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  1. No - I'd call the end of this update Cheap Trick, but who's gonna get that reference? says:

    If by some miracle any of you that download this game make it to the end of this current update at Chapter 47 – I think I can explain what I doubt the Dev will coherently about what’s going on. Here’s a tip though for the writer “Psychadelic” does NOT mean fuck with your audience’s head to the end of the project. You DO have to be more clear about certain aspects. Especially if you want to retain said audience for any great length, or keep financial supporters.

    First: “I was there the day CJ Thundercock died…” [You’re an asshole for pulling that as a shock value point and NOT explaining anything to the audience, most of whom won’t likely be as versed in mythologies as I am] However: In MOST creation mythologies that allow for demigods and true apotheosis (especially Greco-Roman) death is a factor in ascendance. Herakles is a prime example. So CJ “dying” is not the end of the game. It may be something that needs to happen, in order for him to start to be the god he’s supposed to be. There is a caveat to this at the same time – and I would caution the dev not to be too big a dick about see-sawing with it. MOST demigods in Greek myth either failed to ascend, or ascended to a lesser state. In fact there’s only one born Demigod who has (debateably in some cases) reached the state of True Godhood. Herakles. The Greeks did actually differentiate tiers for godhood. “Immortal” was still a state of godhood; but the least possible sort. You factually can’t die – but you have no portolio. No other powers. No sphere to affect any influence upon the world. Nymphs and Satyrs and other such creatures often fell into this category. There were less powerful gods, and more powerful ones. Depending on the import of their individual portfolios. Apollo classically took over for Helios, but he’s also a god of medicine, and the arts. If CJ is meant to be the God-King of his own pantheon; do NOT fuck this up! Zues was said to have been so strong that at one point he played tug of war with the entirity of the rest of his pantheon (perhaps save Herakles himself – as he’s actually only SOMETIMES counted the last of the larger pantheon, it’s not definitive that he did join it as a god) and WON. By himself. CJ NEEDS to be THAT level of powerful if he’s going to rule his pantheon.

    Jamie: We get it, she’s an example of Wicca the same as her Twin – Who I still think shouldn’t have needed to exist (even if I like her more right now) She is the Moon to CJ’s Sun… yada yada. Here’s a tip; WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT HER MODS WERE. She doesn’t know what they were. My theory about where you can/should go with this – with what you pulled in CJ’s “safe space” – is that he CAN make her exactly what she’s always wanted to be in the real world. Based on how her mods were always meant to be activated… He’s got to actually FUCK her to do that though. I think part of the reason you’ve flat lined her is that you always intended she looks as she did when CJ transmogrified her into who she wanted to see herself as. Who she felt herself to be, at heart. (I also think he could have shown her through his eyes, how he actually sees her now that he knows she’s a girl and it would’ve had the same damned effect… but whatever, I can roll with it, and she was gorgeous) BUT you also enjoy cock-blocking the audience with convoluted bullshit.

    We GET IT. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and she’s this massively powerful EQUAL state (as what I’m going to assume is CJ’s actual God-Queen) BUT she doesn’t seem to realize (Ironic for the big brain really) that she’s ham-stringing herself by not fucking him. Because her mods were likely keyed to make her into that very same transformed state, but ONLY once she’d found the mate she was meant to have. [She is the last heir; and part of her duty is to continue the line… It would be the kind of dickish thing her grandfather would pull, and we know it] CJ is The One for her. Mizue is fine exactly as she is, but Jamie is only going to be who and what she was really meant to be when The Lady accepts her one true Lord. She NEEDS him to “rejuvenate” to awaken her into the state of her full power; and for her to finally have FULL control of said power. She’ll understand only after the point they join together, that the “new world” they create together will be her world. IE her world view, and view of herself. She’s a very complex character – and while I STILL DON’T and NEVER WILL agree that she should’ve married Leah, nevermind NOT annuled the damned marriage after the FIRST FUCKING MONTH >.< – right now, she's the only thing standing in the way of her getting everything she actually wants. STOP making the one who's supposed to be the Panther to his Lion be a complete CHICKEN SHIT. She's literally the ONLY one currently in CJ's harem that HASN'T fucked him. Even once. Hell, she had to be drunk and man-handled by her Switch of a twin into admitting she even bloody WANTS to.

