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Stray Incubus [Season 1] [Flynn974]

Download for Windows/ Linux

Download for Mac

Download for Android - Ch.12a

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough

Download Walkthrough Mod

  • Features:

    Highlights best or recommended option in color green. Bad decisions painted red (like life, isn’t it?). Allows to view more than one scene when they’re separated.


    Just unzip files in the Game folder of your Stray Incubus installation. Rewrite when asked.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 87%
Visual - 84%
Engagement - 87%
Core Loop - 89%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 4.33 ( 51 votes)

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  1. The game is great and I love it, but the last update everything seemed really rushed. I hope the second season isn’t like this.

        1. No, but I do spend my time following haters and poking fun at them for hatin’. It’s more fun than a lot of these games.

          I have picked up quite a few to try and continue trying, though. My list is much longer than I thought it was.

          Games I’ve played include but are not limited to (an alphabetical list of my save file folders for Renpy games): The Book Of Bondmaids, Artemis, Acquainted, Affexion, Babysitters, Being a DIK, Being Super, Dawn of Malice, Dating My Daughter, Element174, Food Truck Story, Give Me A Sun, Hard To Love, Infinite Stars, Leap Of Faith, Limitless, Meeting Her, My New Memories, OccultusDoD, Photo Hunt, Ripples, Seeds of Chaos, Single Again, Stray Incubus, Tales from the Unending Void, University of Problems, WVM, Your Lucky Charm.

          These are not games I am advocating, nor saying are active, in fact I’m looking at this list thinking I need to stop waiting around for some of them or give up on others. This list contains many of my kinks but you cannot cross-reference them to figure out if I like one over another. They’re just ones I’ve tried and thought about continuing to try.

          Hell, because so many games come out on a release schedule of “whenever the author feels like it”, they just hang around.

          I really do like games/VNs with a good mix of story, humor, and smut. I’m not looking for high art in porn games, but I’ve ended up playing a few that have barely any smut at all because of its modeling/lighting quality, or its pacing is well-considered, or I want to see what happens next.

          I wanted to say something good about this game because not enough games have people saying that they like it. I like this one. If you try it and don’t like it, then no harm done except for the time you took finding out.

          1. “No, but I do spend my time following haters and poking fun at them for hatin”

            So… basically a troll? lol no wonder you sound crazy in most of them, and actually reasonable in this one. Although I also find it interesting, you bantering with others, one of the guys you fight with(?), maybe(?), actually leaves decent reviews thought. Kinda sad he actually fell trapped into your games and get distracted. Just saying :/

          2. Damn i think i’ve played too many then because my list would almost hit character limit for the comment section.

    1. super agree, rough start but really came into its own the last few updates. maybe the dev will remake the first couple chapters one day, but still one of the best vns out there

  2. Game blossoms really well as u go deeper into the game!
    From chapter 4+ you can start to feel heavy influence of Eternum in this game. Developer learned a lot from it and started doing some really quality work with characters!

    Story started very clunky , out of sync, bit incoherent here and there. But if u give it a chance it changes significantly to the better!

    I really had a lot of laugh and joy reading this. And i am not easily impressed.

  3. Game is actually quite nice and since this is a honey select game the story definitely has that crazy and cliche type of stuff. Overall this game is pretty darn enjoyable.

    1. So basically she is not his biological mother but she has taken care of him, since she has found him like a mother. So if u r into incest or not, go accordingly through the option!

  4. The project is just a masterpiece plot gameplay graphics everything is just gorgeous sex scenes are just super! I advise everyone who loves the plot of the harem adventure and fiction is just super of this genre!

  5. Pleasant story and nice girls.
    Story is less engaging since chap8 but still good. Maybe the work on sound and animations is taking a toll on author time.
    Author really went overboard with the dick size, but somehow after a while was able to just ignore it.
    Animations are…ok. For some reason the BDSM part is taking more and more space in ever chapter, not sure it really fits the story but guess some players are requesting it.
    Down side the “mini-games”:
    Good that author gave the option to skip it and play it as VN mode (twice). But still a few in there (especially for the torturing the girls and roaming during the missions). Feel like it cuts down the immersion.

