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Summer’s Gone [Ch.4.5 Full] [Oceanlab]

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Download for Mac

Download for Android

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Incest Patch

Content Changed

This fanmade modification introduces modifications and content.

Patch Instructions

On PC, move the “patch.rpy” file into the game folder.

On MAC: Place the patch.rpy file in: /contents/resources/autorun/game

Android can be found down below.

Download Walkthrough, Cheat & Gallery Mod


  • Highlighed/added hints to dialogue
  • Cheat mod for editing points (will be expanded later)
  • Can see all scenes where option to view one is given


  1. Use unren option 1) Extract rpa packages
  2. Merge the folder “game” from the mod with the one is your Summer’s Gone Folder
  3. Modded Incest Patch (Install Main mod first)

You can also mail us at :- [email protected]

Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 97%
Engagement - 95%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.3 ( 479 votes)

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  1. anyone got a website just like this that is ogod for finding visual novel, i want to explore more visual novel that might catch my eyes

  2. It’s very good, give it a try character models, story and development between characters also good, if we skip Summer character, this game is already in my top 5 AVN game.

  3. I think this game is very good, I like the story, it’s very interesting and lively, I know games in sex, but not everything has to be related to sex, I hope the update is rather soon

    1. Ya i think too. Instead of doing it with every one choosing one and make a story around them is so good. Haters turns into lovers gread idea.

  4. This game is good if you like to look at a blackscreen with img missing after a short while of playing. Game is broken and not been fixed for months dont bother with this game its is total shit and the dev is a moron for releasing a broken game.

    1. bro its your problem ,try different website to download….And Its the best AVN there is….If you want some cheap Sex scene then go watch some porn rather than talking shit…….

      1. how is it that guys problem there are missing images smh and no it’s not the best AVN there is Artemis beats this hands down also congrats on being another brain dead fuck for using the same old why don’t you just go watch porn argument (slow claps) lastly he never said anything about the sex scenes or lack there of so why you felt the need to even mention that makes you an even bigger retard

    2. Nah, this game is worth playing. i’m playing this using windows all good no missing images, maybe you’re just too retard. i know people can buy a nice phone and pc so easily but sometimes they’re just too retard to use them.
      and about story. story is good, girls are sweet not just like regular adult game where you just meet a girl then you just bang her right away. i like adult games where you need to build relationship first and this game is still in wip so they will add sex scene later except you’re too retard to read. There’s zero reason to blue balls just jerk off to porn ffs or play something else in this site like over 500+ adult games available you can download for free.

    1. Have you read the intro?
      The first part is based on building relationships, and to stop blue balling.

  5. That’s right that the game have no sex but but The story is amazing really really amazing I’m still waiting for the new update developer makes the game cool soo please please you all sport the game and inspire the developer to make new version (Thanks all of you)

        1. I think this game is very good, I like the story, it’s very interesting and lively, I know games in sex, but not everything has to be related to sex, I hope the update is rather soon

    1. Being a Dik, Leap of Faith, College KIngs, University of Problems, Become a Rockstar, AOA academy, they have amazing stories and good visuals.

  6. Well, after reading posts above, can anybody provide a clear answers for a questions (if not a problem):

    1. Are there any sex scenes in the game at all, or not?
    2. Does current version of .apk (4.5) include IPatch by default or not?
    3. Does IPatch change anything or not?

    Thanks a lot!

  7. Honestly in my opinion it’s a very good game… yes there is no sex alias 3D here but hey the story is really well done like design ect. Yes, of course it’s probably not for everyone, but to be honest, nobody wants a clumsy story without conscience or a minimum of depth….

    Yes, maybe there will be sex scenes later … but to be honest, even without them the overall concept is really good and for me it’s on par with Being DIK/ Melody/ Leap of Faith and other greats and the current rating of 96 is completely justified.. .