    The game does have potential; IF you'd stop trying to dick the audience around. Lay off the lesbianism bullshit (especially if you say CJ NEEDS to get laid 25 FUCKING TIMES A DAY – when most women can't or won't go more than once! * That means there should be 25 goddamned rings on his fingers. Genius, and if you make it any worse as he grows in power… that's just going to be about how much more work you want to do to create/implement new characters. Especially since you've got at least 5-8 I can think of on the back burner)

    Why introduce the four of Ashley's friends, if they're just going to be eye candy. One or two of them definitely wants to be in the harem; and there's NO reason to have focused on Gloria this much if she wasn't GOING to be. Soon. Why the fuck did you keep Shayla around if she's Not going to be in the harem? CJ's already fucking Jamie and Mizue, and the triplet maids… so why not Keiran's sisters – and frankly I'd death flag Kelly, and claim Olivia to boot. Augri or whatever the fuck you named her too. There's also Theresa's sisters. They're probably just as DTF CJ as Theresa is. The cursed girl is bullshit, so she BETTER at some point be in the harem too. Otherwise she's just a PITA to fuck with the audience's heads. And that's only who you've currently introduced. I have no doubt you're probably gonna get at least one of the two to X girls who murdered the teacher into the harem. Or if you don't, there was no reason to animate the hint of shadows that she was that attractive. And are we going to ever talk about the fact that since Vic's mom "filled the hole in her" (No, that's still CJ with that 25 cm cock – by the way: 25 cm is 9.8 inches. Not 10) CJ's technically also been boning her mom?

    When you make him a full god, you're gonna name his battleform "Giga Chad." I just know it. You're that flavor of ass. Then again, you didn't write – Give me size beyond size. Or name the came Thundercock's Hoes. (Never said I couldn't make bad joke references too. Or you finally broke my mind. You're choice) Least you didn't make him name his cock's slit the eye of thundera… but I probably shouldn't hand you bright ideas.

  2. No - Do not waste the gigs, and save yourselves the headache. It's basically torture porn... says:

    Fuck you Dev. For many, MANY reasons.

    You damned near killed Leah; DID NOT make her run from the wedding like she should have after all the convoluted BS that made both her and CJ survive – SO YOUR RETARDED ASS MARRIED HER TO JAMIE!!!

    You have NO FUCKING CLUE how to write a proper harem.


    You want that go write Yuri you stupid fuck.

    So for all of that and probably almost 39 chapters in; now you’re going to fuck with Theresa. Do the same bullshit you did to the others. For what? What the fuck do you possibly get out of this? THEY. ARE. ALL. HIS. WIVES!!! You stated this basically from the start. Marriages should NOT happen that do not involve one girl, and CJ. You freaking imbecile.

    For all of that, I really TRULY cannot recommend this game unless you all that download it happen to be mental masochists. A harem IS NOT EVERYONE FUCKS EVERYONE. That is Polyamory. A harem is EACH GIRL IS SOLELY FOCUSED ON THE HAREM LEAD. End of story. So you can go fuck yourself. I am DONE with this bullshit story. I do not care if you make him the god you keep swearing he’s supposed to be. How he’s the best man in their lives; how he’s their “husband.” Fuck that. If Jamie can marry Leah for ANY length of time, or any RETARDED reason at all – you broke the damned harem. She STILL HAS NOT ACTUALLY FUCKED HIM = AND SHE DOESN’T WANT TO FUCK ANYONE ELSE!

    8 god damned months… because you’re too lazy to write in one sentence that said within two to three weeks we bribed a judge to get it annuled and by the way we bribed the newspapers to keep it hush hush. * You’d still do the partnership with Shayla – who could get into the harem, because she seemed to be willing enough, but it would free Leah to STILL be CJ’s wife and DOES NOT MAKE JAMIE LOOK MORE RETARDED THAN YOU’VE BEEN WRITING THE MC! She could still officially marry CJ – as it always should’ve been, and Leah is still far enough away to have gotten out of the bullshit arranged marriage she never wanted. Job. Fucking. Done.

