Succubus Trick: Grown Up Problem [v0.8.1 Member] [aPieceOfTissue]

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Download for Windows/ Linux - Version 0.5.4

Download for Windows/ Linux - Version v0.8.1

Download for Mac - Version 0.5.4

Download for Mac - Version v0.8.1

Download for Android - Version 0.5.4

Download for Android - Version v0.8.1

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Save

  • Installation:

    Extract file

    Copy and paste contents of saves folder into Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/RenPy/Testing

    Move original saves folder into STGUP/game

    1-1. General Save
    1-2. Night Scenes
    1-3. Lily
    1-4. Laura
    1-5. Amy
    1-6. Chloe
    2-1. Chloe After-School
    2-2. History Class Scene
    2-3. Laura Gloryhole
    2-4. Amy Morning
    2-5. Amy Evening
    2-6. Amy Weekend Morning
    3-1. Amy Weekend Night
    3-2. Lily School
    3-3. Lily Home
    3-4. Lily Weekend
    3-5. Lily and Amy Threesome
    3-6. Chloe Lunch
    4-1. Chloe Sex

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Editor's Rating

Story - In Succubus Trick: Grown Up Problem, you find yourself tangled in a deal with a sultry succubus, granting you unimaginable lust-driven powers.The story explores different routes, but it falls short in truly captivating its audience. It lacks depth and originality, resorting to familiar character archetypes like the Mother, Teacher, and Childhood Friend. However, there are some intriguing twists at the end of each route that add a glimmer of excitement. - 66%
Visual - Visually, Succubus Trick impresses with decent models and well-executed animations. The attention to detail, particularly in the stomach bulging scenes, adds a touch of realism to the encounters. While the visuals are not groundbreaking, they do an adequate job of depicting the intense encounters within the game. - 75%
Engagement - While the gameplay is presented as a sandbox experience, with the game still in mid-development, it feels somewhat empty. The limited actions at your disposal restrict the level of engagement.However, despite its shortcomings, the game manages to hold your attention for a while, thanks to the seductive nature of the succubus powers. - 69%
Core Loop - Succubus Trick suffers from a lack of content, With only a handful of available routes and few possible actions, the core loop feels underwhelming. However, credit must be given for contextualizing adult game tropes within the framework of succubus magic, which injects some creativity into the mechanics. - 63%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.63 ( 12 votes)

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    1. false alarm guys, no tranny homo shit in this game. it’s safe to play without fear of being groomed into the gay. thanks for the heads up.

  1. First problem: The MC is a shrimp whose dick becomes about the size of his actual head. (Which no girl would want, because it couldn’t fit inside of her, and would stretch way too much – that does hurt if you go too far; a pussy is not THAT elastic)

    Second: The art style is too cartoony – some will look past that, but most prefer a more realistic art style.
    The Mrs. Torres has tits that are WAY too big. If I can see her boobs are actually the same size as her freaking head, you went too far. Hell MC’s Mom has tits that are REALLY pushing it. Torres’ daughter is drawn to be about 14-15 but she has basically an E to F cup. Really? Come on man. Aesthetics matter!

    Third: There are six girls, but you have at least one who could be on the list who isn’t; and she’s on the bloody title screen. I’m sure that the game’s not done, but if the full roster isn’t even available in the walkthrough that’s a problem.

    Fourth: Most of the succubus powers AREN’T. Finding a woman’s “sensitive spots?” Right… because that’s so fucking hard; unless your functionally retarded. The first power is narratively trying to explain why you can tell the Heart percent raised. Bloody hell. The fifth power is the same as the sensitive spots, but with his tongue = so he can eat a girl out. Jesus fucking Christ Dev: Most guys can eat a girl out. It’s not a power that’s needed. Just fucking practice, and paying attention to the individual girl while you’re eating at her Y. Dumbass. So you’re forced to interact mostly with the succubus, in order to progress with the Mom, who is required to progress best friend/your sister… and mostly none of the lewd scenes are actually worth the effort.

    There’s no pregnancy tag, even though he cums harder than a goddamned Clydesdale. There’s no way if one of them was ovulating that any of the girls shouldn’t end up with a very round belly in about 7 months. End of the day, I don’t think you had much of a story to tell here. So if story is what you’re after, it’s not going to be here. If you want hot scenes, there are better done, and more realistically drawn. There are plenty of Succubus games on the site, so I’d recommend unless you really like the overly anime art style for some reason, that you avoid this game. At least until there’s an actual story with a viable end goal, and more content. Maybe the dev could try drawing an MC that looks like he could have at least stayed on his feet in that first fight? Seriously, Torres’ daughter isn’t the only one that looks like they’re too young to even be in the damned game.

    1. “unless your functionally retarded” … it’s you’re. Aren’t you a writer?

      We all know you’re not, but I’m interested in the answer, but only if you use at least 500 words where a third or fewer would do. For example, your post:

      1) I don’t like how cartoony this looks. This game is not for me.
      2) I don’t like how cartoony this looks. This game is not for me.
      3) The game is not complete but I want to insult it as though it is.
      4) I feel that you don’t have a grasp of the material.