    But that’s my opinion

  8. Seriously. Change the cover image on this game if you want people to play it. I passed this game many times before I gave it a look. Finally, I found out that this character has very little content and the way she’s dressed makes it look like some post apocalyptic game or some ancient Egyptian magic game. Which is not even close to what this game is about. Love the game and wish there was more content. But whatever you do change the stupid cover image.

    1. I Highly doubt that ( about the cover )
      First of all its not Egyptian it’s a beautiful designed Iranian Girl .
      Second of all if you are stupid enough to judge a book by its cover then there is no argument .

      1. bruh, that’s not iranian. iranian girls are ugly AF. and yes cover image what sells book no matter how good a book if your cover is like Sh*t ppl would just pass it. go learn more from advertising ppl, they will make their ads as good and as catchy as possible to make ppl at least give it a look even if the content is trash. you have no Fking idea at all about something like this do you?.

        1. Yeah if you just could see Iranian girls you moron you don’t know anything about them .
          The thing you said about marketing is right but can’t you at least check out the god damn pictures of the game and judge it ?

      2. Has nothing to do with the attractiveness of the girl. Rather, the cover is misleading and doesn’t represent the story at all. One look at this cover and you’d think this is a fantasy novel with magical gemstones etc. Except, the game is a going-to-college game…

        You absolutely judge a book by its cover when it comes to marketing and sales. You want a cover that is visually appealing to attract attention, but the cover also has to be relevant to the target audience so as to get a conversion. The last thing you want is to attract people seeking a fantasy story and have them close the page when they read the synopsis OR have people who are interested in a college novel but not even click the page because they thought this was a fantasy game.

  9. This is why I won’t support these adult devs until they have a complete game for me to purchase. This is ridiculous how little adult content there is, after being out for so long. This is milking 101. But hey, I’m not going to complain too much. I just downloaded a pirated version for free. I don’t think I’m going to waste my data downloading this vn again and again, for a 15 minute update with no adult content in it. I think, I’ll wait another 2 years and see if there is an hour or so of content to play. I doubt the vn will be finished by then, anyway. -_-

    The visuals are nice, though. If you want some pretty pictures.

    1. So it only qualifies as adult game if it has sex content?

      If thats your only concern, you might as well just be a porn site.

  10. put some porn in this thing or i will fuck your mom and put the footage on the game
    i can take teas no more

  11. Such a good game. It baffles me how you got to really immerse myself in his broken and reckless personality. I just get immensely annoyed on the majority of these games because people insist on female characters with unproportioned bodies. Breasts that are big to the extent they do not look natural at all. Vic was so cute, but those two melons totally ruined it. Those asses as well, too exaggerated at all times. Nami’s breasts are perfect and look pretty accurate, but her ass is too big and curvy. I wish characters would be closer to real proportions, or at least have different ones. It’s always huge boobs and huge firm ass. Bella is the best character when it comes to proportions, if memory doesnt fail.

    Oh, by the way, what the fuck happened to his face? He got punched, but it was like someone cut him with a knife. Too colored. He went to that fancy dinner and to my surprise there was no makeup to hide the bruise. That could have been improved.

    Still, the story so far is a huge 10. The way the characters interact and the dialogues. Pretty damn good.

  12. Just wait for it…check the devs other games….MC might not get lucky….but after his done preparing the girls for the final move, some other dude will jump in and get them right away.
    Looks to be what his base fan wants…good old MC cuckolded with some slutty girls.

    1. sorry but just because he put that kinda content in one VN does not mean he’s gonna put it in a different one besides there is no NTR tag retard maybe look at the tags before u assume shit dumbass or how about you stop being a snowflake

      1. Sure it would be the first one to not put a controversial tag just go get audience and add it later…oups my bad, author already did that trick in previous games! So maybe before talking about retard…some people should try to read a bit more than only tags.

  13. For all the cock suckers who love to play a VN whit a stupid MC who has a third leg instead of a dick , and bimbo’s that spread their legs without thinking , this is not a game for you . This game is better then the useless BS story game for people whit a very small brain .