    You’ve put these characters through hell. For what? There’s BARELY any sex scenes and most of them involve girls fucking girls more than they fuck MC. You’ve sidelined important relationships for way too damned long or cocked up the growth of actual relationships with bullshit because you’re dumb enough to have written yourself into a corner. I am officially not going to finish any more of this game. Simply because you DO NOT understand the core of the genre you claim to be writing. At all. You’ve made the MC the most powerful useless motherfucker on the planet, and introduced SO MANY other girls that should be in the harem – that will probably never be. For what reason? So this is my last comment on this tripe. My first and last download of this game. No matter how many other chapters you want to write, or how you might eventually reverse course and try to “fix” the shit you screwed up. You’re not respecting your characters, and you obviously know you’re being intentionally emotionally manipulative, or you wouldn’t have tried for that dumb assed “meta” joke about it. So whatever the story becomes, it is what it is, and it’s NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING for what the Audience gets out of it. 8 fucking months, and you’re gonna tell me that NOT ONE OF THEM is even pregnant by now? Fuck off.

    1. No - Still can't, and wouldn't recommend this game. Unless you like smacking your head against brick walls, for some reason... says:

      Despite better judgement I got further into the game. It’s STILL bullshit on many MANY levels.

      I’ll explain: Jamie STILL hasn’t fucked MC, despite a scene in chapter 46 where the entire current harem is willingly roofied… How??? There’s now the problem you’re getting TOO FAR into the gene mod bullshit to try to explain away the “godhood” aspect. You’ve literally turned the fucker into Ghengis Khan x25. Jamie is STILL calling Leah her fucking wife; and Leah is STILL calling Jamie her “Husband.” While admitting she sees CJ as her husband as well, and Victoria as her wife. FUCK. RIGHT. OFF… ANNUL THAT DAMNED MARRIAGE ALREADY! (They do NOT love each other that way – it was a SHIELD to get Leah out of the marriage; which is over and DONE WITH at this point. Again, JAMIE herself said it was going to get annuled… so what the fuck did you forget to do that for?!?)

      * The shit with Naomi not actually being his mom was more plausible than this test tube baby bullshit you cooked up. He could have been adopted, as an actual Demigod, and that would’ve served your ORIGINAL damned narrrative far better than the sci fi angle you’re trying to go for = WHILE mixing in far too much of this bad anime troupe shit. Naomi did NOT need to be gay; CJ DID NOT fuck her life up – that was a goddess. Another version of him long ago created, he had FUCK ALL TO DO WITH IT. If you want to mind fuck your own audience this badly, I wonder how you get any support at all.

      * At this point the ONLY member of Jamie’s family who HASN’T fucked her “husband” (which she does fucking call him; with no right to on that claim as of yet) is Jamie herself. It’s 46 fucking chapters in GODDAMN IT. She was literally the ONLY girl that actually saw herself in a wedding dress with him… and you dimwit that you are made her marry Leah. When all it would’ve taken was Leah saying, no. I’m not marrying this arse; he cheated on me before the wedding ceremony and I CAUGHT HIM DOING IT. He didn’t even want to be married to Leah in the first fucking place, so again two reason that entire arc was absolute DOGSHIT.

      Now you have Keiran bonded to Sarah, not CJ… so that’s another one that’s bonded to a girl, and not the fucking LEAD of the harem… in a harem tagged game. I’m getting tired of calling you names. If you know ANYTHING about harems as a genre you know how goddamned bassakwards that is. IF you somehow don’t, I genuinely can’t help you. BUT… if it gets to chapter fifty and Jamie STILL hasn’t lost her virginity to MC, I am done. Absolutely and unequivocally. You can’t even decide if this fucker is a gene modded freak of nature with super powers… somehow; or an actually near ascendant demigod for Christ’s sakes. Again, and for the last time: Harem IS NOT a POLY relationship. It’s a very specific verbal contractual agreement between all parties involved. The women devote themselves to ONE man. ONLY. There can perhaps be BI leanings; IF the MC allows it (That shit SHOULD ALWAYS be player choice) Other than that they can be attracted, but if they are ACTUALLY LOYAL, YOU FUCKING RETARD; THEY DON’T ACT ON IT!!!

