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Book of Lust [v0.1.18.1b] [KanashiiPanda]

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Download for Mac

Download for Linux

Download for Android - v0.1.11.1b

  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Some game notes:

-The options menu contains resolution and music options.

-Hold down ‘n’ or ‘right click’ to fast forward through dialogue.

-The ‘Travel Mode’ Button means that when you travel to another room; you get the ‘Action UI’ instead of the ‘General UI’. It should make long distance travel or repetitive actions easier.

-In order to travel to the sister’s room normally, you’d have to click Action > Den > Action > Cassandra’s Room
-With travel mode on you’d have to click Travel Mode > Den > Cassandra’s Room

-For now, there’s a cheat button in the Character Stats menu. It gives:
-Enough Exp to purchase all spells.
-Max mana/stamina
-Max Influence, Love, and Lust to all interactable characters

-To modify Character Influence/Love/Lust/Hunger individually, click the character in the ‘Character Stats’ Menu then click either the +10/-10 buttons next to the stat to raise/lower it.

-The ‘Exp Salvage’ button can help mitigate the damage if I break the save system. To use it, load a save file that’s obsolete and click the ‘Exp Salvage’ button. It will start a new game but carry over all the exp that you earned. Try giving this a shot if something seems broken. There’s a chance that an update caused some conflict.

-N or Right Click – Fast Forward through Dialog
-Escape – Options Menu
-Z – Cum

-During the Disclaimer Screen with the “I Agree” button; set Resolution with the following keys:
-[1] = 1280×720
-[2] = 1152×648
-[3] = 1024×576
-[4] = 896×504
-[5] = 768×432
-[Q] = FullScreen

Available scenes:
-As Jake
-Sex with Cassandra
-Sex with Possessed Cassandra
-Sex with Cassandra under Command – Delve Spell
-Sex with Olivia
-(v0.0.40.xx)Compulsion sex with Olivia
-Compulsion Sex with Cassandra
-Sex with Possessed Olivia
-Command – Fuck Other on Cassandra
-Sex with Olivia under Command – Delve Spell
-Command – Fuck Other between Olivia and Cassandra while Olivia’s under Command – Delve Spell
-Sex with Julia when she comes over on Sunday Night
-Dreamwalk spell on Cassandra
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-Sex with Julia
-Sex with Mel
-As Cassandra
-Sex with Jake
-Compulsion Sex with Jake
-All spells work on Jake except Command: Fuck Other and Soul Passenger
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-Sex with Mel
-Sex with Possessed Olivia
-As Olivia
-Sex with Jake
-Sex with Mel when he visits
-No scenes with Cassandra
-As Mel
-Sex with Cassandra
-Blowjob from Cassandra while offering her rides in your car
-Sex with Olivia
-Sex with Jake
-Olivia and Mel can start an ongoing sexual relationship
-Most Spells don’t work on Mel yet.
-Soul Passenger works on:
-Dominate Mind works on:
-Cassandra and Olivia can become pregnant
-Can send Aspect of Dominance to hunt sexual energy.
-Can send Aspect of Lust to hunt sexual energy.
-Gestation time for Aspect of Dominance is 5 days
-Gestation time for Aspect of Lust is 7 days
-Julia Woods appears at the Hart residence on Sunday Night
-Mel Price appears at the Hart residence on Saturday Late Night

Areas available:
-The Hart’s residence
-The school courtyard
-Maple Street
-Olivia’s Flower Shop
-Oleander Road
-The Price’s Apartment
-The Woods’ Den
-Julia’s Room

Caroline’s Questline:
-Introduction – Go to the school as Jake in the afternoon while level 3 or higher. Accept Julia’s invitation to lunch.
A big thanks to Scion for letting me use his Fullscreen script!
Music was given to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

You can also mail us at :-

Editor's Rating

Story - 60%
Visual - 55%
Engagement - 67%
Core Loop - 60%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 2.82 ( 23 votes)

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  1. Tap on screen and wait a little longer. Some scenes are heavy so on weak devices you need some time for game to load them. BTW v0.1.7.1b is already on f95zone.

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