    1. I can read a REAL book, if I wanted that. I don’t come to for the superb literature. I come here to get games, and have some adult fun.
      This game is boring and not really an adult game. The dev will milk this for all it’s worth, before he abandons it about 3/4 ways through.
      Although, fanboys like you will keep it alive somehow, because you’re too afraid of telling the dev that he’s a fucking idiot for making two games at the same time, with very little content updates. Heaven forbid, he won’t like you if you say anything bad about his shitty games. Then, who would you fanboy over?

      1. That’s your opinion and some people can respect it.

        But what you obviously don’t understand is that no developer publishes their game on this site. These games are a pirated version, downloaded from the developer and uploaded here – illegally and often without the knowledge of the developer himself. So no, the developer is not really to blame for their game being on this site despite the fact that they are not making a “porn game”.

        If you have a problem with it, complain somewhere else, not to the address of the developer, who is not even responsible for it. Idiot

        1. no it’s not done illegally retard they must have payed for it first dumbass or they know someone who is a patreon of his and got it from them don’t mean it’s illegal moron and yes they are making a porn game dipshit it’s even stated he plans on adding sex scenes therefor this is porn

        2. He’s not wrong. This game IS boring. He wasn’t complaining to the developer. So, I will.
          This dev is following the formula of so many others. They start strong, then get popular. Then, the pressure is on to perform, and the hobby has turned into a job, then they slow down because they aren’t professional game makers. Then the dev puts out an update every two months, then three, then barely ever, then there is a death in the family, then they have health problems, then they abandon the game. (I’m sure I missed a few, but you get the idea). Meanwhile, they start another game, and keep their patreon open for the others to decide if they want to pay for nothing.
          Ocean would have a lot more time if he just focused on one porn vn at a time. He gets so many complaints from people patreon about how slow he is, and then puts out 15 minutes of game play, after 2-3 months of work. I stopped giving to his patreon, because of his milking ways.

      2. Dumbest comment ever lol. If you wanna rot your brain with trash that has nothing beyond just sex, then go ahead, but don’t hate on a game that has an actual story with realistic characters. If you get off to trash, go ahead, but not all of us are that shallow.

        1. stfu fanboy. Don’t pretend this is great literature. If I wanted to read a raunchy romance novel, then I would grab one that’s written, much better than this. It’s a porn comic book (sorry, visual novel -.-), with no porn in it. smh O.o

  14. I can’t believe people are supporting this dev. This is basically an erotic picture book. If you are looking for a game, this is not it. It’s a choose your own adventure book… with boobs… occasionally. There isn’t any sex.

    1. thats pretty self explanatory with the tag “visual novel” maybe learn to comprehend english words before you bash people for their taste, but tbh same could be said for RPG’s with really shitty game play but a good story, you’re only there for the story.

      1. yeah admin should just remove this broken game from the site until fixed, 80% of images are missing.

  15. This is great game (for free). It’s definitely story and character driven. One of the intro slides even let’s you know that there is no sex. Graphics, visuals and music are outstanding – one of the best out there. Not all of us are here to watch 3D generated people have sex. Some of us come here for the story. If I want porn, I know where to find it. This game is on par with “How to fix the Future” “Intertwined” and “Chasing Sunsets”.

    1. +1 for Chasing Sunsets, gave me the same sort of vibe, i absolutely love the story driven AVN’s i mean if i wanna spank it out there are plenty of AVN’s that cater to that but these few and far between AVN’s that focus more on story are absolute gems.

    2. Then I have too keep wondering why this game is recommended along such pearls as BeingADIK, Leap of Faith and so can anyone elaborate on that?

      Those two games combine good writing with nice sex scenes and are often named in top ten lists along this game….

