Peasant’s Quest [v3.32] [Tinkerer]

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Download Update Only (v3.22 or later -> v3.32)

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  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

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Editor's Rating

Story - 95%
Visual - 92%
Engagement - 96%
Core Loop - 95%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.59 ( 109 votes)

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  1. This game is great and it’s not even finished yet! It has a lot of kinks and perverted stuff in it and good drawings with animations to top it off. At times it’s funny and over the top. Bonus points for the girls having pubic hair.

    Make pubic hair great again! 😀

  2. Did anyone else encounred a bug when leaving mistress’ house?
    You spot a spider and you run after it, it’s gone and you try to exit again and the same thing happens again
    You either are stuck in spider loop or you can’t move
    Maybe it’s because I was playing it on joiplay and I used cheat for things I was not supposed to!
    If you find out please reply to me
    Thank you

    1. Part of the story, you’ll need a pickaxe to break the wall where it would lead to the spider’s den.

    1. If you like rpgm you can try ”A Struggle With Sin”.
      But the problem with the developers of these games is that they take a whole year to release an update.

      1. that game is shit if for normal people. but if you’re into bestialty much then yes that game is best because you fuck monster 99% and normal human you can fuck is only your travel partner from start of the game

  3. One thing I never do in games is use cheating to acquire items or infinite money, it speeds up the game and makes it break in general, many people say it has no effect, but it does…. one hour the quest will break and not even going back saves will fix it, that’s why I prefer to play in race, but one thing I hate is wasting several weeks trying to reach the objectives and reaching a point and finding several bugs that do not let the quests be completed, like I can’t ask Marcos to build Liandra’s house because the dialog with him doesn’t appear, the same thing as when trying to ask him to make the children’s beds for Vitoria and Hilde, there’s no way the dialog option is disabled that’s bug…. I already cleaned the entire area on the top floor of Hilde’s house and even then there is no dialogue with the landmarks for him to build….. version here (NYD312) this version is more buggy than all the previous ones everything that worked before now doesn’t work anymore, when I open the missions screen it’s full there and there’s no way to finish it because of the bugs that are the dialogues with the carpenter Marcos.

  4. The current version I’m using is vs.Peasants_Quest_NYD312

    3 versions ago when you entered the stable to help Beth the 1st scene was possible to see and the 2nd with the spyglass too now that’s over we go to the mark on the window and all that appears is this image from the photo….. In fact, this game was completely full of bugs in several quests, I already deleted all the saves and unzipped the whole game again and started from scratch about 3 times. Marcus and building the beds for Vitoria and Hilde is also impossible as it doesn’t seem like the shopping dialogs in Marcus anymore.

    There is a path in the Black Globins area where there is a bridge with water, there when passing ErevisDaughterTeen there was a bathing scene with her, now she only appears saying that she is thirsty and nothing else, and the sex scenes in the tavern with it’s over too, like i said the game is full of bugs.

    I’m tired of posting problems with this version on the F95zone forum and nobody responds…. I think that a lot of people are generally discouraged from this game, because with each update that comes in, a new one instead of improving each time gets more and more damaged.
    One thing I always say if you have something simple and functional because then tinker with what’s good!!!

    1. there’s a decensor patch you can download above, including instructions about how to apply it. once you do all the censored scenes are viewable again, with no other impact on gameplay

  5. to be fair it is very grindy, but i played this game for 4 days straight and it is very fun its a solid 4/5 for me
    also if you go to the bottom of the walkthrough pdf and activate cheat mode a bunch of chests spawn around the map with coins and items to make it easier, also if you click around to the left of where the cheat mode is there is a second cheat mode for helping with affections. but i would recomend not using the money cheat mode until later in the game when you need to start remodling houses cause its not infinite money

    1. he is at the inn after you burn his house down, top left of the inn to be exact drinking with his wife

    1. There is bug in the game need to fixed. After you get the present for Shakala, it will frozen the screen when you have a sex with shakala in the tent.