      That, perhaps more than anything else a) confuses the whole relationship bond unnecessarily, Denounces every single fucking time they call him Husband OR their King, and b) pisses me the fuck off.
      Jamie DESERVED to be the ONLY “legal” wife [Up until you pulled the shit you did with her and Leah, and then seem to take such gleeful joy in COCK BLOCKING the MC… for NO FUCKING REASON! She does want him, and IF she EVER wants to get over her own damned hang-ups about comparing herself to the others, she’s GOING TO HAVE TO GROW A BIGGER SET AND ACTUALLY FUCK HIM] At this point I firmly vote Mizue (Who again; should have been absorbed into Jamie to GIVE HER THAT CONFIDENCE) as the legal wife, because at least SHE actually shows that she WANTS to be his wife. She calls him Hubby. I do not know what the fuck you were intending with the thrice bond version you’re going with. There are hallmarks of Wicca in it. But which is the crone, which is the maiden (who doesn’t bloody have to stay that way because if you know the religion well enough to mimic it you know she NEVER does, and CAN’T… because it’s cyclical. There is a LORD she needs, in order to rejuvenate her powers – The moon, and her sun) Jamie should properly be ONE person, with three woven ASPECTS. Not split into 3 seperate freaking women. That just leaves Jamie exactly how and who she was… and that wasn’t getting her anywhere with CJ in the first place. So it shows NOTHING of character growth, and you put her through hell for no damned reason.

      Pregnancy isn’t in the tags, so if you do intend for the game to at least have an end game where they all end up pregnant and married to him; good. But Jesus Christ it’s been more than 8 months now and you mentioned NOTHING about most of the girls he’s actually got RINGS for, having gene mods that act contraceptively, AND you mention that HIS would counter that shit anyway. Aggressively… So, What. The. Fuck?!? Get on with it. You have four more chapters at this point, if the current update doesn’t end before that. If you haven’t fixed any of these issues before that point, I’m done with this game. Entirely. Nor would I recommend ANYONE goes as far through it as I did. The sad part is, if it was handled right, the characters can be endearing. Hell, the apotheosis aspect could be a truly engaging story in the right hands. They ALL get their moments where it’s a genuine, loving relationship. If you’d fuck off with the everyone fucks everyone and just focus their attentions ONLY on the MC. Rather than more often insulting him, while all of them except Jamie admit now how much they still want to bone him. That says more about the girls, than CJ mate. Victoria I still don’t agree was salvagable. At all. Cro was actually a surprise in Theresa’s arc, and currently the only one, Ironically that CJ has knocked up… in the spirit realm where it arguably doesn’t count. My question for her is: Are you actually going to get to the point where she DOES get a body? Do you intend her to be in the fucking harem or not. Because at least most of his girls DON’T trust her. Why should they, but you seem rather set on keeping the fox bitch around.

  3. No - You could not design a more toxic character arc if you tried. Not a trophy or achievement I'd want... says:

    First – it’s HAREM TAGGED!

    Second – your main character IS NOT the doofus, genius. Your MAIN GIRL IS.

    Five Years… Five years he goes off and gets screwed out of being with his friends – JUST so you can do an age appropriate glow up for some of the characters = Because THE MAIN GIRL IS A RAVING BROKEN ASSED BITCH!

    Violence against men is perfectly fine to you, huh? But violence against a female who at that point both Victoria and CJ’s Mom DESERVED to get put through a wall for how they treat him – but no. Of course you can’t. At least THEN he’d have a reason to bugger off for 5 years running, and SHE WOULD HAVE A VIABLE REASON TO BE PISSED AT HIM ON HIS RETURN…

    Fuck you ENTIRELY for this bullshit Main Love Interest; because as far as I have played and I’m only just beginning, MAIN or Love Interest is about the farthest thing from what she is. Or ever should be. She should BEG to be part of the harem when he builds it; and WE as the PLAYERS SHOULD have the absolute right to tell her which fucking cliff she can go jump off. >.<

    She doesn't IMMEDIATELY melt and confess that she missed him/wants him/was a raving asshole to him 5 Years ago on the next time she meets him – and I won't give a fuck what else you've written. (Also = Jamie didn't have TITS the last time CJ saw her… and even if he's a little dense, he's not goddamned BLIND!!!) DO NOT draw that crap out any longer than 2 SECONDS. It doesn't serve the narrative, it makes your main character look like an actual retard, and it gets annoying as fuck. Either make him notice that Jamie ISN'T a bro VERY SOON… or make Jamie confess how badly SHE wants to BONE AND BREED WITH HIM! [If she's the last heir; that's her ONE JOB]

    1. Having played to at least Chapter 19 as of now – a few things:

      First – yes, it does get better. Sort of. Not quite. I’ll explain…

      Second: IF, and I did skip past the part so I didn’t see it clearly, IF Victoria DID actually put MC INSIDE of her body during the scene in the prologue where she seemed to almost rape him; it’s not almost. It IS actual rape. She DID rape him. She mentions during their “first” true lewd scene in the game later on, that it’s “been a while” and her only time was with him… You DO NOT get to do that. Period. It’s more forgiveable (and still incredibly assholish by any definition) if she only ALMOST raped him. The first actual lewd scene with Vic should have shown her BLEEDING ON HIS COCK. It SHOULD have actually BEEN her FIRST TIME!