      1. I think it’s the overall vibe. The visuals and music are awesome. Being a DIK is a great game too. But the vibe is totally different. Leap of Faith, a little older and visuals are not as good in my opinion. Not bashing any of these, just elaborating based on my opinion.

        Some others I like are Intertwined, Summer Scent, Life in Santa County, Become a Rock Star, and Apocalust. I think they should change the cover image on Summer’s Gone – makes it look like some dystopian game like Desert Stalker.

      2. it’s classified with those games because, eventually, the sex scenes will be added. they may be trying to get the story built before adding the renders for that, or they may simply be gauging interest in the vn, before adding the sex, if the interest is there. it states, right in the game, that the sex scenes are coming in a future update. perhaps they are also waiting until it’s ready for retail(they have a place holder on steam, for it, already) before putting those pieces in. who knows what their logic is, but the scenes are going to be added, unless something prevents them finishing it.

    3. YesI great game. I have played it many times focusing on the different characters. Visuals and images are 5 star. I too like the music. I can’t choose between this one and Chasing Sunsets.

  16. Bonfire cinematic is removed? Played through Bella route again and it didn’t appear, still in the library tho? weird

  17. The story is very boring now. The writing is not better. The graphics are still good, but not updated.

  18. This developer used to be good. Seems like he’s getting worse. Not just the writing but the renders and the updating.

    1. why? because it’s not a constant orgy? did you actually go into the game? the first screen you see states, quite clearly, that the sex scenes have not been placed into the game, as of yet, but are going to be added in a future update. if they did an update, to a game not rated 18+, that suddenly made it 18+, think maybe that might be a problem? especially when they already have the place holder set up on steam, for it to be released there? they put the proper rating on it, because they talk about sex a whole lot, and have a whole lot of nudity in the game. if you’re mad because there’s no sex, now, that’s on you, because it’s clearly stated that there’s currently no sex in the game. just move on, if it doesn’t appeal to you. the rating is correct and shouldn’t be changed.

  19. Honestly, im expecting big things from this update and it left me just in confusion, i dont even understand that plot of this update, its just an update for a sleepover with the characters and then becomes sexual? I dont get it. The last part tho put a smile on my face, seeing bella, and making an effort to see the MC. Im just waiting and hoping that Chapter 5 will fix this small update.

  20. This game is taking so long to update, and the gameplay is ridiculous. It’s basically a teasing book, with very little sexual content. It’s too bad really, because the story isn’t bad and the renders are great. It’s just painfully slow, and can be boring. I can read a book if I want good literature.

    I’ll check back in about 3 MORE years, to see if it has any content by then. I doubt it, but who knows. I might be surprised.

  21. There is so many to watch about teasing, romance or corruption on netflix . So we can watch on netflix if we don’t want to see sex scene, no one is blocking our way. And if we want to see sex scene only we can watch porn. But i expect some sex scene will happen in porn games, like there is a gun and kill each other in shooting games. But i don’t know the reason why they upload like this type of game not porn games on Adult games website

    1. I agree with you BRO, the story is interesting, but in the game, there is not even an elementary blowjob.

  22. GOD of all teas games
    the devs either have sexophobia or is son of jesus fucking christ
    i can play this game with my mom. this is how “SAFE” it is !

  23. What happened to this game ? It was by far the best story telling and so many choices that mattered… so much great content down the toilet. The rework on the first chapters was a big mistake, yes is looks better, but it lost a lot of its soul. It isn´t as bad as free pass but still very disappointing. The images are not displayed because of the cutted content and the mods are not adjusted yet

    1. I think you won’t get it….It has traumatic emotion with the story……I think it will end with some shocker and its just not college story its more than that…..

  24. A lot of images not found after meeting Victoria in hospital. I tried downloading both Direct and Mirror and same problems.

