One lie [v0.9] [Wooden Donkeys]

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

Download Walkthrough Mod

Extract file from file to the \game sub-folder and overwrite when prompted.

For MacOS

Unzip the mod -> Right-click your “xyz-game” app -> Click “Show Package Contents” -> Open the “Contents” then “Resources” folders -> Hold the Option key and drag the folder  from the mod to the “autorun” folder -> Click merge

Android – Extract the “game” folder to the game’s “files” folder (the one with the saves folder and log.txt)

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Editor's Rating

Story - 91%
Visual - 78%
Engagement - 82%
Core Loop - 76%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.24 ( 18 votes)

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  1. Next point as I’ve played this current update up to a VERY disturbing (highly UNNECESSARY POINT)

    Mechanically: If you take 2 bullets to the chest, and one collapses a lung – 99.9% of the time YOU ARE DEAD.
    Straight up dead. You mentioned it fucked up a particular vein = do you know exactly how long it would take him to bleed out??? Because MC IS DEAD. Third one went into the stomach – the only one that MIGHT be salvagable, but on top it would only ADD to the blood loss. DEAD.

    * I do not say this often but if you haven’t already: Fucking seek psychological help. It. Is. A. Harem. Game!
    Aside from my problem of you not even offering the option to see if THE PLAYER wants to pursue Jane: there is NO reason to create some random dead sister bullshit just to mind trip a time skip of three months so you can show Main Girl gets preggers (WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING SHE WAS OVULATING FIRST…) And THEN deciding to sexualize and abuse not just the sister but the MC. Why? Is it the how badly did I get fucked over olympics? Alex had a bad enough back story. Re-introducing her asshole in the first place was a DUMB FUCKING IDEA. Doing this shit to the MC just to introduce an “uncle” character who’s effectively never been there, and is actively useless with whatever “powerful friends” if he couldn’t save the pair from that fate… Come the fuck on man. What the hell is wrong with YOUR head. It doesn’t explain that the MC may as well be on the spectrum for emotional reactivity; it doesn’t excuse the fact that Jane fucked up her intro with MC, and decided to jump on his best friend because MC brushed her off??? [Yes: I am still pissed about her lack of inclusion – no I’m not letting it go and she is MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVELY RENDERED THAN YARA. So if I GET TO CHOOSE whether I will pursue one = Why not the other? Even from the start of the game; THAT IS HOW YOU BUILD A GOD DAMNED HAREM PATH!]

    Because the Narrator is NOT meant to TALK to the MAIN CHARACTER = The Narrator is meant to generally BE the main character. Or it’s literally the dev creating a short intro to explain some mechanics about the game just in case and then they fuck right off and let the story be what it is. How are you a game dev who makes so many damned references to OTHER GAMES, if you don’t know that. Ginger Queen? Hello My New Family – also REALLY FUCK OFF WITH THAT. You’re already taking bad cues from Bad Mustard – who has a half finished Harem game where again: You don’t get access to ALL of the girls who show interest to MC. Aside from the fact they ALSO damn near killed the MC several times in their game as a story hook. Not a great plan to take lessons in story telling from that. Jesus.

    Frankly you also know fuck all about legal proceedings: He was a MINOR when those things happened so they would be LEGALLY OBLIGATED NOT TO DIVULGE A DAMNED THING. There are LAWS in place that will penalize ANYONE THAT DOESN’T MAKE DAMNED SURE OF THAT. His name cannot be published to protect his identity, and the people responsible would get the book thrown at them HARD. Stick to the concepts you do know. But since you have no clue how to properly present a harem, you’ve almost killed the MC for a time skip (Between you, almost Dead and Troubled Legacy I’m starting to think you assholes just don’t like the Main Characters you created…) I don’t know exactly what concepts you would be capable of writing. Because that talking bear shit wasn’t funny. The MC ISN’T Deadpool, and I swear to god if you pull the “It Was All A Dream” Bullshit at the end of this buddy, no one should ever support your work again.

      1. And yet you went to the trouble to comment. Merry Christmas Murikan.

        You can count the two braincells you saved as backups for the third you must be using most of the time, if you can’t even read half a page. Presents are always nice, am I right?

        1. I always enjoy your reviews, they have saved me A LOT of time. Given what I’ve read you got a pretty good taste in games, I’d be curious to know your favorites list. If you got the time, drop us a list of your top 10. Would be much appreciated.

        2. It’s not that I can’t read half a page, it’s that my brain rejects reviews that do not try to take into account the nature of the thing it’s reviewing. You might as well be writing about how horrible Mondrian is as a painter because there are no horses in any of his works, proving only that you missed the point of the piece.