      The way you have it written means you literally made this asshole fall in love with his victimizer. You made the “main” girl (who I’d argue anyway is and always was JAMIE!) his RAPIST. Doesn’t matter if it was only for one thrust. Doesn’t matter if they didn’t finish. Doesn’t matter if she panicked and backed off… She. IS. As bad. As. Her. Father!!! No Bueno dev. [I’m starting thing MC’s not the doofus… YOU are] Not only should she not be forgiven NOR part of the harem = she should be in PRISON. If it’s not okay for a male to do it, DUH – it’s NOT okay when a female does it.

      For another reason as well:

      You actually have the gall to break suspension of disbelief in a “magical” world by even remotely mentioning a genuine mental illness. This. Is. ESCAPISM! You DICK. You need to decide if this dumb fuck was actually created by a god, or just “gene modded” into self delusion – BUT; Gene Modding would not give him “Untapped potential and limitless MAGIC!” You could not physically create a real world by fucking science fiction. You could only potentially terra form one that already existed. Pick. One! Actually fuck it, and stick with the magic. With Sci Fi you have to be grounded in what is at least mostly realistically feasible. With High Fantasy (which is why I highly prefer it…) anything goes. You can be as flightly and whimsical, and “don’t take anything too serious” as you want. Because there’s a FUCK TON more latitude in suspensions of disbelief.

      There’s the point Aine mentions she can probably get Jamie to the point where she can see spirits and the rings and X other things too… DO NOT do this. It breaks what makes Theresa special. Give each girl individually their OWN “superpower” based on their capabilities and they will be FAR more useful to MC in the long run. Jamie for example has the superpower of Batman Monies. She’s the researcher/analyst of the team. * She should also be the first, and I’d say the ONLY one to marry the MC; legally speaking. She can provide him with the funds to fuel the Harem, and she IS the last heir to her family… so she needs to stop dicking around pretending to be a boy and GET ON THAT. He’s never going to actually BREED her like she needs/wants him to do, if she can’t be honest about this one incredibly important point. She shouldn’t need to be drunk to do it, and the longer she waits the less sense giving her a ring at all makes. I’m not waiting another fucking 19 Chapters for you to make her confess she wants and needs MC to take her to pound town and knock her up. Fucking hell…

      Leah did NOT need to be in an arranged marriage. At all. Making her resistent to being in the harem because she “doesn’t want to be forced” into another one, means she’s in the wrong damned genre. Besides, you mentioned the rings were their choices (and FUCK OFF that her bond is strongest with Victoria… There DO NOT get to be lesbians in a harem!!!) IF you’re going to write that they all need to build bonds with MC to GET to the point where he becomes the god you obviously intend he becomes; you need to start writing in scenes where those damned bonds are forged! Which means lay off the bullshit no one’s here for and get to the FUCKING SEX SCENES ALREADY. 19 chapters and so far there are only 2 true sex scenes to count. Potentially 3 with one being likely NON CONSENTED.

      On that point of the 2 so far that I actually saw, one was interrupted before it even finished and Sarah does NOT have a ring we’ve seen. She should ONLY GET ONE! Not be bonded with rings to the others – She. IS. Bonded. To. MC! THEN to the girls, THROUGH her bond with HIM. There’s no need to confuse the damned issue here you dunce. Leah and Vic + Sarah and Theresa do NOT need to imply lesbianism or be Bi Curious. That’s NOT harem. Girls CAN be just friends. Even very, VERY good friends, without wanting to scissor 24/7, you dumb fuck!

      Ideas for actual powers (we’ll get to that bullshit combat system, don’t worry) :

      – Victoria: If you go empathy I’d encourage you to look up the word Irony. You obviously don’t know what it is. I’d go Majestic Presence. A compelling feature that allows her to bend most people to her will by raw attraction or charm. The general desire to be near her (It would explain why the fuck MC is so het up about keeping her after what she did, and why the others don’t fucking abjectly hate her)

      Leah: Steel Soul – She’d either highly contribute to the party’s survivability, or actively debuff the enemy so you CAN fucking win. [I told you, we’ll get there] It would also explain her distance, and protectiveness in nature.