  25. Is there anything new in 4.5 full compared to 4.5 beta? Not trying to download it just to find out its what I already played

    1. These Visual Novels take time to make. Such quality and writing paired with the fact that he is a solo developer for 2 games. It makes sense it takes so much time. But dont worry. He has dont significant work for chapter 5 and he needs to complete the second part of the chapter 2 rework now. I expect the update in mid-late summer. The update will have around 2000 renders in contrast to chapter 4.5 with just 1520. And another 800-1000 for the rest of chapter 2 rework the update will be significantly bigger

      1. Well, it would be better if it focused on a single project, people would be more grateful.
        And stop modifying the past chapters so we wouldn’t have to replace the saved files.

        1. The rework is for the steam release. It looks better and there were mistakes which are reworked or they are going to in the next update. The rework stuff was necessary and now its almost over which will decease the time between updates

  26. I will probably never understand these updates. You wait 6 to 7 months for a beta update, then another 3 months for the full version. If I have to be honest, so many lies and excuses that I have seen written by this developer have probably never been seen before. The visuals, music, and animations are definitely nice, but the approach and behavior of the developer are a pure disaster. Lying that he pays €8,000 for music when it’s cheap music from EpidemicSound. They claim that it takes a lot of time to build the environment, while 99% of the products are bought from the DAZ3D site. Then he starts working on two games at the same time, not being able to finish either one, and to make matters worse, he starts reworking this game. I really don’t understand what these developers have in their heads or what they think of the players. I’ve been supporting him on Patreon for 2 years, and to be honest, I don’t really feel like it anymore because he absolutely doesn’t deserve it, and that’s a fact regardless of whether anyone likes it or not.

      1. exactly, no sane person would spend moolah on supporting these ,,games” – but of course we should be thankful for madmen who actually do that 🙂

  27. i downloaded this new version but its ending same where last update ended it was also 4.5. Is there is something new or not?

  28. can’t stand nami she is far from being close to being the best girl that bitch is way too thirsty that slut needs something too tone that bitch back jesus don’t like mila can’t stand victoria that bitch is way to nice and friendly it’s almost sickening can’t stand zara she has her head way too far up her own ass for my likeing the only half decent one is bella atleast she has personality crazy but a personality none the less and seems to be the only girl who somewhat relates too the mc

  29. Wow, this is by far the best visual novel ive ever played. Cinematics are top notch, the facial expressions of the characters are done so well, just incredible. Story line is so well thought out and put together. Mega respects to the developers. Im gonna have to see if they have any other projects when im done this one lol.

    1. Where It All Began is another one of theirs. I would also recommend Eternum for AVNs with in-depth story like this. I’ve played dozens of AVNs and Eternum is my favorite. Summers Gone has made it into my top 5.

  30. Any suggestion similar game with setting like this? other than Being DiK and LOF, tried LOF but not my cup of tea because the MC is boomer.
    SG’s graphic and story is the best. building your relationship with the girls in this game is really good, there is no sex yet and there is no rush to that, but the story with some teasing and slowly progress toward getting the real sex with the girls is really good. i ve never expected something like this from an adult vn games. cant wait for more.

    1. Stupid game. Play it for years and never get laid. This is an adult game. You get more sex in an RPG like The Witcher!

  31. don’t like the music it’s garbage so muted it don’t like nami she’s a cunt infact every single one of these girls are cunts this may actually be the first vn that i don’t want any of them just keep the dude single unless this fuck tard forces u into a relationship or forces u too fuck them which it seems like it will go that way judging from the way it’s going if it does i’m pulling my support from this infact the only girl in this i can just about stand is bella

      1. that saying must be a retards best friend and goto line when someone does not have the same opinion as u it’s honestly pathetic plus it’s kinda funny to assume it’s a guy who made that comment dumb ass

        1. You are not expressing any opinion; you are just trash talking. I’ve seen your comments on other games, and it’s always the same nonsense. It’s a bit strange that you always comment on the most successful games in this way, don’t you think? You’re just a troll who obviously has a sad life, and no one cares, so at least you’ll get some attention this way. Enjoy your five minutes of fame!