      I’ll make a fifth and sixth point but I won’t add it to the list because I don’t know how to write. Both are about how I don’t like that the game looks and acts cartoony.

      In summary, this game is not for me, but I am going to whine about it as though my wants are the only ones that matter. Also, check out some sex guides.

      …See, was that so hard? No, no, don’t respond, I’m sure it will be as pointless as 9/10ths of your…review? Commentary? Insults to the Author? Either way, I’m genuinely glad you’re wasting time on this board instead of (cough) “writing”. Please keep it up.

      My review, by the way, is: This does not look like my kind of game and so I won’t play it.

      1. If you’re not going to even play it for yourself, then not so kindly shut the fuck up you actual retard.

        I make ONE mistake in spelling and you pounce all over it and insult me, just to get a response. So here’s my last – KISS MY CASPER WHITE FUCKING ASS. I’m upgrading from breaking your fingers so you can never type a word again, to breaking your damned knee caps as well, and your sternum. Your skull. I swear to god if I ever meet you in real life I will genuinely end your damned life. That is exactly how much you’ve pissed me off over the course of my time here. You can go straight to Hell, I’ll be the one to send you there, and I’ll gladly join you. How’s that for five hundred words for you. Dickhead. You are an abject waste of space who obviously likes to pick on people that bother to care about the mechanics and functionality and STORY of the games here. Who will give competent reviews. You’d what, prefer everyone on site be a flaming trollish, snippy little bitch like you are? You are slime. A trogledyte. An ignoramous. A cretin. You have absolutely no worth to anyone, and EVERYONE on this site fucking hates you. So piss right off.

        I’m dealing with actual potentially lethal health issues right now. In real life – I have no more time to devote to your assholish nature, and constant jabs. So once again = STOP. STALKING. ME. It’d be one thing if you were a fan; and since you’ve basically commented on 90% of my reviews on site just to be a twat, I’m certain your the type of one I don’t want. You devote just as much time to writing comments here as I do. Most of yours are literally being a piece of shit to everyone. So you can absolutely look in the mirror and again, sit in the corner like a good little bitch boy, and shut the fuck up. If the cancer doesn’t kill me, you better god damned hope I never find you in real life. Because I legitimately will prove my words. That ought to be more than five hundred, but I can keep insulting the hell out of you until you get the point you dense dumbass. Leave. Me. The. Hell. Alone. Go bother literally any and everyone else. Oh wait… you already do that. For whatever reason you seem to have more of a hard on for me, but I don’t play that way, and you need to take the hint.

        I was paid on another site as an actual writer. You can look the reviews up; they are still there. I’ve stated which one several times over, and you’ve stalked me long enough to have read where they are. I am a professional creative writer, and you can fucking not like that point as much as you want. You can be jealous as balls all you want. But it doesn’t make you any more correct than I will ever be. Tell me – have you ever created a character. A world? A new class system. A hierarchy for deities in a coherent storyline. A series? Because I fucking have. Several double digit times over. I’ve worked at my craft for years. More than a decade, and I have nearly FORTY fully completed SERIES. Not just novels. Series. So you do NOT have the right to insult my work just because as you say, you can’t write. That just makes you a bitter, arrogant, idiotic troll. Who I refuse to feed beyond this last bloody post. Go find another fucking food source. I recommend a garbage pail, but you probably shouldn’t shit where you live.

        1. what you say might be true but your not exactly coming across a professional now are you even if someone does piss you off why would you not just ignore it instead your coming across as a petulant child because the guy has baited you many times and every time you have responded h and real mature making threats of violence no matter how much he pissed u off kind of makes me wonder if your an actual grown up or some angry little teenager

        2. You know why don’t you insult someone without writing a book about. Some people are really retarder. You are not offering anything useful u just hating on him. If you don’t like the game move on and create your own game if you think you can. Please get straight to the point reading that shit made me feel like i actually lost brain cells

    2. Muricano Dweeb at it again, he/she/they are full of unique pronouns. They enjoy overnight trolling, use several different named accounts across many different platforms. My guess they have a short fuse, and are turned on by filthy comments.

    1. nohomo in your own words would you please explain how you feel about the very well documented history of sexual abuse of young boys within the Catholic church?

      1. Fags groom wherever they can. They are in the boys/girl scouts, libraries, disneyland, schools. Anywhere they can groom. They are very devious.

      2. Why are you assuming everyone against groomers is a catholic you retarded faggot.
        Catholoics are openly pro faggots today. Look up defector yuri kgb. USSR sent a bunch of spies to infiltrate catholic church and destroy it from within. One of them is now pope. Catholicism is now a failed religion.

        Catholic church got filled with gays. now they are pro abortion, pro gay… and surprise surprise, the gay priests molest little boys. And instead of blaming the fact that the church allowed gay priests, you blame the church for its alleged anti gay stance that has long since been revoked.

        And even still they do it half as much as school teachers do.

        1. The video, ” The Vortex—Homo-Communist Clerical Cesspool “. Does a good job covering this issue. An informative watch.

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