Out of Touch! [v3.7.1] [Story Anon]

Download for Windows

Download Update Patch

Download for Mac

Download Update Patch

Download for Linux - V1.34

Download for Android - Asset Package 1

Download for Android - Asset Package 2

Download for Android - Asset Package 3

Download for Android - Asset Package 4

Download for Android - Asset Package 5

Download for Android - Update Only

  • Android:
    1. Download the main asset installers listed below.
    2. Run installers in any order, press Install in each and wait for installation process to finish before running next installer.
      PLEASE NOTE: You must OPEN THE APKs after installing them AND HIT THE INSTALL BUTTON INSIDE in order for them to transfer their assets to the main game. If you only install the .apk but don’t open each one and run them, they will not work.
    3. Install the main game APK (Out_Of_Touch.apk) and run it.
    Future updates will work like this:
    1. An update asset installer will be released – it will install all new or updated bundles in the latest release.
      In addition last main asset installer will be updated with new content or new installer will be added if previous reaches size limit.
      Therefore if you are installing fresh or are a few updates behind, you must be sure to download and install all main asset installers that were changed (e.g. if when you downloaded game previously last installer was #4 and there are 5 main installers – download and run main installers #4 and #5).
    2. The main game APK updates are independent of asset updates or patreon status. Updates to main game APK will be released sometimes to fix bugs, improve UI/UX or add new features.

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Editor's Rating

Story - 81%
Visual - 86%
Engagement - 77%
Core Loop - 80%


out off 100%

This review is based on author's perspective and actual experience may differ on individual's own preferences.

User Rating: 3.63 ( 42 votes)

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  1. Good art, writing. Sex amimation is lacking. And, a metric fuckton of clicks! A better auto advance would help that tremedously.

  2. Pretty confusing game.
    Who is the protagonist?! Dialogues change from one character to the other without warning. Hard to know who is talking during prologue the episode 1 to 2 (at lest). The choice of using unity engine instead of renpy is somewhat arguable.
    Trying to give a open world feeling but no real clue about where to go so you have to go to ever place, try to talk and explore in every place. Then at some point the dialogue hints you may have to do it again because events now open…very boring to check 10 placer over and over until finding THE action that allows you keep going.
    Devs should try to give real hints on what to do next or limit choices to real options.
    Going to the subway 10 times to be told there is nobody to talk to and get 10 times de description of the subway is really not fun at all. We are playing a AVN…it might not be a only a fap game but at lease having a story that is not about “no content in this place” is the bear minimum a player could ask for.
    This is worst than some grinding games as absolutely nothing happens not even H-scenes for a while.
    Only played up to chapter 2 but can’t keep going just so repetitive “no content” choices that you almost forget what the story is about before finding something new happening.

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