    1. haaaa on a ici un vrai specimen de debile qui ne sert a rien sur terre ! va te faire enculer toi et tous ceux qui trouve ce visual novel mauvais !!!nous sommes là en présence d’un pur chef d’oeuvre !!!! mes félicitations à oceanlab.

    1. I think the beta is bcs they are reworking the first 2 chapters, the 1st is done, and I asume that full version will not add more content

  32. a really good game, awesome girls, bella is hot and nami is the best girl in the game but i wish this game had a harem opportunity, such a waste cus i love all the girls in this game which is really rare for these games,

  33. wow this is one of the few VN’s that has such a high rating. No sex surely is a deal breaker to some degree for me but there has to be said something about the writer who manages to get good words his way despite sex in his visual novel. wait am i on dikgames? lmao. On a serious note, I see alot of people getting mad at anybody discussing lack of sex scenes, which is stupid; i mean, i just played a few VNs who had okay stories but good sex and experience overall was fun; Imagine what a good writing with a good sex scene mix up would do! it’s not just about the pervhead! good combo that feels natural – rare gem in a VN world!

  34. Visual 94%. Post MOD, please show me just 1 (one) VN with better visuals than Summer’s Gone. On this page I saw a few VNs that are a league below SG that were marked at 96% for visuals

  35. hi its a good game but i have a problem
    in chapter 2 i have no sound audio or game music any sound its cut off?
    why ?

    in chapter1 its problem is in chapter2

  36. hi its a good game but i have a problem
    in chapter 1 i have no sound audio or game music any sound its cut off?
    why ?

    1. Leap of Faith a) has sex and b) is finished. The story is good too, but in spite of the Blue-Balls Champion of the Year, the story in Summer’s Gone is captivating.

      I expect (hope, even!) that some dudebros will whine about Summer’s Gone, but ignore them. Try it first and if you don’t like it by the fifth mention of the MC being “broken” and acting it, then it’s not for you. The MC is very, very broken and this story has quite a bit of angst. I’m not keen on angst stories and I’m still reading it.

      Ignore the Incest tag. This is only with patch. If you don’t like incest, don’t patch. Childhood friend has the hots for MC. Brush her off if you want. NBD.

  37. This is hands down one of the greatest Adult visual novels out there, It deserves more than a 84% rating. Yes it doesn’t have sex scenes but that’s because of the Main characters troubled history and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Cannot wait for more content in the future truly a special game. 9/10

  38. i’m okay with being blue balled if the story and characters is interesting. this has both. though some characters are very one dimensional, the one that matters are well written.

  39. Are you genuinely retarded or just really bad at absorbing information? You are also warned about blueballing in the beginning.

  40. This game is a masterpiece, I’m gonna be honest I’d prefer game like this and pls update the android version thanks!?

  41. You are most likely right but no need to guess it. Just check his other game wiab. Clear enough what this creator likes.

  42. The reason of such behavior is that you probably install an incest patch.
    Incest patch refers to the old images which are no longer in the game resources.

  43. damn bro whatsup with girls in this game? they are all have like huge cow tits and big asses. is this realily in US colleges?

    1. umm, maybe not with every girl like how it is in this game but there are some very shapely young adults walking around these days

  44. I can’t wait to play this story. It’s so well done… just not enough finished yet to play. How in the world is this a 5.6GB game when so many images are missing in the early part of the game? I got tired of clicking through yawning chasms of blank scenes to find more content… No, not the compressed version either, the full version.

    1. Graphic Quality: one of the best looking graphics (females actually) IMHO. Did not you see that redhead chick, she alone worth 3GB; lovable piece of 0s’n’1s. 😀

  45. I get bored when i have been played 30% progress of the game and uninstall it. But the graphic and character are awesome, mom is a little thin and the story is 2/100 for me…??

