Some Modeling Agency [v0.10.4e] [T Valle]

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System Hints

  1. Girls start out not liking much, and can grow into liking much more, maybe even everything
  2. Girls have a mix of hotspots, to neutral spots, to bad spots. You can have a hot spot nestled right between two bad spots. Ex: Bad spot: hand, hot spot: forearm, bad spot: arm
  3. Girls respond differently to you touching them with your hands, body, crotch, and dick. Generally, a hotspot with the hand is a hotspot with everything else, but not always
  4. Speed is important. Expiriment with holding shift and alt and ctrl. She may hate something on normal speed but LOVE it when you do it slower.
  5. Some hotspots can only bring the girl up to a certain % of horniness. Find another, and if you can’t, RIP. Shes trash.

Speed of assessment is more important than quality, imo. A good girl will reveal herself somewhat quickly. A bad girl will reveal herself somewhat quickly. A meh girl may take some time, learn to treat them as a bad girl.

I prefer to start by rating her body quickly. Verify that I have the pain and annoyance sliders minimized in the cheat menu. Then I open with the raunchiest dialog and start humping her all over. Maybe the bad bars go up instantly. Maybe the good bars go up slowly. If she doesn’t react much, I whip out the dick and try again. If that doesn’t work, I usually ditch her unless she is SUPER hot. If so, I try the hand in some places, but usually it doesn’t work.

The system is pretty obvious once you get used to it. In the rating window there is a level called interview level, which generally means how well the girl matches your previous ratings. Level 1 girls are random, so mostly ugly and not very nice to you. You rate them, trying to find something positive in each of them and make sure the system gets enough data. Next week you get a group of level 2 girls based on your ratings and a fresh group of level 1. Obviously level 2 look much better if you were consistent with your ratings and they are much easier to convince to do some lewd stuff. Next week you get even higher level girls, based on your ratings of level 2 girls and this whole cycle repeats, though every time a group of random level 1 girls show up to bring some new variety, maybe with some feature that was absent in your initial group. Give the system some time and you will have enough rating data to consistently generate beautiful and willing girls, perfectly suited to your taste which the game learns by your rating.

Download Cheat Mod

Monkey is a mod for Some Modeling Agency.
Currently it has the following features:

  • Change the proportions of the current female character (scale, breasts size, buttocks size, etc.)
  • Dress/undress the female character (individual pieces of clothing can now be turned on or off)
  • Set and lock the values for the female and male character’s emotions (can now be done individually)
  • Graphics settings can be adjusted (fog, ambient occlusion, bloom etc.)
Hotkey (default)
Toggles the visibility of the main window.​
Toggles potato mode, which enables/disables all graphics settings at once.​
Toggles the camera mode; in the unlocked mode you can view around without holding right mouse button.​
Toggles the male character scale mode; in the scaled mode the male character will be scaled by 10% in the Y-axis which allows you to access female characters laying sideways on the desk.​

All hotkeys are configurable in the configuration file (BepInEx\config\monkey_configuration.xml).




Simply extract the contents of the archive into the game folder.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 69%
Visual - 82%
Engagement - 83%
Core Loop - 85%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.88 ( 67 votes)

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