      Ashley: Big Fists/Small Package – The ironic DPS machine. She’s your heavy hitter. Basically a halfling berserker that actually works. Her innate desire to have MC all to herself translates to a triggered berserk button whenever he specifically takes damage (To the point where she can BREAK THROUGH THE BULLSHIT OF “YOU CAN’T WIN”)

      Theresa – already covered. She’s your spirit animal. The one with Sight Beyond Sight. She’s your Thunder Cat, but she ain’t no Hoe! You’ve already got this one as good as it needs to be, but she could ALSO see spiritual weaknesses in battle to AGAIN: breaking the bullshit of you can’t damange X enemy. (I fucking hate when JRPG’s pull that shit, why the fuck do you think anyone would WANT to play the battle system if that’s what you’re gonna do with it?!?) * Could also make her as the natural maternal figure the party healer.

      Jamie (Battle specific) Team BUFFER. I said buffer, not fluffer… though with the MC… It’d at least give you a reason to put HER in a cheerleader costume, and show your supernaturally DENSE MC that she HAS TITS! (Dude – she has at least large A cups. It’d still be noticeable to anyone with even an ounce of sense. There’s being distracted, being intentionally subsconsciously dense AF because he doesn’t want to break the relationship they have – which I DO get – and then there’s beating a dead horse with it) She would make your party all hit harder, and or survive more.

      Sarah: Good as you’ve got her, and probably fits the role of party healer if you’re not going there with Theresa. Other than that, if you do mark Theresa the healer; Dodge Tank. Could also do the elven archer troupe.

      Keiran – because YES ASSHOLE; It’s a harem game and you made us go through TOO MUCH PITA with her not to include her in the ring/bond system. I’d also argue for including the creepy stalker girl, Keiko the teacher, and the cafe owner at least, alongside Haruki or whatever the fuck you called her. Plus Cursed girl; since you seem to want to focus so much on all of them. No one said the harem had to STAY at five girls… (Also the damned Maids – consider them Jamie’s wedding gift to MC, since they’re not gonna want to be left out when she marries him) Anyway, Keiran can be your blood knight. Some people like to play that way; whether I hate the idea of trading hp for damage output or not, and she does fit the troupe. She could even out damage Ashley (especially if MC gets hurt) and again would be as the sort of Dark Fairy, another one who should be able to break through the bullshit of “you can’t hurt me.”

      * The battle system SUCKS BALLS. You DO NOT get to pull with the very first enemy, the I am invincible JRPG troupe. It’s always BULLSHIT. You DO NOT get to make the MAIN CHARACTER sit there fucking absolutely useless except as a mana battery/meat shield for damage. I get he “can’t control” his powers or doesn’t know what they are, but you DO NOT show him up by making ONLY the girls be able to fucking FIGHT! Main. Character. Literal PROTAGONIST. Jesus. You do know that only the WORST harem anime pull that shit, right? It’s a good thing you included a skip button buddy. I cannot recommend anyone engage with it. Period. Unless and until you completely retool it, and think about what roles you want all the girls to fill in the party. There should be NO ENEMY that gets to pull the “you cannot harm me.” Not even the last boss. He’s going to be a fucking GOD. Period. There wouldn’t be ANYTHING he CAN’T damage. here’s a tip – if he can create an actual physical plane, no matter how small it may have been, he can find a way to HIT the unhittable. Besides, damaging and downing the enemy doesn’t mean they’re “hurt” necessarily = you’re fighting in a SPIRIT realm. What he would be doing is wearing down her mana, so that she can be defeated. Like you showed was possible AFTER I SKIPPED THE FUCKING BATTLE. Which should be possible IN the fucking battle…

      End of the day, it’s up to you guys how much bullshit you’re willing to put up with. I can’t say I recommend the game (and I fucking absolutely LOATHE Unity…) but if you’re able to just let go and follow a completely nonsensical, half baked narrative in service to big ol’ anime tiddies… this might be up your alley. I’m split as to whether I’d call this a strike or not.

      1. First – Fuck off with the idea AT ALL that Leah is going to marry anyone but MC

        Second – You are dragging her arc out WAY too fucking much you asshole.