  46. Ehhh… not worth a damn this game, so all it takes for y’all to say an history is good is to have an emo-sasugay-like character and a missing girl that’s probably sick in the head? Not to say most characters present in the game are unlikable as hell with the most unlikable one being the freaking mc himself, I’ll resume this game to you, -insert depressive, edgy, emo mc, insert missing main li with a mental illness, insert a large number of unlikable girls and the likable ones are sluts or have mental problems, and then claim it’s a hell of an story, nah man, an history that sucks dick is what it is

    1. I haven’t even gotten too far into this yet and I have to agree. His fucking hair makes me want to kick bunnies. We’ve all been through trauma. We’ve all lost someone we’ve loved for one reason or another. It causes damage, but we live on. This kid is just an emo prick and all this story does is piss me off.

  47. this game not opening on JOIPLAY.
    i don’t have pc and Android version is too much compressed so i downloaded pc zip file and try to open on JOIPLAY,
    every other game opens but this game is not opening.
    how to solve this ?

  48. Yeah man for real maybe my choice but cece is best girl or even above the paygrade of mc , he doesn’t deserve her but i guess Lexi is perfect for mc all have some problems but Lexi is perfect for everyone’s taste and cece is too good for mc

  49. The game is not extracting , the patch is not working.and Image ‘a13’ not found who the fuck is the creater of the game. i suggest you that give up on making game go home and watch hentai, thats all you can do. motherfu**er

  50. nope, it’s just you.
    among a few hundreds of compressed crap i have downloaded, maybe 3-4 were problematic.

  51. Well, at least MC got to hot dog his sister this update (best ass in the game at least). Maybe BJ and 69 in 2023, creampie her in 2024 with birth control, and stops the bc gets a baby put in her in 2025. Damn, it’s kinda fucked up that me and my rl sister started making babies in half that time (secret bf/gf when she was 14 and pregnant at 17). Either me and her progressed too fast or the dev’s are progressing too slow, I’ll let the world be the judge since it loves to do so.

    1. why do you have so much time where you can post all this nonsense about how the game isn’t getting updated quickly and how you’re piping your sister? pick up a hobby

  52. So has anyone figured out what happened to Summer other than the obvious gone? Died of cancer? Raped and murdered? Abducted by aliens? Simply decided to ghost everyone and disappear and start over somewhere else?

    1. Pfft. After MC basically broke his sister’s heart (though he was clueless so blameless up to that point) by tellling how him and Bella were sucking face during their date I’m hoping him and his sister hook up. Hell I’d much rather fuck my sister (though I’m probably biased, my rl sis and me already have 6 kids) than stick my dick in crazy. She seems like she’d be the the jealous over-obsessive type that would kill any other girl that the MC just happen to be friends with or even looks at for too long and end up as a Lifetime movie based on her. They were right to call it quits early before it got toxic as fuck, as it’s bad enough when half a couple is mentally fucked, nevermind both (my sis warned me, should have listened to her, but that’s a long drama story in itself).

        1. What can I say, the world has a ginger shortage, me and sis are trying to help with that problem (we’re both redheads). Believe it or not all 6 kids are perfectly fine other than heterochromia on 2 of them (harmless condition where each eye is a different color). Dunno why a bunch of ignorant people just assume that incest automatically produces frankenbabies. With siblings it’s statistically no more risk than having kids at 40, assuming it hasn’t been a multi-generational tradition or something.

          1. perhaps because they are retarded dumb fucks like you if people actually believe that u have 6 kids then there also dumb cunts your bs about having kids is about as believeable as people saying they have been abducted or that the moon is made of cheese because if your are fucking her irl then why the fuck you on here numb nuts

      1. I kindly request you to explain your standpoint on people with mental ilness, and their reproductive rights, while you’re still anonymous.

        “Half a couple mentally fucked, let alone both”
        “Stick my dick in crazy”

        Sounds pretty condescending and Eugenetics to me.

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