  6. Surprisingly good game, great and entertaining story, pretty girls, the MC is cool, good humor, the influence of Caribdis is quite noticeable even before Luna’s cameo (From Eternum) he still has a long way to go but it would put this game at the level of “Once in a Lifetime” at least in the quality of the story, because the only thing it lacks is in the lewd scenes, they are not bad but they definitely could be better, despite that it is already among my “Top 10 favourites” now I will have to wait for it to finish

  7. The one big thing that peeves me off (and by the way you structured out the core of the ninja ranks Bro; I’d argue the point about no RPG – or grinding, HEAVILY) * It’s still grinding for SSS Rank, it’s just main plot involved lmfao.

    Anyway, the thing that does very much irk me is how much you try to muck with the player’s mind with Labyrinthine crap that ends up being a fail state. You’ve done so more than once and I’m expecting you’ll continue the same. I’d say specifically LAY OFF. It does nothing but impede most players’ enjoyment of the game. I hate repeating the same segment 10 freaking times just to get the right answer once. And did that chained demon this within the “cursed” town really need to ask a multiple choice question that fucked us over if we failed… when we were also never actually out and out given much information that could help us answer the questions correctly [Not everyone is going to read every goddamned sentence you write. I do skip because I can get the gist, and there’s really not much to the story but anime BS]

    It’s not a bad game, but the last update I tried I got Ignore, Rollback when I tried to load my save. I’m NOT playing through the whole damned thing again, including the freaking mazes just to be mostly blue balled by any female I might find rendered attractive. I’ll give this update a shot but if I can’t load a save again, or I have to go through any more maze bullshit that ends up being a failstate or a mindfuck for no reason; I’m tapping out. Because whatever else you might want to do, the story is NOT strong enough for that kind of assholishness.

    1. what grinding for a rank by the time it would even make any sense for your rank to matter your already advancing faster than any in yrs hell they even say that other than Sirius and a few others no one has advanced as fast ever

      1. And does so for bullshit, poorly explained potential DemiGod reasons – which as yet have not been clarified as a justification for the “mystery” of the MC’s overpowered ‘berserk button’ mode. It’s not less a Dues Ex save my ass, or less grinding for the ninja ranks. Just because the STORY states that he’s managed to get to X faster than ALMOST anyone else in the story. It might be a bit different if he WAS straight up the fastest… but it still does not the base point that it IS grinding. The argument was that it was light, or not there to be seen. Which it is, so that point was always false.

  8. I can honestly say this is a truly amazing game. There is so much care and attention to detail put into every aspect. It’s incredibly customizable to what kinks you want/don’t want to see, you’re free to go for/not go for any women, and frankly, the story is phenomenal. This one came out of nowhere for me and it was honestly one of the best games I’ve played. For those that like that, it’s also basically an incest game as one of the LIs is your adoptive mother. And there’s some “mommy” wordplay with a side chick.

    1. I would normally completely agree but for once, it’s actually fitting since he’s half incubus. Him having a huge dick makes sense in the context of him being half sex demon.

    2. lol i almost dropped the game at that point but held on, and it was totally worth it. plus its never that big again for some reason

  9. They do know that incubus is the male demon an succubus is the female one, right?
    So this is a game about a trap demon or a twink demon or are you the incubus?

    1. “But due to the mercy of one warrior, one demon child is spared as she decides not only to spare HIM, but also to take HIM with her and raise HIM.”

      Ehm… I don’t need to play the game to know that the MC is a male. If you can’t recognize the word him, as mc being male, you need to learn pronouns correctly lmao (no for god sake, i’m not woke, i’d rather off myself then be woke xD)

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