          Good Review: “This game breaks the fourth wall by having the narrator talk to the main character.”

          Bad Review: “the Narrator is NOT meant to TALK to the MAIN CHARACTER”

          The difference between these two reviews is that the good review informs me and lets me make a decision about what I want out of a game. I personally find breaking the fourth wall to be a potent literary device.

          The bad review requires me to try and work against the reviewer to see if the game is good for me.

          Worse if the reviewer waffles between “this is for the developer” or not. Even worse still if the reviewer shit-talks the reviewer, once directly to them, but claims the desire to be listened to. Who would listen to the above review for input?

          Would you?

          And the third worst is when that reviewer egotistically thinks that being an author anywhere for anything gives them the validity to down-play criticism.

          My time is better spent educating the reviewer to actually, uh, review. And should the reviewer not want to do that, the five seconds to mock them for pretending to be a reviewer and warning others that their opinion is written about as well as a frothing Letter To The Editor and not worth their time.

          This was worth the five seconds of writing my review. I feel dumber for having to explain these things to you considering the things you’ve told us about yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you wrote, what you wrote, once you start writing balanced opinions geared toward the purpose of the piece you’re reviewing I’ll stop mocking them.

          This does mean that I’ve read more about them than I let on. Your reviews are SO DUMB. (See, doesn’t that right there make you think critically of your work? No? Now re-read what you wrote until you see the parallels.)

          I like thinking that my three braincells are a bit-checked RAID. That actually made me laugh.

          Happy New Year!

  2. First, there is a harem path: I’m not aware of any other path, as I don’t generally play these games NOT to get the girl…

    This should be differentiated AT THE START OF THE GAME = Ask THE PLAYER whether the WANT the game to be a HAREM.

    That way… when the BLONDE SHOWS INTEREST IN THE MC BEFORE THE ASIAN DOES; SHE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY DECIDE TO GO FUCK THE BLACK GUY!!! (he has his arm around her before you even get to the main screen when the game starts for fuck sakes – and in a HAREM as a pro tip against about a billion anime = THE BEST FRIEND ONLY GETS LAID BY CHICKS WHO ARE NOT SHOWN AND OR SHOW NO INTEREST IN THE MC AT ALL, AND OFF-SCREEN)

    This ONE POINT dents the blond girl’s value as a character so hard for me that it just makes me see red. Almost literally. You CHOSE to make a harem path, presented a viable actually DTF girl right off against a super shy; reluctant other girl, and the girl MC’s already viably PISSED at, and then you just take her away immediately. For NO REASON! Jesus dude. Fix that. Pronto.

    But now even if you break them up for whatever bullshit reason: She’s. Already. Been. Proven. A. Slut. One who can’t make her mind up, or is too damned impatient to get laid/too “free-spirited” about getting laid to actually TRUST in a relationship. That doesn’t work for a harem route. So why the fuck did you put her in the game??? Seriously. If you were gonna do that, she shouldn’t have been anything but a friend to the Asian chick, and never shown on screen but TALKED about by Best Friend Guy. We don’t need to see her going with him, or hear her talking about how she’s getting fucked… that’s NOT how this genre ever works.

    If it was a dating sim situation and you fucked up in responses with her in order to keep her interest; fair enough. But it’s not that. You let us choose to make it a HAREM path and you DO NOT get to block off a female the player might be interested in while designing a harem. For any reason. That’s just either you don’t understand the formula, or you’re actively fucking with your players’ heads. That ONE POINT I take major issue with. Aside from that – there does NOT need to be implied Lesbian content in a harem; three ways with the two girls mean that they are BOTH focused on the MC. Not on fucking each other! Jesus. There didn’t need to be another girl who was interested in the girl MC is pissed at (justifiably) JUST to shoehorn in the idea that Best Girl Friend who wants to be more with MC and might have missed her shot, could be Bi. Ugh. And IF the player chooses NOT to forgive the Best Girl Friend Who FUCKED UP MASSIVELY = THEN you can do the fuck it I’ll go clam diving for revenge bit.

    I will comment again after I play this current update, as it might have been changed…but I posted something similar to this once. Perhaps on another site, I’m not sure. So I’m posting the grievance here, as it DOES need to be re-worked to PROPERLY be a HAREM PATH. I doubt that anything has changed… and again at this point if you do break those two up because Black Guy “wasn’t serious about her” or whatever, she’s STILL damaged goods.