      1. not a guarenteed fix but it worked for me, try taking a fertility potion before starting the scene, it makes the scene last a little longer not ending on the frozen picture

  6. There’s only one NTR scene which clearly avoidable and plenty cuck scenes where you fuk the wife behind the simp husbands back. I don’t consider the cuck scenes ntr because she doesn’t even like her husband that much and doesn’t fuck him.

  7. You realize you can look at all the tags and see how many games fall under each tag, right? Your totally not gay as fuck cuckfest isn’t even CLOSE to the top.

  8. If you want to enjoy this game, do this:
    First make a save file. Then edit the MC’s HP,MP to 99999 and edit his gold to 9999999 using save editor( google it). Maybe some you knows some don’t i just wanted to help.
    You can do this with any RPGM game

  9. If you want to enjoy this game, do this:
    First make a save file. Then edit the MC’s HP,MP to 99999 and edit his gold to 9999999 using save editor( google it). Maybe some you knows some don’t i just wanted to help.
    You can do this with any RPGM game

  10. I’ve played this game a few times.

    The NTR is clearly marked as to what choices will lead to that consequence as I recall; and should be fairly easily avoidable with a little work to gaining women’s affections.

    What isn’t… is all the grinding. Finance is the major stopping block. The game is also highly GEAR dependant for power.
    Aside from that, the notion of contraceptives. Magic that needs to be active in order to gain some of the women.
    The fact that owning your own place is a heavily taxed luxury, and tied last I recall to the Mayor’s Wife.
    {Who you can fuck and breed – if you can again counter the contraceptive she’s taking. Which if I remeber right needs magic. Which is very late to unlock. Doing so – too soon? – will also auto bork a chunk of your progress with her.}
    * The game is not very clear about when a pregnancy WILL be allowed by any given female.

    There are a few tags – like the stable girl sucking off or fucking? the horse, and the goblin sex that frankly don’t really need to be there. Mostly it’s a lot of work, for some very convoluted questlines in chain quests, that if you fuck up one step, it can completely bork. Overall, the reward is a few hot scenes. VERY limited pregnancy, and one of the LI’s literally begins as an old hag who later turns absolutely hot… but you have to fuck the hag first. Which I’d call nightmare fuel. So YMMV as to whether all that work is really what you want. It is reputedly a one man crew, so I can’t fault the work ethic. Grinding that hard for that long, just to feel blue-balled isn’t really my draw. Pare down the quest requirements; fuck off with the troll one shots part of the goblin questline; where you’ve got to take on a whole horde with Casper’s Hit Points… and make the Mayor’s Wife a HELL of A LOT easier to gain by divorce… and maybe. Just MAYBE… You could tempt me back to download. But even if I like vampires, the whole lack of pregnant option, vs. How much of a PITA it is to get to the Harem most players will try for, is not the best call. There are too many options, who all want something from MC – mostly a finance tax, with not enough coin to earn easily to manage. It makes things take FAR longer than it should to get anywhere with even one of them. Including the whore. Who really did not need to be in the game quite frankly.

    If I’m honest, based the picture of those two on the main art being any indication of an actual end goal ONE of them should be willing to either by Light or Dark design as their Chosen One, make the game miles EASIER for the player. Otherwise, I don’t see you keeping a large audience in the long run. The hot scenes are mostly decently done, but not nearly enough – and I concur that while I appreciate the NTR is marked out to be avoided; no one comes to try to play a “power fantasy” game even if they have to work for it overall, to be screwed out of those earned scenes because someone else is plowing the girls to breed. Harem and NTR by genre tend to conflict, rather directly. Hell even the halfling baker ends up being a coin hungry cock tease. Hopefully this many updates in you’ve at least made more progress on that point, but I’m still not sure it’s worth the wait to download to find out. Because the game IS a slog. It doesn’t have to be at all, but it is. Some will accept that, and most will simply delete the game after an hour or two of getting their ass kicked being poor and weak enough to barely beat a goblin or two… and move well on.