        Third – Decide whether she’s Bi, or Straight = IT SHOULD BE CJ SHE IS FOCUSED ON!!!
        [Gay DOES NOT BELONG IN A HAREM WITH A MALE LEAD. You absolute jackass]
        * If she was that focused on Victoria she wouldn’t show any interest AT ALL in CJ.

        Last – Fucking STOP having her call him Puppy; or SHE better be the one he gets to collar and LEASH. That’s how you make up for ALL of the BULLSHIT you’re pulling with her. And what you’re going to pull with her. I am on chapter 34 now and you’ve already insinuated that things went to hell. Somehow…

        Tied to last: STOP FUCKING MAKING THE GIRLS A LIVING WRECK. Stop trying to kill them, or fucking them over so badly that it’s literal SKIN OF THE TEETH to win against these assholes!!! If he’s GOING to EVER be a god; GIVE HIM CONTROL OF HIS OWN FUCKING POWERS. You are REALLY starting to piss me off with how much you blame him; make the girls disrespect the fuck out of him (all while ALSO creaming their jeans for him – and JAMIE… Fucking pick a side already. There’s a difference between prim, prude and I’m never going to get laid at all because I either have too much of a stick up my ass, or I won’t admit how badly I need one to be there. Jesus Fucking Christ dude)

        * Leah is ALREADY MARRIED to CJ. She literally CANNOT legally marry this asshole, and you know it. So why the ever living HELL you thought you get to dick the audience around this badly with her arc I will never understand. The only thing you have to be clear about is that she DOES want CJ. (Tip: She was NEVER focused on Victoria. She was focused on CJ – Who is so strongly bonded to Victoria that he can just ignore the fact she raped him… which you’re still an asshole for by the way. THAT is why she THINKS she’s “in love” with Victoria. Because CJ IS. Fuck me how is that a hard concept to make her see?)

        34 chapters and your version of psychadelic is “let me fuck your head around about whether X girl is even going to survive.” Nevermind actually be in the harem. IN A HAREM TAGGED GAME. I don’t know what you’re issue is bud, but if ANYONE is schitzo here, it’s not anyone in your cast. Pick. A. Fucking. Side. Any side. He’s either going to be the god that saves the world, or at this rate the god that ENDS it when you finally go too far and can’t pull any more deus ex bullshit to “save” a girl who was fated to be with CJ for eternity anyway… who literally SHOULD NOT be able to die. If that’s how you get your rocks off, you have a higher psychiatrist bill then I ever want to know about. By the way, referencing the F95 game shit isn’t meta. It’s you being a dick, because that’s EXACTLY the type of game this is and you know it. Jackass.

        You pull anything else with ANY of the other girls and I am done with this fucking game. Victoria SHOULD NOT be the main girl. Sarah is all but death flagged if she leaves MC’s side for too long, Vic was a PITA to get through; Jamie’s arc was convoluted as fuck for no reason AND she STILL WON’T JUST BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE WHAT SHE WANTS. Not only that but she’s cock blocking the cooler version of herself from doing the same. She. IS. HIS WIFE. At this point you’ve literally had her make him sleep on the couch for the entire time she’s been back, because SHE can’t deal with what she genuinely wants. You’ve resorted to OTHER CHARACTERS telling CJ she feels X/Y/Z about him… but the guy’s got blue balls with her about the size of the north fucking pole. So how the fuck does she ACTUALLY feel??? There’s insecurity, and then there’s actively shooting yourself in the foot. At this point most guys would have told her absolutely to fuck right off. Keiran was another unnecessary pain in the ass, but at least she’s in the harem. Not that they’ve done anything yet, but she’s more open about her wanting to than Jamie so she gets points. Leah is just about my last straw. Fuck around with MC with ANY of the other girls you might add, and I will drop the game.

        * Also what the fuck is the point in adding in a pride mote system that gives HP and then only using it ONCE. I’ve gained like 30 MOTES that the stupid cursed DITZ hasn’t even shown up to collect.

        Stop making the girls that claim to need MC so bad, or want him so much INSULT the poor fuck, when they should ALL KNOW HE HAS HIS OWN DEMONS. That’s just you being outright misandric. And an ass. It doesn’t endear them to anyone, it doesn’t show them being independant, or powerful. It makes them petty, and really fucking callous considering he’s literally saved at least two of their lives. Sometimes more than once. Bipolar is NOT an attractive trait.

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