  3. You clearly have no idea how “a modern harem works.” You can fantasize all you want that all women agree to be with one man and that he is their only sexual partner while he satisfies his hunger with more women, but in a real relationship if you want your partner to open his mind to an idea you must give certain concessions to make the deal as fair as possible… Plus how do you expect to have an orgy with your harem if you don’t allow true intimacy between them? Just as a harem must be faithful to its master, it must also have the freedom to be self-sufficient in all aspects, just as the women in it must be there of their own free will and not because “they need you”, a relationship this dependent can seem fun in fantasy but in reality it is only destined to fail, if you want a lasting harem you must forge real feelings

    1. Harem in general is not a “modern” term.

      The REAL feelings are the pledge of LOYALTY that the women give to their man. Period. This is why the collector he is, KEEPS them. They understand this. If they sign up for the harem, it does not mean ALL of the women wan to fuck all of the other women ALONGSIDE the Harem Leader. It means they WANT TO FUCK THE HAREM LEADER. Which he’s NOT going to let them do, if they are disloyal; and yes. Dude, that includes with OTHER WOMEN. I play harem because it’s about loyalty to ONE male. I’m not looking for a Roman orgy (which is properly SWINGING and has fuck all to do with the concept of a Harem) I think it’s you that doesn’t understand how a HAREM works. Period. Modern has fuck and all to do with the concept. Go watch any number of Anime. Tell me exactly how many women in any of them are too busy fucking each other, to chase the male they ALL want? I’ll wait for the answer. I already know it. Also, no need to talk about reality in the concept of a Harem. Unless we’re all somehow Sheiks. Ain’t none of us men in real life that would ever actually swing a harem – and on the off chance that some lucky bastard DID manage to convince more than three women to fuck him at once, loyally; there’s no chance in hell it wouldn’t be reported as some sex cult. So your whole notion in half your comment is flawed to start with.

      Feel free to disagree with me all you want; but if you don’t think your view is wrong, why the hell should I think mine is? Let’s agree to disagree. Though I will say you use the term Master, and also Self-Sufficient. Guess what’s the one reason that a Submissive SUBMITS? They DO NOT want to be the ones in control. That’s not even a hard concept. They aren’t looking for self-sufficiency. They’re looking for a protective, powerful, virile OWNER. Which by nature of possession means they do NOT get to seek any other intimate relationships. Even within the circle that is formed. There is no true dominant in any sort of right mind that would EVER allow that. It would break the bond they’d ALL of them agree upon before they even started. Harem was NEVER about a fair deal. It is protection, stability, and power. Love if you are very lucky, and there were competitions to earn the top spot. Fair has fuck all to do with it; and any woman that enters into one, isn’t looking for Fair. They are looking for kind. Caring. Attentive. But as far as power balances go; the LEADER rules. Other than that anyone that disagrees, is free to leave. Find their own path, and make their own way. That, would be Self-Sufficient.

      Seriously, all of this because I said I don’t like the fact that one of the girls is Bi with a GIRL preference – especially in the context she’s chasing the female that actually wants to MAKE UP with the MC for fucking up HIS relationship in the first place, passive aggressively = Who ABSOLUTELY should JUST be focused on the MC, if she at all wants a chance in hell to prove that she’s genuine (in a game that is at least LEADING UP TO a Harem Path) and I would prefer the blond chick who’s actually hot and confident as a nerd girl herself should be persuable as part of the freaking Harem Path that might be at some point. Jane was perfectly fine to have sex experience, but if she’s going to be included that strongly in the game she didn’t need to be fucking the black roommate of MC; when she was FLIRTING heavily with MC two seconds before she decided to not go for it…for no real reason except maybe not to hurt her friend. Who didn’t even viably know at that point she had a shot with MC at all. Seriously, they cock blocked player choice to get anywhere with Jane; for what? Because MC’s fucking at least three girls in my playthrough, with the option for more. It COUNTS as a harem at this point just by numbers according to the genre. So there’s NO reason that the blond should not also admit to Anh (which is a dumb name by the way – and not how it’s spelled. If you’re going for Ankh, that’s Egyptian, not Asian) that she wants to take a ride on MC’s horse cock. The male roomie didn’t need to be more than a bro, and could have again, had any girl OFF SCREEN. That’s fine. There’s no need to introduce a girl we don’t get because Word of God says so… but make her basically one of the two most attractively rendered females in the damned game.

      * Note, this is probably the second time I’ve seen this posted as of 9/17/2023 where there was no actual update. It ends off right after the sex scene with Alex. The same way it did the last two times I downloaded it.

  4. Can you learn how-to block Paths, so they don’t mix with each other? Meaning the Harem Route Mixing with the Solo Route.

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