    1. lol why do you have so many complaints about the games here. It’s like you are so picky with everything, get a life.

      1. First, “No” is the name I choose as an easy and cheeky answer to the bracket that says “Name.” That’s all. It’s an in joke. (Also the man with no name…)

        Second, I complain about mechanics that are poorly implemented so Devs know what does not work. I also request tags be added in general as I have my interests, but when the story can be Harem and involve Pregnancy, and doesn’t I point out the fact since not every dev thinks like that. I also tend to laud work does in progress that has fixed story issues, or when I like the story and it’s managed to keep me invested.

        My larger problem with this game is the nearly useless economy, and the grinding for any scrap of actual power. IN. A. HAREM. GAME! I do like a fair bit of the content (I’m not okay with FemDom and less okay with prostitution in a game that mostly involves varied levels of romance, and blocking pregnancy in general in a power fantasy genre is always going to be bullshit – no matter the reason involved) I don’t particularly think the Hero NEEDS magic, but a weapon enchanted might manage to cut down the grinding and give MC a better chance to actually survive. Turn him INTO A vampire/Supernatural Being, and you could theoretically introduce a new powerset, and have means to boost his DPS/Durability without billions of hours grinding or cheat codes… and you could still excuse pregnancy content (or even offer it as a direct choice of Do You Want To See This Content?)

        If you won’t “complain” the devs get no feedback about what does and does not work. Which means they will not fix most issues and assume that everything is going well, and then the game’s potential goes from “could be brilliant” to, “oh. It’s just good.” That’s why I do this, and I sound more negative in the longrun, than I really am.

        1. For what it’s worth, it sounds like a few of the things you want included are actually in the game already, you just haven’t found them yet. eg you can acquire vampire powers temporarily for different combat abilities (and to impregnate the vampire harem). And there actually is optional preg/breeding content available with almost every love interest (even the Giantess, goblins, monsters, spiderwoman, vampires etc) although you may decide it’s not all worth your trouble which is fair enough given how much work the game requires to progress all the individual stories. Maybe it’s just developed a long way since your last playthrough.

          I actually think the time required and the gradual story progression is one of the things I like most about this game. It functions well as a game and an immersive story as well as containing a massive amount of widely varied XXX content

    2. of all your rambling, one thing makes sense – game is unfortunately easy to mess up, if you don’t check guide for ,,weak points”.
      and that’s a big flaw.

      1. Demi Review. Not rambling. Thank you. There is a difference. I will grant there were a few times in the normal flow of paragraph building, that I pushed Enter when I should have let it be and continued on. Sometimes the layout of the comment box still bothers me in that regard.

        At least you agree on some point, and you’re not (technically) insulting me. That’s refreshing.

        1. by ,,not insulting” you mean i forgot about invectives, or that i said nothing bout idiocies in your ,,review”?
          as for the latter, i would have to say the same things as in many previous instances, making it pretty redundant.
          so just one thing: economy in this game is fine.

          1. Sure it is; if you either cheat or you’re willing to grind for hours to get one bloody scene that you can still fuck up with the wrong choices. That ISN’T to everyone’s taste. Now I’m not saying everyone just wants to jack off to this stuff, but most of us aren’t here to be blue balled into eternity.

            You have the right to you’re opinion, and frankly if you had gotten insulting, I would have no problem throwing it right back. So go ahead. Everyone else does. Also – how in the hell did you even get the quotation to show up, upside down? and you call me an idiot…

            I stated my opinion, in as good a review as I could give without writing actual pages about this. Call them “rants” if you like, I call them demi reviews. I asked nobody to agree with it, or accept it. I’m just hoping the dev bothers to listen to genuine constructive criticism. Because this ISN’T a bad game. It’s just got too much fetish content – and not enough of the right types, in my view – and too many different stipulations to completion of the girls’ quests for many players’ tastes. Not all. Not even most, if you want to split hairs. That’s as diplomatic as I’m going to be.

