lifetime by caribdis. It’s a really good story with good characters. One you don’t think about skipping anytime during you playthrough. Eternum and Artemis being sci-fi themed is keeping me away from them. I stopped playing City of Broken Dreamers and Tales of the Unending Void, two of the first AVNs that I cared about because of that. SG is one of a few that I care enough to play the day it is released.

  10. dev: puts a warning that theres no sex before you even play the game
    some random fucker starts complaining about no sex

    1. Hey, stupid fuck this is a site for ADULT VISUAL NOVELS. That’s like going to a porn site and clicking on a video and a pop-up saying sorry no sex will be in these videos.

  11. One of the best (probably THE best) storylines I’ve seen in an AVN! The lack of lewdness didn’t bother me at all. My only issue is that some of the girls look a bit too much like each other, but that’s complaining on a high level 🙂
    I’ve played WiaB as well because it’s from the same dev, but I didn’t like it as much as SG. Not saying it’s bad, but not even close to it either.

  12. It’s near six months and still nothing….!
    Why any one in the right mind would work on two great VN game, couldn’t he just finish one of them then start working on another?
    Damn,the only few good games in hear pretty too slow to get update
    Not only this one but Being a dik too
    It definitely worth the wait,but man…it’s too much already

    1. i found this game interesting meanwhile most of games has no good storyline just shows useless sex scene and thats it

  13. It’s near six months and still nothing….!
    Why any one in the right mind would work on two great VN game, couldn’t he just finish one of them then start working on another?
    Damn,the only few good games in hear pretty too slow to get update
    Not only this one but Being a dik too
    It definitely worth the wait,but man…it’s too much

  14. way too edgy and lavishes in its own stylistic design. revels in its existence too much.

    but damn i cummed so many times

    1. shit dude YOU got to be a virgin if you managed to do that with LITTERALLY ZERO SEX scenes in this kind of makes you sound pathetic also

      1. Nigga shut ur stupid your type of faggots only care about sex and and dont care about storyline and graphics if u just wanna jerk of go fuck of somewhere else

        1. hey, stupid fuck this site is for ADULT VISUal NOVELS. If I wanted to read a book I’d go to a library. Just because you wanna boo hoo on your dick Doesn’t mean the rest of us do. you probably would like those books they make for housewives that don’t get fucked by their husbands because there to fat. You fucking fat housewife-looking motherfucker.

  15. Is there still a possibility for this game to be updated because it’s been a long time..or do we have to wait until December 2049

    1. you should maybe try reading the patreon page for the developer, Ocean. neither this game, nor Where It All Began, are abandoned. both are in concurrent development. it takes time to create something that isn’t just slapped together, like many other AVNs. this one is planned and created to the plan, as is WIAB(which is a prequel to this game). this game is almost ready to be released(season 1, which is chapters 1-5) on steam.

  16. I can’t continue playing other similar games after playing this one.I come from Asia, may I ask if school life is really like in games

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