            The orc quest specifically is too long, and too hard unless you overprepare up the wazoo. Even then, I’m not sure the game will LET you be tactical about the approach to fighting the ogres.

            The Mayor’s Wife is a pain in the ass to even get to fuck; and more of one to breed – the last I played. It may have been improved, one could hope, but frankly the housing issue being tied to her quest is absolute bullshit. There do not need to be detriments, in any RPG. The enemies will always out damage the player, since they rarely miss, and don’t need to upgrade equipment. Having to worry about the quality of your resting per day is just as backwards implemented as certain characters needing giant cock potions, or breeding potions. Which you have to learn from a character that shouldn’t even fucking BE in the game. At all.

            The economy is only part of the problem. This game is massively grindy, and too stipulative for even a lot of hard core RPG players to enjoy. The vampires are probably FemDom, but damn if I’ll ever find them. Half the girls take way too long to even get sex from and EVERYTHING you do in the game costs money. For a fantasy setting there’s WAY too much “realism.” Which made it so I will refuse to bother downloading it again. Games are supposed to be FUN. You do not spell fun as W-O-R-K. He also doesn’t have to start as a peasant. If he does, there should be an endgame to make him the KING. That’s Harem. Which also conflicts greatly with most takes on the term NTR.

            1. yea, loser, wouldn’t it be way more logical to try find porn that somewhat suits your bizzare needs? because i bet all money that here you will NEVER find a story with all bitches as ,,love interests” and ,,tamed” at the same time. devs simply play on diversity card – cause it pays off.
              on top of that, you basically want half-god mc, and that’s fucking rare for good reason –
              cause honestly only coping losers, who don’t realise they are coping losers, want something like that.

              why i say economy is good – i’ve actually enjoyed that part the most. pretty well balanced, on it’s own. assuming you avoid major mistakes – that’s why mentioned checking on guide for potential problems.
              and fight is also rather enjoyable. yes, you can probably call me hardcore player. games are for people like me, if you don’t like them and only want the story, can always stick to comics (aka vn’s).

              and heh, i’m simply using normal quotation, from my language, not the shit from idiotic inglish 🙂 funny part, i do that using probably the same keyboard as you. figure out.

              1. I’m fine with a little grind. I do play skyrim and fallout 4. (God Help me but when it’s stable enough I’ll probably bother with Starfield. But by then I’d have an Xbox Series X. Right about three months before they roll out the new one. I know…

                I’ve downloaded the guide more than once – it’s not complete and several of the quests are massively convoluted for no reason. For example to the poster above about some of the content I want being in the game already – in order to get the mayor’s wife you have to distract the mayor; and have bought the house (and if you think by the way this economy is well balanced I question your sanity my friend. It isn’t. It will take you HOURS and hours to get anywhere. BECAUSE you need to rest; and when you fight you need equipment; most of which is either expensive as balls, or sucks) Getting the mayor’s wife pregnant also requires you to trick her and that is a VERY involved process last I played. The process to get the giant pregnant involves learning magic, which is a very involved process again – and then having the ingredients to actually make the freaking potion to make MC’s cock big enough for her to want to breed with [unless he changed that…] Never got past the point where you have to fight a horde to save the goblin tribe (after you get the goblin girl pregnant and marry her, and that is ALSO a very involved questline for no reason) Everything you do is either difficult because combat’s not balanced and you have no skills to help with that, you have fuck all for viable ways to earn a lot of money fast [and no – I don’t count cheat codes or console commands as ‘viable’]

                If you’re telling me you like the economy in this game I take it you’re as good at Math as you are at English. It’s also “figure it out.” If you want to get technical. Maybe the next time you want to use the word idiot, try to avoid several spelling mistakes. Might help you not seem like one.

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